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Updated on 07/10/2024

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Michael Schenker Tour Dates  Message to People of Japan Your Messages thank you guys!!!!!

[07/20/2024 update]
Michael Schenker's "My Years with UFO" Album Japan Release with Goods: According to Ward Records, the special sets of "My Years with UFO", Michael Schenker's upcoming album slated to be released worldwide on September 20, 2024 will be sold online in Japan with an autographed photo card, a T-shirt, a tote bag and/or their combination. Thanks, Tabata san!! (06/18/2024)

[07/12/2024 update]
More Michael Schenker Group Györ, Hungary Show Videos: Gina has kindly shared the videos she took at Michael Schenker Group's Györ, Hungary show which took place on July 8, 2024. Thanks, Gina!!

[07/10/2024 update]
More Michael Schenker Group Györ, Hungary Show Photos/Videos: Bogdan has kindly shared photos and videos he took at Michael Schenker Group's Györ, Hungary show which took place on July 8, 2024. Thanks, Bogdan!!

[07/09/2024 update]
Michael Schenker Group Györ, Hungary Show Photos: Hidenori has kindly shared photos he took at Michael Schenker Group's Györ, Hungary show which took place on July 8, 2024. Thanks, Hidenori!!

[07/07/2024 update]
Michael Schenker Group Barcelona Rock Fest Photos/Videos: Kris has kindly sent me photos and videos she took at Michael Schenker Group's show from the Barcelona Rock Fest which took place on July 6, 2024. Thanks, Kris!!

[06/19/2024 update No.2]
First Promo Video from "My Years with Ufo": The first promotional video of Mother Mary from Michael Schenker's "My Years with Ufo" Album is now available on YouTube

[06/19/2024 update]
Michael Schenker's "My Years with Ufo" Album (cont'd): According to Michael Schenker's official website, on this album, Michael Schenker was joiined by Derek Sherinian on keys, Brian Tichy on drums, and Barry Sparks on bass. And the first single from this album is "Mother Mary".

[06/18/2024 update]
Michael Schenker's "My Years with Ufo" Album: According to Amazon.com, Michael Schenker's new album titled "My Years with Ufo" featuring many well-known musicials will released on September 10, 2024 (* later changed to September 20) and now can be preordered. (cf. 07/06/2023 & 07/05/2023 updates)

Editorial Reviews

For the first time ever, Michael Schenker returns to his classic years with UFO, revisiting the era that catapulted both him and the British hard rock band to international stardom.

Produced by Michael Schenker and Michael Voss, the new album marks the 50th anniversary of Schenker's tenure with UFO, spanning from 1972 to 1978. Touring the globe as a teenager, Schenker became a driving force behind some of UFO's most beloved tracks, such as “Doctor Doctor”, “Rock Bottom”, and “Only You Can Rock Me”. During these meteoric years, the UFO albums 'Phenomenon,' 'Force It,' 'No Heavy Petting,' 'Lights Out,' 'Obsession,' and the seminal live album 'Strangers in the Night' were released, each contributing significantly to the genre.

Now, Michael Schenker is set to celebrate those glory days with his new album, 'My Years with UFO,' alongside today’s rock elite.

The new album presents 11 of UFO's greatest hits from that era with an impressive lineup of guest stars. Joining Schenker on this journey are Derek Sherinian on keys, Brian Tichy on drums, and Barry Sparks on bass.

The stellar roster of guest artists includes Axl Rose, Slash, Kai Hansen, Roger Glover, Joey Tempest, Biff Byford, Jeff Scott Soto, John Norum, Dee Snider, Joel Hoekstra, Joe Lynn Turner, Carmine Appice, Adrian Vandenberg, Michael Voss, Stephen Pearcy, and Erik Gronwall.

"Natural Thing" featuring Dee Snider and Joel Hoekstra
"Only You Can Rock Me" featuring Joey Tempest and Roger Glover
"Doctor, Doctor" featuring Joe Lynn Turner and Carmine Appice
"Mother Mary" featuring Slash and Erik Gronwall
"This Kids" featuring Biff Byford
"Love to Love" featuring Axl Rose
"Lights Out" featuring Jeff Scott Soto and John Norum
"Rock Bottom" featuring Kai Hansen
"Too Hot to Handle" featuring Joe Lynn Turner, Adrian Vandenberg, and Carmine Appice
"Let It Roll" featuring Michael Voss
"Shoot, Shoot" featuring Stephen Pearcy
[06/06/2024 update No.2]
Michael Schenker Group at Sweden Rock Festival Review & Photos: Miki has kindly sent me his review and amazing photos of Michael Schenker Group's performance at the Sweden Rock Festival which took place on June 5, 2024. Thanks and great job, Miki san!!

[06/06/2024 update]
Michael Schenker Hungary Show Venue Change: According to Michael Schenker's official website, their concert in Györ, Hungary, will now take place at the Olimpiai Sportpark due to a venue change. The date, July 8, and ticket link remain the same. (cf. 03/31/2024 update)


Mon 07/08/24 Györ, Hungary Olimpiai Sportpark

[03/31/2024 update]
MSG to Perform on 2025 Monsters Of Rock Cruise: According to Monsters Of Rock Cruise's Facebook, MSG will perform on the Monsters Of Rock Cruise which will take placeMarch 10-15, 2025. Apparently, Robin McAuley, Steve Mann and Bodo Schopf will join according to the Facebook posts of each of them.

[03/31/2024 update]
Michael Schenker Hungary Date Comformed: According to Michael Schenker's Facebook and official website, MSG featuring Robin McAuley will perform an exclusive club show in Györ, Hungary, on July 8.

Mon 07/08/24 Györ, Hungary Richter Terem

[01/30/2024 update]
Michael Schenker Speaks about His Favorite Songs - Song Roulette in German: Sven has kindly informed me that a few comments by Michael Schenker for a column called Song Roulette about his favorite songs were published on this site earlier this month. Thank you, Sven!!


Sven kindly gave us a few snippets.
The introduction describes Michael as someone who is listening more to sounds than songs.
About Tony Iommi: He says he loves Iommi's sound. Every song of Black. Sabbath sounds like they were using a power saw.
About Led Zeppelin: What Zeppelin did will last for the next 500 years.

The text is in German, but easy to understand if you use your favorite translator.

[01/26/2024 update]
Is It Loud Enough? Michael Schenker: 1980 - 1983: According to Michael Schenker's facebook post, a new set of CDs titled "Is It Loud Enough?" will be released.
Chrysalis Records to release 6-CD MSG boxset.
Is it Loud Enough? Michael Schenker: 1980 - 1983
6-CD, 66 track collection featuring 4 classic studio albums and 2 discs of rare & previously unreleased material. 52-page booklet with liner notes from Jerry Ewing and interviews with Michael Schenker, Gary Barden and Graham Bonnet. All housed inside a two-piece slipcase box set with all material newly remastered at AIR Studios.

Available to order now: https://michaelschenker.lnk.to/ITLE

[01/16/2024 update]
More Michael Schenker Belfast Show Photos/Videos: Sam has kindly shared the photos and videos he took at Michael Schenker Group's Belfast, UK show which took place on November 25. Thanks, Sam!!

[01/13/2024 update No.2]
Michael Schenker on Rock Hard Magazine (cont'd): Jigal has kindly sent me some of the contents of the cover article on Michael Schenker published in the German magazine "RockHard" as the article was in German. Thank you, Jigal!!
Hi Ritchie,

Thank you for keeping us all updated on MS news. And thank you as well for posting pictures of your tours in beautiful Japan. This is better than any travel magazine.

I am sending you pictures of the MS cover story from the January 2024 issue of the German magazine RockHard (MSG played at their summer festival last year).

There he talks about his UFO years. He said his parents were fine with him moving to England from Germany as he had already left his parental home and moved into his own apartment in Germany when he was 16 years old. In London he enjoyed going out to the Marquee or Speakeasy to listen to other bands. He calls Phil Mogg a rat, referring to the Chinese horoscope. As MS is a horse in this horoscope, they were a good match. Otherwise there isn't anything new in this article. A guy called Ulli Schiller, who is a recording engineer, remembers the evening of 9th April 1973, when UFO played a club called "Grille" in the German town of Minden. The opening acts were the German Bands Eloy and Scorpions. According to Schiller, UFO stopped their set after the third song. Then, when the audience was about to riot, the local promoter announced that the UFO guitar player was not able to continue, however the Scorpions guitarist would step in. Schiller claims that he had the chance to talk to Bernie Marsden about this incident during a recording session in 2017 and Marsden seemed to confirm his presence at the concert though in a very cryptic way. So is there an alternative to the Marsden-lost-his-passport-and-couldnt-make-it-to-the-gig-story? Maybe. Or just a catchy headline from this magarine.

All the best.
[01/13/2024 update]
Michael Schenker on Rock Hard Magazine: Here's the information from Michael Schenker's Facebok post.
The issue 439 of the great Rock Hard magazine feature a story about my UFO years (aside the amazing cover art).
Order the new ROCK HARD issue Vol. 439 in their online shop: https://shop.rockhard.de/de-de/rock-hard/
You can also read the new issue as an ePaper: https://epaper.rockhard.de
[01/12/2024 update]
Interview with Michael Schenker: An interview with Michael Schenker where he looked back on his carrer has been published on Classic Rock's website.

[01/09/2024 update]
More Michael Schenker Belfast Show Photos: Alan has kindly shared the photos he took at Michael Schenker Group's Belfast, UK show which took place on November 25. Thanks, Alan!!

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