Michael Schenker Tour Information and News
Information updated January - March 2004

[03/30/04 update]
From Michael's management: If you have had trouble accessing Michael's personal website it is in the process of being updated to the new version. It should be up and running anytime soon. There is no new tour information officially confirmed at the moment. The Schenker Pattison album is due out thru Shrapnel records April 27. The DVD hopefully in May and Michael is recording a new CD this year for a Christmas release. For those of you who are trying to order a CD, check back. Thank you.

[03/28/04 update]
From Michael's management: Many thanks to the hundreds of fans who write to Michael on a daily basis with all sorts of offers of help. We have kept a file and will be contacting you shortly. Please know that in spite of the message on Michael's current site (which we hope to have updated any day) and the Guitar World article, life has changed dramatically for Michael. He is doing well, he had a great tour of Europe and is deciding about a summer tour..He also has the Schenker/Pattison CD coming out soon and a dvd in May. Special thanks to the kind fan who offered to give up his guitar to Michael. That was more than expected. Michael is also trying to find time to record a new CD himself this year. Once again, we give thanks to the Lord, who has made this all possible. Thank you all for caring as much as you do. And by the way, the Schenker/Pattison CD is amazing!

[03/27/04 update]
MSG Bradford Review: A review by Gary Grattan of the MSG Bradford Show on March 6 has been posted on Belfast Telegraph. Thanks for the link, SXG.

[03/26/04 update]
MSG Milan Show Photos: Cezz at MeTal Show (www.metalshow.it) has kindly let me know that he has posted cool photos of the MSG Milan show on March 4. Also, he posted photos of the March 10 UFO Milan show. Thanks, Cezz!!

[03/24/04 update]
MSG Review from Madrid: It's in Spanish but seemingly this is a good review of the MSG show in Madrid last month. There is an amazing shot of flying Rev. Thanks for the link, Batty.

[03/22/04 update]
Endless Jam Release Date (Cont'd): According to Mascot Records website, Endless Jam is slated to be released on May 2nd. However, a person in charge at the Mascot-Provogue Records (The Netherlands) replied to Peter's inquiry that release-date is set for April 26. I am not sure whether there is some confusion or a new date has been set, but for your information. Thanks, Peter.

[03/21/04 update]
Endless Jam US Release Date: According to Batty's new page, Endless Jam will be released on Shrlapnel Recors (SH-1169) in the U.S. on APRIL 27. Also, according to CD Universe, it will be released on WEA (Germany?) on APRIL 27 and is now being pr-ordered.

[03/21/04 update]

Endless Jam Updates: According to Batty and Tom's new special page, the track list of the upcoming CD of Michael Schenker and Davey Pattison covering '70s classics is as follows:

I Got The Fire (Montrose)
Hey Joe (traditional, Hendrix, etc.)
Shape Of Things To Come ("Max Frost and the Troopers", Slade)
A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Procol Harum)
Never In My Life (Mountain)
Long Misty Days (Trower)
Pearly Queen (Traffic)
The Stealer
Theme For An Imaginary Western (Mountain)
Built For Comfort (Howlin Wolf, Willie Dixon)

It will be released by Mascot Records in the U.K. on May 2 and will be released by Shrapnel in U.S. You can place an advance order from here.

[03/20/04 update]
The Triple Threat of Classic Rock Show: An article about tonight's show in San Antonio has been posted here. (cf. 03/15/04 update)

Triple Threat of Classic Rock
Featuring: Budgie, Moxy, Michael Schenker Group
Where: Sunken Garden Theater, Brackenridge Park
When: 5:15 p.m. Saturday; gates open at 4:30
For openers: Jokester
Tickets: $36-$39.50 plus service charges at Star Tickets Plus outlets

[03/16/04 update]
Message from Batttttty: I have received a special message from Batttttty.

[03/15/04 update No.2]
MSG Camden Photos: Wilson very kindly has sent me 100 photos of Michael Schenker he took at the Camden show. He was just in front of Michael, so there are no photos of other members. Some of the downsized photos have been posted on the Concert Report page. Thank you, Wilson-san!!

[03/15/04 update]
MSG San Antonio Gig: Tickets for the upcoming MSG show at Sunken Garden Theater, San Antonio, TX are now available at Startickets.com (cf. 02/21/04 update). Budgie will also appear on this radio show. The flyer of this event can be found at their website.

[03/14/04 update]
MSG Katowice Review - Great Finale!: Piotr has kindly sent me a nice review of the MSG show in Katowice, Poland. MSG performed great on this final date of the European tour. The entire tour was a tremendous success. This show was filmed (cf. 03/08/04 update No.2). According to the review, he was using two black and white Flying Vs (dot inlay)!! Thank you, Piotr!

[03/13/04 update]
Alan's MSG Camden Review: Alan Walsh's review of the Camden show has been posted on the Concert Report page. As special as always with detailed descriptions. It has made me feel those who were there are so lucky. I am really envious of you. Thanks, Alan!

[03/12/04 update No.3]
MSG Camden Review (cont'd): SmUrFy's review has been posted on the Concert Report page. Thanks, SmUrFy!

[03/12/04 update No.2]
Message from Batttttty: "Please could the family with the two young lads at the Bradford and Dudley gig who I took photos of with Michael please email me at batttttty@strangers-in-the-night.com as I don't have your address for where to send the photos. Thanks!"

[03/12/04 update]
More MSG Reviews: Wilson, who gave me the quick update yesterday has kindly sent me his detailed review of the Camden show. Roy too has kindly sent me his review of the same show. Jason Ritchie's review has also been posted on the Concert Report page. And, Batttttt has kindly sent me her overall review of the three U.K. shows. Dave has posted his review and photos of the U.K. shows on his MSG tour page. Thanks, everybody!!! I am proud of Michael and MSG. At the same time, I am very much proud of you guys. Great fans!!

[03/11/04 update No.4]
MSG Camden Review (cont'd): Dean's review has been posted on the Concert Report page. Thanks, Dean!

[03/11/04 update No.3]
MSG Camden Review: John's review has been posted on the Concert Report page. Thanks, John!

[03/11/04 update No.2]
MSG Camden Show Quick Report (Cont'd): Wilson has kindly sent me his quick update on the Camden show. According to Wilson, Michael was in extremely good mood, similing and winking at the crowd (when he is not totally focused on licks & solos of course!). He will send me some more of his review later. Thank you, Wilson!!

Also, Batttttty has posted some photos of the Camden show.

[03/11/04 update]
MSG Camden Show Quick Report: According to Batttttty, the show was great again, with the added bonus of Tyson and Taro taking part in Doctor Doctor.

[03/10/04 update No.2]
Alan's Dudley Review: Alan has kindly sent me his detailed review of the Dudley show. Thanks, Alan! He will attend tonight's Camden show. I am sure he and everybody will enjoy the show and very much looking forward to their reviews.

[03/10/04 update]
MSG Dudley Review & Photos: Rich has posted his review and cool photos of the Dudley show. Thank you, Rich.

Message from Michael's Management: A tremendous thank you again for everyone in England who have sent reviews and pictures! Thank you for taking the time. England is quite a distance from Phoenix, Arizona, where it is now 11:00am and 90 degrees!. We are planning to take all the reviews and pictures and put them on a disc and save them as a reminder. I have to take a moment to tell you all that my prayers to the Lord have been answered with this tour. If it had not been for God's grace, Michael would not have accomplished this. Thank you again.

Nancy Lewis
Personal manager for Michael Schenker

[03/09/04 update No.4]
MSG Dudley Photos: Batttttty has set up a page for Dudley photos. It looks like they are enjoying themselves.

[03/09/04 update No.3]
Dave's Review: Dave will post a review and photos on his site soon. In the meantime, he posted on his news page a photo he took of Michael at the Bradford show and the setlist.

[03/09/04 update No.2]
Another MSG Bradford Review: Les has kindly send me his review of the MSG Bradford show. Thanks, Les!!!

[03/09/04 update]
MSG Dudley Review: On the SITN list, Padge, Plantman and Dean have posted their reviews, respectively of the MSG Dudley show on March 8. There was a sound problem, but Michael was no doubt on top form and the band played great on the night, too.

[03/08/04 update No.2]
MSG Live on DVD: This is the last week of the MSG European tour. MSG is currently in England for the next few days. The last show, a festival which takes place in Poland, will be filmed and released as a DVD. According to Michael's management, the release date has not yet been confirned.

[03/08/04 update]
Another MSG Bradford Review: Alan Walsh has kindly send me his review of the MSG Bradford show. By reading his review, I can easily imagine how great the show was and how incredible Michael's performance was. Thanks, Alan!!!

[03/07/04 update No.3]
New Page: UFO is now very active, however, Michael Schenker is no longer a part of it. I have set up a new page here for the musicians/groups including UFO that were related to Michael Schenker in the past.

[03/07/04 update No.2]
MSG Bradford Addiotional Photos: Battttty has uploaded some photos taken at the Bradford show .

[03/07/04 update]
MSG Bradford Review & Photos: Here's a review by Rich of the MSG Bradford show on March 6, 2003. Also many cool photos taken by him can be found here.

[03/05/04 update]
MSG Palo Alto Video Clip: According to Peter, C.C. Rock added a video clip of 'Are You Ready To Rock' to the video section of their site.

[03/02/04 update No.4]
MSG Barcelona Show Review & Photos: Nano has kindly sent me a review and photos of the Barcelona Show. Again, the show was superb, and Michael's performance was brilliant. According to the review, he was in good shape and in a very good mood. Wonderful! Thanks Nano!!

[03/02/04 update No.3]
Another MSG Bergara Show Review: Gontzal has kindly sent me a review of the Bergara Show. He also highly praises the show and Michael's performance. His review also includes the complete setlist. Thanks for the review, Gontzal!

[03/02/04 update No.2]
MSG Setlist: It has been confirmed that there are no Schugar/Schenker songs being performed in the MSG set on their European tour. (cf. 03/02/04 entry on the Bergara show)

[03/02/04 update]
About the Piorno Festival: From Michael's management: "Having just read the concert review of Granada I feel I must offer an explanation. I spoke to Michael and he told me that they did not even get to go onstage until 2:00am. not their fault. If that wasn't bad enough, halfway thru the set, the keyboard stopped working. They wanted to continue to play as evidenced by the singer remaining on stage until the last moment. Anyone who was there should be able to verify that information. When you have that many bands playing, it is impossible to predict how things will go. Michael said in his entire career, he has never gone onstage at 2:00am and there was still one band left to perform. Regardless of the content of the reviews, we very much appreciate the fans taking the time and effort to send them along."

MSG Bergara Show Review: Joseba has kindly sent me a review of the Bergara Show. Michael sounded perfect and was in a top form!! He looked happy and smiled all the time!! I am not really sure as to whether they actually did stuff from the Schugar/Schenker project (the authoer mentioned it's similar). Anyway, looks like the show was superb! Thanks for the review, Joseba!

[03/01/04 update No.3]
MSG Granada Show Review: Juan has kindly sent me his review of the Granada Show. Looks like MSG played only seven songs although I am not sure how many songs they originally planned to play for this festival (1 hr 35 min. was allocated to MSG). Thanks for the review, Juan!

[03/01/04 update No.2]
MSG European Tour 1st Review: Juankar has kindly sent me his review of the Madrid Show. Looks like Michael was in a good form. Thanks Juankar!

[03/01/04 update]
MSG European Tour Updates: The Piorno festival took place as planned on 28th. Also, MSG played in Barcelona yesterday and all went well.

Other Michael Related Updates: Michael's new website is almost completed. The Schenker/Pattison album will released in May.

Ovation on ebay: Michael Schenker's Custom Legend Ovation has been discounted and re-listed on e-bay. Starting bid is US$700. (cf. 02/20/04 entry)

[02/29/04 update]
MSG at Piorno Rock Festival?: There has been a rumor going around that the show was cancelled. Michael's management spoke to Michael at the airport. Their flight to Granada was held up for fours hours due to weather, which was seemingly snow, but they were boarding the plane to head to the festival. Not sure yet if the festival was canceled because of the snow. More news to follow.

[02/27/04 update]
MSG European Tour: It seems so far everything is fine with the tour.

[02/26/04 update No.2]
UFO You Are Here: UFO's new album titled You Are Here was released yesterday in Japan. Messing Up The Bed is a bonus track for the Japanese edition.

[02/26/04 update]
MSG European Tour: From Michael's management: The MSG tour starts in Madrid today. If any fans could be so kind as to write reviews or send pictures to this site, all the rest of us would greatly appreciate it.

[02/24/04 update]
Michael's Official Site to be Renewed: Michael and the band are leaving Tuesday for Europe. After he returns, there will be a brand new Michael Schenker Himself website. Be sure to look for it. (cf. 02/05/04 update)

[02/21/04 update]
MSG in San Antonio, et al.: The radio show in San Antonio on the 20th of March is now confirmed (cf. 02/1904 update No.2). From Michael's management: "Once again a big thank you for the tremendous response from all of Michael's true fans for the emails with offers of support and personal tales of triumph over adversity. Michael is doing extremely well and looking forward to rocking Europe next week. He is a true survivor and able to rise above all the negative things that have happened in his life. When you are a celebrity, you are a target for all types of negativity in this world. True happiness comes from a place of honesty, and we can only have pity on those who dont understand that and they are many who cant seem to figure it out. We can only hope that someday they will. Lots of Michael surprises coming soon!"

[02/20/04 update]
Michael's Ovation on ebay: Michael Schenker's Custom Legend Ovation has been re-listed on e-bay now that the seller is able to accept the payment via credit card. (cf. 02/07/04 entry)

[02/19/04 update No.3]
Kelly on Tour: Former DOKKEN guitarist George Lynch and his solo band have been officially confirmed as the support act for YNGWIE MALMSTEEN on his upcoming U.S. tour. Joining Lynch in his group will be singer Kelly Keeling (BATON ROUGE, BLUE MURDER, MSG, GUITAR ZEUS, JOHN NORUM) and drummer Jeff Martin (RACER X vocalist). For more detail, visit here. (cf. 02/11/04 entry)

[02/19/04 update No.2]
MSG in San Antonio: MSG's new U.S. tour date is listed on Pollstar. Hope this will be confirmed soon. (cf. 02/16/04 entry)

Sat 03/20/04 Sunken Garden Amph., San Antonio, TX
(also appearing: Budgie and Moxy)

[02/19/04 update]
Guitar World, et al.: Here's a message from Michael's management. "The new April issue of Guitar World that is now out features a very personal, in-depth article about Michael. The interview took place over a three day period. Many thanks to all the caring fans that have written Michael such heartfelt thoughts. Please be assured that Michael's life has finally reached the turning point and is moving in a forward direction at last. The letters were wonderful and they were definitely from his true fans. Also, a summer tour in the US is in the process of being put together."

[02/17/04 update]
Thank You 4: MSG is leaving in a week for their European tour. Michael will have limited access to the Internet overseas, but you will still be able to purchase Thank You 4 as usual, if you haven't already. Just go to Michael's site and place your order.

[02/16/04 update]
Michael Schenker Texas Dates: It seems that after Michael returns from Europe next month, he will possibly be playing some dates In Texas at the end of March. San Antonio for one.

[02/15/04 update]
Michael's New Album?: Rumor has it that while Michael plans to be doing a lot of touring this year, a new album will be coming out on his own label as well. Stay tuned.

[02/14/04 update]
Schenker Festival in Tokyo Comes Near: A live event titled "Schenker Festival" is to be held on February 22 (Sat.) in Tokyo for a tribute to Schenker family. Four Michael Schenker tribute bands and one Scorpions tribute band will play. For more information, visit M2SZ's website or contact me.

Concert Photos of Michael and others: According to a freelance photographer named Vincent Lagana`, his website deals with lots of concerts photos including some of Michael Schenker.

[02/13/04 update]
Michael Schenker Updates: A message from Michael's managment: "Michael and the band wlll be leaving shortly for Europe. On the last U.S. dates, his fans were kind enough to write reviews and send pictures, so that those of us who were unable to catch a show could follow along at home. It would be greatly appreciated if some of the European fans could do the same, so we all could keep up on the latest tour happenings!"

[02/12/04 update]
Amy Schugar Updates: Amy Schugar's news section has been updated. The updates include the status of collaboration of Rev Jones and Amy Schugar, the review of the MSG at the Key club included in the Rock City Review, and the article about Michael Schenker and Amy on Guitar One Magazine. Thanks for the info, Amy.

[02/11/04 update]
Kelly Keeling Updates & Possible G-3 Tour: His album is to be released soon. He is in studio now doing new Dokken album. According to Kelly, Don and whole band sounds better than ever and you will believe it when you hear it. Very powerful. Strong vocals and Jon Levin's guitars will set new standards for rock guitar. Then he goes go on tour with Lynch following a new album Lynch and he will record in two weeks.

He will also be on tour supporting his album and his solo album which will be released in April through Mascot records. Opening up for ERIK NORLANDER. For more updates go to http://www.kellykeeling.com. Also according to Kelly, there is also 90% chance G-3 tour will happen with Michael Schenker / Lynch (featuring kelly keeling on vocals) and Yngwie Malmsteen headlining tour.

[02/10/04 update]
MSG European and U.S. Tour: Michael and the band are leaving in 2 weeks for the first leg of their European tour. They plan to possibly do some U.S. dates in March and early summer, and return to Europe after that. Michael is eager to get out there and see his fans again!

[02/08/04 update]
Interview with Gunter Nezhoda: You can find an interview with Gunter Nezhoda at www.hardrockheaven.net. He played bass on the upcoming 70's music cover album titled Endless Jam (refer to 01/14/04 entry). He talks about this album. According to him, they played "Whiter Shade of Pale (Procol Harum)" which includes 3 minute guitar solo from Michael Schenker at the end. He also said, "It contains some of the best solos I have ever heard from him". It's supposed to be released in April. He also stated that he hopes to be able to do an MSG album one of these days. Thank you for the info, Field Of Dreams Records!!

GRAHAM BONNET Joins ELEKTRIC ZOO: Legendary vocalist Graham Bonnet (RAINBOW, MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, ALCATRAZZ, IMPELLITTERI, BLACKTHORNE) has accepted an offer to join Italian guitarist Dario Mollo's new project ELEKTRIC ZOO. "The plan is [for the band] to tour Europe, including Spain, Austria, Belgium, Italy and the U.K., from mid-April to mid-May this year," reads a post on Bonnet's web site. "Hopefully the recording of an album will happen in summer and there will be another 25 gigs in the U.K. in October." Check out the official Graham Bonnet website.

[02/07/04 update]
Michael's Ovation on ebay: Michael Schenker's Custom Legend Ovation is now being auctioned on e-bay.

[02/05/04 update]
Michael's Message: Michael Schenker wants his fans to know his website will be updated soon. In the meantime he has a new girlfriend, and a new manager. Also, the next issue of Guitar World will have a more in depth interview with Michael. It will explain a lot to all of his fans. If anyone out there still has old information, Bella Piper is no longer associated with Michael's organization. Please contact Michael at his site first for any request, or you can contact his manager (NLewis9996@aol.com).

Amy Schugar Update: Amy Schugar's news section has been updated. It includes the information about the proposed show where she will play with Grave Digger from Germany.

[02/04/04 update]
Michael's new manager: Michael's new manager is Nancy Lewis, formerly of Gallin Morey Associates in Los Angeles. Please continue to consult Michael's personal web-site for anything concerning him. However if Michael is out of the country and does not have access to the Internet, you can e-mail Nancy Lewis (NLewis9996@aol.com) and she will try to help you.

Guitar World: The March issue of Guitar World has a small piece on Michael Schenker under the section titled the 100 Greatest Metal Guitarsit (p.72). It includes remarks "Though his own erratic behavior has occasionally hamstrung his career, Schenker contunues to be worshipped by a world-wide cult of diehard fans who adore his refined sense of melody and full-throated tone". His collaboration with Amy Schugar is also mentioned in the piece.

[02/01/04 update No.2]
Thank You!!!: Thank you for coming to see the debut live of M2SZ, a Schenker/Bonnet/Powell tribute band. I am so greatful that so many people came to see us. Our performance was not satisfactory but given the fact that it was our first live, I can say it went so-so. I have uploaded sound files on our website. I am sure you will like them. Please give them a listen.

[02/01/04 update]
Michael's new manager: Michael Scheneker has hired a new manager. That information will be available next week.

[01/30/04 update]
How is Michael?: Michael is getting ready for his upcoming tour and will be updating his website after he returns.

[01/28/04 update]
MSG European Tour Date Added: According to Chris Logan website's tours section, one more date of the MSG European tour has been confirmed as follows.

Sat 03/13/04 Katowice, Poland Metalmania Festival

[01/21/04 update]
Rev Jones Updates: Rev is doing a benefit show in RIDGECREST, CA on January 30th with his new band featuring PETE HOLMES (black symphony, black-n-blue, msg), RICKPLESTER (black symphony), WADE WILLIAMS (children), WAYNE FINDLAY (msg,vinnie moore), and REV JONES (black symphony, fort'e, msg). And, of course, he's also heading to Europe in February to tour with MSG.

[01/20/04 update]
UFO Sound Clips: Sample sound clips from UFO's new album titled "You Are Here" have been listed on the SITN site.

[01/17/04 update]
UFO Singles: Tristan has made a number of finds for UFO singles and would love to have a picture of each one next to the release details. In case you have any singles in your collection that are not shown on his page, he would greatly appreciate it if you could send him the jacket images with the release details.

[01/16/04 update]
MSG European Tour Dates Confirmed!!: According to Chris Logan website's tours section, the MSG European tour dates have been confirmed as follows. Thanks for the info, Roy!

Thu 02/26/04 Madrid, Spain Aqualung
Fri 02/27/04 Pamplona, Spain Sala Gares
Sat 02/28/04 Granada, Spain Piorno Rock Festival
Sun 02/29/04 Barcelona, Spain Bikini
Wed 03/03/04 Carpaneto Placentino, Italy The Field
Thu 03/04/04 Milan, Italy Indian's Saloon
Fri 03/05/04 Vincenza, Italy Mac 2
Sat 03/06/04 Bradford, UK Rio's
Mon 03/08/04 West Midlands, UK J.B.'s
Wed 03/10/04 London, UK Camden Palace

The tour lineup:

Michael Schenker - Lead Guitar
Chris Logan - Vocals
Wayne Findlay - Guitar/Keyboards
Rev Jones - Bass
Pete Holms - Drums

[01/14/04 update No.2]
Dunbar and Nezhoda on Endress Jam: Looks like both Gunter Nezhoda and Aynsley Dunbar are on the Endless Jam album, along with Michael Schenker and Davey Pattison (cf. 01/09/04 update). Thanks, Battty!


(Press Release) German Bassist GUNTER NEZHODA has made a name for himself in the past, with his contribution of groovy, melodic bass lines on various CDs, such as Pat Travers - P.T. Power Trio and Leslie West - Blues To Die for.

Gunter Nezhoda, who now calls Las Vegas home, has just finished his bass tracks for a new, soon to be released CD titled "Endless Jam", which features Michael Schenker, Davey Pattison, Aynsley Dunbar. Insider sources who have catched a few soundbites say, that this CD features some of the best guitar solos ever played by Michael Schenker. The CD is expected to be out early Spring 2004.

Currently, Gunter Nezhoda is recording a new CD with former Quiet Riot Singer Kevin Dubrow, featuring cover tunes from the 70's. Besides Nezhoda, Dubrow is accompanied by Kevin Curry on Guitar, former UFO/Badlands drummer and Racer X singer Jeff Martin, and Great White/Nightranger Keyboardist Michael Lardie. The CD, which is being recorded at Field of Dreams Records Studio in Las Vegas, will be released by Shrapnel Records in early 2004.

More info is available at http://www.gunternezhoda.com

[01/14/04 update]
Rev Jones Interview!!: Battttty did an interview to Rev Jones which can be found at the SITN site. Nice job, Battty!

[01/10/04 update]
A Happy Birthday!!: A happy 49th birthday, Michael!!!

Tribute Project Details: The details of the 01/31/04 event in which M2SZ, a new tribute project to Schenker/Bonnet/Powell will participate have been announced by the organizer (cf. 01/01/04 entry). Check out their website. There is also a sample sound clip there.

[01/09/04 update No.2]
MSG Tour Photos: Check the Live portion of the Photos section of the Chris Logan site for some brand new shots from the 2003 MSG Arachnophobiac tour taken by Libby Wendt (related entry: 01/04/04 update No.3).

[01/09/04 update]
'70s Cover Album by Michael Schenker (cont'd): Check out the website of Davey Hattison who is a partner of this Schenker/Hattison project. His news page says he is working with Michael on his latest release. Also appearing will be two cuts with legendary Mountain guitarist Leslie West.

[01/08/04 update No.2]
Barry Sparks Interview: Check out the interview to Barry Sparks by Battttty.

[01/08/04 update]
'70s Cover Album by Michael Schenker: Here is the information from the Mascot Records.

SCHENKER/PATTISON "Endless Jam" M 7093 2 May Smokin' guitar album - great '70's cover songs with Michael Schenker out for blood.

I guess this is what Michael mentioned in Shelly's interview. "Yeah, I'm actually ... Well, right now I have an offer to do cover versions of classic songs, and it's going to be with Shrapnel. Mike [Varney] is just going to put together songs with some other people, and I'm just going to come in and put the lead breaks on the songs. You know, that's something I'll be doing with Mike, and that's going to be happening at the beginning of next year. "

[01/05/04 update]
MSG European Dates: According to Chris Logan, the European tour dates which have been posted on this page (e.g., 01/04/04 update No.2) are not yet official. The European tour is still being worked out, so nothing is definite yet. So please be reminded that these are still tentative! He will post on his site the dates as soon as they are fixed. Thanks Chris.

[01/04/04 update No.3]
MSG Tour Photos: According to Peter, the website of Libby Wendt, a professional photographer, has some nice photos she took at the 11/30/03 West Hollywood show and the 12/04/03 Santa Ana show. She was the one who did the album cover and bandmembers' photos on Be Aware Of Scorpions.

Robin McAuley Official Site: Also, according to Peter, Robin McAuley has now an official website at www.robinmcauley.com.

[01/04/04 update No.2]
MSG Spanish Dates: MSG Tour Dates in Spain are listed on this website. Thanks for the info, Battttty! (See also 12/31/03 and 12/11/03 entries.)

Dia 26 de Febrero (Feb 26th) Sala Macumba (Madrid)
Dia 27(Feb 27th) Sala Jam (Bergara)
Dia 28 (Feb 28th) PIORNO ROCK (Granada)
Dia 29 (Feb 29th) Sala Bikini (Barcelona)

[01/04/04 update]
Schenker Jacket on Ebay: According to Eric, he is now auctioning Michael Schenker's jacket which he wore in the Never Ending Nightmare video and tour on ebay.

[01/03/04 update]
New Michael Schenker Interview: A new interview to Michael Schenker interview by A. Lee Graham can be found at ElectricBasement.com. Thanks for the info, Alex.

[01/01/04 update]
New Tribute Project Activated: Now the time is ripe. A new tribute project to Michael Schenker, Graham Bonnet and late Cozy Powell has just started. It's called M2SZ. Please visite their website. Their debut gig is planned on January 31 in Roppongi, Tokyo. The details of the gig should be announced in several days. I believe this band is promising.

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