Michael Schenker Tour Information and News
Information updated July - December 2006

[12/31/06 update]
Additional MSG Tokyo Show Announced: Zak Corporation has just announced an additional show of Michael Scheneker Group in Tokyo as follows. (cf. 11/27/06 update)

Mon 02/26/07 Tokyo, Japan SHIBUYA-AX

[12/23/06 update No.2]
Season's Greeting: To all visitors to my website.

[12/23/06 update]
Siggi/Michael Live CD Brief Review: I have listened to "Siggi Schwarz & Michael Schenker Live Together 2004" several times, which Siggi Schwarz has released recently. Here's my short review. (cf. 12/12/06 updates et al)

This is from the concert which took place on December 18, 2004 in Heidenheim, Germany. Earlier that year, Siggi released "Siggi Schwarz & The Electricguitar Legends" where Michael Schenker played on five songs. Michael who at that time lived in the U.S. went to Germany to record five songs for Siggi's Legends Project Vol.II at his studio. On this occasion, he toured in Germany with Siggi's band. They did three shows and this Heidenheim gig is one of them. Siggi said to me after this tour, "We've had a great time with Michael. In the studio he played on 5 songs of my upcoming CD. I can only say: Michael at his best - amazing! We've had 3 fantastic live shows with Michael in best condition - (syncopated). In Stuttgart/Winterbach, sold out 900 people, in Heidenheim, sold out 2000 people...." Michael was in a good condition and in a good spirit during the recrding and these shows. Other tour lineup includes Martin Hesener (leadvocal & bass) and Bernd Elsenhans (drums) also played on these studio CDs of Siggi. Photos taken during the recording and the tour can be seen on this page.

The CD sounds really great and is highly recommendable. It is a direct cut from the soundboard with no overdubs. Michael's playing can be clearly heard. First of all, "You Really Got Me (Van Halen)", "Wishing Well (Free)", and "Can't Get Enough (Bad Company)": you may not have heard Michael playing these songs before. "You Don't Love Me" was included in Siggi's Electric Legends CD Vol.1, but Michael didn't play on this if my memory serves me correctly. Only with these, I think it's worth listening to. In every song, Michael plays sharp and fascinating solos, which could have a momentum to blow away the pent-up discontent we might have in our daily lives. "Messin' With The Kid" is from the Electric Legends CD Vol.1, and "Built for Comfort" and "The Steeler" are from the Schenker/Pattison Summit's Endless Jam album (of course, UFO covered Built for Comfort in the past). I know many people like Endless Jam Continues (Summit Vol.2) better than Endless Jam. But I personally think that Michael's playing on Endless Jam Vol.1 inspired and moved me more than any other playing of his in the albums he released in recent years. In this concert, Michael played as great solos as he did in that studio album. The fact that Michael was in a good form can be evidenced by his playing on Rock Bottom which he played in millions times before. It may be an exaggeration to say that it is barometer of his condition but his solo on this was at a very high level (although he didn't play the entire solo as he shared it with Siggi). Siggi played just great in every trade-off solos with Michael. Especially, on "Messin' With The Kid", his playing was amazing and I could almost feel how he was inspired by Michael. According to Siggi, Michael also likes this CD.


  1. You Really Got Me
  2. Wishing Well
  3. Only You Can Rock Me
  4. You Don't Love Me
  5. Built for Comfort
  6. The Steeler
  7. Can't Get Enough
  8. Too hot to handle
  9. Doctor Doctor
  10. Messin' With The Kid
  11. Rock Bottom
    Bonus Track:
  12. Ice Cream Man
Total Running Time 61:46


MARTIN HESENER (leadvocal, bass)
I take this opportunity to thank Siggi for his coutinuous support to Michael. And, I sincerely look forward to his next project with Michael.


[12/22/06 update]
Article on Michael Schenker Gears: The latest issue (Vol.2 December 2006) of the Japanese free magazine called Electric Guitar has a three-page article about Michael Schenker gears. This is a new free magazine and its first number was just published in November. They took many pictures of Michael Schenker's gears on the Tokyo stage last month including some close-up shots of guitar parts and serial numbers, pedals, back side of the amplifier including valves and amp setting, etc. Thanks, Toru!!

[12/19/06 update]
Michael Schenker New Interview: A new interview with Michael Schenker has been posted on Saviours Of Rock website. Michael comments in a gentlemanlike manner that "I love Pete Holmes. Unfortunately I had a problem with Rev. They are both excellent musicians and I wish them well. Pete is Rev's buddy and so I don't think that Pete will be in MSG without Rev. I have excellent replacements and hope to see all you fans soon." Thanks, Stefan!!

[12/17/06 update]
He Should Be Thankful For Having Such Wonderful Fans: Many thanks to: Brent, Dice, John M, Mark, Cutler, William, Micael, and Tohru. Sorry, I haven't replied to you, but please know how greatly I appreciate.

[12/16/06 update]
Unexpected Christmas Gift From Michael Schenker: Michael Schenker's accusation toward me has turn out to be not-a-bad-thing-at-all to me. I have been sort of astonished by all these warm messages from the visitors to my website. I think I should thank Michael for making me re-realize that so many great people are here around me. Even those who have never sent me a mail before have given me long, supportive messages. They are now my new friends. Now I am remembering how I was feeling when I wrote the message on top of this page with a great help from Batttttty, and how I could continue to run the site despite of some discouragements. I have also re-realized that I haven't done nothing special. I just provide a space for the information I receive from the great fans of Michael Schenker. This is the reason why I said this website is "BY THE FANS". I almost feel like posting all those messages I received for the last 24 hours here just like Michael does on his webpage . But, I don't because I feel many of you already share those feelings without me posting them. I adore you!!!

I especially thank Timmy, John S, Graham, Rog, Edward, Mike, Tom, Richard, Kristina, Peter again (for his message on his website), Bret, Cory, Al, AT, Phil, Robert, Jeff, Rick, Ted, Elaine, Yuki and everyone who still support me.

[12/15/06 update No.2]
A Message From Con Man: Michael Schenker's official website has been updated with new notes from Michael Schenker regarding this website. Very funny! Thanks everyone for letting me know about it.

Here's a message from the con man who runs this site using his own precious time and money in return for nothing.

Thank you, Peter, Stuart, Rich, Magnus, Kate, Stefan, Hans, Akio!!!

[12/15/06 update]
Siggi/Michael Live CD Soundclips: As promised, Siggi Schwarz has uploaded some soundclips from their new live CD titled "Siggi Schwarz & Michael Schenker Live Together 2004" on his website including "Doctor Doctor", "Icecream Man", You Don't Love Me", "You Really Got Me", and "Wishing Well". I must say they really sound great!! Thanks, Siggi!!

[12/12/06 update]
Siggi/Michael Live CD: Siggi Schwarz has released a new CD from the concert which took place on December 18, 2004 in Heidenheim, Germany (see photos from the show). It is titled "Siggi Schwarz & Michael Schenker Live Together 2004". It is a direct cut, 2 track stereo from the desk. It sounds good and Michael likes it. No overdubs!

SIGGI SCHWARZ (guitar), MICHAEL SCHENKER (guitar), MARTIN HESENER (leadvocal, bass), BERND ELSENHANS (drums)


You really got me
Wishing well
Only you can rock me
You don't love me
Built for comfort
The Steeler
Can't get enough
Too hot to handle
Doctor Doctor
Messin' with the kid
Rock Bottom
plus Studio Bonus recorded on December 15, 2004 - the Van Halen Version of "Ice Cream Man" with the fantastic Michael on lead.

Total time 61:46

Soundclips will be posted on Siggi's website soon. Thanks, Siggi!!!


[12/01/06 update]
Plot (Limited Edition) To Be Released: According to CD Universe, the Plot album which was a project of Michael Schenker and Pete Way with Jeff Martin, is scheduled to be re-released as a limited edtion 2CD on December 12.

  1. You And Me
  2. Need Her Bad
  3. Kicked Out
  4. Miss You Tonight
  5. Born Again
  6. Take Another Shot
  7. Shake Down
  8. Senorita
  9. Just My Luck
  10. Wild Wild Things
  11. Ain't Got You
  12. Might As Well Go Drinking
  13. Pete Way Interview October 2006
  14. Might As Well Go Drinking (Live)
  15. You And Me (Live)
  16. Need Her Bad (Live)
  17. Born Again (Live)
  18. Too Hot To Handle (Live)
Now available as a limited edition 2 disc set, The Plot is Michael Schenker & Pete Way doing what it is they do best - rocking hard n' dirty! This album, recorded in the down time during UFO activity, has much more in common with the first couple of Waysted albums than either UFO or MSG. Featuring the talents of former Badland's drummer Jeff Martin, it's pure rock n' roll, simple as that. Disc 2 features an interview with Pete Way recorded in October 2006 exclusively for this release and a live recordings by Pete Way and his solo band of four of the album's tracks plus a blistering run through the UFO classic 'Too Hot To Handle'
[11/28/06 update]
MSG Bangkok Show Photos: Lots of photos taken at Micahael Schenker Group's 11/21 show in Bangkok have been posted on Michael Schenker official website. (cf. 11/24/06 update No.2)

[11/27/06 update]
Rescheduling of MSG Tokyo Show: Zak Corporation has announced the reschduled date of Michael Scheneker Group's November 18 Tokyo show which was cancelled (cf. 11/17/06 update) as follows.

Sun 02/25/07 Tokyo, Japan Nakano Sunplaza

Stubs of the original tickets for the 11/18 show remain valid for the new date. Refund is also acceptable.

[11/26/06 update]
Michael Is Still Ill?: Mark in Taiwan has kindly informed me that there was no MSG show last night in Taipei. It was cancelled due to Michael's illness. This concludes this year's Asian tour of Michael Schenker Group. Thanks, Mark!!

[11/24/06 update No.2]
MSG Hong Kong Show Review: Clive has kindly sent me his review of Michael Schenker Group's show last night in Hong Kong, China. According to his report, they played the whole set with no obvious dramas and Michael seemed to by enjoying himself. Thanks, Clive!!

[11/22/06 update No.2]
MSG Bangkok Show Review: Greg has kindly sent me his review of Michael Schenker Group's show last night in Bangkok, Thailand. Thanks, Greg!!

[11/22/06 update]
Rev's Words: Rev Jones' words of apologies have been posted on his official website as follows. I am very sorry about that.

Words from REV: I want to apologize to all the fans that wrote to me and all the fans in JAPAN & THAILAND for the talentless guitar player that took place on stage next to me at the last 3 MSG shows, I myself could not believe how bad SCHENKER played. Although ME, PETE, JARI, and WAYNE all gave 110%, in my eyes he gave less then 1% and that is so disrespectful not only to the band and the crew but also to the loyal MSG fans. So again I apologize for his actions because he would never apologize himself. We have 2 more shows and it is OVER.
[11/21/06 update No.2]
MSG in Thailand: I am very sorry to say that I have been just informed that Michael Schenker played very bad tonight in Bangkok although they played the whole set. I am really worried about what will happen to MSG and their proposed February replay in Tokyo.

[11/21/06 update]
MSH.com: Annoucement of MSG Tour Management has also been published on Michael Schenker's official website (cf. 11/20/06 update No.3). At the same time, his previous note about MSG U.K. tour which was supposed to start from November 28 has been superseded (cf. 11/20/06 update No.5).

[11/20/06 update No.5]
MSG Tokyo Photos: Some photos taken at the MSG show in Tokyo on November 16 have been posted on Concert Report page. Thanks, Kai!!!

[11/20/06 update No.4]
MSG UK Tour: Some people have asked me as to whether MSG's U.K. tour which, according to Michael Schenker official website, is supposed to start on November 28, is still on or not. I talked with MSG members while they were in Tokyo. They said, this Asia tour should be MSG's last leg of this year. Together with the postponed U.S. tour, the U.K. tour should be organized next year.

[11/20/06 update No.3]
MSG Tour Statement: MSG Tour Management's announcement is as follows. Thank you, Holger, Kai and Michael Schenker!!!!!

MSG back at Fujiyama!

After a six years abstinence Japan again was "ready to rock"!

All shows were sold out and the venues were packed.

The air was filled with Rock n' Roll and the crowed shouted like the devil himself.

Wherever Michael and his Band got in action with the audience it became a great success.

Michaels playing was sharp and exact during all shows.

MSG presented themselves as a great union and the crowd gave applause wherever it was possible.

At the 17th of November (2nd show in Tokyo) Michaels health conditions went very bad, so he had to leave stage, because he couldn't give the audience what they prefer: Sharp playing right out of Michaels heart.

All members of MSG, including Michael were very sad about this situation, so they promised to come back to Japan in February 2007 (including an extra show in Tokyo for all ticket owners of Nov. 17th ) to say "Thank You" to all fans for understanding!

So stay tuned. We'll be back soon!!!!!!

Also other gigs in Asia are planned in 2007, because MSG knows about the great friendship to these fans!!!!

Thank you so much!!!! MSG only make sense, because you believe in us!

That makes us strong and proud!

Now MSG is still in Bangkok and the people gave them a warm reception.

So, "let it roll"!!!!

[11/20/06 update No.2]
Rescheduling of MSG Tokyo Show: According to Rev Jones, "they are bringing us back to replay the TOKYO show and maybe a couple of more dates in FEBRUARY, because they couldn't get VISAS for us again and the cost would be so much to come back for one day". That means there will be no Tokyo show on November 27. Thanks again, Rev!!

[11/20/06 update]
Message From Jari: Arto (Jari's manager) has kindly forwarded greetings from Jari to me: "Great feeling! I'm never enjoyed so much as a performer than in Japan. Fantastic people, fantastic land!!!" Thanks, Jari and Arto!!

[11/19/06 update]
Message From Rev: According to Rev Jones, MSG members have arrived in Thailand. He said the 11/18 show in Sapporo went well and the crowd was great. He told me he can't wait to come back to Japan. Thank you, Rev!!

[11/18/06 update]
MSG in Sapporo: MSG has just completed tonight's show in Sapporo. According to the quick report from Matsu-san, it went OK. Thank you, Matsu-san!!

[11/17/06 update]
Michael Walked Off Stage - MSG in Tokyo (Second Night): It is very sad to say that tonight's show of MSG in Tokyo was cancelled at the point when they finished playing first three songs because Michael Schenker could not continue to play due to bad health condition.

Something was wrong with Michael from the beginning. He could not really play some easy phrases of 'Assault Attack', a show opener. At this point, the worst scenario already came to my mind. During 'Ready To Rock', Michael stepped to the front edge of the stage and played with his usual action of bending over. It seemed to me that he was trying to keep on rocking and interacting with the audience. But he didn't play the solo of the song. Then he suddenly walked off stage.

After a short break, he came back to stage. He responded to the audience by raising his hand. He no doubt tried to continue. They restarted the show with 'Let It Roll'. Michael still could not play well. Just after the first solo section, he threw his guitar (on the same spot where he smashed Leon's Flying V in 1988) and left the stage again. Jari, Pete, Rev and Wayne continued to play the song till the end without Michael. Then they also left the stage. The audience never stopped clapping their hands and wanting Michael back on stage. This lasted for a long time, maybe more than ten minutes. I prayed and prayed. While praying, I was thinking that he couldn't play even the easy phrases because he plays from his heart, and on the contray, technical players could play somehow even when their condition is bad. I felt all the more sad by recalling how he struggled to continue. But he never came back.

Then a man from the promoter came on the stage and announced that the show was cancelled because Michael cannot continue to play due to his bad condition. After a short while, Jari, Pete, Rev and Wayne appeared on stage again to say to the audience who were still there that they were sorry for what happened. Pete made a good statement. He also promised on behalf of the band that they will try to work things out to reschedule the show on November 27th. I sincerely hope this will happen.

As many people didn't go home and stayed inside the venue, Jari, Pete, Rev and Wayne again came back on stage to shake hands with them and giving their picks and drum sticks to them. When Wayne left for the hotel, he kindly signed autographs to the fans who were waiting in font of the back door. They really care about fans.

In the meantime, tomorrow's gig in Sapporo is still on according to the promoter. They are supposed to fly from Tokyo to Hokkaido tomorrow. It will be a first test for whether they can come back to Tokyo in ten days after touring other Asian nations. I pray for Michael getting better tomorrow.

I am so sorry for all the fans who came to see their shows, poeple concerned including Zakk Corporation, and MSG members including Michael himself.

I give my love to Wayne, Rev, Pete and Jari.

[11/16/06 update]
MSG in Tokyo (First Night): I just came back from MSG's show at Nakano Sunplaza in Tokyo. What a great show!! Michael was in a very good mood all the time. Other members exhibited truly professional performance. The 2,200 capacity venue was completely packed. I very much look forward to their second show in Tokyo tomorrow. I thank all MSG members and crew for their warm welcome. They are really nice guys!!

[11/11/06 update No.2]
Wayne's Message: Wayne Findlay has kindly informed me that he just added a new MSG Japan Tour Poster to his news page plus he has a new MySpace site up and runnin. Thanks, Wayne!!

[11/11/06 update]
Rev Jones Interviews: Rev Jones has a couple of new interviews posted online. One of them is with Dave Iozza at this location http://www.davesontour.com/interviews/rev_jones.html, and the other is with modernguitars.com and at this location http://www.modernguitars.com/archives/002504.html Both are in depth. Thanks, Rev!!

[11/09/06 update No.2]
Podcast Show Featuring Michael Schenker: Jerry has introduced to me the Podcast show that he is doing which is called "Red & Jerry's Rockin' Metal Revival". They play all the 80's hair and heavy metal and the new stuff the bands are releasing now. Jerry is a huge Michael Schenker fan so they always have a feature called "Mandatory Michael" where he play one of his favorite Michael Schenker tunes. Visit www.rockinmetalrevival.com. The Mandatory Michael is usually in the 3rd hour. Thanks, Jerry!!

[11/09/06 update]
MSG Asian Tour Comes Near: Eden Bass Amp website has latest news about Rev Jones coming to Asia with MSG. Thank, Rev!!

[10/30/06 update No.2]
MSG Asian Dates Changed: Rev Jones has kindly informed me that the following Asian tour dates have been added to his official website. Looks like two of three dates which have been posted on Michael Schenker official site have been changed.

Tue 11/21/06 Bangkok, THA Thunder Dome, Muang Thong Thani
Thu 11/23/06 Hongkong, China Kowloon Bay HITEC Auditorium
Sat 11/25/06 Taipei, TWN Liberty Square

See also MSG Tourdate Page.

[10/30/06 update]
MSG Shadow Lady Promo Video: Rev Jones' official website has been updated. He has posted some videos on his myspace page, including a promo MSG video of Shadow Lady from Tales of Rock'n'Roll album. Thanks, Rev!! (cf. 06/07/06 update No.2)

[10/20/06 update]
MSG Paper Jacket CD Webpage: Toshiba EMI's website now has a page for MSG paper jacket CD series which will be released next week in Japan. (cf. 10/08/06 update et al)

[10/08/06 update]
MSG Paper Jacket CD Series Release Date Changed: The release date of the MSG Paper Jacket CD series has been changed to October 25 from October 11. See Toshiba EMI website. (cf. 08/08/06 update)

[10/04/06 update]
Rev Coming to Japan/Asia: Rev Jones has confirmed on his official website that he will be doing the MSG Japan tour coming up this November, and then the other Asian dates and the UK dates. Thanks, Rev!!

[09/27/06 update]
MSG Asia and UK Tour As Scheduled!!!: Michael Schenker's official website is back up with new tour news. He said that he'll be touring Asia (including Japan) and the UK. The Japan tour starts from November 13, 2006 and UK tour from November 28th. Thanks for the info, Tim!!

[09/21/06 update]
Michael Will Not Appear at Guitarfest: According to the official website of Guitarfest 2006, Michael Schenker will not be appearing at the fesival. Thanks for the info, Ian!!! (cf. 09/19/06 update et al)

Michael Schenker has unfortunately had to 'bow out' of Guitarfest 2006, due to unforeseen personal circumstances.

These circumstances are sadly beyond our control.

We hope that you will join us in wishing Michael all the very best for the future. We will be looking to work with Mr Schenker at some other point, and He has asked Us to confer his appreciation for the continued support and goodwill extended to him by his fans, his regret at being unable to appear, and thanks to the organisation and staff of Guitarfest for the invitation.
[09/19/06 update]
Guitarfest Programme: The time schedule of Guitarfest 2006 which will take place on September 24 in Birmingham has been announced on their festival official website as follows. Thanks, Batttttty!!! (cf. 04/25/06 update)


13.00 - 13.15 DRESSED TO KILL
13.20 - 13.40 DERRIN
13.45 - 14.05 ROADSTAR
14.10 - 14.30 THE MARSHALL BAND
14.30 - 15.00 BREAK
15.00 - 15.25 QUIREBOYS
15.30 - 16.00 MARCO MENDOZA
16.05 - 16.30 TYSON SCHENKER
16.35 - 17.05 DOUG WIMISH
17.05 - 17.35 BREAK
17.40 - 18.10 JENNIFER BATTEN
18.15 - 19.00 BERNIE MARSDEN
19.00 - 19.15 BREAK
19.15 - 20.00 MICHAEL SCHENKER
20.00 - 20.15 RAFFLE

[09/07/06 update]
MSG is Done?: Michael Schenker's official website has been down and the top page has just an upside-down MSG logo titled "msg_is_done". But you can go directly to each page such as news, order and link pages. I want to sincerely hope it's only temporary. Thank you, Dave, Brian, Phil, Skid, Michael and everybody.

[09/04/06 update]
MSH.com: Michael Schenker's official websitehas been updated. Pre-notice about the November-December U.K. tour has been removed together with that of U.S. tour. Also, "A Note From Michael Schenker" section has been updated. Please do not quit playing.

[09/02/06 update]
My Apologies: This website was down for almost a day. But now it's back. This was due to a problem about the contract renewal procedure of the website domain, which means one year has passed since I got this rbaraki.com domain. I take this opportunity to thank you all for visiting here and concerning about me and site while we were down. Many of the mails which were sent to me while my domain was down did not reach me. If you would like to have my reply, please send it again. Ritchie

[08/26/06 update]
McAuley Interview: A new interview to Robin McAuley can be found on Classic Rock Revisted. He talks about things during McAuley Schenker era and he also reveals that Michael Schenker recently approached him about the possible guest appearance as a guest singer. Thanks, RXG!!

[08/25/06 update]
More Info and Some Correction on New Compilation CD: I have got my copy of the new compilation album titled "The Greatest '80s Metal Moments of All Time" where Michael Schenker plays on two songs:

Save Yourself (Exclusive Version): Disk 1 Track 12
Guitars: Michael Schenker
Vocals: Robin McAuley
Bass: Tony Franklin
Drums: Chris Slade
Produced by Bob Kulic & Brett Chassen

Finding My Way (Exclusive Version): Disk 2 Track 4 --- Rush cover
Lead Guitar: Michael Schenker
Vocals: Sebastian Bach
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Kulick
Bass: Tony Franklin
Drums: Eric Singer
Produced by Bob Kulic & Brett Chassen

Apparently these two song have been newly recorded with the above line-ups. (cf. 08/23/06 update)

[08/24/06 update]
MSG USA Tour Postponed: According to Michael Schenker's official website, due to the serious familiar problems of Jari Tiura, the planned US Tour from MSG in autumn 2006 has to be deferred to 2007.

[08/23/06 update]
Michael Schenker on New Compilation CD: A new compilation album titled "The Greatest '80s Metal Moments of All Time" were released in July where Michael Schenker plays on two songs which are: (1) Michael Schenker with Robin McAuley (The McAuley-Schenker Group) - Save Yourself (Exclusive Version) and (2) Sebastian Back (Skid Row) with Michael Schenker - Finding My Way (Exclusive Version). You can listen to sample clips on Amazon site. It seems "Exclusive" here means that new guitar solos have been overdubbed on the past materials (see 08/25/06 entry for more information and correction). For example, Graham Bonnet's All Night Long is based on the one released by Blackthorne with newly overdubbed lead play. Thanks, Utchie!!

[08/20/06 update]
MSG U.S. Tour Might Not Happen??: According to Michael Schenker's message on official website, "If the US leg of the tour does not happen...fans should contact Bella Piper and Holger and ask them why?" Thank you, Dave, the webmaster!!

[08/13/06 update]
I'm Going Mad Video: Leonardines has kindly informed that he uploaded the video clip of Scorpions' I'm Going Mad video clip on YouTube. Thank you, Leonardines!!

[08/12/06 update No.2]
Rev's Message: Words from Rev Jones have been added to his his website. Thank you Rev!!

[08/12/06 update]
Wacken Open-Air 2006 on TV: Wacken Open-Air 2006 will be broadcast on German WDR TV on August 28th from 18.15 a.m. Thank you for the info, Peter!!!

A documentary of this years event will be broadcast on WDR Rockpalast 00:30-02:30 midnight of Sunday-Monday the 16th of October. http://www.rockpalast.de/konzerte/2006/wacken/

[08/11/06 update]
Wayne's Message and DVD Info: Wayne Findlay has updated his website with Wacken festival information, possible DVD release info and photos taken at the Vienna show. Thanks, Wayne!!!

According to Wayne, DVD of the following MSG shows which have been filmed in the past few months could be released either as compilations or in their entirety:

1. Sweden Rock Festival: 6/10/06
2. Graspop Metal Meeting, Belgium: 6/23/06
3. Noc Plna Hvezd Festival, Czech. 6/24/06 (Filmed?? not positive about this one.)
4. Rock Over Hamburg, Germany: 8/01/06
5. Wacken Open Air, Germany: 8/03/06

[08/08/06 update No.2]
Rev's Message and Wacken Stream Video: Rev Jones has kindly informed me that he updated his news page with a link to photos of MSG and KOTTAK, and to the live stream of the MSG show. He will put more on there soon. He also said WACKEN was great. The whole MSG performance from WACKEN can be viewed on the wacken.com website on the videostream links: VIDEOSTREAM 1 (MSG show starts at about 34:00 minutes) and VIDEOSTREAM 2. Thank you Rev!! Also I thank Bastian for the info about Wacken video streams!!

[08/08/06 update]
MSG Paper Jacket CD Series: MSG Paper Jacket CD Series will be released from Toshiba EMI on October 12 which covers from MSG's first upto Save Yourself albums. For more information, visit HMV Japan.

[08/05/06 update]
More Wacken Photos: Peter has kindly informed me that some pictures of W.O.A. shot by Anno Arends can be found in the picture section of his website. Thanks, Peter!!!

[08/04/06 update]
Wacken Photos: Many photos of Scorpions show at the Wacken festival on August 3 have been posted on the festival website, which includes photos of Michael and Tyson Shcenker and Uli Jon Roth who made guest appearances. The setlist is as follows. Thanks, Batttttty!!! (cf. 06/20/06 update and 05/12/06 update No.3)

01. Coming Home
02. Bad Boys Running Wild
03. The Zoo
04. Loving You Sunday Morning
05. Make It Real
06. Picture Life (with Uli )
07. Speedy's Coming (with )
08. Dark Lady (with Uli )
09. We'll Burn The Sky (with Uli )
10. Love 'em Or Leave 'Em
11. Don't Believe Her
12. Tease Me Please Me
13. Coast To Coast (with Michael Schenker)
14. Holiday (with Michael Schenker)
15. Lovedrive (with Michael Schenker)
16. Another Piece Of Meat (with Michael Schenker)
17. James Kottak's Drum Solo
18. Blackout (with Herman Rarebell)
19. No One Like You (with Herman Rarebell)
20. Matthias Jabs' Guitar Solo
21. Big City Nights
22. Can't Get Enough

23. Still Loving You
24. In Trance (with Uli John Roth, Michael Schenker)
25. He's A Woman She's A Man (with Uli , Michael Schenker)
26. In Search Of The Peace Of Mind (with , Michael Schenker and Tyson Schenker)

27. Dynamite
28. Rock You Like A Hurricane

[07/30/06 update]
More MSG U.S. Tour Date (Unofficial): Another U.S. tour date of MSG has been announced on the venue website. Tickets will be on sale from August 5. (cf. 07/13/06 update et al)

Thu 10/12/06 Las Vegas, NV, USA House of Blues Las Vegas Venue Ad Ticket ($25-$30)

See also MSG Tourdate Page.

[07/27/06 update]
Bulgarian Festival Cancelled: According to Blabbermouth news articles (1) (2), the Monsters of Rock festival, which was scheduled to take place August 3-7 at the Black Sea resort of Varna in Bulgaria has been cancelled. MSG was supposed to play on this festival.

See also MSG Tourdate Page.

[07/18/06 update]
TORR Review by Popoff: Dave, the webmaster of Michael Schenker's official website and Arto, manager of Jari Tiura, have kindly informed me that the album review of MSG's Tales of Of Rock'n'Roll by Martin Popoff has been posted on HardRadio.com. Thanks, Dave and Arto!!!

[07/17/06 update No.2]
TORR U.S. Release: Dave, the webmaster of Michael Schenker's official website has kindly informed me that the new aanouncement has been added to the site. Thanks, Dave!!!

Locomotive Records is proud to announce the August 1 release of Tales Of Rock'n'Roll: 25 Years Celebration by Michael Schenker Group.

[07/17/06 update]
Wayne Findlay New Interview: I had a chance to interview Wayne Findlay, which is posted here. Wayne has long been supporting this website as you might know, and he kindly accepted my offer to do an interview. I take this opportunity to thank Wayne!!

[07/14/06 update]
MSG Milan Show Photo: According to Armando, lots of photos from MSG's Milan show on May 30th can be found on Italian Stargazer website. As reported here on 06/15/06, photos of Sweden Rock Festival can be found on this website, too. Thanks, Armando!!

[07/13/06 update]
More MSG U.S. Tour Date (Unofficial): Another U.S. tour date of MSG has been announced on the venue website. (cf. 07/05/06 update No.2 et al)

Sun 10/29/06 Hartford, CT, USA Webster Theatre Venue Ad Ticket ($15.00)

See also MSG Tourdate Page.

[07/08/06 update No.2]
MSG Merchandise Online: Lots of MSG goods are now available online at Metaltix. Thanks, Neil!!! (cf. 05/24/06 update et al.)

[07/08/06 update]
MSHimself.com Updated: Dave, the webmaster of Michael Schenker's official website has kindly informed me that the site has been updated with many photos from the Grasspop festival and pre-notice of MSG U.S. and U.K. tour. Thanks, Dave!!!

MSG US Tour: Sept, 27 - Nov. 09, 2006
MSG UK Tour: Nov, 28 - Dec., 04, 2006
(coming soon)

[07/07/06 update]
Information from Wayne: Wayne Findlay's official website has been updated with the information on the MSG tour and Slavior (re-named band of his). Thanks for your kind words, Wayne.

[07/05/06 update No.2]
More MSG U.S. Tour Date (Unofficial): Another U.S. tour date of MSG has been announced on Ticketmaster.

Thu 11/02/06 Pittsburgh, PA, USA Rex Theatre Ticket ($25.00)

See also MSG Tourdate Page.

[07/05/06 update]
Rev's Story from the Tour: Rev Jones has kindly sent me his story from the latest MSG tour. Thanks, Rev!!

story from tour
The tour was great, but what happened the last 3 days that I was in EUROPE was like a nightmare.
Day 1. It was the last day of the tour, we had just played at GRASSPOP the night before to 30,000 people (what a great show) and we had a great nights sleep in a great hotel. We wake up have a great breakfast, then we get into the shuttle and head to the airport which is about a 3 hour drive, no problem. We arrive at the airport, check in and board our plane. The flight was from GERMANY to POLAND, we were in the plane on the runway for 3 hours while the airline tried to figure out why the amount of passengers and the amount of tickets were a different number. Idiots. So with the 3 hour delay and the flight time it took 5 1/2 hours to get there. After finally arriving in POLAND, we had to ride in a car for what we were told would be 75 minutes to get to CZECH to play the festival, and to our surprise the driver got lost. Then something happened that I couldn't even make up, we were almost there and we got stuck waiting for the slowest train that I have ever seen. So 3 1/2 hours later we finally arrive at the festival and we didn't go onstage until 1:00 a.m. (the show was great). Then we headed to the hotel to try to sleep, we had 4 hours before we had to wake up. Well just sticking with the way that the day was going, to our luck the hotel had something that kind of resembled a bed minus a mattress and pillow, but it had a great bed frame. So as you can guess no one was able to sleep very good.
Day 2. After having some kind of breakfast, we get into the car for another 3 hour drive back to the airport, this time we didn't get lost. Could it get worse? Oh Yes. We were then stuck in the airport in POLAND for 14 hours, we were in a big room where all the international gates were, no one could smoke or drink beer or eat or even leave the area because we had already gone through customs, so all 200 people on our flight that were trapped there with us were very mad. So around 1:00 a.m. they finally canceled the flight until the next day, so we all had to go through customs and they had to put us all on buses and check us in a hotel, which took about 2 1/2 hours to check 200 people in. Finally sleep. ha ha.
Day 3. After getting to sleep for 3 hours we were all transported by buses back to the airport, and after being in the airport for another 4 hours we finally flew back to GERMANY. But because of being stuck there we all missed our flights back to the USA. I was lucky and got a flight from a different airport the next day, but that added another 4 hour drive to my day, as well as another 3 hour night of sleep. WAYNE and JARI were also able to get a flight home the next day, but PETE and Michael's guitar tech had to wait 2 more days to fly home.
Two words come to mind, SPINAL TAP....
The events were really nobodies fault, it was weather related, but it made for a great tour story..............

Other news about Rev can be found here.

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