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Information updated April - June 2004

[06/28/04 update]
Uli Confirmed A Plan for Tour with MSG: According to Q&A section (Question No.38) of Uli Jon Roth's official website, Uli mentioned "Tour dates for North America are being negotiated as we speak. We hope to be able to confirm a tour very soon. The time period will be from the end of August until the end of September starting in San Francisco, California. It will be a co-headlining tour which includes MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP and - in some cases - GEORGE LYNCH. As soon as this is in black and white it will be officially announced on our news and tour pages. " Thanks for the info, Rich! (related entry: 06/21/04)

[06/25/04 update]
MSG Korean Dates Cencelled (Cont'd): According to Chris Logan, the MSG dates in Korea have fallen through "due to the fact that the promoter defaulted on the terms of their contract with our agency."

[06/24/04 update]
MSG Korean Dates Cencelled: According to Chris Logan, unfortunately, the MSG dates in Korea have fallen through due to a problem with the promoter. Michael and Chris will post an official release on it in the next day or so.

[06/21/04 update]
Michael Schenker Plays with Uli Again!!!!!!!!!!!!: According to a website of Springfield, Virginia-based concert hall called JAXX, Uli Jon Roth and MSG will play there on September 17. It seems they each do a set and then jam together. Thanks for the info, Cutler!!!

Fri 09/17/04 Springfield, VA, USA JAXX

[06/17/04 update]
MSG Poland DVD: According to a company executive of Metal Mind Productions, release dates of the MSG's new DVD titled "WORLD WIDE LIVE 2004-DVD" are almost fixed as follows:

Japan - September 23, 2004
Poland - October 4, 2004
Europe - October 4, 2004
USA - October 5, 2004
Rest of the World - October 11, 2004

You can order the DVD from www.metalopolis.pl

[06/15/04 update]
MSG Shows In Korea - Now Official!!: According to Chris Logan, MSG's July dates in Korea are now official. Tour Lineup is same as that of the privious tour. These dates are also listed on Pollstar.

Fri 07/16/04 Cheonin, South Korea Independence Rock Festival
Sat 07/17/04 Cheonin, South Korea Independence Rock Festival

The tour lineup:

Michael Schenker - Lead Guitar
Chris Logan - Vocals
Wayne Findlay - Guitar/Keyboards
Rev Jones - Bass
Pete Holms - Drums

[06/14/04 update]
MSG Poland DVD.: According to Shinjuku Records, they are now accepting pre-orders of THE MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP "WORLD WIDE LIVE 2004-DVD" (NTSC). They will notify the arrival of DVDs on their website.

[06/12/04 update]
MSG Shows In Korea & U.S.A plus Poland DVD: According to Chris Logan, MSG has got some tentative July dates in Korea being worked out, and hopefully about 6 weeks of shows in the U.S. for later this summer. He'll post more info on all of that as soon as it's available. He also commented on recenet MSG shows in San Antonio and California. A DVD shot at the Katowice, Poland show should hit European stores by the end of June, but he said U.S. distribution will come later on, but no word yet as to when, or who will distribute it.

[06/11/04 update]
MSG Shows In Korea!?: MSG's new tourdates are listed on Michael's official website:


[06/09/04 update]
From Nancy Lewis: Here's a message from Nancy Lewis:

"After much serious thought and consideration, I have found that the best possible solution for me is to totally remove myself from having anything to do with Michael Schenker and Goott records, now and in the future. Those of you who email me from time to time are of course welcome to continue to do do (so), but anything at all relating to Michael must be directed to him as I will not be forwarding him anymore emails. Thank you."

[06/08/04 update]
More More MSG Santa Ana Show Photos: Cory kindly sent me many more photos from the Galaxy Theatre show. Some of them (downsized) have been added to Concert Report page. Thanks, Cory!!

[06/07/04 update]
More MSG Santa Ana Show Photos: Photos from the Galaxy Theatre taken by Paul have been uploaded to Concert Report page. Also, Batttttty has added a load more photos from Libbyto the SITN site. So even if you've already been there, have another look now. Thank you, Paul and Batttttty!!

More MSG Santa Ana Review: A review of the Galaxy Theatre gig by Taz have been added to Concert Report page. Thanks, TAZ!!

MSG San Diego Review: A review of the MSG show at Brick Brick in San Diego also by Taz have been added to Concert Report page. Thanks again, TAZ.

[06/06/04 update No.2]
MSG Santa Ana Show Photos: Photos from the Galaxy Theatre taken by Libby Wendt, a professional photographer, have been posted on the SITN site. Thanks Libby and Batttttty.

[06/06/04 update]
MSG Santa Ana Show Review: Cory kindly sent me a very detailed review of Santa Ana show. More photos will follow. Thanks again, Cory!

[06/05/04 update No.2]
MSG Santa Ana Show: Cory kindly sent me some photos of June 4 Show at Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, CA. I think he will send me a review, too. According to Cory, the show was as great as usual (he has seen Michael's performance many times including two shows in last December). Thank you, Cory!

[06/05/04 update]
Endless Jam Release in Japan: Schenker/Pattison Summit's "THE ENDLESS JAM" will be released in Japan from Nippon Crown (CD No.: CRCL-4586) on June 23. The information on this release is posted on Nippon Crown's website (in Japanese).

MSG California Date: I haven't received any reviews or photos of the current MSG California dates (June 3-5). Hope it went great. Any information on these shows would be appreciated. Thank you.

[06/02/04 update]
MSG Gig Photos: Batttttty has uploaded some photos from last November's Sacramento MSG gig taken by Elizabeth here.

[05/31/04 update]
Michael Schenker/UFO Covered: Pearl Jam Online (www.pearljamonline.it) has MP3s of an Ed Vedder, Brad & Mike McCready (Pearl Jam) gig at The Show Box, Seattle on May 14 including some songs in tribute to UFO such as Rock Bottom, Doctor Doctor, Lights Out, Too Hot To Handle, I'm a Loser and Shoot Shoot. Thanks for the info, David.

[05/30/04 update]
Message from Nancy Lewis: "As previously stated, I am no longer working as the day to day personal manager for Michael Schenker. He has decided that he would like to work alone at Goott Records and be his own manager, as he has previously done since the inception of his company. I have to say that it was the best and most fun job I ever had and I will miss it very much. Michael is a very dedicated and hard worker and has always treated me with the utmost consideration and respect. I will still make myself available to him on an as needed basis or if he is on tour for an extended period of time. If for some reason Michael is slow in getting back to you because of his increased workload, please feel free to email me at nlewis9996@aol.com and I will see that he gets your message . Thank you."

Off-Topic: I thank everybody for sending me warm words about my loss. My friend in heaven, do you remember we made this together 8 years ago? I still can't believe what happened is a real thing.

[05/25/04 update No.2]
My Tribute and R.I.P. My Friend: The first demo album titled "EMERGENCE" of M2SZ, a Japanese MSG tribute band is now complete. This is not a commercial product and is only available via their website.

I have been devastated by the news that a very special, precious, close, long-time friend of mine passed away today. How can I believe we can't play together anymore? I wholeheartedly dedicate this album to you, my friend.

[05/25/04 update]
Statement of Nancy Lewis: "As of today Nancy and Michael have only partially worked out their differences with regard to Nancy's position, part of it involves the changing financial structure at Goott Records. Hopefully by tomorrow, an agreement will be worked out by both parties. Nancy would also like to mention a special Thank You to Michael's brother Rudolph of the Scorpions for being such a great guy, amd a wonderful brother to Michael."

[05/24/04 update]
MSG DVD Release Date: The release date of the Polish DVD was reported here to be May 28 in Poland (cf. 05/19/04). However, according to the executive of Metal Mind Productions, that information is old and now incorrect. The earliest target is currently the second part of June.

[05/23/04 update]
10 Questions for Michael Schenker: Michael's official site has been updated with "10 Questions for Michael Schenker by Jason Ritchie". He talks about his current activities and plans including release of a DVD, Schenker-Pattison Summit "The Endless Jam", some dates on the West Coast, works on Summer Festivals in USA/Europe, a European tour in September or USA, recording 2 songs for a Japanese Video game, recording with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and preparation for a new MSG album released on his label GOOTT Records by the end of this year as a 2005 release available only through www.MichaelSchenkerHimself.com with original singers to celebrate 25 years of MSG.

A Note from Michael Schenker: Michael's official site also has a new post which says "I have released Nancy from her job at GOOTT Records." With regard to this, I have received a message from Nancy as follows:

"The note from MIchael on his site regarding Nancy leaving Goott Records will be removed tromorrrow. Michael and Nancy have resolved their dilemma of lack of office space and she will resume her position at Goott Records Monday at a new location. Thank you."

[05/22/04 update]
From Michael's Management: "Michael got back online on a Tuesday with another computer.We have downloaded a super firewall and updated the antivirus software. However, when he opened up his account, he had 932 emails. So if you have ordered a cd and not received it yet, it is on the way . Thank you."

[05/19/04 update]
MSG DVD Release Updates: According to the information Grzegorz got from Metal Mind Productions, the DVD of the MSG show in Poland will be released on May 28, 2004 in Poland. It will be Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. The following is the set list which includes an interview. I haven't confirmed yet when and how it will be released worldwide, but it is listed on this Internet CD shop page. Thanks for the info, Grzegorz!!


Track List:

  1. Ready to Rock
  2. Mother Mary
  3. Assault Attack
  4. Let It Roll
  5. Lights Out
  6. Rock'n'roll Believer
  7. Arachnophobiac
  8. Into the Arena
  9. Only You Can Rock Me
  10. On and On
  11. Too Hot to Handle
  12. Attack of the Mad Axeman
  13. Armed and Ready
  14. Doctor Doctor
  15. Rock Bottom

[05/18/04 update]
MSG California Dates: To the fans who might be anxious about the upcoming MSG shows in California, all three shows will take place as scheduled. Michael's official site has been updated with a new news item about his computer problem.

[05/14/04 update]
Everyone: Thank you everyone for sending me warm and supportive messages. You make me keep going.

[05/13/04 update No.2]
Official Comment about the False Rumor: Michael's official site has been updated with a new news item about the false rumor.

[05/13/04 update]
I AM SO SCARED!!!!!...NOT: So, I exchanged emails with a stranger on this matter??? I also know some other person received a mail from Nancy's address, in which she specified a name of the desease and where he was. Of course, I can forward to Nancy these correspondences including the one in which I asked her to confirm whether it would be really OK to post the message. However, how can I verify these will reach real Nancy via the allegedly hacked mail address and how can I be sure that the following message really came from real Nancy??? I don't know what to believe. So scared. Somebody instruct me! I am so sorry to have caused worries to people, especially his family.

From Michael's management:

"Michael received a strange untraceable email 2 weeks ago He is not dying, not sick or anthing else, well, he had a cold. Some person has circulated emails on the entire net that Michael was in bad shape and it has caused quite a commotion. Since we share the same Internet accounts, they got into my computer as well and all my sent mail was deleted as well as Michael's. I am sorry if this has caused anyone any harm but since we both save our emails in storage it was easy to fabricate a story to look like it was based on fact. All emails of that type would have been posted on Michaels'personal site as there have not been any emails to this site for a while. If any of you have received emails saying they were from me and still have them please forward them back to me at nlewis9996@aol.com. MOST IMPORTANTLY, THERE IS NOTHING, I REPEAT NOTHING WRONG WITH MICHAEL SCHENKER. I CAN ONLY FEEL COMPASSION FOR THE PERSON OR PERSONS WHO WOULD DO THIS TO MICHAEL THANK YOU AND I AM SORRY THIS HAS HAPPENED. Nancy Lewis, Personal Manager for Michael Schenker."

[05/12/04 update No.2]
Endless Reviews: Reviews of Endless Jam can be found here and here. Thanks for the info, Peter. (cf. 05/05/04, 04/14/04 & 04/22/04 entries)

[05/12/04 update]
From Michael's management: Please don't ask me what is going on! I myself want to have explanation. Here's a follow-up message from Michael's personal manager:

"Michael arrived home last night and is doing well. Thanks for all of you who prayed for him, without your prayers this would not have happened He is going to be fine."

[05/10/04 update No.2]
From Michael's management: Here's a new message:

"Michael will be returning the US tomorrow to go to an American doctor who can help him get well very quickly. Tell his fans we still need their prayers for a speedy recovery for Michael. Thank you."

[05/10/04 update]
From Michael's management: The following is a message I received from Nancy:

"Normally I would not post such a message but Michael is very sick and if he does not get well soon, it may end him as well as his career. I cannot elaborate on the details except to ask all of you who love him to pray for him.He is out of the country and I cannot fly there because it is too expensive and I dont know if even I would be of any help. It has to be serious for me to make such a private issue public. All those of you please pray as hard as you can and maybe between all of us, we can make a difference. That is all I can say right now. I am very sorry to have to make this kind of announcement. Thank you, Nancy Lewis personal manager for Michael Schenker"

[05/04/04 update]
MSH Flash: A new flash movie has been added to the front page of Michael Schenker's official site with a new logo of MSH (MichaelSchenkerHimself.com).

Endless Jam Review: A new review of Endless Jam CD has been posted on Tombstone.gr website. (Refer to 04/14/04 & 04/22/04 entries for other reviews.)

[04/28/04 update]
Unusual Combination: Looks like the coupling 3CD of Michael Schenker and Vince Neil titled 'Deutchland Rock vs American Rock' will be released. Tracks include CD1 - UK Mix: I'm Gonna Make You Mine, Dog Of War, Red Sky, etc. CD2 - US Mix: Rock My Night Away, Systems Failing, Captain Nemo, etc.

[04/27/04 update No.2]
Endless Jam: Endless Jam has now been released in U.S. and U.K.

[04/27/04 update]
Lineup for New MSG Tourdates: According to Chris Logan's website, the MSG Arachnophobiac Tour continues in the U.S. with the same lineup as the previous tour. Currently confirmed dates are same as those reported here on 04/20/04.

[04/26/04 update]
OFFICIAL Desktop Background: Michael Schenker's official site has been updated and you can now download the tour photo collage for a desktop background at Concert Photo Collage page.

[04/25/04 update No.3]
MSG 2003 Show in Concord: Axe has uploaded all the shots of Michael Schenker from his camera and some others that he did with photoshop in thumbnails from the Concord show on November 26 last year. His other photos of MSG USA tour 2003 can be found at his website. Thanks, Axe. (Related entry: 12/05/03 update No.2)

[04/25/04 update No.2]
MSG 2004 Show in San Diego: Adam "TubeHead" Fiori, a guitarist from SHARELLE has contacted me. SHARELLE will open for MSG at Brick By Brick in San Diego, Saturady June 5th 2004. He also has advance tickets available at a great price. Check out the SHARELLE's website: www.sharelle.net.

[04/25/04 update]
As Seen on Pollstar.com?: Michael Schenker's official site has been updated with new tour dates. I think we may understand these dates are now official. (Related entry: 04/20/04 update)

[04/22/04 update]
Endless Jam Review: I have uploaded my review of Endless Jam on Album Review Page.

[04/20/04 update]
MSG New Tour Dates?: It has not been confirmed officially, but MSG's new U.S. tour dates have been listed on Pollstar as follows.

Time, Admission
Thu 06/03/04 Santa Barbara, CA, Coach House North
Fri 06/04/04 Santa Ana, CA, Galaxy Theatre 8pm $25 TicketMaster
Sat 06/05/04 San Diego, CA, Brick By Brick

[04/18/04 update]
Endless Jam: I have listnined to Endless Jam since last night. Hopefully I will post a brief review here in a couple of days.

[04/14/04 update]
Endless Jam Review: Batttttty has posted her review of 'Endless Jam' on the SITN site.

[04/11/04 update]
From Michael's management: We are happy to report Michael's new website is ALMOST completed. There are tour plans in the works for this year, as well as the dvd and a new cd, and maybe a surprise or two.. As soon as we get confirmation, we will let you know.

MSG San Diego Show Photos: Some photos of the MSG San Diego show on December 3 last year taken by Gordon have been posted on SITN site.

[04/09/04 update]
MSG Bloomington/Chicago Photos: Shayson who sent me his review of the MSG Bloomington and Chicago shows before has sent me photos of the Bloomington show (December 17) and its setlist and one of him and Michael togeter taken at the Chicago show (December 20), too, together with a special gift for me. He has also sent me the photos of his Flying V autographed by Michael. Big thanks, Shayson!

MSG San Antonio Show Review: Mario who sent me a photo of the MSG show in San Antonio (refer to 04/06/04 update), has kindly sent me his review, too. Thanks again, Mario!

MSG Dudley Show Photos: Photos of the MSG show in Dudley on March 8 which were taken by Martin have been posted on the SITN site.

[04/08/04 update No.3]
Endless Jam Review: Batttttty has got a promo CD of 'Endless Jam' and she'll send me the link to her review as soon as it's online. In the meantime, she is greatly enjoying listening to it.

MSG Poland Show Photos: Grzegorz has kindly sent me the cool photos of the MSG show at Metalmania Festival in Poland which took place on March 13. Thanks Grzegorz!!

[04/08/04 update No.2]
Michael's Official Site: Michael's official site has been updated with new opening theme song (Rock And Roll Believer instead of Too Hot To Handle) and an 'important' message. Also, the link page has been added. Apparently, new pages of music videos, concert pictures and merchandise are coming soon.

[04/08/04 update]
From Michael's management: We still have not worked out all the bugs in the new site. For some of you who have older computers, or dial up service, you will need to refresh your browser to get the new work in progress site. Sorry for the inconvience, we may have it fixed by this evening. Thank you.

[04/07/04 update No.2]
Michael's Official Site Semi-Renewal Done: As of 16:00 (GMT), partially updated Michael Schenker official website was uploaded. According to its latest news, the next MSG studio album which will feature original singers will be available by the end of the year on Michael's own Label GOOTT Records!!! More news should follow soon. Keep checking it.

[04/07/04 update]
Michael's Official Site Renewal: From Michael's management: The time has finally come for the new partially completed website page to be unveiled. So keep checking. It should happen tonight, thanks to much effort on the part of our webstmaster, Ryan. We are also in the process of having a new collectible tee shirt designed by David at pyrographx as a gesture of his appreciation for Michael's music over the years It will be sold thru Michael's website as the CD is. We still have a bit more work to do on the site. Also if anyone there works in the tee shirt business, please contact me at Nlewis9996@aol.com as we have not decided who will actually be producing the shirts. Thank you.

Mail Me Again: To a person who sent me a message about the MSG U.S. tour within the past 24 hours, please send it to me again because I mistakenly deleted it.

[04/06/04 update]
From Michael's management: As you all know the Endless Jam album is due to be released this month. There is an error in the credits that will be corrected in the next pressing. On track ten, Leslie West is credited as playing lead guitar, when it was actually Michael who played lead. Information on where to purchase this album is in a previous post. Thank you.

MSG San Antonio Show Pic: Mario has kindly sent me a photo of the MSG show in San Antonio, TX which took place on March 20. Thanks, Mario!

[04/03/04 update]
MSG Camden Review & Photos: Robin has kindly sent me a review and photos of the MSG show in Camden, London which took place on March 10. Thanks Robin!!

Gunter Nezhoda New Interview: Batttttty has posted her interview to Gunter Nezhoda who played bass on the soon-to-be-released Schenker/Pattison collaboration album titled "Endless Jam". There are some photos of Gunter and Michael together.

[04/02/04 update No.2]
From Michael's management: We have been sent the preliminary copy of the video for the DVD and they have done an amazing job with it! We also have the yet unreleased Endless Jam and will try to see if we can get it on the radio here in Phoenix because it is a phenomenal piece of work, compliments of Shrapnel Records and Mike Varney, and of course all the wonderful players involved.

[04/02/04 update]
MSG DVD Info: According to the Managing Director of Metal Mind Productions that recorded MSG show in Poland, they are now working on this material to be released in DVD format in May or June. (cf. 03/21/04 update et al)

[04/01/04 update]
MSG San Antonio Show Review: Chuck has kindly sent me a review of the MSG show in San Antonio, TX which took place on March 20. Thanks Chuck for the review and thanks Batty for your sepport!

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