Michael Schenker Tour Information and News
Information updated October - December 2004

[12/29/04 update]
R.I.P.: I have been totally devastated to know Ms. Sawako ITO passed away earlier this month. As some of you may know, she has been running her own Michael Schenker website and she was also a member of Michael Schenker 4 Ever and Strangers In The Night mailing lists. The fact that she went from Japan to see UFO's concert in Germany in 2000 shows how big fan she is. She kindly got this autographed CD of The Odd Trio for me at that concert in Germany.

She has been a tremendous supporter to this website and she, at the same time, has been the most important fan of my music. Although she lived far away (about 500km) from me, she came all the way to see the concerts of my bands by airplane every time. We started exchanging mails in 2000 but I met her in person for the first time at the show of Dr. Bottom/Luemetal in March 2001 (her post on MS4Ever list), and then I met her again at the Assault Attack Acoustic live in June 2002. Even while she was living under medical treatment, she flew all the way to see my gig in August 2003 (Queen of the Deep live), and my show in January 2004 (M2SZ live), which was the last time I saw her. How could you believe she flew to see the concerts of one amateur guitarist four times? I can never thank her enough.

In August 2003, at the party after the concert of Queen Of The Deep, ITO-san was next to me. She was a big Queen fan as well. And in front of him was Smile Endo who also played at the show as a drummer of another band. These three people quite enjoyed chatting with each other on the subject of Queen. And, me & Endo have decided to form a Queen tribute band someday. This dream came true August 2004. A new Queen tribute band called PUEEN was formed. This tribute project started by her request. Without her, this band would never have existed. Actually she was considering to come and see the debut live of Pueen on September 19. Her doctor said to her that it was not a bad thing to go to Tokyo for a change of air. However, she gave up the idea because the test results and her physical condition were not good enough at that time. One small mercy for me is that I presented to her Pueen's demo CD/DVD and she really enjoyed listening to and viewing it. She posted her message about the CD/DVD on Pueen's Japanese website on November 17. This was her last message.

I believed she was getting better. I have been really grieving at this sad news. I would sincerely would like to extend my condelence to her family and friends.

[12/22/04 update No.2]
Dear All: I wish .......

[12/22/04 update]
A Message from Siggi Schwarz: Siggi has kindly given me his message about the recording of his new CD with Michael Schenker and the three shows which took place earlier this month. Also, he sent me many cool photos taken at the studio and the shows. Thank you, Siggi!!!

Hi Ritchie,

We've had a great time with Michael. In the studio he played on 5 songs of my upcoming CD. I can only say: Michael at his best - amazing! We've had 3 fantastic live shows with Michael in best condition - Songs from the Guitar Legends Album, Van Halen's "You really got me", "Wishing well" of the legendary Free, "Can't get enough" from Bad Company and UFO's Only you can rock me, Too hot to handle, Doctor Doctor and encore Rock Bottom. In Stuttgart/Winterbach, sold out 900 people, in Heidenheim, sold out 2000 people....

All the Best
Siggi Schwarz

[12/21/04 update No.2]
MSG Members Interviews: Rev Jones kindly informed me that an interview with Bob Nalbandian and all the members of MSG (Chris, Pete, Rev and Wayne) has been posted on Hardradio.com. This interview took place during the 2nd leg of the U.S. tour (August 28). Also, a new interview featuring Rev which took place earlier this month has been posted on planetbass.co.uk. Rev also posted some new photos on his website. Check it out! Thank you, Rev!!

[12/21/04 update]
Michael Schenker with Siggi Schwarz Concert Review: A concert review by Christoph of the 12/17 show of Siggi Schwarz Band featuring Michael Schenker has been posted here. Thank you, Christoph!!

[12/19/04 update]
Michael Schenker: An interview to Michael Schenker which was seemingly conducted March or April this year but never mentioned on this page, can be found on The Fuse website. Thank you for the info, Alex!!

[12/17/04 update]
MSG Plays at NAMM Show: Michael Schenker Group will be performing at the upcoming NAMM convention. The concert will take place Thursday January 20th, which is the first night of the convention. The venue it will be held at is called VAULT 350, which is located in Long Beach, CA. Also playing on the bill is GEORGE LYNCH (Dokken), GILBY CLARKE (guns & roses), BRUCE KULICK (Kiss), and FRANK HANNON (Tesla). See also the event calendar page of the venue website. For more info, check out Rev Jones official website. Rev also has posted some tour photos on his site. Thank you for the info, Rev!!

[12/16/04 update]
Siggi Schwarz & Michael Schenker Tour Dates: Michael Schenker official site has been updated with the tourdates of Siggi Schwarz Band featuring Michael Schenker. Looks like the venue for 12/17 is different from the previous information. Thank you for the info, Michael (Sty)!! (Related entries: 11/22/04 & 11/13/04 updates)

Fri 12/17/04 Stuttgart Winterbach-Sporthalle
Sat 12/18/04 Heidenheim Karl-Rau-Halle
Sun 12/19/04 Ulm / Dillingen Downtown Eventhalle

[12/12/04 update]
Chris Logan's Message: Chris Logan has updated his news page with some message to his fans.

[12/08/04 update No.2]
MSG U.K. Tour Photos: A new page for some photos of MSG taken at each of the recent four shows in U.K. has been set up here.

[12/07/04 update No.2]
Kent's Interview: Kent's interview to Michael was originally downloadable from a free webspace (12/04/04 update No.2) because there is not much space left on the server of my ISP. However, the link has been dead for some while because the site's bandwidth has exceeded the allowed monthly transfer limit (1GB per month is the standard data transfer limit). Thanks for your access. It has moved to Batttttty's place. Very comfortable place. Thanks, Batttttty!!!

[12/07/04 update]
Another Michael Schenker Interview: According to Marko from Metal-Rules.com, he conducted an interview to Michael Schenker in his tour bus in Stockholm after MSG show in Klubben. This interview is now online. Very, very good interview. Thanks, Marko!!! There are some comments which are new to me as follows:

[12/06/04 update]
Rev Jones New Interview: A new interiview to Rev Jones which was obviously conducted after Pure Inc. made a statment (cf. 12/04/04 entry), can be found on Rockdetector.com. Thanks for the link, Rich!! He talks about Michael Schenker's condiion and he chronicles what happened in the mid-tour bust up involving him and Chris Logan. He also mentioned that "In January we will start working on the 25 years of MSG album and we might be doing some special 1 off shows here and there. Then we should be doing the next MSG album and tour sometime after that." And what is new to me is that "The only show that was cancelled was in Budapest (November 18) and that was because the promoter never sent the payment".

[12/04/04 update No.2]
Michael Schenker Interview in Malmo: As was reported here (see 11/18/2004 update No.2), Kent conducted an interview to Michael Schenker on November 18. I have set up a special page for this interview. Check it out. Note: see 12/07/04 update No.2 for the new link.

[12/04/04 update]
Pure Inc.'s Report about the Tour with MSG: Swiss rockers Pure Inc. have issued the report from their recently completed European tour with Michael Schenker Group.

[12/03/04 update No.2]
Rev Jone's Website: Rev's website has been updated. It says "REV got his broken hand re-set and has a brand new blue cast (pictures coming soon)..... We will be updating the site over the next month so keep checking back for new pictures, news, and info on coming events...."

[12/03/04 update]
Message from Wayne: Wayne Findley has sent me the following message.

Well, I just made it back from Europe. Wow, what a crazy tour it has been! As you know the tour wasn't cancelled, thank God, but there were a couple of moments I wasn't sure what would happen...It was unfortunate that Chris couldn't continue the tour...I wish things would have been different...But Leif did an outstanding job with no advanced notice and he is a true professional. We made the best of things and continued to kick ass, rocking our hearts out every night!! Michael's playing was in top form, and always an honor to perform with! All the fans were great and we really enjoyed meeting new faces and seeing new places...I hope to make it to Japan and Rio to finish the Arachnophobiac tour, but nothing is confirmed as of yet. I'll keep you posted if I hear anything...Talk to you soon.

Take care and God Bless...

His website's news section has also been updated. Thanks, Wayne, for your message and kind words about my loss.

[12/01/04 update No.2]
Dean/Michael Schenker Wallpaper: Dean Guitars' website has a Michael Schenker wallpaper. Thanks for the link, Batttttty!

[12/01/04 update]
More MSG U.K. Photos: Some great photos of the MSG U.K. tour from Alan Perry can be found on SITN site. Thanks, Alan and Batttttty!!

[11/29/04 update No.2]
More MSG Nottingham Show Review: Dean has kindly sent me his review of the Nottingham show. Thanks, Dean!!

[11/29/04 update]
MSG in Dudley & Bradford: Here are some photos of MSG at Rio's in Bradford and JB's in Dudley, On the final night in Bradford, it was the tour co-ordinator's birthday. His brother Daniel joined MSG onstage to drink a birthday toast to Francesco. At one point in the show, a lady who was standing right in front of Michael fainted. During the next song Michael gestured to Alan, concerned that she was ok. Luckily there was a Doctor Doctor in the house - Alan Walsh and his son Marc, who helped to lift her away from the crush! Thanks, Batttttty!!!

[11/28/04 update No.3]
M.ILL.ION: Here are some photos of M.ILL.ION, the band who played on all four UK dates with MSG, and who will also be playing with WAYSTED in January throughout the UK. Don't miss them - they R.AWW.KKK! Thanks, Batttttty!!!

[11/28/04 update No.2]
Jari: Jari did not perform at either the Dudley show or Bradford show. Hi did only the London gig. Thanks for the info, Alan & Batttttty!! (cf. 11/27/04 update)

[11/28/04 update]
Himself.com Updated: Michael Schenker official site's news section has been updated. Apparently, the news about his visit to Japan on 28th was removed. Thanks for the info, Maki & NL!!

[11/27/04 update]
More MSG London Show Photos: Wilson has kindly sent me photos of the London show. Thanks, Wilson!!

[11/27/04 update]
MSG Dudley Show Review & Photos: Rich's review of the 11/26 Dudley gig can be found here. His photos (49 pics in total) of the show also can be found here (Page 1) and here (Page 2). According to him, Rock'n'Roll Believer is the only song off of Arachnophobiac album. I am not sure, but Jari was not there?? Somebody will follow up on this soon. Thanks, Rich!!! (cf. 11/25/04 update No.2)

[11/26/04 update No.3]
MSG Nottingham Show Photos: Batttttty has posted many photos of the 11/23 Nottingham gig. You can see all members were having fun when playing on stage. Thanks, Batttttty!!!

[11/26/04 update No.2]
More MSG London Show Review: David has kindly sent me his review of the 11/24 London gig. According to David, this was a truly great gig, even better than earlier in the year. Thanks, David!!!

[11/26/04 update]
MSG London Show Photos: Steve has kindly sent me photos including the setlist of the 11/24 London gig. According to Steve, the ghost of UFO at Manchester was finally exorcised. Thanks, Steve!!!

[11/25/04 update No.5]
Another MSG London Show Review: John has also kindly sent me his review of the 11/24 London gig. Apparently some people were very excited. He also commented that Jari's vocal is strong and wide-ranged. Thanks, John!!!

[11/25/04 update No.4]
Another MSG London Show Review: Glyn has kindly sent me his review of the 11/24 London gig. They played Arachnophobiac, Fatal Strike, Rock n Roll Believer again. These songs were not played for the past several shows after Chris Logan left the tour. Michael was accompanied by Barbara, Michael's sister at the signing session. Thanks, Glyn!!!

[11/25/04 update No.3]
MSG London Show Review: Andrew has kindly sent me his review of the 11/24 London gig. According to him, Michael was "playing better than he ever has" and both Jari, a new singer and Leif as well as other members did a great job. Thanks, Andrew!!!

[11/25/04 update No.2]
More MSG Nottingham Show Photos: Many photos of the Nottingham gig taken by Rich (Wolfie) can be found on this webpage. Good photos of the other shows (including past concerts of MSG and UFO) can also be found on this page. Thanks, Rich!!!

[11/25/04 update]
MSG Nottingham Show Photos & Setlist: Photos of the Nottingam show have been added to Rob's review section. He also sent me the set list kindly donated by Roberto and autographed by Michael Schenker after the show. Thank you, Rob!!!

[11/24/04 update]
MSG Nottingham Show Review: Rob has kindly sent me his review of the 11/23 Nottingham show. Setlist is to follow. Many SITNers were there, I suppose. Thanks, Rob!!!

[11/23/04 update No.2]
Michael Schenker Poster: Michael Schenker posters are available (currently only in U.S.) at the price of $2.99 from the Dean Shop. Thanks for the info, Dixie!

[11/23/04 update]
MSG Copenhagen Show Photo: You can find lots of photos from the 11/17 MSG show in Copenhagen on the venue wibsite (http://www.the-rock.dk/). Click "galleries" and choose "17-11-2004 - Michael Schenker Group + Support: Pure Inc [ Live Concert ]". Thanks for the info, Stefan. I can see you on some pictures!! (cf. 11/19/2004 update No.2)

[11/22/04 update No.3]
Notice: I just came back from my hometown and back to normal life, I guess. Thank you very much for your kind words, Alan, Amy, Batttttty, Bella, Havoc, Jigal, Keith & Kristen, Kent, Maki, Nancy, Peter, Simon, Skid, Stefan, Timmy, and Wilson.

[11/22/04 update No.2]
Japan Project: With regard to Michael Schenker's planned trip to Japan later this month mentioned on his official website, Michael commented that "Japan is not confirmed yet". Thanks, Michael!

[11/22/04 update]
Siggi Project: Some soundbytes in RealMedia of the Siggi Schwarz & The Electric Guitar Legends album can be downloaded from this site. Thanks for the info, Peter. (cf. 10/12/04 & 10/19/04 entries, et al)

At the bottom of the page you can find one more tourdate on 12/26/2004 at Heidenheim, Cafe Le Roc (cf 11/13/04 entry). This gig is without Michael. During his stay with Siggi, Michael's lead play will be recorded at the studio for the Siggi Schwarz & the Electricguitar Legends Vol II album.

[11/21/04 update No.2]
UFO Lights Out Video: You can download a vide of UFO's Lights Out from this site which was recorded during '70s when Michael was a member. It's cool. Direct link is here. Thanks for the info, Martin!

[11/21/04 update]
Michael Schenker's Plans in the Near Future: Michael's official website has been updated with some news about his plans in the near future. Thanks for the info, Mak-san, Rob & NL!!!

He also mentioned that "I am hoping to do Japan and Rio as the finish of the "Arachnophobiac" World Tour".

[11/19/04 update No.2]
MSG Copenhagen Show Photo & Review: Stephan has kindly sent me his review and photos of the 11/17 Copenhagen show. He talked with Leif in Swedish after the show. Leif said he got a phone call 6pm the same night he appeared on stage in Gothenburg. What a brave guy!! Thanks, Stephan!!!

[11/19/04 update]
Michael's Comment on Iron Maiden Tribute: Michael has kindly sent me his comment on the new Iron Maiden Tribute CD as follows. "I was asked to help out in a studio with Robin singing. I said yes and played the lead guitar on SAVE YOURSELF and improvised lead guitar on an Iron Maiden song. That's all." Thank you, Michael!! (See 11/18/04 update)

Personal Notice: My beloved grandmother has just passed away. I might become slow to respond for a few days. I will do the best I could, so contact me as always.

[11/18/04 update No.3]
Michael Schenker & Iron Maiden: According to blabbermouth.net, "legendary rock producer and musician Bob Kulick (KISS, MEATLOAF) has finished producing an all-star tribute to IRON MAIDEN in honor of their 25th anniversary." Michael Schenker togheter with Robin McAuley participated in this project on one of the tracks as follows:

06. Run to the Hills

Vocals - Robin McAuley (MSG)
Guitar - Michael Schenker (MSG)
Bass - Tony Franklin (THE FIRM, BLUE MURDER)
Rhythm Guitar - Pete Fletcher (PYGMY LOVE CIRCUS)

I ashemedly didn't know Bob was/is a member of KISS although KISS was one of my favorite bands. I thought he played on some songs on their album in the past. Thanks for the info, Andy!!!

[11/18/04 update No.2]
MSG Malmo Show Photo & Review & Interview: Kent has also kindly sent me his review and photos of the 11/16 Malmo show. As one of the pictures shows, Kent and his son Emil met Michael for a 30-minute radiointerview a couple of hours before the show. This interview will be broadcast next week.

The first question he asked Michael was of course:

Kent: What happened to Chris Logan?

Michael Schenker: I really don't know. I was asleep when my tour manager came in with a black eye. And I know that Chris was drunk. But I really don't know what exactly happened.

PLEASE don't rush to a conclusion. As Michael said, he really doesn't know what happened.

More information on this interview will follow soon. Thanks, Kent!!!

[11/18/04 update]
Statement about Gary Barden: Alan Walsh, who was with Gary Barden yesterday, sent me the following statement on behalf of Gary. Thanks, Alan. (Refer to 11/17/04 update No.1)

"Due to other commitments (which he is obliged to honour), Gary will NOT be involved in any of MSG's forthcoming UK shows. Fans expecting him to be there should know he will not be appearing. That being so, Gary is grateful for the interest & wishes Michael (& MSG) every success with their ongoing tour".

Notice (Again): Some of the non-spam private messages addressed to myself as well as some of the posts to the SITN list are still blocked by the anti-spam system recently introduced by my ISP. So, If I haven't responded to your mail, please send it again with proper subject line. Sorry for the inconvenience it may have caused. (Refer to 11/03/04 update)

[11/17/04 update No.4]
MSG Malmo Show Photo & Review: Vesa has kindly sent me his review and photos of the 11/16 Malmo show. Just as Michael Schenker mentioned, Leif and Gianni did a good job. Thanks, Vesa!!!

[11/17/04 update No.3]
MSG Kloten Show Photo & Review: Maki has kindly sent me her review and photos of the 11/05 Kloten show both in English and Japanese . Thanks, Maki!!!

[11/17/04 update No.2]
MSG Detroit Show Photo & Review: Scott kindly sent me his review and photos of the 09/14 Detroit gig. Thanks, Scott!!! (cf. 09/16/2004 entry)

[11/17/04 update]
Statement from Michael Schenker: Here is a message from Michael Schenker Himeself. Thanks, Michael!!

"Everything is fine. Leif is doing a great job. Gianni (singer of Pure Inc) is helping on LET IT ROLL and READY TO ROCK. He is doing a great job too. I am planing to have 3 singers in England. Leif, Gary and Jari who is currently working on the 25 years of MSG celebration album titled "Tales of Rock'n Roll".

All the best.


(For Jari, refer to the 09/26/04 entry.)

[11/16/04 update No.3]
Statement from Chris Logan: Chris says that though he doesn't want to publicly say who attacked him, he wants to make it categorically clear that Michael had nothing whatsoever to do with the incident.

[11/16/04 update No.2]
MSG Gothenburg Show: It has been confirmed that the 11/15 Gothenburg show took place as schedueled with Leif Sundin on vocal.

[11/16/04 update]
MSG Will Continue the Tour with Leif Sundin: Here is the news posted on Blabbermouth.net.

Swedish singer Leif Sundin (GREAT KING RAT, JOHN NORUM) has replaced Chris Logan in MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP's touring lineup, according to the Spanish web site Rafabasa.com.

Logan left the tour Sunday night (Nov. 14) following an altercation with a member of MSG that is said to have left the singer with several broken teeth. Writing to his official web site, Logan said of the fight, "I was attacked twice from behind by a member of our tour, who was too big a coward to face me from the front. I was severely injured in the process, and I cannot continue under the current conditions."

Sundin had previously contributed vocals to MSG's 1996 release, "Written in the Sand" and the 1997 live effort, "Michael Schenker Story". An American tour in support of "Written in the Sand" had to be cancelled due to Sundin's refused entry into the country as a result of visa problems.

[11/15/04 update No.2]
Chris Logan's Message: Chris Logan posted the following message on his site:

From Stockhomm, Sweden..

I have had an absolute blast rocking with each and every one of you over the past few weeks, and I very much appreciate your support and good wishes.

Unfortunately, there was an altercation which took place after the show tonight (after a killer show at "Klubben" in Stockholm, SE tonight, I might add) I was attacked twice from behind by a member of our tour, who was too big a coward to face me from the front. I was severely injured in the process, and I cannot continue under the current conditions.

I want to thank all of the fans who have come out to each of our shows this tour. It has been an absolute blast rocking with you all, an I look forward to seeing you again in the future.

I'm sure lies and distortions will abound over the coming week regarding this issue. But until the time comes to address them, all I will say is thanks for coming out and making each of the shows I have been apart of such a BLAST!!!

Take care...


[11/15/04 update]
MSG Stockholm Show Review: Magnus kindly sent us his review of the 11/14 Stockholm gig. Thanks, Magnus!!!

[11/13/04 update]
Siggi Schwarz& Michael Schenker Tour Dates: Here are the dates and locations of the short tour of Siggi Schrawtz band with Michael in December. They will play some songs from the Siggi Schwarz & the Electric Guitar Legends CD, some covers from the Schenker/Pattison Album (Built for Comfort, The Steeler...) and To Hot To Handle, Only You Can Rock Me, Doctor Doctor, Rock Bottom... Thank you for the info, Siggi!! (Related entries: 10/19/04 & 10/12/04 updates)

SIGGI SCHWARZ BAND featuring Michael Schenker

Fri 12/17/04 Winterbach/Stuttgart Turnhalle
Sat 12/18/04 Heidenheim Karl-Rau-Halle
Sun 12/19/04 Dillingen/Donau Downtown Eventhalle

infos: www.siggi-schwarz.de

The Band:
Michael Schenker
Siggi Schwarz, git., backvoc,
Martin Hesener, leadvoc., bass
Bernd Elsenhans, drums

Photo: Michael in the Studio (recordings of the Legend Album) playin' on Siggi's custom made Sid Poole Les Paul taken March 2004.

[11/12/04 update]
Cool Pix: Torsten of metalpix.com has kindly let me know many cool photos of the 10/27 Bochum shows can be found on their site. Very cool!!!! Actucally he post this info on October 28 on my guestbook. I only now found it. Thanks & sorry, Torsten!!!!

[11/11/04 update]
MSG Braunschweig Show Review: Christoph has kindly sent me his review of the rescheduled 11/10 Braunschweig gig. He also attended the 11/01 Nuernberg show. Sounds like Michael spent a good time with his mother. Thanks, Christoph!!!

[11/10/04 update]
MSG Warsaw Show Review: Piotr has kindly sent me his review of the 11/09 Warsaw gig. So quick! Apparently Michael and the band are doing great. Thanks, Piotr!!!

[11/08/04 update]
Girl @ The Downtown: Joe has kindly sent me a picture of the girl who played Rock Bottom with Michael on stage at the 09/18 Downtown gig. Joe said she was a very good player and dad should be very proud. (cf. 10/15/04, 09/19/04~09/21/04 entries)

[11/05/04 update No.2]
Message from Michael: Although I haven't receive any reviews after the 11/01 Nurnberg show, I have just received a message from Michael Schenker himself saying that "Everything is great".

[11/05/04 update]
MSG Tilburg Show Photos: Peter posted cool photos of the 10/28 Tilburg concert on his website. Thanks, Peter!! (cf. 11/02/04 update)

[11/03/04 update]
MSG Ingolstadt & Nurnberg Show Review: Bernhard has kindly sent me his reviews of the 10/31 Ingolstadt show (refer to 11/02/2004 entry) and the 11/01 Nurnberg show. After all, Bernhard was right about the Ingolstadt review. The venue was not Fronte79 but Ohrakel as he originally reported to me (cf. 10/08/04, 09/25/04 & 10/08/04 No.3 entries). According to his review, at the first of two evenings where MSG canceled to play, Pure Inc. (an opener) did the whole show, the second night had been cancelled with the intention for a longer tour break for recovery and Puer Inc. even returned to their country (Switzerland). Then, MSG decided to continue the tour and Pure Inc. came back again to Germany. Thanks for the very nice reviews, Bernhard!!!

Notice: My ISP introduced a new spam block software to the mail server recently. Basically it worked well. However, I happened to find one private message to me was treated as a spam. If I haven't responded to your mail, please send it again. And, please put a proper subject line (no Italian Rolex or Weight Loss Meds). Thank you for your cooperation.

[11/02/04 update No.3]
MSG Nurnberg Show Review: Jigal has kindly sent me his review of the 11/01 Nurnberg show. A very well described review!! I really respect Michael doing a signing session under such a bad condition. I am sincerely hoping he will recover soon. Thanks, Jigal!!!

[11/02/04 update No.2]
More MSG Tilburg Photos: Arjen has kindly let me know that photos of 10/28 Tilburg show taken by himself have been posted on this website. Really nice photos! Thanks, Arjen!!!

[11/02/04 update]
Quick Report of Ingolstadt Show: Bernhard sent me a quick report of the 10/31 Ingolstadt gig. According to him, the gig took place - Michael was/is ill and had to cancel two shows and even wanted to interrupt the tour. However he decided to continue - still ill but he managed through the show and aftershow signing. More detailed review is to follow. Thanks, Bernhard!!!

MSG Bochum Show Photos: Peter posted cool photos of the 10/27 Bochum concert on his website. Thanks, Peter!!

[11/01/04 update]
Message from MSG Tour Manager: Batttttty has just been in contact with the MSG tour manager, and the reason for the two cancellations was that Michael caught the stomach flu. The Aschaffenburg gig has been rescheduled to Nov 2nd and Brauenschweig to Nov 10th. Michael is doing much better now and played the show last night, and is looking forward to continuining and completing the rest of the tour. Thanks, Batttttty!!!

[10/31/04 update]
Another MSG Tilburg Show Review & Photos: John has kindly sent me a review of the 10/28 show. He also sent me some photos including a rare one of stage floor plan. Thanks, John!!!

[10/30/04 update No.4]
MSG Braunschweig Show Cancelled: According to the venue (Meier Music Hall) website, today's concert of Michael Schenker does not take place because of illness of the artist. Sorry about that. Thanks, Peter.

[10/30/2004 update No.3]
MSG Tilburg, The Neitherlands Show Review & Photos: Peter again sent me a more detaied review and photos of the 10/28 show. His review includes corrected information about the setlist. Thanks, Peter!!! (cf. 10/29/2004 entry)

[10/30/04 update No.2]
MSG Concert in Aschaffenburg Cancelled & Rescheduled: Peter so kindly translated the information on the venue website.

"On Friday the concert with the Michael Schenker Group was cancelled and will be retrieved on Tuesday, 2 November in the Colos hall, if the artist recovered up to then again. Reservations remain valid!"

"Tuesday (2 November) is located in the indication of the guitar! Michael, former Axeman of UFO and the Scorpions, is after years again on German club tour and wants to perform on Tuesday at Colossaal. "The masters Of the Flying V" holds since early years as an absolute exception talent at the six strings, which already made it with the firm Scorpions member. Afterwards Schenker alias MSG released several albums through al years wich will be remembered and summarized with "World the Wide Live DVD" this year ."

[10/30/04 update]
MSG Concert in Aschaffenburg Cancelled!?: According to the venue website, the Aschaffenburg, Germany show at Colossaal scheduled last night (10/29) was apparently cancelled and rescheduled on November 2, provided that the artist has recovered by then. Reservations remain valid. This is what I got from my translator. As I don't understand German, I hope somebody will help me on that. Thanks for the info, Piotr!!

[10/29/04 update]
MSG Tilburg, The Neitherlands Show Quick Report: Here are the headlines of the Tilburg gig. Thanks again, Peter!!

[10/28/04 update]
MSG Bochum, Germany Show Review & Photo: Peter Mondria has kindly sent me his review and photos of the first night of this MSG Euro leg in Bochum, German. Michael played the brandnew Dean V guitar. Thanks, Peter!!!!

[10/27/04 update]
MSG Euro Tour About to Start: Keep on rocking, MSG!!

World Wide Live 2004 DVD U.S. Bonus: The U.S. version of World Wide Live 2004 DVD was released yesterday. According to Michael St., the bonus audio CD is same as concert with The Attack of the Mad Axeman included. (related entry: 09/22/04 update)

[10/22/04 update]
Siggi Schwarz & The Electricguitar Legends: The CD is now availabele at Shinjuku Records in Tokyo. Note that only limited number of CDs have been imported.

[10/19/04 update]
Siggi Schwarz & The Electricguitar Legends: I have got my own copy. This is a very nice album. If you like Endless Jam, I am sure you will like this one too (probably you would want more Schenker solos, though). Sounds like he just went to the studio and played freely. During the production, Michael used three Flying Vs, one of them built in 1970 which Siggi bought from his brother Rudolf Schenker (Scorpinons) in 1978, sold it after a year and finally bought it back at the end of 2003. Michael used a Marshall JCM 800 and a DSL 100 with a 4x12'' cabinet. To my ears, Michael's tone sounds a little brighter than usual. All guitrists play great! On track 14, you can easily compare each one's solo as they played by turn and can find Michael's outstanding playing. Thanks, Siggi!!! I am looking forward to your next studio album.

The Legends band:
Siggi Schwarz: Guitars
Martin Hesener: Vocal-Bass
Bernd Elsenhans: Drums
Geoff Whitehorn: Rhythm & Solo Guitars
Michael Schenker: Solo Guitars
Alex Conti: Solo Guitars
Frank Diez: Solo Guitars
Romi Schickle: Additional Keyboards

Track Listing:

  1. Born under a bad sign (Intro Solo: Michael, Fills: Michael & Geoff, Solo 1: Siggi & Michael, Solo 2: Alex & Michael)
  2. You don't love me
  3. Messin' with the kid (Intro Solo: Siggi, Fills: Michael, Solo 1: Michael, Solo 2: Geoff & Alex)
  4. I just wanna make love to you
  5. I can't stand the rain
  6. Kiss
  7. Good morning little schoolgirl
  8. Chevrolet (Solo 1: Siggi, Solo 2: Michael)
  9. I'm tore down
  10. Stormy monday blues
  11. Upside down (Intro: Siggi & Michael, Fills: Michael & Alex, Solo 1: Michael, Solo 2: Siggi, Outro: Michael)
  12. Still in love with you
  13. Superstition
  14. Steppin' out (Solo 1: Siggi, Solo 2: Alex, Solo 3: Geoff, Solo 4: Michael)

[10/15/04 update]
MSG 09/18/04: I have got a message from Keith, a father of Kristen, who was brought up on stage at the Downtown on September 18. (cf. 09/19/04~09/21/04 entries)

"What Stephanie said was true, we had no idea that was going to happen. It was just spontaneous on Michael's part. We did send a video of her playing and a CD of her doing "Light's Out" when she was 12. She is 14 now. She plays as a guest with many of the local bands in our area and is working on an album of her original songs. She plays a 1989 V (her favorite) through 1 or 2 Sovtek Mig-100H heads and full stacks (when necessary).

If you know of anyone who took pictures that night, we would be indebted to them if they would share them with us. As I mentioned, we had no idea that Michael was going to do that. It was incredibly nice of him and was a dream come true for Kristen."

Thanks, Keith!!

[10/14/04 update]
Hurry Up If You Really Want It: Dean Zelinsky of Dean Guitars has just told me that over 50 of the 100 limited editions are already sold and they only introduced these 2 days ago. According to Dean, Kurosawa Gakki, a Japanese Dean dealer, plans on carrying these Schenker models (contact person: Takeshi Seki). Elliott with Dean Guitars has also informed me that the Schenker V's are getting ordered like crazy and all dealer's orders for the first 100 will be placed very soon. They will have more models on the way very soon. Thanks, Dean and Elliot!! (cf. 10/13/04 entry et al)

[10/13/04 update No.2]
Dean - The Michael Schenker Signature V (Cont'd): Dean Zelinsky, Founder of Dean Guitars has kindly informed me that the suggested retail price in U.S.A. is $4,444.00. He has also tried to contact a Japanese dealer. Thanks, Dean!! (cf. 10/12/04 No.3 & 10/11/04 entries)

[10/13/04 update]
Duesenberger "Rocket": Jigal from Germany has kindly sent me some more infromation about the Duesenberger V guitar. This guitar was already auctioned on German e-bay a couple of years ago. It has an alder body and a maple neck. The company claims that its neck is the best combination of Gibson (the radius) and Fender (the length). When it was auctioned, the seller claimed that Duesenberg built various custom Vs for the Schenker brothers, e.g. Rudolf's Accustic V. However, their main line of products is jazz guitars and "the rocket" is their only V products. Several shops sell the Duesenberg rocket as a "Michael Schenker" or simply "Schenker" model. In the last issue of the German magazine called Gitarre & Bass, there were Duesenberg advertisements for this guitar where it was simply called "rocket", omitting the name Schenker. Also, there is nothing about this guitar on their homepage yet (www.duesenberg.de). It is only mentioned that one of the Duesenberg endorsers, the German Band "Wir sind Helden" plays the duesenberg rocket. Thanks, Jigal!!

[10/12/04 update No.4]
Another Michael Schenker Signature V!?: Accoring to Kent, this month issue of a Swedish guitar magazine writes about the Duesenberger-made Michael Schenker guitar and it says that the guitar is made in Germany and will cost approximately $1,200. Here is a link to a e-shop selling this Duesenberger MS guitar. It's in German. Maybe Christoph would help me on this. Thanks for the info, Kent!!!

[10/12/04 update No.3]
Dean - The Michael Schenker Signature V (Cont'd): Apparently the list price of the limited edition USA models is US$4,400.

[10/12/04 update No.2]
Siggi Schwarz & The Electricguitar Legends (Cont'd): You can hear sample clips (30 sec each) from the new cd here. Looks like you can also order the CD from there at the price of Euro 14.99. Upside Down and Michael - What a unique combination! Thanks, Rob-G!!

[10/12/04 update]
Michael Participated in Siggi Schwarz & The Electricguitar Legends: According to Siggi Schwarz in Germany, who is a guitar player, producer and the owner of a highend guitarshop, he produced a CD titled "Siggi Schwarz & The Electricguitar Legends". It's a project of his band. Most of the songs are Blues-Rock & Soul Classics. They invited Michael Schenker and he came to Ulm in South Germany on March 28 to play on 5 Songs on this CD which are:

1. Born under a bad sign
3. Messin with the kid
8. Upside Down
11. Chevrolet
14. Steppin' out (Clapton's Bluesbreaker instrumental)

Other guitarists who participated in this project include Geoff Whitehorn (Bad Company, Paul Rodgers, ProcolHarum), Alex Conti (Atlantis, Spliff, Lake), Frank Diez (Peter Maffay, Eric Burdon, Donna Summer...) and Siggi himself.

The entuire tracklist is here and "Ultimate Solo List" is here. And, photo of Michael and Siggi is here.

They've sold in Germany 5000 copies within 3 months. They are now looking for distributors in Japan.

Also, in December they do some gigs with Michael and do some studiowork for their next album.

December 17, 18 and 19 --- Siggi Schwarz Band featuring Michael Schenker live

Thank you for the info, Siggi!!!

Rev Jones Interview: According to Rev's news page, a new interview which took place in San Antonio on September 4th after the show can be found here. Also, you can find the STAR LEATHERS custom guitar straps featuring REV can be found here. Thanks for the info, Peter!

[10/11/04 update]
Dean - The Michael Schenker Signature V: Dean Guitars has just made an official annoucement of their Michael Schenker Signature V guitar. Check out the Dean Artist page and the detail of the Signature V. 100 limited edition USA models will be signed and numbered by Michael himself. Thanks for the info, Kent!! (cf. 09/30/04 update No.3)

[10/09/04 update]
REPFOTO: James sent me the info about Robert Ellis photos of Michael '74 (see 10/06/04 update). Robert said the the picuters of micahel from 74 was at Robert's flat. Michael did not have a place of his own and still spoke little english. He said Michael was very cooperative with shoot but was a bit out of it. The girl in the room was a reporter from pop magazine. Jamie also snet me the link to the Def Leppard page with 3 pics of Michale on it. Thanks, Jamie!

[10/08/04 update No.3]
He Was There 30 Years Ago But Not This Time?: According to Chris Logan, the tour schedule as it is posted on his site is the official final schedule. They aren't playing any Jazz festival. Their program is incorrect. Thanks again, Chris!

[10/08/04 update No.2]
MSG DVD U.S. Release Date: According to Music Distributors, the U.S. release is supposed to be October 26, 2004. Thanks for the info, Chris!

[10/08/04 update]
MSG Euro Dates Switched: According to Wayne's site, Chris's site and Rev's site, Greece dates have been switched in order as follows. I believe Michael's site will follow soon.

Fri 11/19/04 Thessaloniki, Greece Mylos
Sat 11/20/04 Athens, Greece Gargarin 205

About the outstanding (?) venue change of 10/31 (see 09/25/04 update), only Rev's site lists a new venue (Ohrakel). According to the website of Ohrakel, MSG is the highlight of "the 21st Jazz Festival"!? It's gonna be a rockin' jazz festival! The ad says 'He was already here with "U.F.O." thirty years ago. Because of the 2004 jazz festival a legend returns to Ingolstadt: Michael Schenker, the brother of Rudolf Schenker, the guitarist of the "Scorpions". Thanks, Bernhard!!! A program of the festival can be downloaded from here.

MSG DVD Release in Europe (cont'd): Les has confirmed that the U.K. version DVD does not include Attack Of The Mad Axeman nor a bonus CD. Therefore, only Japanese version has that song. (cf. 09/22/04 update)

[10/07/04 update No.2]
MSG DVD Release in Europe: On the contrary to the previous post, Les received his copy of the DVD in the UK today. He ordered his copy in advance from HMV.co.uk.

[10/07/04 update]
MSG DVD Release in U.S. & Europe: Looks like the release date of the MSG's new DVD has been slipped to October 26 both in U.S. and Europe although I haven't see any official annoucement. (cf. 09/22/04 update)

More Michael Photos: At this and this webpages, you can also see old photos of Michael Schenker and MSG. Thanks for the links, Batttttty!!

[10/06/04 update No.2]
Michael Pics 1982 with Graham: At this webpage, you can also see photo of Michael Schenker with Graham Bonnet. Thanks for the link, Vesa!!

[10/06/04 update]
Michael Pics 1974 in his London Flat: At this webpage, you can see photos of a very young Michael Schenker spinning a record and doing dishes etc, and many portraits in his London Flat in 1974. Thanks for the link, Richard in L.A.!!

[10/05/04 update No.2]
Clarification the 11/06 Date: Chris Logan has kindly let me know that the European date of 11/06 is not a valid date, officially. So I corrected the follwing table. Also according to Chris, those European tour dates are now complete and official. Thanks, Chris!!

[10/05/04 update]
Official MSG Euro Dates: Wayne has kindly let me know that all MSG's European tourdates listed on his website are now official. Thanks, Wayne!!! Chris also posted those dates on his website. Apparently the 11/06 date needs confirmation as it's only on MichaelHimself.com.

Legend: Green=Already confirmed, Gray=Newly added and confirmed, Brown=Already Reported and newly confirmed, Blue=Already reported but yet to be confirmed.

Wed 10/27/04 Bochum, Germany Zeche
Thu 10/28/04 Tilburg, The Neitherlands 013
Fri 10/29/04 Aschaffenburg, Germany Colossaal
Sat 10/30/04 Braunschweig, Germany Meier Music Hall
Sun 10/31/04 Ingolstadt, Germany Ohrakel
Mon 11/01/04 Nurnberg, Germany Hirsch
Wed 11/03/04 Frankenthal, Germany Krone
Thu 11/04/04 Luzern, Switzerland ABCMIXX
Fri 11/05/04 Kloten, Switzerland Alpenrock-House
Sat 11/06/04 Kaufbeuren, Germany Zeppelinhalle
Sun 11/07/04 Vienna, Austria Planet Music
Wed 11/08/04 Budapest, Hungary E-Club
Tue 11/09/04 Warschau, Poland Proxima
Fri 11/12/04 Eskiltsuna, Sweden Bla
Sun 11/14/04 Stockholm, Sweden Klubben
Mon 11/15/04 Gothenburg, Sweden Tradgarn
Tue 11/16/04 Malmo, Sweden Kulturbolaget (KB)
Wed 11/17/04 Copenhagen, Denmark The Rock
Fri 11/19/04 Athens, Greece Gargarin 205
Sat 11/20/04 Thessaloniki, Greece Mylos
Tue 11/23/04 Nottingham, U.K. Rock City
Wed 11/24/04 London, U.K. Underworld
Fri 11/26/04 West Midlands, U.K. J.B.'s
Sat 11/27/04 Bradford, U.K. Rio's

[10/03/04 update]
Message From Wayne: Wayne Findlay has sent me a message as follows:

This past Tour has been great. All the shows were killer and the fans just kicked major ass!! Michael shredded every night to no avail!! He's incredible!! It was also an honor to play onstage with Uli in Chicago for 2 nights and Warren DiMartini in San Diego. Both of these guys were cool!! Down to earth with no egos...the way it should be...It was also a priviledge to get to hang with Uli and become friends, seeing how we see each other everyday for a month. I hope we can play some shows in Europe together. There's talk about U.K. possibly but nothing official as of yet...I'll keep my fingers crossed and let you know if I hear anything. I'm looking forward to the next leg in Europe. It should be a blast also. I'll keep you posted on any updates that I hear...Take care and God bless.

All the best,

Wayne finally obtained a dotcom address: www.waynefindlay.com. He has posted some new U.S.Tour photos there. Keep on rocking, Wayne!!!

Michael Scheneker Tribute Live: As have been already reported in Related Musicians news page, the "number one tribute band in Chicago," MST (MICHAEL SCHENKER TRIBUTE) will open the November 5 concert where Robin McAuley and Amy Schugar will play.

[10/01/04 update]
MSG DVD Review: A very detailed review of the MSG World Wide Live 2004 DVD U.S. Edition has been posted here. As I reported here (09/22/04 update), Attack Of The Mad Axeman is a Japanese bonus track. Looks like it is not included in the U.S. release. Thanks for the info, Steve!!

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