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Updated on 08/24/23

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[08/24/23 update]
MICHAEL VOSS - Rockers Rollin' (Official Video): "Rockers Rollin'" is featured on MICHAEL VOSS' album "Rockers Rollin' (A Tribute To Rick Parfitt)" - out on 13/10/2023 via Massacre Records - get it here

[01/16/21 update]
Rev Jones - "New Drug" - Official Music Video: A track off of the long awaited debut release from World renowned bassist / vocalist Rev Jones "Bakwash".

Video directed / shot / edited by Shawn Berman.

To purchase a copy of Rev Jones "Bakwash", click on a vendor below.
Available on CD (USA and CAN) =
Digital and CD (world wide) = Rev Jones is known in the rock world for his amazing bass techniques & his crazy energetic stage presence, as seen onstage all over the world with several major acts, Steelheart, Leslie West, Michael Schenker Group (MSG), Mountain, Fuel, George Lynch, Paul Gilbert, Kottak, Black Symphony, Blasted To Static, Gundriver, Texas Hippie Coalition, and Forte, just to name a few. On this album Rev Jones not only breaks every rule of thought with his bass performance, but he also takes care of the lead vocals with a very interesting sound and style. Playing drums on the album is "Motor Man" Jeff Martin, most people know him as the singer for Racer X, but he was also the drummer in Badlands, and he is one hell of a drummer. Rounding it off and completing the album trio on guitar is the amazing Jim Dofka.

This album is full of heavy rock songs with catchy riffs, intense vocals, pounding drums, and lots of Insane over the top bass & guitar soloing. It sets the bar pretty high!!!

[06/05/19 update No.2]
Jari Tiura @ Stargazery - "Sinners In Shadows" - Official Video: STARGAZERY featuring Jari Tiura (ex-Michael Schenker Group) has released a new video of the song titled "Sinners In Shadows" from their upcoming album "Constellation".

[06/05/19 update]
Rev Jones - "Bakwash" - Official Video: The title track off of the long awaited debut release from World renowned bassist / vocalist Rev Jones "Bakwash". Video directed / shot / edited by Shawn Berman.

To purchase a copy of Rev Jones "Bakwash", click on a vendor below.
Available on CD (USA and CAN) =
Digital Download (world wide) =
Digital and CD (world wide) =

Rev Jones is known in the rock world for his amazing bass techniques & his crazy energetic stage presence, as seen onstage all over the world with several major acts, Steelheart, Leslie West, Michael Schenker Group (MSG), Mountain, Fuel, George Lynch, Paul Gilbert, Kottak, Black Symphony, Blasted To Static, Gundriver, Texas Hippie Coalition, and Forte, just to name a few.

On this album Rev Jones not only breaks every rule of thought with his bass performance, but he also takes care of the lead vocals with a very interesting sound and style. Playing drums on the album is "Motor Man" Jeff Martin, most people know him as the singer for Racer X, but he was also the drummer in Badlands, and he is one hell of a drummer. Rounding it off and completing the album trio on guitar is the amazing Jim Dofka.

This album is full of heavy rock songs with catchy riffs, intense vocals, pounding drums, and lots of Insane over the top bass & guitar soloing. It sets the bar pretty high!!! 2019

[01/19/18 update No.3]
Wayne's Update: BREAKING NEWS: Frontiers Music srl is proud to announce the formation of a brand new band featuring legends of the hard rock/heavy metal scene, DREAM CHILD!

Craig Goldy: Guitars (ex-Dio, Giuffria)
Wayne Findlay: Guitars and Keyboards (MSG)
Simon Wright: Drums (ex-AC/DC, Dio, Operation: Mindcrime)
Rudy Sarzo: Bass (ex-Quiet Riot, Ozzy, Whitesnake)
Diego Valdez: Vocals (DV Divine Collider, Iron Mask, Electronomicon)

Craig Goldy says, "[t]he band Dream Child was conceived during a brainstorming session with Serafino (President of Frontiers) and I one day while discussing other matters. I had been listening to my favorite bands a lot recently, Deep Purple and Rainbow's gRising" album, among others in that style and had noticed that many people who also love those bands often have the very same comments as one another: "They don't make music like that anymore!" Even though I said that in passing, Serafino asked me a question that would forever shape my future. He simply asked, "Well, can you?" and I said ....."YES!!!"

During the very first public memorial for our most beloved Ronnie James Dio, I had mentioned that whenever I do start writing original material again that I would utilize everything that I had learned from working side by side with the Master for so many years in such a way that I would hope to make him proud....and here it is! The name is inspired by one of his lyrics on the "Dream Evil" album and the nickname he gave me at the time, Dream Child!

We are so very fortunate to have bassist Rudy Sarzo as a featured guest, Simon Wright on drums, Wayne Findlay on guitars and keyboards, and a surprise vocal discovery from Argentina, Diego Valdez, whose voice will send shivers up your spine!!

This album will bring back memories of the days most people have thought were long gone and never to return, yet it is also new and fresh enough to be unique with some unexpected twists and turns!! No more "same old, same old" here, no fillers. Every song is an oasis in the desert and a rare gem in the coal mines of life in this new world that thinks the past greatness of rock would remain in the past. We've brought it back to life once again!!

I am very proud of this album and all who have made this become a reality. There are some big names who've lent a hand in the writing and I am amazed at the new and aggressive sound that producer Alessandro Del Vecchio has brought to these songs!!! I hope you all agree...."

More details about the album release to be revealed later...stay tuned!

[01/19/18 update No.2]
Michael Voss' Update: Michael Voss performing the Songs from his Youth!

Michael Voss well known Producer (Michael Schenker, Wolfpack, Phantom 5) and artist (Mad Max, Casanova) working since decades 'In the Name of Rock' is about to reveal his favorite Tunes from his Childhood.

The Tracks that made him the Musician that he is now.
On this so called LRecordL you can hear the Influences and Vibes that still can be found in his Work nowadays.
This Album is a pure labor of love and all Instruments been played by Voss.
This strictly limited Edition will contain 300 hand signed Copies with a bonus Gift.
The Output is dedicated to the loving Memory of his Dad who passed away in November 2017.
All in All it is very personal and an intimite Collection of Songs.
The only Guest-Starring Performances on Piano and Memotron played by his longtime Friends 'Axel Urban' and 'Holggy Begg'.
It's Time to lean back and listen to the Music...

01.Rock Me Baby-David Cassidy
02.Days Gone Down-Gerry Rafferty
03.God Only Knows-The Beach Boys
04.What Now My Love-Agnetha Faeltskog
05.Remember Yesterday-John Miles
06.I'm Not In Love-10cc
07.Stagger Lee-P.J.Proby
08.When You Walk In The Room-Paul Nicholas
09.I'm A Believer-The Monkees
10.Wild Wild Angels-Smokie
11.While You See A Chance-Stevie Winwood
12.If You Go Away-Terry Jacks

Here we go.
Now you can order directly the new Michael Voss album 'Remember Yesterday'. Strictly limited to 300 copies only.

Please contact:

the following payments are allowed:

The price is Euro12,50.
Shipping will be handled by DHL (registered post).
Extra charge for delivery will be ?3,60 in Germany, all other countries ?6,40 plus ?0,40 for packaging

The Album will be send out on 21.01.2018 on Michaels birthday.

Keep rocking, buy and enjoy...

[01/19/18 update]
Jari's Update: Former Michael Schenker Group and current Century Lost and Stargazery singer Jari Tiura has been busy working on his first solo album hKing Of Lionsh. The album will be released worldwide through the german label AOR Heaven in March 2018. The Japanese version of the album will include UFOLs Doctor Doctor as bonus track. The album will also be released on vinyl, a limited edition of 100 copies only. You can pre-order the vinyl from

Jari Tiura was the singer in Michael Schenker Group between 2006-2007. He toured USA, Japan and Europe with the band and performed on big festivals like Wacken Open Air. He also sang on the Michael Schenker Group album gTales Of Rock N Rollh (2006). After MSG he joined the finnish band Stargazery. With Stargazery he has released two albums gEye On The Skyh (2011) and gStars Alignedh (2015). Jari is also a member of a new lineup called Century Lost. They are currently working on their debut album to be released in 2018.

For more information:

[07/01/17 update]
TTB New Album: Taz Taylor Band released a new album out - Pressure And Time - June 23rd in Japan on Rubicon Music and in Europe on Escape Music. This new album features a vocalist, Chandler Mogel from Outloud and Punky Meadows! Check out a video from a show they did recently with LA Guns. Thanks, Taz!!

[01/23/15 update]
Jari's New Album Released: Stargazery featuring Jari Tiura has just released their second album titled Stars Aligned. They got a nice review by the Burrn magazine. Thanks, Jari!!

[11/17/13 update]
Tyson's New Band: Tyson Schenker formed a new bank called State Villains. Thanks, Tyson!!

[03/16/13 update No.2]
David Van Landing Update: David Van Landing will make a guest appearance at Queenryche's concert on March 22nd. He is going to sing "Eyes Of A Stranger" at the House of Bluse in Orland, Florida. Thanks, David!!

[03/16/13 update]
Pete Way New Album: According to Pete Way's official facebook, his new album titled Walking On The Edge will be released. The release date will be announced on that page. Thanks, Ian!!

[08/02/12 update]
Pete Way Interview: Go to Pete Way's official facebook for his new video interview where he discusses his new album love needles and sympathy, touring, Waysted and more. Thanks, Ian!!

[06/09/12 update No.2]
Rev Jones selling a bass: REV JONES is selling his 8 string guitar/bass. It's an Austin Douglas Guitar made by WARRGUITARS. He had it made for him in 2005, and he used it with BLACK SYMPHONY 2005-2006, since then it has been packed away in his bass collection untouched for 5 1/2 years. Now he's decided to sell it. He paid $1400.00, he would let it go for $800. It is in fantastic condition, it still looks new. The tuning is low to high A,D,G,C,F,A#,D#,G#. It has a Bartolini pickup, Sperzel tuning keys, he also used it on JEFF MARTIN "the fool" album 1 song check it out

There has only been 1 owner = REV JONES bassist for STEELHEART, MOUNTAIN, MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP....

heres the link

[01/19/12 update No.2]
Rev Jones Concert Dates: New REV JONES tour dates posted including dates with LESLIE WEST, MSG, FORTE, STEELHEART, and NAMM appearances. Sorry, posting it a little too late for the NAMM dates. Thanks, Rev!!

Wednesday Jan 18th
REV will be playing bass for the NAMM METAL JAM featuring:
Neil Turbin (Deathriders, Original Singer for Anthrax) - Vocals
Dave Reffett (Shredding The Envelope, Solo Artist) - Guitars
Jeff Martin (Racer X, Michael Schenker Group, Badlands, Dokken, Paul Gilbert, George Lynch) - Drums
Rev Jones (Steelheart, Mountain, Michael Schenker Group, Fuel, Black Symphony) - Bass
--plus several special guest will perform with the band--

The show is at CHAIN REACTION
1652 W. Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA
(Less than one mile from the Anaheim Convention Center)
and it is an All Ages Event

Thursday Jan 19th
REV will be performing with 2 separate acts at DC MUSICS 6th annual NAMM JAM..
First set at around 9pm, REV will be playing with BLACK VINYL, featuring 13-year old singer/songwriter Dylan Nash....
Second set around 12am will be the debut appearance of WRONG GIG featuring:
Jeff Martin (racer x, badlands, msg, dokken) - vocals
Rev Jones (steelheart, mountain, msg, fuel) - bass
Jim Dofka (dofka) - guitar
Steve Moore (rick k & the allnighters, the mad drummer, drummer at the wrong gig) - drums

The show is at BIG'S GRILL
323 N. State College, Fullerton, CA,

Friday Jan 20th & Saturday Jan 21st
Also, for anyone attending NAMM, REV will be doing a signing session FRI & SAT at 3pm in the ROCK-N-ROLL GANGSTAR booth #2884 in Hall D....

Jan 18 - REV JONES - Chain Reaction NAMM Metal Jam - Anaheim, CA
Jan 19 - NAMM SHOW - Anaheim Convention center - Anaheim, CA
Jan 19 - REV JONES / DYLAN NASH - Biggs Grill NAMM Jam- Fullerton, CA
Jan 20 - NAMM SHOW - Anaheim Convention center - Anaheim, CA
(ROCK-N-ROLL GANGSTAR booth 3pm signing...)
Jan 21 - NAMM SHOW - Anaheim Convention center - Anaheim, CA
(ROCK-N-ROLL GANGSTAR booth 3pm signing...)
Jan 22 - NAMM SHOW - Anaheim Convention center - Anaheim, CA
Jan 27 - FORTE - Thunder Alley - Oklahoma City, OK
Jan 31 - LESLIE WEST DUO - BB Kings - New York, NY

Feb 01 - LESLIE WEST DUO - Showcase Live - Foxborough, MA
Feb 03 - LESLIE WEST DUO - Sellersville Theater 1894 - Sellersville, PA
Feb 04 - LESLIE WEST DUO - Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ

Mar 16 - MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP - Backstage Live - San Antonio, TX
Mar 17 - MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP - Trees - Dallas, TX
Mar 21 - MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP - Club Red - Tempe, AZ
Mar 22 - MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP - Vamp'd - Las Vegas, NV
Mar 23 - MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP - Canyon Club - Agoura Hills, CA
Mar 24 - MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP - Coach House - San Juan Capistano, CA

Jun 08 - STEELHEART - Forces Of Metal - Eersel, Netherlands

for more info check

[01/19/12 update]
Schenkerssister iTunes Single: Youtube Video "Just Me" is down and the iTunes Single "JUST ME" - schenkerssister - is out on iTunes !! Thanks, Barbara!!

US link
UK link

[01/09/12 update]
NST To Support MSG: NO SKY TODAY will be direct support for MSG Temple of Rock tour on March 1, 2 and 5 in the Midwest!! Thanks, Wayne!!

[12/25/11 update]
Rev Christmas Video: Here is the video - "This Drummer Is At The Wrong Christmas Gig." Thanks, Rev!!! (cf. 12/22/11 update)

Vocals - Jeff Martin (Racer X, Badlands, Dokken)
Bass - Rev Jones (Steelheart, Michael Schenker, Mountain)
Guitar - Jim Dofka
Drums - Steve Moore

[12/22/11 update]
Rev Christmas Song: Now available for stream and free download "LIL Drummer Boyee" featuring REV JONES on bass (steelheart, mountain, msg), STEVE MOORE on drums (drummer wrong gig), JIM DOFKA on guitar (dofka), and JEFF MARTIN on vocals (racer x, msg). get your free download and spread the holiday cheer! There's more to this than meets the ears! Thanks, Rev!!!

Dofka - The Littel Drummer Boyee For Streaming w THE DRUMMER AT THE WRONG GIG by Dofka

[11/03/11 update]
Wayne Updates: NO SKY TODAY has added 2 shows to our calendar for November and they have scheduled recording time in the studio to work on the second NST record. Pete Holmes (Black N Blue/MSG) will be on the drum throne!! Thanks, Wayne!!

[09/23/11 update]
No Sky Today Shows Review: Steve has kindly sent me his review of NO SKY TODAY Midwest Tour 2011. Thanks, Steve!!!

[09/21/11 update]
Barbara Schenker Updates: Barbara has a new video out on youtube, and her Schenkerssister T-shirs are out too. Thanks, Barbara!!!

[09/04/11 update No.2]
NO SKY TODAY MIDWEST TOUR 2011: NO SKY TODAY Midwest Tour 2011 can be found on Revervnaton. 5 shows in 4 states in 5 days. They've got Dustin Rinehart (The Garrisons) sitting in on bass. More photos and video are in the works. Thank, Wayne!!!

[09/04/11 update]
Rev Jones Updates: REV JONES' news update and tour update (including 3 GUITAR HEROES tour) have been posted on his website.

Here are some videos of STEELHEART performing on a T.V. in KOREA
Korea TV 1
Korea TV 2
Korea TV 3

Steelheart videos from first korea show
Korea show 1
Korea show 2
Korea show 3
Korea show 4
Korea show 5

[07/26/11 update]
Rev Jones Updates: REV JONES tour dates:
Jul 29 - STEELHEART - Axe hall - Seoul, Korea
Aug 06 - STEELHEART - Midi Fest - Rizhao, China
Aug 10 - STEELHEART - World Culture Expo - Gyeong Ju, Korea
Aug 12 - STEELHEART - World Culture Expo - Gyeong Ju, Korea
Aug 18 - STEELHEART - 42nd street Rockhouse - Greensburg, PA
Aug 19 - STEELHEART - Ripper Owens Tap House - Akron, OH
Aug 20 - STEELHEART - Lapeer Days Fest - Lapeer, MI
Sep 16 - STEELHEART - German American Social club - Cape Coral, FL
Sep 17 - STEELHEART - Coliseo of Puerto Rico - Hato Rey, Puerto Rico

Rev will be playing with LESLIE WEST on the 3 Guitar Heroes tour. Thanks, Rev!!!!

[06/23/11 update]
NST Online Release Party: NO SKY TODAY (Metal/Hard Rock) is hosting an "Online Release Party" for their self-titled debut album ! You can listen to the FULL CD, which will be streaming on Facebook / Reverbnation and MySpace, for 4 hours!

When: Friday, June 24
Time: From 19:00 - 23:00 CET

[06/15/11 update]
NST Video: Debut video of "Final Hour" by NO SKY TODAY has been released worldwide. Crank it up!!! LIKE for support, and SHARE with your friends!!!

[06/14/11 update No.2]
Wayne Findlay Interview: Peter Mondria posted his recent interview with Wayne Findlay. They talk about the recording process of No Sky Today's debut album, song-writing and lyrics, future touring plans, and more. Check it out!!! Nice work, Peter!!!!

[06/14/11 update]
REV JONES NEWS: STEELHEART new single "Blackdog" is currently on heavy rotation via Pure Rock Radio!!!! If you haven't got your free copy yet please go to and download it.

STEELHEART just returned from doing shows in ICELAND and SWEDEN, here are a couple videos from the shows. (Sweden rock) (Iceland) (Iceland) (Iceland)

[06/06/11 update No.2]
Free STEELHEART Download: Get your free download of STEELHEART Cover of "BlackDog" featuring REV JONES on bass at this link (limited time). So dont wait!!

[06/06/11 update]
NST Show Date: On Wayne Findlay's No Sky Today myspace site, there is notice of a show at The Brat Stop, Kenosha, WI, USA on September 10. Thanks, Steve!!!

[05/26/11 update]
Rev Jones Updates: Miljenko Matijevic/SteelHeart recorded a new single for the world! After many requests by the fans, Miljenko and the boys went into the studio and cut a rendition of Black Dog by Led Zeppelin. Futuristic, hard and heavy! Get it at the SteelHeart website for free on June 5, 2011.

Follow REV JONES on (website)!/Rev_Jones (twitter) (facebook)

[05/17/11 update]
No Sky Today Show Review: Steve has kindly sent me his review and photos/video of the show of NO SKY TODAY featuring Wayne Findlay which took place on May 15. Thanks, Steve!!!

[04/24/11 update]
No Sky Today Show: According to No Sky Today's blog, NO SKY TODAY featuring Wayne Findlay is to headline "The Futbol Rocks Spring Fest 2011" with the Hudson Street Hooligans on Sunday, May 15th at the 343 Front Street Club in Columbus, Ohio. Their performance will be videotaped.

[04/19/11 update]
Rev Jones News: REV JONES tour dates have been announced, including STEELHEART dates, LESLIE WEST dates, MOUNTAIN dates, RIDE FOR DIME dates with REV JONES-ROWEN ROBERTSON-ADREW FREEMAN, and an acoustic date featuring REV and MILI in South America. Check out Rev's tour page for more info.

The acoustic date featuring REV and MILI in South America on MAY 11th is called the ROCKSTONE MUSIC AWARDS, it is in BOGOTA COLOMBIA, here is the website

Apr 22 - STEELHEART - Club Red - Tempe, AZ
Apr 23 - STEELHEART - Casselmans - Denver, CO

May 11 - REV JONES - Rockstone Music Awards - Bogota, Colombia, South America
May 19 - LESLIE WEST - ??? - Milan, ITALY
May 20 - LESLIE WEST - ??? - Milan, ITALY
May 22 - LESLIE WEST - ??? - Milan, ITALY

Jun 11 - STEELHEART - Sweden Rock - Solvesborg, SWEDEN
Jun 17 - MOUNTAIN - Hard Rock Live - Biloxi, MS
Jun 25 - FREEMAN/JONES/ROBERTSON - Ride For Dime - Chicago, IL

Jul 11 - STEELHEART - TBA - Seoul, Korea)

[03/25/11 update]
Jari's New Album: Stargazery's debut album titled "Eye On The Sky" featuring Jari Tiura is out March 25, 2011 worldwide. Thanks, Jari!!! (cf. 12/31/10 update)

[02/21/11 update]
No Sky Today Review: Peter has posted his review of No Sky Today (Wayne Findlay's project) on his website. Nice review, Peter!!!

[01/18/11 update]
Rev Video: Leslie West, with Jeff Martin and Rev Jones performing live at NAMM Jam 2011, sponsored by Dean Guitars and Ddrum.

This song is Never In My Life, with an intro of People Get Ready.

Mississippi Queen

[01/14/11 update No.3]
Amy @ NAMM: Amy Schugar will do acoustic pefromances twice at 10 Am Sat and 12 PM Sunday during the NAMM show. It is for MXL Microphones.

[01/14/11 update No.2]
MICHAEL VOSS' MAD MAX Video: MICHAEL VOSS' own band MAD MAX just released a brandnew video. The song is the title track for an upcoming movie. It was written by US songwriter icon STEVE PLUNKETT from AUTOGRAPH.
Mad Max brandnew videoclip premiere!

The song "Big Wheel" has been chosen by the producers as the title track for a german ation movie! "Big Wheel" is taken from the latest Mad Max release "Welcome America". Mad Max bass player Roland Bergman premieres as an actor and the videoclip shows eclusive footage from the upcoming movie.
[01/14/11 update]
Juicy Lucy Album released in Japan (cont'd): Franky R has sent me an update to the JUICY LUCY Release in Japan. If you are interested to buy your own Japanese copie of this rare masterpiece of true classic rock go to "" and look for RubiconMusic RBNCD-1501. They are doing mailorders from overseas by sending emails to

[01/11/11 update]
Rev Jones Updates: REV JONES will be appearing at the 2011 NAMM SHOW in Anaheim California...

During the convention REV will be found at the DEAN GUITARS booth, KAHLER booth, US MUSIC booth, and ROCK-N-ROLL GANGSTAR booth... Saturday the 15th REV will be doing a signing at the ROCK-N-ROLL GANGSTAR booth at 12:30 with JAMES KOTTAK and PHIL VARONE...
Thursday night the 13th REV JONES and JEFF MARTIN will be playing with various artist at the BIGS GRILL NAMM JAMM in Fullerton California, and Friday the 14th REV JONES will be performing with LESLIE WEST and JEFF MARTIN at the DEAN GUITARS SHOW held at the Grove in Anaheim California, also appearing at the show MICHAEL SCHENKER, MICHAEL BATIO, HELLYEAH, and MEGADETH...

Jan 13 - NAMM SHOW - Anaheim Convention center - Anaheim, CA
Jan 13 - REV JONES - Biggs Grill NAMM Jam- Fullerton, CA
Jan 14 - NAMM SHOW - Anaheim Convention center - Anaheim, CA
Jan 14 - DEAN GUITARS SHOW - The Grove- Anaheim, CA
Jan 15 - NAMM SHOW - Anaheim Convention center - Anaheim, CA


[01/05/11 update]
Juicy Lucy Album released in Japan: Here is a message from Franky Rummler, who was a bass player of MSG during their world tour 2007. Thanks, Franky!!!
I'm glad to announce that the album, "Revolution" recorded and performed by our former formation JUICY LUCY will be released on the 29. of December in Japan by the label Rubicon Music. This album will be re-issued under the name of the project by Rubicon Music named "Rubicon Classics," and Juicy Lucy is the first band (re-issue) on this project. The item number for the release is "RBNCD-1501." Thanxx alot for Rubicon Music and Takuro Imazu for their support. Stay tuned for more news and updates about this project....!!!

Franky R.
[12/31/10 update]
Jari's New Project: STARGAZERY, the Finnish hard rock band fronted by Jari Tiura, has inked a deal with Pure Legend Records. Their debut album called "Eye On The Sky" will be released in the first quarter of 2011. More info can be found at:

Stargazery's myspace
Blabbermouth Net

[12/30/10 update]
DEAN NAMM REV & LESLIE & JEFF: Rev Jones will be playing with LESLIE WEST at the DEAN GUITARS NAMM PARTY on his birthday January 14th. The line up is:

LESLIE WEST - vocals, guitars
REV JONES - bass

Just like Michael Scheneker, they we will be doing a 20 minute set.

[11/27/10 update]
No Sky Today Release: According to Wayne Findlay, his new project's self-titled album "No Sky Today" is officially released online at the NO SKY TODAY store!!

Hear samples, download the album, single songs or ringtones...

Hard copies will be available in just a few weeks...

Please check out the links below...

Here's the latest news:

or go directly to their website and the NO SKY TODAY store at:

Don't forget to become a fan, leave a comment and join our mailing list...

They also need your comments on our new myspace page!...stop by and say What's up?!!

REV JONES will also appear at the DEAN GUITARS show during NAMM 2011 on his birthday January 14th.

[11/17/10 update]
Rev Jones Updates: REV will be on tour in SWEDEN with MOUNTAIN this month. Here are the dates:

Nov 17 - MOUNTAIN - The Brewhouse - Gothenburg, Sweden
Nov 18 - MOUNTAIN - Kulturbolaget - Malmo, Sweden
Nov 19 - MOUNTAIN - Rock At Sea - Stockholm, Sweden
Nov 20 - MOUNTAIN - Rock At Sea - Stockholm, Sweden
Nov 21 - MOUNTAIN - Rockland - Sala, Sweden

REV JONES will also appear at the DEAN GUITARS show during NAMM 2011 on his birthday January 14th.

An interview with Rev Jones is posted on Hair Bangers Radio website.

A video of REV JONES, ROWEN ROBERTSON (dio, dc4), ANDREW FREEMAN (george lynch, offspring), and MIKE STAFFORD from the Ayden Rose Benefit Show in Dallas Texas September 19th doing a version of the Sabbath classic "Warpigs" posted on youtube.

Here are a couple of photos from that event: Photo 1 Photo 2

[06/05/10 update]
Rev's Videos: A new video interview from NAMM, with REV JONES, PETE HOLMES, ELLIOT DEAN can be found on youtube. And, here is another video from NAMM showing off his bass. Thanks, Rev!!

[04/28/10 update No.2]
Barbara Schenker Interviews: Interviews with Barbara can be heard at the following sites.

[04/28/10 update]
Tyson Schenker Update: Audio Cartel's EP is out now.

[03/17/10 update]
REV/Steelheart Update: SteelHeart headlines one of the biggest Race Night events (NASCAR) Friday March 19th at Bristol Motor speedway. For more info, check out Rev Jones' blog. Thanks, Rev!!

[02/23/10 update]
REV to Play in Korea: Rev Jones will be playing in KOREA this weekend with STEELHEART. Dates are:

02/27 at Millennium Hall (Central City), Tomikita, YB Seoul - Bangpo
02/28 at V-Hall, Tomikita, YB Hongdae

[02/16/10 update]
Wayne's No Sky Today News: According to Wayne Findlay's blog, the March 2010 issue of Guitar World Magazine has the article on NO SKY TODAY and other interesting tidbits.

Rev at NAMM
[01/22/10 update]
REV at NAMM 2010: A video of REV JONES and JACK FROST performing with RF22 at NAMM 2010 can be viewed on youtube. The song is Elton John "bennie & the jets". REV is using his new custom DEAN 6 string bass. Thanks, Rev!! (cf. 01/14/10 update)

[01/14/10 update No.2]
Schenker Sister Rock Jingle: A video of Barbara Schenker's "Rock Jingle" can be viewed on youtube, starring all roles by Schenkerssister with special guest Budgie "Sammy the4th". Thanks, Barbara!!

[01/14/10 update]
REV at NAMM 2010: Rev Jones will be playing at the NAMM show related gig. Check out his blog.

[12/15/09 update]
GRAHAM BONNET Featured On Lyraka: According to Blabbermouth, Graham Bonnet is featured on "Lyraka - Music From a Mermaid Empire", a highlights CD featuring songs from the "Lyraka" movie. According to the filmmakers, Bonnet is the voice of the musical narrator throughout the 3D animation movie (projected release date 2011), as well as the accompanying video game. A rough-mix version of the song "Beyond The Palace" is available for streaming at

[11/06/09 update]
Amy Schugar Interview Cancelled: The planned interview with Amy Schugar by Brian Boone has been cancelled due to his sudden death. RIP.

[10/31/09 update]
Amy Schugar Interview: An interview with Amy Schugar will be aired Thursday the 5th of November, 2009 at 5 pm EST on with Brian Boone. Thanks, Amy!!

[10/11/09 update]
Wayne's Update (NO SKY TODAY): According to Wayne Findlay, his new band (#3) has been named "NO SKY TODAY". Wayne is completely writing and producing all the music!! This is officially his first time as producer. (see also 05/12/09 update)

NO SKY TODAY line-up is:

Wayne Findlay (MSG/SLAVIOR): Guitarz/Keyboardz

Paul Jones (Robot Lords of Tokyo): Vox

Kelly Garni (Quiet Riot): Bass

Kelly Rhoads (Randy's brother): Piano

Scotty Phillips (Wasted): Drumz

Wayne leaves for Sonic Lounge Studios in Colombus, Ohio on Monday. He will be there for 10 days laying down the rest of the solos, orchestration, mixing and also finishing one vocal song.

[09/25/09 update No.2]
Slavior Update: According to Wayne Findlay's blog, the Recording of SLAVIOR II begins!!

The recording of the 2nd SLAVIOR album finally begins!! We are recording finished album tracks for a 4 song demo. Mark has finished drumz for these 4 already. I'm laying guitars down this week, Philip will come down here with bass in hand next week, followed by Gregg Analla the week after for vox. That's right, Gregg's back in action after a 2 year hietus. We are stoked to have him back on board. SLAVIOR is extremely excited to start the 2nd album, which we are 16 songs into at the moment. The material is heavier than the first album but still has the SLAVIOR sound! Engineer Joe Marlett has dialed in a CRUSHING guitar tone as well as SICK drum tones as well. He will once again be at the helm on this project. Stay tuned for updates and progress as it unfolds...

[09/25/09 update]
New Sideos Posted of Rev Jones at DEAN: New video of REV JONES hanging at the DEAN GUITARS factory... Click.

[09/15/09 update]
Rev/Steelheart Korean Tour Postponed: According to Rev Jones, the upcoming STEELHEART tour in KOREA has been postponed until early 2010. The government of South Korea and the promoter have decided to postpone the dates due to the current outbreak of the influenza virus. The dates should be announced in November.

[08/20/09 update No.3]
Barbara Update: Barbara Schenker has posted on her blog a report on the Dean Guitars party in London which includes a link to the interview with her on the Angle of Metal website. Thanks, Barbara!!

[08/20/09 update No.2]
Rev Interview: A new interview with Rev Jones can be found on this blog.

[08/20/09 update]
Kristen Update: Kristen Capolino was invited to participate in the 2009 James Burton International Guitar Festival. She will be sharing the stage with some incredible players such as Steve Lukather, Al DiMeola, etc. Info can be found:

[08/11/09 update]
Rev Jones Updates: Two tribute CDs featuring tracks by REV JONES BAND are now available - "Lit Up: A Millennium Tribute to Buckcherry"and "Wicked Garden: A Millennium Tribute to Stone Temple Pilots". For more information, check out Rev's news page.

Also REV will be performing with MOUNTAIN at the 40th anniversary of WOODSTOCK show this coming Saturday in BETHEL NY, during the show LESLIE WEST will be getting married on stage. Thanks, Rev!!

[08/07/09 update]
Tyson Schenker U.S. Concert Dates: Audio Cartel, Tyson Schenker's band have 2 new gig dates coming up. Thanks, Tyson!!

September 4th 2009 - Fontanas - NYC (

October 4th 2009 - Dingwalls, Camden - UK (

More info is available at

[07/27/09 update]
Rev Jones Touring with Moutain: The MOUNTAIN tour has begun. Check out Rev's news page.

[05/12/09 update]
Wayne's New Project: According to Wayne Findlay, he is working on a new side project with bassist Kelly Garni (Quiet Riot), vocalist Fin Muir (Waysted), drummer Scotty Phillips (Waysted) and Kelle Rhoads (Randy's brother) on keyboards. They will be writing and recording the album in a studio in Ohio for the next two weeks.

[05/11/09 update]
Barbara Schenker on Dean: Barbara Schenker has now officially become one of the Dean Guitars artists.

[05/09/09 update]
Tyson Schenker New E.P.: According to Tyson Schenker, his band, "Audior Cartel" has released their first self titled E.P. It is available at iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, Napster, Rhapsody, LastFM and moree.

[04/14/09 update No.3]
Wayne Accepting Students: According to Wayne Findlay, he is now accepting new students for guitar / bass / keyboards / composition and theory in the San Diego area. Check out his website!!

[04/14/09 update No.2]
Rev To Play in Oklahoma: According to Rev Jones, the REV JONES BAND will be performing on saturday April 18th at the DIAMOND BALLROOM in OKLAHOMA CITY opening for the TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION.

[04/14/09 update]
Barbara Schenker Updates: Barbara Schenker has a new video trailer out featuring Dean Guitars. She has been to the Frankfurt Musik Messe again which took place late last month, and this really is happening there....She said that this time she was the only "Schenker" around. She also sent me a photo of the Dean Boss Elliott Rubinson playing live on stage of the Messe with Michael Angelo and Carme Appice. On May 9, she is going to have 4 interviews in 1 of which will be with Rudolf. Thanks, Barbara!!

[04/03/09 update]
Bodo Website: Bodo Schopf's website has got a new design and now has both English and German pages at Thanks, Kai!!

[03/28/09 update]
TTB New Album: Taz Taylor Band's new CD entitled "Straight Up" featuring Keith Slack on vocals is officially released today! Here is an interview with Taz Taylor on Get Ready To Roll website.

[03/07/09 update]
Waysted Discussion Forum: Ian has informed me of a new discussion forum regarding Waysted on Thanks, Ian!!

[02/11/09 update]
Rev/Steelheart Gigs: REV JONES will be playing some promotional shows with STEELHEART on the west coast this coming weekend, here are the dates:

Feb 13th - Brixton South Bay... Radondo Beach, California
Feb 14th - Santa Fe Station... Las Vegas, Nevada
Feb 15th - Coach House... San Juan Capistrano, California

[02/09/09 update]
Statetrooper Show Cancelled: Unfortunatlly the concert of Statetrooper featuring Gary Barden, scheduled for february 12th at the Rock Temple/Kerkrade, the Netherlands will be cancelled due to vocal problems of Gary Barden. Venue website. Thanks, Peter!!

[01/28/09 update No.2]
Wayne's Page on EMG Website: Wayne Findlay has a page on the new EMG website at

[01/28/09 update]
Rev Jones' Videos: New videos of Rev Jones have been posted on the site as well as the site.

REV has added a couple of new videos to the site, here is the list of the newest videos added:
STEELHEART video "L.O.L." from the new album "Good 2 B Alive" 2008
REV JONES and LESLIE WEST join MSG onstage NAMM 2009 "Goin Down"
MOUNTAIN live 2008 performing "Never In My Life"
REV JONES interview from DEAN TV 2008 Rocklahoma
MSG live at Wacken Open Air 2006 "Into The Arena"
MSG live at Wacken Open Air 2006 "Assault Attack"
REV JONES performing "Star Spangled Banner" at Rocklahoma 2008

To see all 20 available REV JONES videos go to the links below:

[01/22/09 update]
Chris Glen Video Blog: Hear is CHRIS GLEN doing his first blog of 2009, deliverd with the typical crazy CHRIS GLEN humour!!

[01/13/09 update]
Message from Amy Schugar: Here's a message from Amy Schugar. (cf. 01/05/09 update)
Do Not send any money to me for fire

Do not send any money to me for fire. I DO NOT live at the residence anymore as of today. The funds could have helped for us, as we wanted and needed rooms being insurance could not-
If you are interested in sending anything to the person still living at the residence, as he is trying to rebuild before any insurance check is to be issued. It is not my issue anymore and no malicous intent intended, but you can help and send to:
Po Box 1384
Globe, AZ. 85502
Or again, email me and any money that was received will be returned back to your paypal account.
Thank you-
[01/09/09 update]
Keith Slack/TTB: According to Taz Taylor, Keith Slack (ex-MSG) has joined Taz Taylor Band as a new singer.

Keith will probably be most notably known to TTB fans for his work with MSG on the '99 Unforgiven World Tour and the subsequent double live album release, as well as his work with Mudpie, Steelhouse Lane and others including his latest solo release "Bent not Broken".
Keith is an incredibly talented musician and vocalist and a real find for the band. Welcome Keith!
'We knew that finding someone to step into the lead vocal spot left vacant by Graham Bonnet was not going to be an easy task....
and then Keith came in like a TRAIN!!'..... Taz.
[01/05/09 update]
Help Amy: Amy Schugar and her partner had an extremely horrible miss hap on new year's eve. In between the chimney and the roof, the metal flu had a small undetectable rust hole. And the house caught fire. The Red Cross has stepped in and gave a couple of days of shelter. But the insurance did not come yet. Now she and her partner are afraid of looting. There is no hot water, stove, or amenities. "We are running extension chords to power a light or computer. There is no roof on a couple of rooms and gear is all covered with tarp from rain . This one of the biggest nightmares of a lifetime to go thru. The day of the fire, guitars were being thrown out of the house and the animals, and we made it out alive and are so so very lucky to be here." If anyone wants to help out and/or make a donation or has any suggestions, please contact Amy at

[12/24/08 update]
Greetings from Jari: There's a new song from Jari Tiura's solo-album added to his myspace. It's titled "Away From All The Magic And Wonder". Sounds cool. Check it out!! According to Jari, his solo album has not been finished yet but he added it because he wanted to show something new before a new year. Thanks, Jari!!!

[12/19/08 update]
Amy Schugar Interview: An interview with Amy Schugar can be found at

[12/18/08 update]
WF Tour Summary/Update: Wayne Findlay has updated his official website. He summed up MSG's Japan/Korea and European tours. Also. the information on his planned appearance at the Anaheim HOB on January 17 next year as well as the status of Slavior's 2nd and 3rd albums can be found there!!

[12/06/08 update]
Amy Schugar Interview: A new interview with Amy Schugar can be heard at Thank you, Amy!!!

[12/01/08 update No.2]
Rev Jones Band Live: REV JONES BAND will be playing live at BELLE ISLE BREWERY in Oklahoma City Thursday December 4th.

[11/06/08 update No.2]
Chris Logan in Concert: This Sunday, November 9 at Stoney's in Las Vegas, don't miss the all-star rock show benefitting the well known Aree Bray. Chris Logan will be performing with Rock Of Ages from 10:05 - 10:45 PM. For more information, go to:

[11/06/08 update]
Steelheart Promo: A new promo video from new STEELHEART album "Good 2 B Alive" can be viewed on youtube. Thanks, Rev!!!

[10/29/08 update]
Rev Interview: The new issue of BASS PROFESSOR MAGAZINE has an interview with REV JONES. Also, REV JONES and MOUNTAIN contents are in the new JOE SATRIANI podcast (Episode 12). Thanks, Rev!!

[10/25/08 update]
UFO Discussion Forum: Ian has informed me of a new discussion forum regarding UFO on Thanks, Ian!!

[10/18/08 update]
Amy's Item on Sale: An old 1864 confederate war piece owned by Amy Schugar is now auctioned on Ebay.

[10/14/08 update]
MOUNTAIN with REV JONES: MOUNTAIN live with REV JONES can be viewed on youtube: (cf. 09/27/08 update et al)

[10/13/08 update]
Pete with UFO Tribute: Plank from UFO Tribute (, a UFO/MSG tribute band in the U.K. has kindly informed me that they will be playing live on stage with Pete Way at the LimeLight Club in Crewe Cheshire England on the 23rd October 2008. Thanks, Plank!!

[10/10/08 update No.2]
Tyson in New York: Tyson Schenker is currently in New York and going to have some gigs coming up with his band, The Audio Cartel. The dates are as follows. Thanks, Tyson!!!

16 Oct 2008 20:00
Maxwells -Hoboken, New Jersey

29 Oct 2008 20:00
Fat Baby -New York, New York

[10/10/08 update]
Barbara Schenker Audio Interview: Barbara Schenker has done a cool interview with "DJ Tina from Hollywood Music TV". She talks about the gangsters from Viva and more. She also mentions the rare moment of Scorpions in London - Rudolf, Michael and herself - together. Thanks, Barbara!!

[09/27/08 update]
Rev Jones Updates: A new video interview with REV JONES is now available to view on DEAN TV. It loads 2nd or click on his picture. Other Rev news update such as info on STEELHEART album and MOUNTAIN can be found on Rev's news page. Thanks, Rev!! (cf. 08/30/08 update)

[09/10/08 update]
Bodo Schopf's BBB: BBB, Bodo Schopf's Band has got the CD out and some tourdates are on their myspace. The CD can be ordered at Amazon website. Soundclips from all Songs are online. Thanks, Kai!! (cf. 05/19/08 update)

[09/06/08 update]
SLAVIOR Nominated for Native American Music Awards: SLAVIOR has been nominated for best debut artist 2008 for the Native American Music Awards. Please vote today for SLAVIOR at:

You'll see a link on top that says 'vote' - logo in (you have to create a login name) and start clicking to vote!

[08/30/08 update]
Rev Joins Mountain!!: REV JONES will be playing bass for the legendary rock band MOUNTAIN on their upcoming US-CANADA tour with JOE SATRIANI. A news update including tour dates with MOUNTAIN and STEELHEART album release date can be found on Rev's official website. Thanks, Rev!!!

[08/21/08 update]
New Trooper Video: A new Statetrooper video can be found on YouTube. Thanks, Jeff!!

[07/31/08 update]
Gunter Nezhoda Interview: An video interview with Gunter Nezhoda who played bass on Schenker-Pattison album can be seen on vids.myspace. Thanks, Gunter!!

[07/29/08 update]
REV from ROCKLAHOMA: Rev Jones/STEELHEART's performance at Rocklahoma can be viewed on youtube. For more info, visit Rev's official website.

[07/11/08 update]
UFO July 9th in Ft. Worth: Steve has kindly sent me his review of the UFO show in Fort Worth on July 9th.

UFO rocked Ft. Worth , TX. last night , Vinnie was in top form , Jeff Kollman was a little shaky at the start , as when the band opened with Mother Mary and forgot to tell Jeff. Jeff also bumped into everyone at least once. Phil Mogg seemed to be ailing , missing a front tooth and looking exhausted. During Lights Out he all but passed out and Vinnie and the band played a nice piece to fill in.Phil reportedly took a breathing treatment after the show. Although he did eventually come out, he was very slow. Hopefully he can make it through the Texas heat this weekend. They even skipped over Let It Roll , which was on the setlist. I did win the autographed dean guitar, what a trip! Signed by everyone except Kollman. If UFO comes to your town be sure and see them, the way Phil looked you never know when the'll come again.

Setlists: MotherMary, Long Gone, Hard Being Me, Daylight Goes to Town, This Kids, Only You Can, BabyBlue, Too Hot To Handle, NoBaby, Lights Out, Love To Love, RockBottom, Dr Dr, SootShoot.
[06/29/08 update]
Rev Jones Updates: STEELHEART will be performing again this year at the ROCKLAHOMA festival on sunday JULY 13th, along with QUEENSRYCHE, TESLA, ACE FREHLEY and UFO. The long awaited new STEELHEART album "Good 2B Alive" will be released on September 15th, 2008. For more info and to pre order your copy As an added bonus to go along with the release of "Good 2B Alive", on September 15th. The entire STEELHEART performance from ROCKLAHOMA 2008 will be made available for streaming on STEELHEART.COM. In other news, the new REV JONES BAND t-shirts will be available for purchase on monday June 30th here at, the price will be $15 plus shipping, so check back after monday to order yours...

[06/04/08 update]
Surgical Steel: Matt Indes, a drummer for Schugar/Schenker project, has kindly informed that he joins Surgical Steel in which Mark Lehman also from Schugar Schenker is the bass player and Jeff Martin is the lead vocalist. Surgical Steel was originally together in the 80's but is doing a reunion. Thanks, Matt!!

[05/31/08 update]
Tyson's New Songs: New songs of Audio Cartel, Tyson Schenker's band, are up now on their myspace. Sounds great!! Thanks, Tyson!!!

[05/19/08 update]
Bodo's New Band: Ex-MSG Drummer Bodo Schopf has got a new Band called BBB. For more info, visit their myspace. Thanks for the info, Kai!!!

[05/17/08 update No.2]
Slavior Looking For A Singer: Slavior is currently looking for a new vocalist/lyricist for the second album. For more info, visit Wayne's website.

[05/17/08 update]
Rev's Band Opened for Ace: A mini review of The REV JONES BAND show can be found here.

[05/06/08 update]
Rev's Band to Open for Ace: The REV JONES BAND will be performing in Oklahoma City on May 10 opening for Ace Frehley at the Diamond Ballroom. For more info, visit Rev's official website.

[04/29/08 update]
Scorpions - Australian Tour Petition: Adilson is trying to petition the SCORPIONS to tour AUSTRALIA for the first time. And he would love our awareness.

[04/10/08 update]
More Review of the Rev Jones Instructional DVD: Modern Guitar Magazine has posted a very detailed review of the Rev Jones Instructional DVD 'Bass Line'. It's a very good review!! (cf. 03/26/08 update et al) In other news according to Rev's official website, the REV JONES BAND will be taking part in a Stone Temple Pilot tribute album that will be released later this year.

[04/07/08 update]
Barbara Vide Clip: Barbara Schenker finished her first Guitar Video. Have a look.

The"whole"--Crazy --in --L O V E---Guitar Video!
Featuring Barbara Schenker on Guitar!

[04/03/08 update]
Rev Opening for UFO: According to Rev Jones' official website, Rev will be performing a couple of shows in Oklahoma City in April with The REV JONES BAND, the first show will be APRIL 22nd at the Diamond Ballroom opening for UFO. The band will perform many classic songs from REV's past as well as a few new songs that will appear on an upcoming REV JONES release...

The band consist of:
REV JONES on bass/vocals (Steelheart, Fuel, Michael Schenker Group, Black Symphony, Forte)
PIERCE on vocals (Metalheadz, Plush, Black Symphony)
KYLE LUNSFORD on guitar/vocals (Metalheadz, 36inches)
DAVE CAMPBELL on drums (Mudbone, Spectrum, Dream Kings)

The REV JONES BAND will be heading into the studio to begin recording new tracks at the end of April... There is also a rumor that the REV JONES BAND will be performing at Rocklahoma 2008...

[03/26/08 update]
Review of the Rev Jones Instructional DVD: A very detailed review of the Rev Jones Instructional DVD 'Bass Line' has been posted on REVIEW-O-MATIC.COM. (cf. 12/11/07 update et al)

[03/23/08 update]
Barbara Schenker at Musikmesse: Barbara Schenker was at the Frankfurt Music Fair 2008 called Musikmesse. Check out her blog with all her pictures and video clips. She also has an youtube page. Thanks, Barbara!!

[03/11/08 update No.2]
Rev Jones DVD Giveaway: has three copies of the new Rev Jones instructional video, Bass Line, to give away on April 10, 2008. Contest eligibility is limited to residents of the continental United States.

[03/11/08 update]
SLAVIOR Magazine Article: SLAVIOR is featured in April 2008 issue of Modern Drummer. For more information, check out Wayne Findlay's official website.

[02/13/08 update]
Rev Jones New Photos and Videos: New videos and photos of REV JONES have been posted on his myspace. Some of the photos are from the New Years Eve show 2007 and a few from his last bass clinic. One of the videos is from his new instructional DVD "Bass Line" in which he plays I Can't Tell You Why, and there are 2 videos from a Modern Guitar Fan Magazine VCD. There are also a couple of new videos from Kottak, MSG (Dust to Dust), and Steelheart.

[01/26/08 update]
Slavior at NAMM: Wayne Findlay's Slavior played in the Steinberg booth at NAMM show in Anaheim on January 18 and 19. Photos from those events can be found on Mark Zonder's website. Thanks, Peter!!!

[01/14/08 update]
Taz/Graham European Tour: Tour dates of the Taz Taylor Band featuring Graham Bonnet have been announced on Taz Taylor Band's official website.

[12/31/07 update No.3]
Taz/Graham European Tour: According to Taz Taylor, the Taz Taylor Band featuring Graham Bonnet will be embarking on a tour of Europe in March and April 2008. The tour kicks off March 5th at the The Robin in Bilston, England. After that several countries are on the schedule including additional UK shows, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Sweden, and more. Dates are still being confirmed and the full tour schedule is to be released very soon!

[12/31/07 update No.2]
Rev Jones Live Events: According to Rev Jones, he will be setting in on bass for one show with a couple of his long time friends TODAY!! Also, he will be doing a bass clinic and solo performance on January 5th at GUITAR CENTER in Oklahoma City, and he will appear at the KAHLER booth of the NAMM Show 2008 where he will be signing photos, talking to fans, etc.

[12/31/07 update]
SLAVIOR Live at NAMM SHOW 2008!!: According to Wayne Findlay, SLAVIOR will be playing at the Namm Show in Anaheim which will take place next January.

SLAVIOR will be playing this year at the Namm Show in Anaheim. We will be playing some acoustic songs on Friday and Saturday, January 18-19, 2008 at 2pm in the Steinberg Technology booth. This will be in a demonstration/performance format with questions in between, and Cubase/Nuendo examples from our first album. Somewhat similar to the show we did in Japan back in August. Hope to see everyone at the Steinberg booth!!

Slavior is currently finishing up the writing of the second album. I think this album is gonna be even heavier this time around!! All of us are very excited about it. We will be doing some vocal tracks during this same period while Gregg is here from New Mexico. I can't wait!!
[12/11/07 update]
Rev Jones Instructional DVD Available: REV JONES' instructional DVD "BASS LINE" is now available for purchase from his website. Check it out!! (cf. 10/14/07 update)

[12/07/07 update]
Gary Barden/Statetrooper Myspace: Jeff Summers of Statetrooper has kindly informed me that there is a new Gary/Statetrooper site up and running now at: Thanks, Jeff!!!

[10/25/07 update]
Rev Jones Not Performing in Japan with Kottak: Because of scheduling conflicts, Rev will not performing with KOTTAK on the upcoming JAPAN tour. Filling in for his is PRICE VERNON formerly of UGLY STICK. He has been filling in all the shows that Rev has not been available to do. Also check out his news page for the video clips of STEELHEART. Thanks, Rev!! (cf. 08/21/07 update)

[10/14/07 update]
Rev Jones Updates: Rev Jones' official website has been updated with the news about his instructional DVD release, Taiwan Magazine interview articles, new photos and videos of Steelheart. Thanks, Rev!!

[10/08/07 update]
Black Symphony Update (cont'd): The complete Black Symphony catalog is now available on ITUNES.


BLACK SYMPHONY = featuring the powerhouse rhythm section of bassist REV JONES and drummer PETE HOLMES, both formerly from Michael Schenker Group.

[09/30/07 update]
Black Symphony Update: Black Symphony (featuring Rev Jones and Pete Holmes)'s catalog and new 3rd record are now available on iTunes, and their 4th release is due in weeks. Thanks, Rev!!!

[09/18/07 update]
SLAVIOR: "Red Road" New Video Posted: This video of "Red Road" which was filmed during SLAVIOR Japan Tour 2007 in Tokyo has been posted on YouTube. The footage of the performances are from "The Sanctuary" (Electric), and at the Yamagiwa Soft In-Store (Acoustic)...Check it out!!! Thanks, Wayne!!

[09/11/07 update]
Wacken 2006 DVD: The WACKEN 2006 DVD is now available from website. It has MSG - "DUST TO DUST" and KOTTAK - "HOLIDAY". Thanks, Rev!!!

[09/03/07 update]
Rev Jones Magazine Interview: Rev Jones has posted some pictures from the magazine that he is featured in this month and next month. Check out Rev's official website. Thanks, Rev!!

[08/24/07 update]
Slavior Rocked Tokyo: The second night of Slavior's Japan promotional tour at SANCTUARY, Numabukuro, Tokyo was a hugh sucess. Their performance was superb. I wish they will come to Japan again soon for a full scale tour. Thank you very much, Wayne!!! And, many thanks to Mark, Gregg, Philip and Dingwall Music staff!!! (cf. 08/20/07 update et al)

[08/21/07 update]
Rev Jones Updates: I have got the following information from Rev Jones who is now on the road. Thanks, Rev!!!

First - Rev is featured in a big guitar magazine in TAIWAN this month and next month, it is a 2 part interview/lesson with a dvd where he shows a few licks and does some improvisation solo stuff...the name of the magazine is "New Guitar Fan", it is sold mainly in Taiwan, and can be found all over the south east Asia (Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore).

Second - he has KOTTAK tour dates for JAPAN:
Nov 2 - Urban Square - Kobe
Nov 3 - mission- Tokyo
Nov 4 - ZX - Chiba
Nov 6 - outbreak - Tokyo
Nov 8 - KS DREAMS - Chiba

Third - he will have STEELHEART dates next week....

[08/20/07 update]
Slavior Japan Tour and New Album: According to Wayne Findlay, SLAVIOR is leaving today for a week long Japan Tour. They will be doing some press, a TV show or two, a couple acoustic in-store gigs, and 2 full blown electric concerts. SLAVIOR will be filming and shooting everything. Check back Wayne's website or for all of the details. Also, Wayne says that material for the second Slavior album is coming along great nad the next SLAVIOR CD should prove to be a very solid and heavier release then the debut!! (cf. 06/30/07 update No.2)

[07/15/07 update]
Graham Bonnet w/ Taz Taylor: Some nice photos of recent shows of Graham Bonent with Taz Taylor Band can be found on here and here. Thanks, Batttttty!!

[07/14/07 update]
REV JONES / STEELHEART News: Rev Jones has kindly sent me the update of his activities as follows:
We are currently in NEBRASKA shooting a video for the new soon to be released STEELHEART album, as well as doing a few shows in the midwest. One of the shows is a huge festival called Rocklahoma, we play Sunday the 15th, also playing that day is QUEENSRYCHE and TWISTED SISTER. We had our first rehearsals this week, the band sounds amazing, I think everyone will really dig it.

[06/30/07 update No.2]
Slavior Japan Shows Detail Announced: According to Dingwall website, the details of Slavior's promotional tour in Japan are as follows:

August 23 (Thu) at dress, Akihabara, Tokyo
Admission (advance) Yen 3,500 (door) Yen 4,000 OPEN 18:30/START 19:00
Ticket: Phone 03-5822-5631 (dress TOKYO)

August 24 (Fri) at SANCTUARY, Numabukuro, Tokyo
Admission (advance) Yen 3,500 (door) Yen 4,000 OPEN 18:00/START 18:30
Oprning: (Goninisshu/INSPIREj
*SLAVIOR show starts around 20:00
Ticket: Phone 03-3389-6392 (SANCTUARY)

Ticket is now on sale

Mark Zonder (Drums) ex FATES WARNING
Gregg Analla (Vocals) ex TRIBE OF GYPSIES
Wayne Findlay (Guitars) MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP
Philip Bynoe (Bass) ex RING OF FIRE, STEVE VAI

[06/30/07 update]
VIVA/Barbara Schenker Update: Barbara Schenker has kindly informed that she reforemed with Marc Paganini (classic line up singer), Ricko Walsh on drums and Gui Ghost (bass) plus Pete Southern (guitars) and Leon Lawson (guitars) both from Power Metal band BALANCE OF POWER. For more information, check out the official VIVA website. According to Barbara, she appeared on the American radio channel "The Bone 107.7 San Francisco" the other day, and she speaks about it on her regular program of the London Radio LBC 97.3FM. Check out her myspace (Tallulah On). Thank you and congratulations, Barbara!!

[06/12/07 update]
Slavior/Mark Zonder Interview: A new interview with Mark Zonder of Slavior both in Japanese and English can be found on the Dingwall website.

[06/10/07 update No.2]
Wayne Findlay Magazine Article: According to Wayne Findlay, he has been chosen for a "Betcha can't play this!" featured article and DVD in the August 2007 issue of Guitar World magazine whic is now in stores!! Cool!! I bet it's too damn difficult. And, keep checking out his site for the information about Slavior's planned Japan tour.

[06/10/07 update]
Amy Schugar Audio Interview: You can listen to a new audio interview with Amy Schugar by Lizz Randolph at The Cover Zone website celebrating the woman of rock. Very good interview. It lasts abotu 30 minutes. Thanks, Amy!!

[06/06/07 update]
Amy Schugar Gig Successful: According to Amy Schugar, the gig of her band which took place at Avalon Night Club in Santa Clara, CA on May 31 went really great!! Check out her official website. Thanks, Amy!! (cf. 04/27/07 update)

[05/30/07 update]
Update from WF: According to Wayne Findlay, he just received an endorsement with EMG pickups. This month's Metal Edge magazine has 2 page interview with SLAVIOR and a Wayne Findlay 1/2 page ad for Dean/InsideOut guitar giveaway. SLAVIOR is now in rotation on XM satellite radio ("Breaking Bone" hour). Plus a SLAVIOR Japan Tour is in the works for August!!! Very COOOOOL. Thanks, Wayne!!

[05/24/07 update No.2]
Rev Update: Rev Jones' official website has been updated with new STEELHEART tour dates, the news about Kottak possibly touring Japan and Rev's instructional DVD. Thanks, Rev!!

[05/24/07 update]
Tyson's New Band: Tyson Schenker has formed a new band called THE AUDIO CARTEL. Chech out his myspace. Thanks, Rob!!

[05/18/07 update]
Amy Schugar Myspace: Amy Schugar's myspace has been up and running at Thanks, Amy!! Good luck with your upcoming show on 31st of May (cf. 04/27/07)

[05/11/07 update]
Robin/Survivor Recording: have posted some full lenght songs of 2007 Survivor recordings with Robin McAuley on vocals. The following songs were recorded: 'Reach', 'Fire Makes Steel' and 'Eye Of The Tiger'. Thanks for the info, Peter!!!

[05/04/07 update]
Interview with Taz Taylor: TAZ TAYLOR joins the list of musicians to be interviewed for the 'Strangers In The Night' UFO/MSG fansite. Taz recently spoke to Batttttty about the making of the WELCOME TO AMERICA album with GRAHAM BONNET, and about THE TAZ TAYLOR BAND's UK tour with former MSG vocalist Graham, which is due to begin on 22nd June at the Rock Cafe in Stourbridge. The interview can be found at Thanks, Taz and Batttttty!!!

[05/02/07 update]
Amy Schugar May Open MSG US Tour: Amy Schugar has sent me a following message: "Michael Schenker has tried to get my band to open. Bookings are not yet confirmed for shows with Michael. Michael sent me the email that he sent and conversation between he and Artists Worldwide and Chuck. Michael has done his best to help and My Management is trying to work this out now. I think final word is on Michaels booking Agency for this tour- not on our end or Michaels. We certainly hope for the best and it is great appreciated Michael trying to help me out with shows!"

[04/27/07 update]
Amy Schugar Gig Announced: Amy Schugar will play live at Avalon Night Club in Santa Clara, CA on May 31. Check out the pollstar ! Thanks, Amy!!

[04/25/07 update]
Wayne/SLAVIOR on Dean Site: Wayne Findlay/SLAVIOR videos have been added to Dean Guitars website. Check out!! Thanks, Wayne!!

[04/16/07 update]
Viva Myspace: Barbara Schenker has kindly informed me VIVA has a MYSPACE site now and it is a big success. Thanks, Barbara!!!!

[04/11/07 update No.2]
Amy Schugar News Update: Here's a news statement of Amy Schugar:
Amy Schugar band will be playing out in about 3 weeks to a month. We are a 3 piece power Trio. It is not always easy fronting singing and doing all of the guitar work at the same time and it can be a challenge, and also so much fun at the same time. We certainly had our reasons at this time for doing it this way. We are doing well and Brad (Management) is all that he had said to be! Sometimes that is very rare in this industry! There are a lot of flakes. Brad has made everything run so very smooth. Wrote a couple of songs with Bostons Bass Player and we are hoping to do a project of some kind in the future when our individual lives and music calms down. Kim is a great singer, and songwriter. I am currently in a lot of rehearsals and focusing on the original band, so in time we will focus more on the project at a later date.

Here you can read a little more on things:
[04/11/07 update]
Slavior Making Video: Accodring to Wayne Findlay, a new video called "The Making of SLAVIOR" documentary added to his videos page. It features Mark Zonder's commentary of how SLAVIOR came together and also includes never before seen footage of live performances, in the studio writing and recording, photo shoot, future plans and more!! Thanks, Wayne!!

[03/31/07 update]
Pete Way New Interview: A very extentive and frank interview with Pete can be found at Thanks, Batttttty!!!

[03/21/07 update]
Slavior on Dingwall Music: According to Wayne Findlay, the SLAVIOR album will be released on Dingwall Music in Japan. They just released Damage Control by Pete Way too. Thanks, Wayne!!! (cf. 03/18/07 update)

[03/18/07 update]
Slavior Album Worldwide Release Dates & Promo Video: Wayne Findlay has announced the worldwide release dates of the Slavior new album on his official website. Also, Slavior's Promotional Video of "Dove" can be seen on youtube.

The SLAVIOR CD Worldwide Release Dates are:
March 24th - Europe
April 3rd - Northern and Central Americas
April 24th - Japan/Asia
T.B.A. - Brazil/South America

[03/08/07 update]
Slavior Album Review: Wayne Findlay added links to webpages of new Slavior CD reviews on his official website.

[03/07/07 update]
Song of Barbara & Michael Schenker: Barbara Schenker has kindly informed me that she posted on her 'myspace' a music clip played by her and Michael. It is titled "LOVER NO 1". This is not a new song, but I have never heard it before. Beautiful song! Thanks, Barbara!!!!

[03/05/07 update]
Rev Jones Audio Interview: According to Rev Jones, a new audio interview with REV has been posted on HARDRADIO.COM which was conducted at the NAMM by Bob Nalbandian. Rev tells the story of what happened on the MSG Asian tour, he also discusses BLACK SYMPHONY, KOTTAK, CHINA BLUE, and FUEL. The interview is available on HARDRADIO.COM or the podcast is available on ITUNES keyword "hardradio". In other news, REV is talking with a company in Asia about doing an instructional DVD. Thanks, Rev!!

[01/20/07 update]
Rev at NAMM and His Message: Rev Jones' official website has been updated with the pictures from the NAMM show and the recording with Steelheart, etc. Although he and Pete Holmes will not be playing with MSG in JAPAN, I believe they keep on rocking with the great music for us. Thanks, Rev!!

[02/16/07 update]
Barbara Schenker New Song: Barbara Schenker has a new song up on her myspace (schenkerssister). She plays keyboards and guitar on it and it's called "Just Me". Thank you, Barbara and Roger!!!

[02/13/07 update]
UFO Continuing Tour with Simon Wright: According to UFO official website, ANDY PARKER broke his ankle by slipping on a wet floor and he won't be ready to play the UFO tour in March. They have decided to go ahead with the tour and play the March dates with a replacement drummer, Simon Wright (Dio, ex AC/DC).

[02/06/07 update]
Slavior CD Release Date: According to Wayne Findlay's official website, the release date of the the debut SLAVIOR CD will be April 3rd, 2007 on InsideOut Music!!! Some CD reviews can also found on his website. Thanks, Wayne!!!

[02/05/07 update]
Alcatrazz/Graham Bonnet Live in Japan: According to Graham Bonnetofficial website, Alcatrazz featuring Graham Bonnet will tour Japan with Joe Lynn Turner!

ALCATRAZZ featuring Graham Bonnet versus Joe Lynn Turner with Akira Kajiyama
May 30 (Wed): O-EAST, Tokyo
May 31 (Thu): O-EAST, Tokyo
June 1 (Fri): Club Quatro, Osaka

Tickets will be on sale from March 3 (Sat)

Graham Bonnet (Vo)
Howie Simon (G)
Glen Sobel (Dr)
Tim Luce (B)

[02/03/07 update]
UFO Related Interviews: An interview with Andy Parker by Adam Harrold can be found on Thanks, Batttttty!!

Also, Batttttty has just interviewed Andre Bargmann for 'A Day In The Life of a UFO Stage Technician' for a behind-the-scenes look at the work the stage-crew do. Andre has worked on recent UFO tours as drum-tech for Andy and Jason and keyboard/guitars tech for Paul. The link is Great job as always, Batttttty!!

[01/19/07 update]
SLAVIOR Live!!! Record Release Party w/ Inside Out Music: Slavior to play 2 showcases in LA end of January:
One of our new signings, Slavior, featuring Mark Zonder (ex-Fates Warning/Warlord) on drums, Wayne Findlay (Michael Schenker Group) and ex-Tribe of Gypsies singer, Gregg Analla, will be playing two showcases in Los Angeles in preparation for the release of their debut, self-titled CD coming in April on Inside Out Music. Both shows will take place on the last weekend in January. They will be joined by Kevin Freeby(Planet X) on bass, and Michael T. Ross(Angel/Hardline) on keyboardz.

Friday, January 26 @ 8:00pm PCT
Bill's Place Studios
12028 Vose Street
N. Hollywood, CA 91605
(818) 982-0180
FREE SHOW!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 27
6101 Reseda Blvd.
Tarzana, CA 91335
$10 admission / $8 w/ flyer
So come check it out!
Thanks, Wayne!!
[01/16/07 update No.2]
Rev Update: Rev Jones' official website has been updated with the information as to how Kottak show went and his planned appearance at NAMM show. Thanks, Rev!!

[01/16/07 update]
Wayne Update: Wayne Findlay's official website has been updated with the announcement of album release date, tourdates and new members of Slavior. Congratulations, Wayne!!

[01/15/07 update]
UFO European Tour: UFO's European tourdates have been announced on its official website. Thanks, Batttttty!!

[01/14/07 update]
Happy Birthday Rev!!: Another KOTTAK show has been added tonight on January 14th, and today is also Rev Jones' birthday. Check out his website.

[01/12/07 update]
Rev Jones Updates: Rev Jones' official website has been updated with the new interview posted as well as the info on signing session at NAMM. Thanks, Rev!!

[01/10/07 update]
Happy Birthday Wayne!!: Wayne Findlay's official website has been updated with the news and tourdates of Slavior.

[01/06/07 update]
Pete Holmes with Malice: According to the official website of Malice, MALICE have been resurrected by the three original guitar slingers (Mick Zane, Jay Reynolds and Mark Behn) with Pete Holmes (Black N' Blue, Michael Schenker) on drums and newfound vocal sensation Brian Allen fronting the band. Immediate plans include European festivals in summer 2007 and a new record on an as-yet-undetermined label.

[01/03/07 update]
Rev Jones More Dates: Rev Jones' official website has been updated with a couple of more KOTTAK shows. Thanks, Rev!!!

[12/26/06 update No.2]
Kristen Official Website: Kristen Capolino's official website is now up and running at and her CD is finally printed. Kristen did her first show in NYC last month and got such rave reviews that it generated meetings with Universal-Motown, Universal-Republic and a meeting with L.A. Reid of Island/DefJam! Sorry, Keith and Kristen. I am very late. (cf. 07/10/05 update et al)

[12/26/06 update]
Rev Jones Updates: Rev Jones' official website has been updated with the new tourdates of KOTTAK, BLACK SYMPHONY and NAMM show. He also appeared on stage in Germany on Chrismas night. Thanks, Rev!!!

[12/19/06 update]
Tristan's Webpages: Tristan now has a web page dedicated to 'The Monkey Puzzle Tour' of UFO with a link to the 'Spike and Friends' (Quireboys) tour page as they were UK support to UFO. Fantastic they were. Paul Guerin the guitarist, as we know worked with Michael Schenker during the 'Thank You' era. Tristan said, "Vinnie Moore was superb and has lifted UFO back to the top. Amazing person, no ego, just fantastic. It was such a pleasure to meet him." Thanks, Tristan!!!

[12/06/06 update]
Rev on Dean Guitars: Rev Jones is now featured on Dean Guitars' website. Thanks, Rev!!

[12/05/06 update]
Amy Signed Management Contract: Here's a message from Amy Schugar.

I signed recently with Brad Stewart at Dynamic Artists Management. Brad is also the manager for the band Ten Years After, AdrianLegg, peppino D'Agostino and Stef Burns (from Hewy Lewis and the News). He also contacted Nick from Black Label Society and Nick agreed to help me on new album, when the time comes for me to create it-

I/we have decided to reform the band for here in the San Francisco Bay Area where I am living now. The website has been reformatted with new tab buttons and new manager information and has a cleaner fresh appearance with some new design to it. I have been now mostly working on writing songs. Songs are very very important I am finding in this highly growing competitive market, and this is the direction my manager and I are focusing very much on currently.

I also am in talks with some Play Station games to use my music and hope to know more in the next few weeks for a game coming out in March. The paper work is now being run through their legal department at the time. It is a very long process to have music accepted for that type of industry, and very difficult to get involved with.
[11/29/06 update No.3]
UFO Pics And Review: Dave in England went to the UFO show in Manchester and was kind enough to write a review and send some pics to Steve's website. Thanks, Dave and Steve!!

[11/29/06 update No.2]
Faster Inferno Disbanded: According to Faster Inferno official website, the band featuring Tyson Schenker Faster Inferno has called it a day. The group's official statement on the matter reads as follows:

"Sadly, it reaches a point when everything comes to an end. Faster Inferno has reached this point. We have finished as a band, with every member deciding to take their seperate ways.

"We would like to thank everyone who has been involved with us for the past few years; we have enjoyed every second of it. Again, we would like to thank everyone who has supported us!"

[11/29/06 update]
SLAVIOR To Play Live Shows: According to, SLAVIOR featuring Wayne Findlay is currently setting up live shows for the end of January 2007. Exact cities and dates will be announced soon.

[10/30/06 update]
Rev Jones Update: Rev Jones' official website has been updated with the news about the deal with a strap company and some videos posted on his myspace page, including a promo MSG video of Shadow Lady from Tales of Rock'n'Roll album. Thanks, Rev!!

[10/26/06 update No.2]
Graham Boneet Intervew: The latest issue (November-December) of the U.K. rock magazine "Fireworks" has an interview to Graham Bonnet. It's a nice reading. Thanks for the info, Batttttty!!

[10/26/06 update]
Statetrooper live on youTube: Jeff Summers has kindly informed me that the footage of Statetrooper pying live at the UK Rock And Blues 2006 festival earlier this summer can be viewed on youtube. Gary is in great form. Thanks, Jeff!!

[10/20/06 update No.2]
Graham Bonnet/Alcratrazz: Graham Bonnet's official website has been updated with the news about Graham's show with Taz Taylor and a new Alcatazz project plan!!

[10/20/06 update]
ROBIN MCAULEY/SURVIVOR/PAUL CHAPMAN - LOCKS OF LOVE CHARITY BENEFIT: Robin McAuley/Survivor, Paul Chapman, Randy Jackson and others will be doing a "Locks Of Love" charity benefit event in the Chicago suburb of Mokena, IL. Check out Survivor website. The event is on Saturday, November 4, 2006 at the Pearl Room in Mokena, Illinois. There are also some updated tours Dates for Survivor with Robin on the site. Thanks, Lou!!

[10/07/06 update]
Slavior/Wayne News: According to Wayne Findaly, SLAVIOR signs worldwide deal with Inside Out Music. It's good news!! Thanks, Wayne!!

[10/06/06 update]
Tristan's Site: The 'Misty Green and Blue' website has now been fully updated with Information, Photos and Memoribilia, including UFO's two latest releases, 'Showtime' and 'The Monkey Puzzle'. There are some archive stage shots of UFO in 1977 on the LATEST News page, which Schenker fans may find interesting under the August news. Thanks, Tristan!!

[10/04/06 update]
Rev Jones Updates: Rev Jones has updated his official website with the information about upcoming Asia and U.K. tour with MSG, and the new KOTTAK (formerly Krunk) album "Therupy". Thanks, Rev!!

[09/26/06 update]
Monkey Puzzle Released: The UFO album Monkey Puzzle is now released on SPV. The album features Phil Mogg, Pete Way, Paul Raymond, Vinnie Moore and Andy Parker and the tracklisting is as follows -

Hard Being Me
Heavenly Body
Some Other Guy
Who's Fooling Who?
Black And Blue
Drink Too Much
World Cruise
Down By The River
Good Bye You
Rolling Man
Kingston Town

- see for details. Thank you, Batttttty!! (cf. 08/12/06 update)

[09/06/06 update]
Andy Parker Interview: A great interview to Andy Parker by our Batttttty can be found on Thank you, Batttttty!!

[09/04/06 update]
Taz Taylor Band CD: Dirk Clause from Taz Taylor Band has kindly inforemd me that their new CD titled "Welcome to America" is now available worldwide from Escape Music - and has Graham Bonnet singing vocals on 8 tracks. For more information, you can visit and Thank you, Dirk!! (cf. 03/21/06 update et al)

[08/12/06 update No.3]
Rev Jones News: A news item and a picture of Rev Jones and Uriah Duffy (Whitesnake) can be found on the website of Eden, Rev's amp company. Thank you, Rev!!

[08/12/06 update No.2]
Statetrooper Updates: Jeff Summers has kindly informed that Statetrooper and UFO were on the same bill at a British rock festival (Rock And Blues Custom Show) recently and that there are some pictures of both bands at there site: There are some great shots! Thanks, Jeff!!

[08/12/06 update]
UFO New Album & Tourdates: You can find the information on UFO's new album titled THE MONKEY PUZZLE, new tour dates and photos from recent shows on UFO official website. Thank you, Batttttty and Phillip!!!

[07/22/06 update]
Amy on Guitar Player: According to Amy Schugar, she is featured in September 2006 issue of Guitar Player magazine. Check out her website, too.

[07/15/06 update]
Robin McAuley Joins Survivor: According to Robin McAuley's official website, Robin has replaced Jim Jamison as the new lead vocalist for Survivor.

[07/07/06 update]
Slavior - Wayne's Band: According to Wayne Findlay, they have decided to change the name of the band from TEMPLEWITHIN to SLAVIOR. Also, they are now in the process of securing a new label deal.

[07/05/06 update No.2]
Rev Jones Information: Rev has kindly sent me the following information. Thanks, Rev!!!

upcoming show
Rev is doing a reunion show with his former band FORTE in Oklahoma on JULY 15. It is a benefit show for a real great friend who has been diagnosed with cancer. They are playing a set featuring songs from the first FORTE album "Stranger than Fiction" and it is the original line up (1989-1993). They are also going to film it for a possible later release. Here is the info.

video clip
"I just ran across this video online, it is me singing and playing with a San Antonio all star band at a party I attended that was thrown by my guitar strap company. We are playing "victim of changes" by Judas Priest, it is only part of the song but it is kind of cool..." He is a good singer!

His story from the latest MSG tour has been posted here.

[07/05/06 update]
Press release from UFO: UFO will release their brand new studio album The Monkey Puzzle via SPV on September 25.

London, Paris, Tokyo, New York there are few international metropolises where the British rock legends, UFO, haven't filled major venues. There can be no doubt that this band enjoy performing their music, combining the present with their legendary past night after night and proving that they are likely to add a few more chapters to the chronicles of rock history. The most recent stage of their long-standing career has been the release of their Showtime DVD and double live CD, recorded during their shows in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland last year. The original members, Phil Mogg (vocals), Pete Way (bass), Paul Raymond (guitar, keyboards) and recently returned drummer Andy Parker, are scheduled to start their extensive world tour in October 2006. Parker was part of the UFO line-up that performed the group's debut show in the late Sixties and has returned to replace Jason Bonham, who left to join Foreigner. Also on board is their accomplished guitarist Vinnie Moore, who has been part of the permanent line-up since the studio album, You Are Here (2004).

UFO's world tour is due to start mid October 2006 and will be the first since spring 2004, when the group travelled Europe and went on to make a brief detour to the States. New songs from their latest studio album The Monkey Puzzle, due to be recorded in March and April at Tommy Newton's Area 51 Studios, will also be part of the set list this autumn. Newton already produced You Are Here and also recorded the concerts for Showtime. The press praised both releases enthusiastically, were impressed by the fresh and dynamic compositions on You Are Here and stressed the musicians' enthusiastic performance that is omnipresent on Showtime. Since the beginning of the Seventies, UFO have been among the most important international rock acts. Successful albums such as Phenomenon (1974), Force It (1975) and No Heavy Pettin' (1976) featuring the hits Doctor, Doctor, Rock Bottom or Lights Out brought their worldwide breakthrough. Their 1979 live album, Strangers In The Night, was one of the best live recordings of all time. Their 2004 studio album, You Are Here, was voted among the ten best albums of all time by the British Classic Rock magazine, and Showtime was praised as a worthy successor to Strangers In The Night.

UFO live:
22.07. D - Burg Herzberg Festival
26.07. UK-Falmouth - Princess Pavillions
27.07. UK-Frome - Cheese & Grain
28.07. UK - Derbyshire - Rock & Blues Festival
29.07. D - Seebronn - Rock Of Ages Festival
30.07. B-Nidrum - Roots Rock Festival
05.08. South Korea-Busan - Culture Tourism Rock Festival
06.08. South Korea-Seoul - Club Catch-Light
Extensive tour throughout Europe beginning mid October 2006 - end beginning of December 2006, confirmed dates will be announced shortly. USA / Canada-Tour will start beginning of 2007.

[06/20/06 update]
Tyson Schenker Tour Dates: Tour dates of Faster Inferno featuring Tyson Schenker can be found on their website. They are also playing the Wacken Festival on Thursday the 3rd of August with MSG & Scorpions! Thanks, Tyson!!

[05/22/06 update]
Uli Jon Roth Concord Show Photos: Photos and video clip from Uli Jon Roth's show in Corcord, CA, USA on May 19th can be found on Thanks, Axe!!

[05/20/06 update]
UFO News and Tourdates: According to UFO's official website, recording of the new album is now finished as of May 19th, and UFO are confirmed to play at the Busan Culture Festival in South Korea on August 5th. Thanks, Batttttty!!

[05/14/06 update]
Schenker Syster's My Space: Barbara Schenker (aka Tallulha) has kindly informed me that she has got her 'myspace' at You can listen to her song to support English foodball team in addition to her rock jingle (cf. 12/10/05 update). Thanks, Barbara!!

[05/07/06 update]
Rev Jones Interview: New interview with REV JONES posted at He is the featured artist on the EDEN bass amp website. Thanks, Rev!!

[05/06/06 update]
Chapman/McAuley Soundclips: Paul Chapman has uploaded demo samples of 3 song ('No Place to Run', 'Wild, Willing & Innocent' and 'The Writer') from his new project at his official web site featuring Robin McAuley on vocals.

[05/04/06 update]
Taz Taylor Looking For A Drummer: The San-Diego based TAZ TAYLOR BAND whose album WELCOME TO AMERICA features the legendary GRAHAM BONNET on vocals (cf. 03/21/06 entry), are currently auditioning for a new drummer. Details and an address to write to for an audition are on the Band page at

THE TAZ TAYLOR BAND are looking for a drummer with a proven track record of experience, reliabilty and commitment - someone who is confident of being able to work with a signed band who have prospects for working in the USA and Europe during 2006/2007 and beyond.

WELCOME TO AMERICA is due for release on ESCAPE MUSIC later this year.

[04/26/06 update No.2]
Graham Bonnet & Kelly Keeling Guest Appearance: According to Moonstone Project website, their CD has just been released on April 24th with Graham Bonnet and Kelly Keeling featured as guest singers.

Moonstone Project is the ambitious musical creature of italian guitarist Matt Filippini. As a bonus the cd will feature guest appearances of a bunch of true Rock Legends: Ian Paice (Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Gary Moore, Paul Mc Cartney....) , Eric Bloom (Blue Oyster Cult), Steve Walsh (Kansas), Glenn Hughes (Trapeze, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, HTP..), Graham Bonnet (Rainbow, Impellitteri, Alcatrazz, Michael Shenker Group), Kelly Keeling (Michael Shenker Group, John Norum, Dokken, Stuarth Smith, Erik Norlander, George Lynch, Carmine Appice & many others), James Christian (House Of Lords) and Tony Franklin (Firm, Whitesnake, Blue Murder & a million others!), Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge, Blue Murder, King Cobra, Rod Stewart....everyone!), Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt, Quiet Riot, The Cutt).

[04/26/06 update]
Info From Rev Jones: Rev Jones' website has been updated with MSG's Japan dates and addition of photos taken at MSG's show in Frankfurt. Thanks, Rev!!

[04/10/06 update]
Review of Gary Barden New CD: Denis, who is a reviewer in the French website Crossrocks and runs an unofficial UFO website, has posted his review of Gary Barden's new solo album titled "The Agony and Xtasy". He also posted a translation of his review in UFO forum. Thanks, Denis!! (cf. 04/07/06 update No.2 of Michael Schenker News and Tour Information)

[04/01/06 update No.2]
Tristan's UFO Website Address Changed: Tristan's Misty Green and Blue website is now on the following address. Thanks, Tristan!!

And he has uploaded a Flash Video file at the following location just to remind everyone that UFO are very much alive:

[04/01/06 update]
Denis' UFO A to Z Website: Denis from France has informed me of his website dedicated to UFO family (in English-Frensh), that is, according to him, the continuity of UFO A to Z ( which is now closed. This site includes a forum. Thanks, Denis!!

[03/23/06 update]
Rev Jones Update: New BLACK SYMPHONY songs from their upcoming double album can now be downloaded. Check out Rev Jones' official website. Thanks, Rev!!

[03/21/06 update No.4]
UFO Update: For UFO's European tour dates and other updates, please check out their official website. Thanks, Batttttty!!

[03/21/06 update No.3]
Damage Control: Lineup of Pete Way's Project "Damage Control" is now fixed. Check out their official website. Thanks, Batttttty!!

[03/21/06 update No.2]
Rev with Krunk: According to Rev Jones, his band Krunk will appear at WACKEN OPEN AIR 08/04/06 which means Rev will perform twice (with MSG and Krunk) on that festival. Thanks, Rev!!

[03/21/06 update]
Taz Taylor with Graham Bonnet: The Taz Taylor Band are pleased to announce their signing with Escape Music. The album Welcome To America will be released in Europe this summer. This will be the debut album from the band featuring Graham Bonnet on vocals. This album will feature Graham Bonnet on eight songs, with two instrumentals rounding things out. Originally, Graham was set to appear as a guest on just four songs (cf. 11/04/05 update), with another guest singing on four more. However, the chemistry in the songwriting and the combination of Graham's voice and Taz' guitar was undeniable. Thanks, Taz!!

[03/04/06 update]
Tyson Schenker Interview: 10 Questions with Tyson Schenker, a Rising Stars interview for Get Ready To Rock can be found on SITN site. Thanks, Batttttty!!

[02/22/06 update]
Release Date of Gary Barden New Solo CD with Schenker: According to Melodic Rock, Escape Music announces that the following title will hit the stores in Europe on April 14:

Gary John Barden - The Agony And Xtasy: The new, second solo album by ex-MSG/Silver singer Gary Barden will once again deliver 10 fine Hard Rock tunes to you. The band this time consists of drummer Bertram Engel (Jimmy Barnes, Bruce Springsteen) and bassist/guitarist Michael Voss (Casanova, Silver) with Michael Schenker (g., MSG), Tommy Denander (g., Radioactive), Steve Morris (g., Heartland, Shadowman), Axel Kurse (dr., Jaded Heart) and Martin Huch (g., Carl Carlton, Oni Logan) additionally guesting on various tracks. (See also 10/27/05 entry of Michael Schenker news page)

Thanks, Magnus!!

[02/21/06 update]
Statetrooper with UFO: Jeff Summers has kindly informed me that Statetrooper will be playing with UFO at the Rock n Blues festival this year. UFO are playing this, too. Statetrooper's gig page.

Statetrooper's "Live in Sweden" CD is coming along nicely and you'll be pleased to know that there is an exciting version of "Cry for the nations" on there!! Should be great. Thanks, Jeff!!

[02/11/06 update]
Tyson's Band: Tyson Schenker has informed me that they have changed their band name to Faster Inferno and they got some new songs up on their website. They sound really cool! Thanks, Tyson!!

They are also supporting MSG in the UK!!

[02/07/06 update]
HMK News: The HEAVY METAL KIDS have released a compilation dvd of performances dating from 1974 to the present day. "DELIRIOUS - CLASSIC KIDS CAPERS" features the late Auf Wiedersehen Pet actor and HMK vocalist GARY HOLTON on 12 of the original tracks including She's No Angel, Delirious and Run Around Eyes, and also contains rare footage and photos of the HEAVY METAL KIDS in the early days of the band. Included as well is brand new footage of the return of the HEAVY METAL KIDS, after their 26 year tea-break, in their first gig with the revised line-up of Danny Peyronel (now on vocals), Keith Boyce (drums), Ronnie Thomas (bass) - all three from the classic HEAVY METAL KIDS line-up - joined by Marco Guarnerio and Marco Barusso adding a rocking twin guitar attack to the mix. Filmed at London's Camden Underworld in June 2003, this section features tracks from their highly acclaimed comeback album HIT THE RIGHT BUTTON. This, and the bonus section of interviews and footage of Gary, Keith and Danny, add up to 100 minutes of Delirious Classic Kids Capers!

Find out more at Thanks, Batttttty!!

[01/29/06 update No.2]
Rev Jones Update: News update of Rev Jones including his performance at the NAMM show and Krunk tourdate can be found Rev Jones official website. Thanks, Rev!!

[01/29/06 update]
Paul Chapman Charity Info: Details of the appearance by Paul Chapman at the 'Rock For Stacy' event can be found on SITN site. Thanks, Batttttty!!

[01/14/06 update]
Happy Birthday: Today is Rev Jones' birthday. Also a few new pictures from the krunk shows are being added this week on his website.

[01/13/06 update No.2]
Templewithin Update: Wayne Findlay's band TEMPLEWITHIN has signed a multiple deal with Black Lotus Records ( They are almost finished with the album and should be released this May 2006 worldwide. The new TEMPLEWITHIN album is called SLAVIOR, and the track listing is posted on his news page. TEMPLEWITHIN will begin touring this summer as soon as the album is released. Thanks, Wayne!!

[01/13/06 update]
UFO Plays at the German Rock Fesitval: Check out the TOURDATES page for details of a newly-announced UFO show in Germany. Thanks, Batttttty!!

[01/10/06 update]
Happy Birthday!!: I wish Michael Schenker, Aynsley Dunbar and Wayne Findlay a happy birthday.

[01/09/06 update]
Graham Bonnet Interview: Keith Langerman, Staff Writer of Rock N Roll Universe has kindly informed me that they have a new interview that he conducted with Graham Bonnet up online, in which he discusses his participation on the upcoming MSG 'Tales Of Rock And Roll' anniversary album, as well as his days with MSG, the gig in Sheffield as well as his days with Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, Alcatrazz and Impellitteri. Thank you, Keith, for the nice interview!!!

[01/08/06 update]
UFO Latest News: UFO's latest news including Andy's comeback, new album recording etc. can be found on the official UFO website.

[01/04/06 update No.2]
CHRIS SLADE joins DAMAGE CONTROL: PETE WAY and ROBIN GEORGE are proud to announce CHRIS SLADE as the new drummer for DAMAGE CONTROL. Chris (ex-AC/DC, Asia, Uriah Heep etc) will be joining Pete and Robin in the studio to work on DAMAGE CONTROL's debut album - RAW. Keep up to date with progress at the official DAMAGE CONTROL website.

[01/04/06 update]
Our Legendary Batttttty: Get Ready To Rock's interview to our Batttttty is now up on their website (about half way down the page).

[12/20/05 update]
Krunk Photos: Rev Jones posted on his website news with a link to some live pictures of KRUNK taken at the show. Thanks, Rev!!

[12/16/05 update]
Danny Peyronel New Album: Danny Peyronel (UFO's original keyboard player) has just released his solo cd - MAKE THE MONKEY DANCE through Target Records in Germany. More details can be found at his website. Thanks, Batttttty!!

[12/10/05 update]
Schenker Sister Update: Barbara Schenker just registered her Domain name for the proper Website in future!

She is constantly on a London radio station called LBC97.3FM (link is on her website). Her undercover name is 'Tallulah from Electric Parade'. The station started to play her Rock jingle written and played by herself (MP3 file can be downloaded from here). Thanks, Barbara!!

[12/02/05 update]
Damage Control: Check out Pete Way's new project DAMAGE CONTROL at which has news, soundclips, interviews, photos and a regular progress report on how the album is coming together. Thanks, Batttttty!!

[11/24/05 update]
Rev Jones Update: Rev Jones's news page and tour page has been updated with some confirmed tourdates of Michael Schenker and Krunk as well as the sound clips of Krunk. Thanks, Rev!!

[11/04/05 update]
Graham Bonnet News: Graham Bonnet will be singing on four tracks of the new album by The Taz Taylor Band, the follow-up to the highly acclaimed Caffeine Racer. Graham has already completed vocals on two songs. These are originals, co-written with Taz. He is going to be completing work on one more original song plus adding vocals to a unique cover version of a classic song. There will also be a guest appearance from another vocalist to be announced soon. More details at and Blabbermouth Net.

[11/01/05 update No.2]
Showtime Trailer: A trailer of the new UFO double-dvd set SHOWTIME can be watched at Thanks, Batttttty!!

[11/01/05 update]
Graham Bonnet Update: Glyn has kindly informed me of the information about Graham Bonnet. Graham performed in London on October 25th (his set included Dancer and Desert Song, the latter being particularly impressive live) and Glyn got the chance to meet with him afterwards. Graham confirmed that he has finished recording his track for Tales of Rock and Roll. He co-wrote the track with Michael and is very happy with the way the song has turned out. He indicated that Michael is happy with the way Tales of R&R is progressing and mentioned that Michael has called him up on a couple of occasions recently to tell him how pleased he is with Graham's contribution. Thanks, Glyn!!!

[10/16/05 update]
Statetrooper on Legends of Rock: Planet Rock will be broadcasting a "Legends of Rock" feature on Statetrooper on Monday October 17th between 9-10pm (UK Time), during Colin Slade's show. The interview was with Gary Barden and Jeff Summers, and talks about the story of Statetrooper and some of Garyfs history with Michael Schenker.

Planet Rock can be heard in the following ways: On DAB Radio, on Sky Channel 861, ntl channel 880, telewest channel 924, or across the world on

[10/15/05 update]
Interview with Andy Parker: There is a brief interview with Andy Parker at the SITN website. Thanks for your hard work, Batttttty!!! (cf. 09/28/05 update)

[10/11/05 update]
Interview with Neil Carter: Neil Carter has taken part in an interview with SITN, and talks about the time he spent with UFO, Gary Moore, Wild Horses etc., and about what he's been up to recently. Thanks Batttttty!!!

[10/04/05 update]
Statetrooper Update: The Statetrooper UK tour kicks off on Friday 7th, and the band are pleased to announce that they will be joined by some of their friends at some of the shows. On Friday 7th, at the London Garage, Damian Wilson will perform an acoustic session. Damian has had a illustrious career so far, having fronted Threshold and Landmarq, as well as playing the Jean Valjean role in Les Miserables, and fronting Rick Wakeman's English Rock Ensemble. (

And on the last night of the tour, at the Queens Hall in Nuneaton on the 16th October, the band will be joined by UK rockers Shy. This will be one of their only UK shows, and will showcase some of the tracks from their recent album 'Sunset & Vine'.

Deadline will be opening for Statetrooper on all the shows.

In related news, members of Statetrooper will be appearing on Midnight Dynamite on totalrock radio (, on Tuesday night from midnight (UK time)

For more information, please contact Rupert at Vigilante Music on

[10/02/05 update]
Showtime: According to UFO official website, Steamhammer/SPV will issue UFO's live album SHOWTIME on 2 DVD and 2 CD sets on November 8th in the USA, November 11th in Germany, and November 14th in Europe. Thanks, Batttttty!!!

[09/28/05 update]
ANDY PARKER Back with UFO: According to UFO official website, Andy Parker is back with UFO!!! He will be playing drums in Granada in Spain, at the PIORNO ROCK FESTIVAL. Thanks, Batttttty!!!

[09/24/05 update]
Amy Schugar New Sound Clip: Two new MP3 sound clips of Amy Schugar have been added to her website. Thanks, Amy!!!

[09/23/05 update]
TEMPLEWITHIN New Sound Clip: New mp3 sound clip of "Another Planet, Another Sun" of Templewithin, Wayne Findaly's new project, has been added to their website! (cf. 08/25/05 update)

[09/22/05 update]
Robin McAuley Shows: Robin McAuley will be performing at the Penny Road Pub in the Chicago suburb of Barrington, IL for 2 nights on 09/23 with his group Bleed and on 09/24 playing MSG materials. Thanks, Lou!!

[09/15/05 update No.2]
UFO Merchandise: UFO merchandise including T-shirts, workshirts and baseball at caps are now available the UFO official website.

[09/13/05 update No.2]
Graham Bonnet UK Tour: Graham Bonnet's upcoing U.K. tourdates have been announced on his official website.

October 21th Queens Hall, Nuneaton
October 22th Rock Cafe 2000, Stourbridge
October 23rd Rock Cafe 2000, Stourbridge
October 25th The Underworld, London
October 26th Princess Pavilion, Falmouth
October 27th The Half Moon, Paignton
October 29th Baths Hall, Scunthorpe
October 30th LA Rock Cafe, Cannock
October 31st The Limelight, Crewe
November 2nd Trillionsm Newcastle

[09/13/05 update]
Statetrooper UK Tour: According to Statetrooper newsletter, Gary Barden returns to the live stage with his band, STATETROOPER in October 2005. The band, which also features Jeff Summers (Weapon), Bruce Bisland (Sweet), Gavin Cooper (Killers) and Martin Mikkels, will be performing four shows in the UK, supported by British melodic rock band, Deadline. The tour is in support of their new single "Don't Say Goodbye" which is taken from their critically acclaimed album "The Calling". The single is released on October 31st.

The dates are:
October 7th London Garage
October 9th Stourbridge Rock Caf
October 15th Bradford Rios
October 16th Nuneaton Queens Hall

Statetrooper recently issued their album as an official download (as well as being released in the stores worldwide) and managed to spend a few weeks in the Weed Top 10 download charts (cf. 07/09/05 update).

The band are planning a world tour for 2006, encompassing Europe, USA and Asia, and will be recording their new studio album. They have also recorded their recent appearance at the Sweden Rock Festival, which will see the band releasing a DVD and a live album.

[09/11/05 update]
Rare Pics of Amy, Michael and Ozzy: Amy Schugar posted rare photos of herself, Michael Schenker and Ozzy Osbourne on Hot For Teacher messageboard. They were taken while Amy and Michael were working together. See also her messages on her journal page. I sincerely wish you luck, Amy.

[09/07/05 update]
Rev Jones Updates: Rev Jones' official website has been updates with the information about the BLACK SYMPHONY show, the new FROST album, etc. He also kindly let me know of his other project called Krunk. Thank you, Rev!!!

KRUNK was formed in 1996, but Rev only got involved this year. They have a new album called "therupy" coming out on S.N.U.G. RECORDS later this year. KRUNK has been referred to as "the band that won't go away". Musically KRUNK sounds like CHEAP TRICK meets GREENDAY on a bad bad day. For more info check out


I also thank Bill for the information about Krunk.

[08/25/05 update]
Wayne's New Project (cont'): Wayne Findlay's new band called TEMPLEWITHIN has released another somple MP3 file on their website. Thanks, Wayne!!! Also, Peter has made a review page of Templewithin. Thanks, Peter!!

[08/13/05 update No.2]
Rev Jones Update: BLACK SYMPHONY's new lineup for the upcoming co-headlining show with GREAT WHITE has been announced on Rev Jones' news page, which is REV JONES (bass\warrguitar), RICK PLESTER (guitar), PETE HOLMES (drums), ROBERT VASICEK (keyboards), and ANDREW FREEMAN (vocals). Thanks, Rev!!!

[08/13/05 update]
Graham Bonnet Updates: Graham Bonnet's official website has been updated with the news about Elektric Zoo, Moonstone, Iain Ashley Hersey and coming UK tour! Thanks, Graham!!!

[08/04/05 update]
Rev Jones Updates: According to Rev Jones' news page, BLACK SYMPHONY date has been added to his tour page, which will be a co-headlining show with GREAT WHITE at Mr. Cues in Lancaster, CA on August 26th. Jeff Martin's solo album titled "THE FOOL" featuring Jeff Marting, Rev, Paul Gilbert, Russ Parrish, MICHAEL SCHENKER, and mixed by TOM FLETCHER will be released in EUROPE on MASCOT RECORDS. More info about this 11 song album should be up soon. Thanks, Rev!!!

[08/03/05 update]
Wayne's New Project: Wayne Findlay's new band called TEMPLEWITHIN has finished the demo...featuring Mark Zonder on drums, Gregg Analla on vocals and Wayne on guitar/keys/bass. Check out the MP3 on thier site. Thanks, Wayne!!!

[07/31/05 update]
Phil Mogg Vide Interview: A video interview to Phil Mogg and a UFO gig revview can be found on the Wild Axes website. Thanks, Batttttty!!!

[07/27/05 update]
More UFO Gig Reviews: Axe has posted on his site a reivew of the UFO San Francisco gig. Thanks, Axe!!!

More UFO show reviews can be found on the SITN site. Thanks, Batttttty!!!

[07/26/05 update No.2]
Rev Jones Updates: Rev Jones' news page has been updated with the news about reformed BLACK SYMPHONY, Jeff Martin solo album "THE FOOL" featuring REV, and his new project with JOEY ALLEN from WARRANT. Thanks, Rev!!!

[07/26/05 update]
UFO Shows: Axe has posted on his site the photos he took at the UFO San Francisco gig. Thanks, Axe!!!

A review of the UFO Hampton Beach, NH show can be found here and an interview with Phill Mogg can be found here. Thanks, Batttttty and Yves!!!!

[07/10/05 update]
10 Questions with Kristen Capolino: Remember back in September last year, when MSG were playing in New York, and a fourteen year old girl jammed onstage with Michael during Rock Bottom? Here's a Rising Stars interview she's just taken part in, for Get Ready To Rock.

Thanks for the info, Batttttty!! (refer to Michael Scheneker News 11/08/2004 et all)

[07/09/05 update]
Statetrooper Launch Downloads: Statetrooper have announced the release of their latest album, "The Calling" on downloads via their web site. The band are using a new, legal P2P file sharing system called Weed to allow internet sales of the album. In essence the way the system works is that fans can download the track from the website ( and then are able to listen to the track three times before it deciding to buy. If the buyer sends their purchased file to someone else, who then buys the track, the person who originally sent it to them will receive a commission on the sale. And so on c every time someone sends a track to a friend, and the friend buys it, they receive commission! Weed is even giving new users to the system a start up voucher for $5! Fans can burn the album onto CD as well as give the whole album as a data CD rather than copy illegally. Gary Barden says "Its important to embrace new technology, and with this system, we get the chance to give something back to the fans that have supported us over the years". Thanks for the info, Jeff!!

[07/05/06 update No.2]
Amy Schugar Update: Amy Schugar was accepted to endorse Seymour Duncan guitar pickups on June 16th 2005. Seymour Duncan has many heavy hitters of artists up to and including Joy Basu, Slash of Velvet Revolver, Paul Stanley of Kiss, Dweezil Zappa, Jennifer Batten and many many others. Seymour Duncan also designs foot pedals such as the Tweak Fuzz and Equinox pedal. For more information, visit Amy's official website. Thank you, Amy!!!

[07/05/06 update]
Jeff Kollman Interview: A new interview to Jeff Kollman who is about to go on a U.S. tour as a bassist of UFO has been posted on the SITN website, Great job, Batttttty!!!

[05/23/06 update]
UFO Belgian Show Review: John has kindly sent me his review of the 05/20 UFO concert at De Biebob te Vosselaar, Belgium. Thanks again, John. (cf. 05/16/05 update)

[05/19/06 update]
Tyson Schenker Gig Dates: Tyson Schenker has informed me of gig dates of his band called Raiders of Rock n' Roll. Keep on Rocking, Tyson!

Friday, 20th May 2005 - The Hermit, Brentwood UK
Doors - 8.15pm
GBP5 door

Friday, 25th May 2005 - The Shed, Leicester UK
Doors - 8.15pm
GBP4 (GBP3 with flyer / NUS)

Thursday 26th May 2005 - The Academy, APU SU Bar, Cambridge UK
Doors - 8pm
GBP4 adv/NUS, GBP5 door

Tuesday 31st May 2005 - Junction 7, Nottingham UK
Doors - 8pm
GBP2 door

Friday, 17th June 2005 - The Marquee, Hertford UK
Doors - 8pm
GBP5 adv/ GBP6 Door

Friday 8th July 2005 - The Central, Dorset UK
More Details soon ...

His band's website is

[05/16/06 update]
UFO Holland Show Review: John has kindly sent me his review of the 05/14 UFO concert in De Bosuil Weert, Holland. Thank you, John.

[05/06/06 update No.2]
Rev Jones Updates: Rev Jones's official statement has been posted on his news page, which is as follows. Thank you, Rev.

"Do to continuous cancelled tour dates and bad management decisions REV JONES and PETE HOLMES have resigned from the MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP. This was not due to any personal problems with MICHAEL, it was purely a business decision....."

The new band featuring REV JONES, PETE HOLMES, and RICK PLESTER called BARNEY FIFER will be performing today in Lancaster California at MR. CUES with GILBY CLARKE.

REV is heading in the studio this weekend to finish the JEFF MARTIN solo album, while in the studio REV and JEFF will also be laying down tracks on a song for the new JACK FROST album, the song will feature REV on bass/warrguitar, JEFF MARTIN on vocals, and PATRICK JOHANSSON (Yngwie) on drums. Thanks, Rev!!

[05/06/05 update]
UFO Updates: UFO's new U.S. tourdates have been annouced. Check out their tour page.

According to, BW&BK Editor In Chief MARTIN POPOFF has a new book out (available as of today, May 3rd) called UFO: Shoot Out The Lights. "What this is, is the first book ever on British classic rock band UFO. The book is bloody nice looking (although no pictures), 257 pages long. LOADS of information spread ofer about 125,000 words." Thanks, David!

Jason Bonham wants to let all the UFO fans know that he will be drumming at all the shows planned for UFO this summer in America, and also all at the Foreigner shows. Where the dates are close together, he will be jetting from one city to another to ensure that he doesn't miss a beat! Thanks, Batttttty!

[04/19/05 update]
UFO DVD Rrecording Session: UFO would like to thank all the fans who wrote in with suggestions for the tracklisting for the dvd recording which is to take place in May.

As previously reported, along with concert footage due to be recorded at the Pumpwerk in Wilhelmshaven, Germany on May 13th, the dvd will also include songs from a studio session where the band will play tracks which in the past have rarely been performed on stage. The proposed tracklisting, chosen as the result of votes sent in by the fans, includes amongst others... Profession Of Violence, Cherry, Letting Go, The Wild The Willing and the Innocent and the outright winner - Try Me.

Tickets for the Pumpwerk in Wilhelmshaven, Germany on May 13th, which is the show that is being recorded for the live dvd footage, are available from Thanks, Batttttty!! (cf. 02/26/05 update)

[04/10/05 update]
Chris Logan Updates: Chris Logan's news page has been updated with his recent activities including Jake E Lee's new album for which Chris performed vocals. Thanks, Peter!!

[03/16/05 update No.2]
Rev Updates: Rev Jones has updated his website includeing some updates on news page, gear page, album page, and a bunch of new photos (photo pages 1, 3, 4). Some photos were taken while recording with JEFF (photo page 4). Thanks, Rev!!

[03/16/05 update]
UFO Tourdates: New European and American tourdates of UFO can be found on their official site.

[03/11/05 update]
Amy Schugar Endorsements: Amy Schugar got a D'Addario string endorsement last week, and yesterday she received a Floyd Rose endorsement! Good job Amy! Two very fine companies!

[03/09/05 update]
Amy Schugar Updates: Hard Rock Haven has a new article on Amy Schugar and other updates on many other artists. Also, there are some new pictures on Amy's Gallery page, with more to come soon! Thanks, Amy!!

[03/03/05 update No.2]
Rev Jones Update: Rev Jones has kindly let me know that he is heading in the studio to record with JEFF MARTIN on his new solo album. For more info, visit Rev Jones official website.

[03/03/05 update]
Gary Barden New Interview: The April issue of Japanese Burrn magazine has an interview to Gary Barden. Tha magazine will be in store on March 5. He mainly talks about the new album of Statetrooper but he also speaks about the disunion with Michael Schenker. Thank you for the info, tabata-san!!

[02/26/05 update]
Tickets now on sale for the UFO 2005 DVD recording: As previously reported, UFO will be recording their 2005 dvd on May 13th at The Pumpwerk in Germany. Advance tickets for this unique event which will feature a stage design created especially for the night and an extravagant light show are now available online at (cf. 02/10/05 update)

[02/23/05 update]
UFO Tourdates: New tourdates of UFO have been posted on their Official Site.

Tyson Schenker Update: Tyson Schenker's band - Raiders Of Rocknroll - supported the Quireboys the other night in Cambridge. Here are some photos.

Waysted Show: Photos of Waysted's recent show can be found on their website.

Thank you, Batttttty, for all the information!!

[02/10/05 update]
UFO WANT DVD SUGGESTIONS: UFO are to film their first ever DVD in Germany during May. Full details to be announced soon along with the next round of tourdates! They want the fans to come up with suggestions for which songs should be included, with the emphasis on songs which have never been played/recorded live before. Go visit UFO Official Site.

[02/08/05 update]
Rev at NAMM Show: Rev Jones has added some more pictures of the NAMM show on his site (1) (2). Also, there are some photos from the VAULT show posted by RICCI at Rev met her at the NAMM show. Thank you, Rev!!

[01/29/05 update No.2]
Message from Wayne: Wayne Findlay has kindly sent me a message. Thank you, Wayne!!!

Things are busy here...This year has already started off with a bang...I just finished recording of "Tales of Rock N' Roll", It should be the heaviest MSG album to date! I've added a couple of photos on my page.The NAMM show gig was awesome with Robin singing. He kicks ass. It was also great having Kelly on stage with us. He rocks! I'll be adding some new photos and a video clip hopefully from the Vault gig in a few days.. Meanwhile, I'm recording guitar/keys/bass in the studio for my solo project with Mark Zonder (Fates Warning/Warlord)...What an amazing drummer he is. He rips!! The music sounds incredible! I can't wait to release this... I think people will be plesantly surprised!!...

[01/29/05 update]
Graham Bonnet Update: According to Graham Bonnet official site, Graham will be performing gigs in Russia and Lithuania in late February and in Finland in May. The gigs will involve Graham's past works with RAINBOW, MSG and ALCATRAZZ, as well as his solo works. The dates are as follows:

Feb. 22 - Moscow, RUS - B2 Club
Feb. 25 - Kaliningrad, RUS - City Park
Feb. 27 - Vilnius, LIT - Forum Palace Galaxy
May 06 - Tampere, FIN - Tullikamarin Pakkahuone (Old Customs House)
May 07 - Lappeenranta, FIN - Sokos Hotel Lappee
May 09 - Helsinki, FIN - Tavastia Club

Bonnet's band for the Finnish dates only will consist of the following musicians:

Lacu (HANOI ROCKS) - Drums
Daffy (ex-MICHAEL MONROE) - Guitar
Lamppari (ex-MICHAEL MONROE) - Guitar
Jay Lewis (ex-PRINCESS PANG, SKIN & BONES) - Bass
Pate Flintstone (ex-HANOI ROCKS) - Keyboards

In other news, Graham has recorded vocal tracks for three tunes, titled "Going Down", "The Holy Grail" and "Walking the Talk", for Iain Ashley Hersey's new album, "The Holy Grail". The sample track of "Going Down" can be listened to at Iain's web site. The CD is in the final mix stage and will be released soon.

[01/28/05 update No.3]
Rev Update: Rev Jones have updated his site with pictures, two old mp3's, and 2 video clips of him and Pete doing Into The Arena solo plus some news update. Thank you, Rev!!

[01/28/05 update No.2]
Statetrooper Update: Statetrooper (featuring GARY BARDEN) are play at Sheffield Boardwalk, South Yorkshire, UK-Sunday 30 January. Thank you, Alan!!

[01/28/05 update]
Amy Schugar Update: According to Amy, Daisy Rock guitars landed Amy in the new 2005 Catalog as the Elite Model Spokes woman. Nancy and Ann Wilson are also featured in this years issue! This Guitar Catalog can be found nation wide in Music Stores near you! Also, on the MUSIC page of her website is a new short clip of Rock Bottom. Thank you, Amy!!

[01/21/05 update No.2]
Statetrooper Update: According to Statetrooper's news letter, STATETROOPER is back on the road 2005 - first days announced here and more to follow. Statetrooper will play at Sweden Rock Festival June 11, 2005. Also they have signed to Toshiba-EMI. The deal will see the release of their new album, "The Calling" released across Japan.

[01/21/05 update]
Graham Bonnet NOT on Stage with MSG: According to, Graham fell ill last night and was unable to perform with Michael. (cf. 01/20/05 update)

[01/20/05 update No.2]
Schugar/Schenker Review on Metal Maniacs: This month issue of METAL MANIACS MAGAZINE has a killer review of Schugar/Schenker Under Construction Album (page 54). This magazine, with Ronnie James Dio on the cover, can be picked up now at stores. Thank you very much for sending me the copy, Amy!!!

[01/20/05 update]
Graham Bonnet on Stage with MSG: According to Graham Bonnet official site, Graham will perform with MSG tonight at approximately 11 PM PST at the N.A.M.M. "Night Of Guitar" concert at The Vault 350. Graham will likely sing one song. You can also find a photo of Michael and Graham at yesterday's rehearsal. Thanks for the info, Masaya@BonnetRocks!!! (related entry: 01/18/05 update et al)

[01/18/05 update]
Robin McAuley on Stage with Michael Schenker: Robin McAuley will be on stage this Thursday with Michael Schenker for the first time in 13 years. He is singing with Schenker at the NAMM Guitar night in Long Beach, California. For more information visit his official website at: Also, Robin has a new project he is working on and now has an EP available. Click here.

[01/14/05 update]
Rev's Birthday: Today REV JONES is celebrating his 35th birthday!

[01/09/05 update]
Kelly Keeling Updates: Kelly Keeling posted the following message on his official website:

"I will soon be back on tour with George Lynch, Marten Anderson, & Mike Fro with a new set of material. I'm finally enjoying myself again and really looking forward to having a good time away from the clutches of the music business. We will be doing shows with MSG where I can foresee some serious fun for obvious reasons and with Dave Mustaine & Megadeth. I believe NAMM SHOW too, John Bonham & company Zep Set."

"Michael S. has asked me to appear on his newest album and to write a few songs as has Dokken. If I could be cloned it may help my state but I simply can't be in three places at once. I hope they wait for me.

[12/22/04 update No.2]
Amy Schugar Update: Amy Schugar has added some more concert photos of the Synergy show in Chicago to her gallery page (cf. 12/11/2004 entry)! More photos to follow soon. Also Amy's new album starts to get underway with Doug Stapp in two weeks. Amy will try to post a small clip or preview perhaps, of what this will sound like on her music page, if permitted to do so. Thanks for the info, Amy!!

[12/22/04 update]
Tyson Schenker Update: Tyson Schenker's band called Raiders of Rock n'Roll will support the Quireboys and Tokyo Dragons at The Junction, Cambridge, on 15th Febuary. Check out their website for more detail. Thanks for your greeting card, Tyson!!!

[12/21/04 update]
MSG Members Interviews: Rev Jones kindly informed me that an interview with Bob Nalbandian and all the members of MSG (Chris, Pete, Rev and Wayne) has been posted on This interview took place during the 2nd leg of the U.S. tour (August 28). Also, a new interview featuring Rev which took place earlier this month has been posted on Rev also posted some new photos on his website. Check it out! Thank you, Rev!!

[12/17/04 update]
Rev Jones Update: According to Rev Jones's official website, REV will be performing with MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP at the upcoming NAMM convention. The concert will take place Thursday January 20th, which is the first night of the convention. The venue it will be held at is called VAULT 350, it's located in LONG BEACH, CA. Also playing on the bill is GEORGE LYNCH (Dokken), GILBY CLARKE (guns & roses), BRUCE KULICK (Kiss), and FRANK HANNON (Tesla). Aside from the MSG gig, REV will be performing throughout the NAMM show at a couple of different booths, where he will be doing some demonstrations of his playing, talking with people about his gear, and signing photos. Also he has been asked by 2 different guitarists to play bass at their shows, one of them is Friday night and the other is Saturday night. Neither show has been set in stone yet, but the details will be posted on his website as soon as they are confirmed. Rev also has posted some tour photos on his site. Thank you for the info, Rev!!

[12/12/04 update]
Chris Logan's New Project: According to Chris Logan's official website, he just completed tracking vocals for the new Jake E. Lee album. The album will include several influential cover songs from the 70's classic rock era, which include Cactus, Free, James Gang, Johnny Winter, Trapeze and more. It should release sometime in the first half of 2005 on the Shrapnel Records label.

The album lineup is as follows:
Jake E. Lee - Guitars
Chris Logan - Vocals
Tim Bogert - Bass
Ansley Dunbar - Drums

[12/11/04 update]
Amy Schugar & Robin McAuley Photos: Photos of Chicago Toy Drive Concert on November 5 can now found at Amy's gallery page and Robin's site. Thank you for the info, Amy!!

[11/30/04 update No.2]
Chris Glenn & Ted Mckenna: Walfie saw the Sensational Alex Harvey Band with old Schenker stalwarts Chris Glen and Ted McKenna on Sunday night. He has posted the photo of Chris at: According to him, the show was pretty good, and very loud! Thanks, Walfie!!!

[11/30/04 update]
Graham Bonnet Guest Appearance: According to, Graham Bonnet togethewr with Carmine Appice, Glenn Hughes, John Lawton and Tony Franklin has recorded guest appearances for the album of Moonstone titled "Time To Take A Stand" CD is tentatively due in early 2005.

[11/11/04 update]
Chicago Toy Drive Concert Review: Amy Schugar sent me her review of their 11/5 Concert in Chicago. Thanks, Amy!! (cf. 10/03/2004 et al)

[11/04/04 update]
VIVA Update: According to Barbara Schenker, she is working on getting Viva into starting position and the Photo shows the reissue bits of two albums called : "What the hell is going on?" & "Dealers of the night" Thank you Barbara!!

Amy Schugar New Interview: 10 questions with Amy Schugar now can be found on Her and Robin McAuley's show will be held tomorrow in Chicago (refer to 10/03/04 entry et al).

[10/24/04 update]
Rev Jones Looks For A Singer: The new band featuring Rev Jones - bass /stick/vocals (Black Symphony, FUEL, MSG, FORTE), Rick Plester - Guitars /vocals /Producer (Black Symphony), Pete Holmes - Drums (Black Symphony, Black n Blue, Ted Nugent, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ian Gillian), Wayne Findlay - Keys /vocals /Rhythm guitar (MSG, Vinny Moore), are searching for superstar vocalist, Vocal auditions have now hit over 300 people...... Anyone interested should send a package to:

FTM International C/O Vocalist needed
3053 Rancho Vista Blvd Suite H-137
Palmdale CA. 93551

[10/20/04 update]
Statetrooper Updates: According to Jeff Summers of Staterooper, you can find a new review of Statetrooper's recent album entitled "The Calling" by Chris Dugan of the US Webzine Metal Dreams . You will find the MSG references very interesting!! Also, Toshiba EMI has just signed their CD "The Calling" for Japan Territory, so they may be coming over to play some live shows in Japan in the not too distant future. Thanks, Jeff. (cf. 07/16/04 update et al)

[10/17/04 update]
Wayne Findlay Update: According to Wayne Findlay official website, Wayne has joined forces with Mark Zonder (Fates Warning/Warlord) on a new solo project!! Pre-production has already begun.

[10/08/04 update]
UFO with Scopions: According to UFO official site, some more U.S. tourdates have been added, which includes two dates with Scorpions.

[10/03/04 update]
Robin/Amy/MST Show Ad: John Schenk with THE RAINBOW FOUNDATION has kindly sent me an official news release of the 11/5 Concert. Thanks, John!! (cf. 10/02/2004 & 09/27/2004 entries)

[10/02/04 update]
UFO U.S. Tour Updates: Check out Tristans' site and Batttttty's SITN site for updates of the current UFO U.S.A. tour

Robin/Amy/MST Show Ad: Amy has kindly sent me an ad of the 11/5 Concert where Robin McAuley, Amy Schugar, MST and others will play (see 09/27/04 update). She also sent me her photo taken at the 09/25 show in California. Thanks, Amy!!

[09/29/04 update]
Amy Schugar New Interview: Amy Schugar has been interveiwed by John Kindred (Hardrock Haven Managing Editor & Webmaster) and it can now be heard here-

[09/27/04 update]
Robin McAuley, Amy Schugar to Perform At Toy Drive Concert: According to, Former MCAULEY SCHENKER GROUP frontman Robin McAuley, singer/songwriter Amy Schugar and acclaimed guitarist Dave Uhrich are among the artists scheduled to perform at The Rainbow Foundation's annual toy drive concert on Friday, November 5 at Synergy in West Chicago, IL. Opening the show will be the "number one tribute band in Chicago," MST (MICHAEL SCHENKER TRIBUTE). Admission to the benefit is $12 at the door and $10 with a toy. For more information, call (847) 891-5035. All toys brought to this concert will be donated to the Children's Home and Aid Society in Schaumburg.

[09/15/04 update]
Phil Mogg Interview: Batttttty's interview to Phil Mogg has been posted on SITN site. Great job, Batttttty!!

[09/14/04 update]
Graham Bonnet Updates: According to Graham Bonnet official site, Graham has been offered to do a tour of the UK with Dokken although all the dates are not yet confirmed. He and his management are in negotiations to do a tour of Japan in the near future and this will be with an original guitarist from Alcatrazz.

[09/13/04 update]
Amy Schugar Updates: Amy now has posted on her site an interview from Peter Mondria. Nice Job, Peter! Also Amy's home page has had some changes! Music has been added and another picture- thanks Amy for the update. Amy Schugar has recieved name and mention of award for "rocking the webs honorable mention". She is also mentioned as a guitar hero along with Steve Via in the same sentence! Way to go Amy!! Here is the link:

[09/04/04 update]
Amy New Recording: The New Amy Schugar album is happening. This record will be done around November. Here is the lineup for musicians, the record will be recorded at Nomad Studios. For now record labels and options available are being explored. Lineup is as follows. For more info, visit Amy's official website.

Doug Stapp - Guitars
Rob Stankiewicz - Drums
Kory Prince - Bass
Eddie Head - Producer

[09/03/04 update]
UFO Tour Update: A new post on UFO Official site: Pete unfortunately did not get his working visa for the USA tour due to having overstayed the number of days he was there on his last visit. His temporary replacement is Barry Sparks (ex MSG, Ted Nugent and currently in Dokken). Barry previously played with UFO at Donington in 2001, and has also worked with Vinnie Moore. He is a welcome addition to the UFO family!

Amy Schugar Interview: A radio interview to Amy Schugar airs next Saturday, September 4th. Go to and then click the link on the right side of the page that says "Click Here To Listen". The interview will be probably run about 10:15 pm eastern time.

[08/14/04 update]
UFO Tour Update: UFO's updated tourdates have been posted on UFO official site. Thanks Batttttty for the info.

Amy Schugar Sound Clip: Amy Schugar posted on her website the sound clip of the number she wrote for a WWW wrestler. (cf. Michael Schenker News 11/17/2003 entry)

[07/31/04 update]
Amy On Cable TV Show (cont'd): Amy Schugar has posted some photos of the July 22 TV show on her gallery page. (cf. 07/21/04 entry) You can also find the news about her new project with Doug Stapp on her news page.

[07/21/04 update]
Amy On Cable TV Show: Amy Schugar will be on Cable 98 TV show. The Taping is on July 22nd. It will be a standard sit down interview with Amy, and will also feature a first time ever "unplugged" performance, featuring a song she wrote called Thoughts On Ice, performed on acoustic guitar only. A Studio musician by the name of Peter Storn from Germany will be with Amy on stage for this unplugged performance! The show will air the following Tuesday at 6PM (EST) on the 27th of July and the following 3 weeks same time, same location. If you live in Phoenix, you can see it on cox cable channel 98. If you are not in Phoenix, then at 6pm Tuesday, log onto THE SHOW ( then click on the tv in the upper right corner.

[07/16/04 update]
Statetrooper On Air: According to a message from Jeff Summers of Staterooper, the following radio stations are currently playing the new Trooper CD titled The Calling.

Extreme radio:
Radio Melodic:
Munichs Hardest Hits: (CD of the week!!)
Sphere Radio:
Home of Rock:
Rock Fantasy:
Metal Express:
Total Rock:

[07/15/04 update]
Graham Bonnet Update: According to Graham Bonnet official website, Graham will start recording in Italy the vocals for the new Elektric Zoo studio album in the next couple of weeks, which is to be released worldwide. And a world tour in support of the release will follow.

Graham also will perform at a gig on September 24 at Paladino's in Tarzana, CA. The band lineup will be Graham, Howie Simon, Tim Luce, John Thomas & Glen Sobel. The setlist will cover Graham's works with Rainbow, MSG, Alcatrazz and etc.

Jeff Kollman Update: According to the press release of Jeff Kollman, Jeff Kollman and Shane Gaalaas will be heading East with their acclaimed prog/fusion/metal trio COSMOSQUAD for a one-off gig on July 23 at Mutt Lynch's, 141 Main St., Toledo, OH; Ph.: (419) 693-0395. The performance will feature Canadian bassist Paul Shannon (SCOTT HENDERSON, ZAPPACOSTA), who is stepping in for Barry Sparks.

Also on the Kollman front, the guitarist is currently in the midst of recording an album with former EDWIN DARE bandmate, bassist Kevin Chown (ARTENSION, TONY MACALPINE), and drummer Charlie Waymire (EGH, SPEAK NO EVIL). The album, which features Kollman on lead vocals, is slated to be released under the JEFF KOLLMAN BAND moniker in time for the group's upcoming European tour in October.

In related news, Jeff, vocalist Mark Renk, bassist Kevin Chown (ARTENSION, EDWIN DARE), drummer Shane Gaalaas (COSMOSQUAD, B'Z), and keyboardist Stephen Anderson unveiled their latest creation, THE CRUMB BROS., Tuesday night, July 13 show at Club Lingerie, 6507 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA. THE CRUMB BROS.' recently completed debut album, "Recycled Influence", is due out later this year.

Robin McAuley Live (reminder): Robin McAuley will play live at Paladino's Friday, July 16, 2004. Playing the songs from MSG. Scheduled to perform at midnight.

[07/09/04 update]
Amy on Front Page: Amy Schugar kindly sent me the copy of Arizona Living newspaper dated June 5, 2004. Amy made the front page with the article titled Freed At 40. You can read the article online, too.

[06/25/04 update]
Tyson's New Band: Tyson Schenker havs a brand new band called "Raiders of Rock n' Roll" and he has some music available to download. Check it out on

[06/23/04 update]
Amy Schugar Updates: Michael (not MSHimself) has renewed his Amy Schugar fansite. Axe has uploaded his interview to Amy Schugar.

UFO UK Tour Photos & Review: Photos of UFO @ Wolverhampton Civic Hall on June 20 can be found here (taken by Richard) and here (taken by Batttttty). Review of UFO/Quireboys @ Glasgow on June 19 can be found here.

[06/19/04 update]
Pete Way Interview: A new interview to Pete Way by Joe Kleaon can now be downloaded from Pete Way Official Website. Pete talks about the forthcoming Acoustic Animal and Waysted albums, the YOU ARE HERE tour, the upcoming US tour, etc.

Amy Schugar Interview: A current issue (MM#36/June 2004) of Metal Maidens magazine has an interview to Amy Schugar.

[06/18/04 update]
UFO Manchester Gig Photos: Batttttty has posted photos from UFO's June 16 show in Manchester at SITN site. Thanks, Batttttty!!

[06/12/04 update]
Chris Logan Updates: According to Chris Logan, in April, he performed the vocal tracks for a song that will be featured in a new Sigourney Weaver/Jeff Daniels film, entitled "Invisible Heros". There is a new show currently playing on VH-1 called "Metals 100 Most Memorable Moments", or something like that. At one point, they show a still shot of Chris singing on stage with Outlaw Circus, which was taken in San Antonio, TX, at a club called Sneakers in 1994 when they opened for Quiet Riot.

[06/08/04 update]
UFO U.S. Tourdate Confirmed: According to UFO Official Site and Pollstar, 13 U.S. dates are now confirmed. (cf. 05/31/04 update)

[06/02/04 update]
Amy's Show Postponed: According to Amy Schugar, the club owner has postponed the date for the 3rd of June (cf. 05/09/04 update). There is a photo Amy with her new guitar (Daisy Rock Guitar) on her top page (cf. 05/29/04 update). Bill Webb, Eric Johnson's guitar tech is now working on Amy's original guitar sound!!

[05/31/04 update]
UFO U.S. Tour Update: According to UFO Official Site, Phil Mogg's visa has now been approved and the band will be starting their US tour on September 22 in Baltimore. The tour will probably continue into early November. The dates will be posted on their Tour page as soon as the itinerary has been fixed. (cf. 04/17/04 update)

UFO Covered: Pearl Jam Online ( has MP3s of an Ed Vedder, Brad & Mike McCready (Pearl Jam) gig at The Show Box, Seattle on May 14 including some songs in tribute to UFO such as Rock Bottom, Doctor Doctor, Lights Out, Too Hot To Handle, I'm a Loser and Shoot Shoot. Thanks for the info, David.

[05/29/04 update]
Amy Schugar Gets Daisy Rock Guitar Endorsement : As was reported here on 05/29, Amy Schugar was accepted as an endorsee by Daisy Rock Guitars. Here's a press release on this. I would also like to thank Amy for her words about my loss.

[05/19/04 update]
Graham Bonnet London Show: Wilson has kindly sent me photos of May 8 Graham Bonnet show in London plus a movie clip of Desert Song which is the only MSG number he did that night. Thank you, Wilson. The entire setlist and reivews can be found at Graham's official website. Thanks, Wilson!!

Robin McAuley New Solo Date: According to, Robin McAuley Announced a new solo date. He will perform at at Paladino's in Tarzana, California on Friday, July 16. Robin is expected to play songs from MSG, GRAND PRIX, UFO and his solo career. Photos from McAuley's last appearance at Paladino's can be found at his official site. (cf. 05/05/04 entry)

Amy Schugar Updates: Amy Schugar got an endorsement from Daisy Company, a maker of the line of guitars used by my super heroines, Ann and Nancy Wilson (Heart). Amy is getting one shipped to her for the upcoming show. For more news about her, check out her website! Also, Michael has set up his own Amy Schugar webpage.

Rev's New Tattoo: Rev Jones got a brand new tattoo on his back. Thanks for the info, Peter.

Ten Years After gig: Batttttty set up a page of photos of the Ten Years After gig in Nottingham on May 11. Ten Years After features Leo Lyons, who produced three of the UFO albums in the 70s.

[05/09/04 update]
Amy Schugar Performing June 3: Amy Schugar will be playing a show June 3 at the Emerald Lounge in Phoenix, AZ. Amy with MFM (cf. 03/29/04 entry) will be sharing the bill with Spaz Kitty. Check out her website!

[05/05/04 update]
Robin McAuley Performed MSG & UFO: A review and photos of Robin McAuley's shown on April 30th at Paladino's, Tarzana, CA can be found here. Robin's band (Bjorn Englen of Takara, Craig Anderson of Seven Witches and Stu Simone of Poison, Dave Bates and Bob Paice) performed classic MSG hits including Save Yourself, Bad Boys, Gimme Your Love, Anytime, When I'm Gone, Lonely Nights and Love Is Not a Game plus UFO's Doctor Doctor. And, according to the review, Robin was amazing! (cf. 03/29/04 update) Thanks for the info, Batty!

[04/22/04 update]
Schugar/Schenker Review: According to Amy, a new review of the Under Construction album of Schugar/Schenker has been posted on

[04/19/04 update]
Statetrooper Live in London: According to May edition of Classic Rock magazine, Gary Barden's Statetrooper will play live at Camden Underworld, London on May 15th. It is already listed in the venue website. Thanks for the info, Wilson! (Related entry: 04/16/04 update)

Graham Bonnet on Tour: Speaking of former MSG singer, Electric Zoo with Graham Bonnet are currently touring Europe:

17th April VOX Pub, Vittuone(MI), Italy
19th April ORPHEUM, Graz, Austria
29th April MACUMBA, Madrid, Spain
30th April RAZZMATAZZ 2, Barcelona, Spain
1st May ARTSAIA, Pamplona, Spain
4th May ROCK CAFE 2000, Stourbridge, England
6th May LIMELIGHT, Crewe, England
7th May RIO'S, Bradford, England
8th May WEST ONEFOUR, London, England
10th May CAFE DRUMMONDS, Aberdeen, Scotland

For more information, visite Graham's Official Website.

UFO w/ Uli Gig Report & Photos: The review and photos of the March 27 Helmond, Holland show of UFO & Uli Jon Roth have been posted on Thanks for the info, Peter.

[04/18/04 update]
Amy Schugar Pics: According to Amy, her pictures have been posted onon Hardrock Heaven which conducted an interview her before (refer to 03/29/04 entry).

[04/17/04 update]
UFO US TOUR POSTPONED: A statement of Peter Knorn, the UFO management has been posted on UFO offical site:

Dear fans and friends in the United States of America: Warning! The following message only contains bad news...:

Today, the U.S. Embassy in London refused Phil Mogg, UFO's lead singer, a Work Permit Visa. As you may know, without a Work Permit Visa, no non-American is able to work (i.e. performing a commercial concert) in the United States. This seriously impacts our upcoming U. S. tour (April 22 through May 16, 2004)

The band members all applied for their Work Permits (as usual) several weeks before the U. S. tour was to begin. Their Work Permits were approved and ISSUED on March 9, 2004 by the Bureau Of Citizenship and Immigration Services, located in the United States. Due to the new immigration and Work Permit laws, it is now also necessary for the applicant to attend a personal interview, in his home country, at the U.S. Embassy. During Phil's interview, today, in London, England, his name turned up in the government computer. The comment was that 'at some time in the past' his finger prints were taken while in the USA. When, where and why was not disclosed.

It is true, Phil's finger prints were taken in the USA 24 years ago (!!) in Buffalo, New York. The Immigration Authority did not think, at that time, his Visa was adequate so this fingerprinting occurred. His Visa was then reissued, straight away, and everything was in order.

During the intervening 24 years, Phil has returned to the USA 12 times on Work and Visitors Visas. Unfortunately, the only thing that matters now is that finger prints were taken. Under current immigration law, whether impacted by the war or not, a person having been finger printed promptly ceases the Visa clearance process.

Finger prints now have to be retaken from Phil. They are sent to the FBI and, according to the information we have been given, only when the FBI gives their approval, will it be possible for Phil to acquire a Work Permit Visa. This procedure, the Embassy advises, can take from 2 to 12 weeks.

The band is, therefore, forced to postpone its tour until this matter is resolved.

The new dates are currently being scheduled and announced shortly. Stay tuned.

We all respect that the United States must protect itself. We will, of course, cooperate. We are, however, puzzled and very perplexed at this unhappy last minute surprise.

We hope, with all our hearts, that you will understand and join with us in the rescheduling process.


Peter Knorn (UFO management)

[04/16/04 update]
GARY BARDEN Returns With STATETROOPER New Album: According to Blabbermouth, STATETROOPER, the reunited British hard rock band fronted by Gary Barden, will release their long-awaited new album, "The Calling", in early June via their own label, CIC Records. The original three band members - Gary Barden (vo), Jeff Summers (gtr) and Bruce Bisland (dr) - along with Martin Mikkels (gtr), have recorded a new album, and are preparing to embark on a U.S. tour to promote it.

[04/13/04 update]
Pete Not Joining the UFO US Tour: According to Blabbermouth, Richie Scarlet (MOUNTAIN, ACE FREHLEY BAND, FREHLEY'S COMET, SEBASTIAN BACH & FRIENDS) will be playing bass for UFO on their U.S. tour starting on April 22 at Jaxx in Springfield, VA. Scarlet will be filling in for Pete Way, who was apparently unable to re-enter the country in time for the tour due to visa problems.

[04/07/04 update]
Vinnie Moore Interview: Batttttty has posted her interview to Vinnie Moore, a new guitarit of UFO. Great jpb as always, Batttttty!!

[04/05/04 update]
Schugar/Schenker Review: Amy Schugar has been chosen as one of Guitar Nine Records' Undiscovered Artists for April, 2004 and a review of Schugar/Schenker - Under Construction can be found at Guitar Nine Records' website. Also, another review can be found at

UFO You Are Here Review: A special page of UFO's latest album "You Are Here" has been set up at at Guitar Nine Records. Also, another review of You Are Here can be found at Tristan's site.

[04/04/04 update]
Related Musicians Links Updated: My link page has been updated with some links to related musicians' webpages.

Rev Jones Updates (Cont'd): According to Rev Jones, he is going to be sitting in playing bass for FUEL in April while their bass player's wife has a baby. Here are the dates.

Fri 04/09/04  Jacksonville, AL Jacksonville State University  
Sat 04/10/04  Winston-Salem, NC Ziggy's  
Tue 04/13/04  Providence, RI Lupo's At The Strand  
Wed  04/14/04  Johnstown, PA University Of Pittsburgh  
Fri 04/16/04  Boston, MA Avalon  
Sat 04/17/04  Philadelphia, PA Electric Factory  
Mon 04/19/04  San Antonio, TX Cowboys Dance Hall  
Wed 04/21/04  Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom  
Fri 04/23/04  Clifton Park, NY Northern Lights  
Sat 04/24/04  Selinsgrove, PA Susquehanna University  
Sun 04/25/04  Clarion, PA Clarion University  
Wed 04/28/04  West Palm Beach, FL  SunFest  
Fri 04/30/04  Nashville, TN Best Buy Nashville River

In other news, while on the MSG tour of EUROPE, they shot a DVD in POLAND, it should be released sometime around MAY 2004. For more info on the DVD and the new super group that he's involved with, check out or

[04/03/04 update]
Rev Jones Updates: Rev Jones is going on tour and sitting in for the bass player of FUEL! Hopefully more detail will be posted on his website.

Gunter Nezhoda New Interview: Batttttty has posted her interview to Gunter Nezhoda who played bass on the upcoming Schenker/Pattison collaboration album titled "Endless Jam". A very nice and sometimes very intellectural interview. Great work, Batttttty!!

[03/30/04 update]
Graham Bonnet Updates: Graham's official site has some updates including European tour dates, his new recording and transcription of his past radio interviews.

[03/29/04 update]
Amy Schugar Interview and S/S Review: A nice interview to Amy has been posted on Hardrock Heaven. Also, a review of Schugar/Schenker Project's "Under Construction" can be found on the same site. Interstingly, the observation of John Kindred (webmaster & reviewer of the site) on Amy's vocal with reference to Grace Slick is same as mine.

MFM: Do you remember Bassist Mark Lehman, Guitarist Fred Robinson and Drummer Matt Indes whose names are also referred to in Amy's interview mentioned above. They are featured on the Under Construction CD. They have formed their own band called MFM. They just played their first concert yesterday (March 28th) at a huge motorcycle show called the TRIFECTA in Phoenix Arizona. You can find more information about them at They are now constructing their own website, which should be completed before long.

Robin McAuley Performs MSG: According to Robin McAuley's official site, he will be playing Live on April 30th at Paladino's, Tarzana, CA. Apprently he will sing Save Your Self, When I'm Gone, Gemme Your Love, Bad Boys, Anytime and more. Thanks for the info, Peter!

[03/26/04 update]
UFO Milan Show Photos: Cezz at MeTal Show ( has kindly let me know that he has posted cool photos of the March 10 UFO Milan show. Thanks, Cezz!!

[03/24/04 update]
Set List of the Bonnet Gig In Hollywood: Rick has kindly sent me a photo of the set list of the Graham Bonnet Live in Hollywood on the 11th. What an impressive list!!! They did play "Night Of The Shooting Star" after "Night Games", too. I wish I could have seen this gig. According to Rick, it was a great show. Graham & the band were very tight. Also, Chuck Wright was there but did not play, so was Chris Holmes of Wasp.

[03/21/04 update]
UFO U.K. Dates: According to Pollstar, 9 U.K. dates have been added, with special guests THE QUIREBOYS. Tristan has set up a special link page to the U.S. venues.

[03/14/04 update]
Amy Schugar Interview: According to Amy Schugar, her radio interview went really well and you can hear it at or

UFO Concert Pics: Photos of UFO in Strasbourg can be found on the SITN site, and those of the Barcelona shows can be found on Jesus Ruiperez's site.

[03/10/04 update]
UFO Additional U.S./European Dates: Additional U.S. Tour Dates have been listed on Pollstar (currently 15 shows in total). It looks like UFO will appear at the Schwung festival in Belgium on July 8 with Deep Purple, Cheap Trick, Status Quo, etc.

[03/08/04 update]
UFO U.S. Tour: According to Blabbermouth, the upcoming UFO U.S. tour dates are as follows:

Apr. 22 - Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
Apr. 24 - Bradford, TN @ Skullbone Music Park
Apr. 29 - Philadelphia, PA @ Keswick Theater*
Apr. 30 - New York, NY @ B. B. Kings
May 01 - Hampton Beach, NH @ Hampton Beach Casino*
May 02 - Sayreville, NJ @ The Starland Ballroom*
May 04 - Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance
May 05 - Baltimore, MD @ The Thunderdome
May 12 - Saint Louis, MO @ Pops
May 13 - Chicago, IL @ The House Of Blues
May 14 - Ferndale, MI @ The Magic Bag Theater


More dates will be announced soon.

[03/07/04 update]
UFO On Tour: UFO is now touring Europe. A review of the 2/28/04 Athene show is posted on Tristan's site. And Battttty's review and photos of the 03/02 Strasbourg show and the 03/03 Lyon show have been posted on SINT site.

[03/02/04 update]
Amy Schugar New Sound Bite: Amy Schugar has updated her news section and music section. You can hear a sample clip of her new instrumental tune titled Drive Me. Sounds good!

[03/01/04 update]
New Page: UFO is now very active, however, Michael Schenker is no longer a part of it. I have set up a new page here for the musicians/groups including UFO that were related to Michael Schenker in the past.

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