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Hi Ritchie, Saw MSG in June in Dallas, the setlists have not changed a bit, not even one song ! Please post that most hardcore fans would like to hear some different songs from time to time. Especially from an artist with 40 plus studio albums ! Surprise your fans Michael, Highway Lady, Hot n Ready, I'm Going Mad, Captain Nemo, Take Me Through The Night, Self Made Man, Time, Looking Out From Nowhere, Reason's Love, Rock You To The Ground, In and Out of Time, Space Child, Save Yourself, the lists goes On and On ! ! Thanks Steve in Dallas, Texas (added: 09/30/09)
Hi Ritchie, fantastic site full of wonderful information past, present and the future of MSG, UFO and more importantly Michael himself...hope all is well with the great man.
Last seen Michael at M/chester top gig...

Tribute UK..
May 2008

The band is formed from dedicated fans of Michael, his music and for the pure guitar playing genius that has inspired millions of guitarist world wide.

Limelight, Crewe...........................18 May
Mosesgate, Bolton........................25 May
Hare and Hounds, B/Ham..............04 June
The Point. Cardiff..........................17 July
Riffs,Blackpool.............................25 July
more dates TBA...

once again great site for all the fans... Are We Ready To Rock


love your site. thanks for keeping up with the Michael schenker and friends tour. i look at your site every morning before i go to work.

Thomas (added: 02/14/08)
Hello Ritchie,

This might be interesting for you (or the website):

Look at the bottom of the page for the 1974 Gibson Flying V.

Keep up the good work with your MS website!

Henk (added: 12/31/07)
My message about ..Michael & Friends..

Thanks for keeping us up to date on events. I wrote to you before about the Belfast date which I hope he will come back to when more dates are announced. There has been a fair bit about who is playing on the new album and the tour to coincide with that but I have not seen or heard any detail about who comprises the "Friends" line up particularily as his former vocalist has announced he is not with him any more. Anybody have any ideas about this line up?

The album line up sounds really impressive though.

Keep up the good work.

By the way I finally did get my MSG T shirt from the USA, thanks for your assistance anyway in trying to track one down.

It still concerns me that Michael doesnft seem to accept full responsibilities for his career paths. He doesnft owe me an apology but he owes one to himself. When that happens then we may witness the greatest writer of melodies create for many more years. Yes, he is clearly one of the greatest electric guitar players of all time. But also his gift for melody is too often over looked when it is in fact the fountain of his brilliance.

He canft listen to our gushing patronization and let it be acceptance of ill comportment.

Additionally, Michael has frequently faltered at edge of larger acceptanceca form of stage freight and humility that in an odd way is endearing. Regardless he (like us), must be true to himself---until then he can not be true to others.

Hi Ritchie

Here is my message for your 'your messages' page.

To me it always seems that when people write in about Michael Schenker many different confusions seem to abound, and that these then get turned into harmful gossip. Here is my attempt to end these confusions.

(1) A distinction should be made between somebody not being able to perform because of illness and somebody 'permanently losing it'. One of my friends is a lawyer. When he is ill, he cannot handle cases. Does this mean he has 'permanently lost his legal skills'? Not at all! That would be an outrageous conclusion. In the same way, there really is a lot of 'heat of the moment' faulty extrapolation going on in relation to Michael Schenker.

(2) There is abundant evidence that Michael Schenker's guitar skills have actually improved over the years and not the other way around.

Thus, (a), in relation to Michael's greatest solos, I have composed two lists that may be found at and Careful examination will show that the proportion of brilliant soloing is slightly higher in Schenker's later work. In my view, there is no way Schenker could have composed the solo at the end of Old Man With Sheep on Mars (2000) in his early days. Also, Schenker simply did not have the control demonstrated throughout the 'Endless Jam' soloing (2004-2005) in his early days. He had the blistering fire, but not the same levels of control or composition. It is simply an empirical fact. 'Nostalgia' is not the only critical criterion that must be applied.

Further, (b), in relation to Michael's greatest riffs, and in relation to his ability to explode the simple 'riff vs. solo' binary opposition implicit in most two-dimensional rock, then his later works show much greater strengths in terms of layered complexity than his earlier works. Tracks like 'Freedom' on TORR are spectacular in this respect, but generally 'layered complexity' and genre-redefining use of the guitar have marked Michael's last 12 years of playing far more than the 24 years prior to that. A track such as 'Standing on the Road' from Be Aware of Scorpions would have been impossible for Michael in his early days. Of course, nobody can doubt the world-beating Schenker-Mogg combination. And yet, again, I would point to the strength of the Schenker-Mogg SONGS, as opposed to Michael's playing as such. The distinction between songs and playing needs to be maintained. Even here, though, several superb songs pepper Michael's later material as well. Thus, on, I have composed my ideal Schenker gig, and 14 of the 25 songs are from the last 12 years of Schenker's material.

(3) Thus, a distinction has to be made between, on the one hand, 'loss of the facility for nostalgic revisitation' and the anger that that causes some who yearn for the early days, and, on the other hand, 'loss of ability in relation to playing and song-writing' and the anger that that might cause. What happens is that some people, when their nostalgic yearnings are thwarted, mislabel that anger as to do with 'loss of ability', and then they spurt out more rubbish about Michael having 'lost it'. Of course, when Michael is too ill to play, then he may seem to have lost 'ability to play'. But, on this point, see my point on false logical extrapolation (above).

(4) So, it seems to me that the twin misconceptions to do with Michael 'losing it' either (a) after his early UFO days or, (b), after his early MSG days, are precisely that: misconceptions. These misconceptions are based upon (a) false logical 'heat of the moment' angry extrapolation when Michael is to ill to perform, (b) ignorance or closed attitudes in relation to Michael's later material or in relation to music more broadly, and (c) on a mislabelling of the anger caused by thwarted desires for nostalgic revisitation.

(5) I find it amazing that Michael has continued to improve his output when faced with this kind of primitive behaviour and persecution. Isn't there a danger of actually breaking Michael's heart by behaving in such dangerously false and outspoken ways? Of course, this would become a self-fulfilling prophecy if Michael became too ill to play precisely because people had asserted in his face that he couldn't for so many years. No human being can perform properly when faced with such vehement rejection. Even Christ could do very little in some places because of their 'lack of faith' (i.e. they rejected him). And if that is true of God, how much more of a mere man like Michael?

(6) I predict that if Michael receives the positive reinforcement in relation to his music that he so richly deserves, then his sense of vindication would be sufficient for him to be able to perform well and hear genuine criticisms. It is simply a psychological fact that people who have suffered great injustices get to a point when their sense of outrage is so strong that they can't hear genuine criticisms until they have received vindication for genuine injustices that they have faced.

Thanks Ritchie!

Best wishes mate

Rob Knowles

Hi Ritchie,

I would like first of all to echo the compliments about your site - your news section is superb - I'm glad that the largely unheraled genius of Schenker has a proper fan's site!

In truth, the latest UK tour has been a sobering sight, and given that the 'Schenker's lost it comments' seem to rearing their tired heads again, it's forced me to think about his recent career. In terms of his recent studio output, I think he's been on sparkling form.

The Endless Jam's are both spectacular - the soloing on While My Guitar Gently Weeps expresses subtleties it seems only Schenker can, and give strong evidence he's technically branching out - whilst Tales of Rock'n Roll is a remarkably intense, visionary composition - it energises with new riffs constantly. Given the footage on YouTube from the recent American gigs, he can execute this, too.

I hope he gets the support and encouragement everyone needs at some point - as many bands have folded under much less pressure!

Kind Regards,
Tim Smith

Re: Michael Schenker at R&B Derbyshire I was at R & B in Derbyshire at the front and I booed. I wrote him an angry email.

I thought you were just drunk and didn't care. I am sorry.

Power Metal Head

Hi Ritchie,

Thanks for keeping your site going. No doubt Schenker's music has been good over the years, although TORR is crap, lets be honest. Also the Archnophobiac was ok but then Schenker was beyond even playing on it. I've seen Schenker twice in the good days 1983 and 1986. Also met him following a UFO show in Glasgow in 2000, two days before a previous meltdown.

I had a ticket to see him in Belfast last night 10/8/2007, out local newspaper, Belfast Telegraph reports that Michael is currently in rehab, I do hope this is true for his own sake. It's kind of sad when your heroes fade, to be honest from what I've read lately it's probably better that he cancelled. More recently it was good to see Zakk Wylde in Glasgow now there is a player and a showman.

Just one last word, saw UFO in Belfast in march, in a tiny place, they were excellent. While Vinnie Moore is an excellent player, although he had been reaching out to the crows, i was in front of him the whole show. In the end he favoured to give his guitar pick to a little blonde that just popped in front of me. Now there you go, ain't that a surprise.

keep her lit


Rob Knowles and Matt C. have put their 'Schenker's best solos' lists on through their "Listmania" facility. These lists are very impressive. It would be interesting to see other fans' lists, too. Thanks, Rob and Matt, for your effort!!!! Check out Amazon U.K.

If I am allowed to take five albums with me into the coffin, I have already decided three of them: Strangers In The Night, Live at Budokan and Tapersty (Carole King).


Any actual news on how Michael is doing - I should have been seeing him in Belfast tonight so I will be thinking of him. I had also wanted to replace my aged and well worn MSG T shirt, the one with the guitar through the MSG logo. I would like to be able to wear one again but I cannot find one anywhere despite trawling through the net. Any one have any suggestions where to get one.Thanks.

Rob Aiken

Hi Ritchie -

Firstly, my compliments on your invaluable website - I've been a fan of Michael's for many, many years, and your site is a real gift to those of us who are inspired by Mr Schenker's musicianship. I've been silent until now, but I think it's time to express my thoughts on recent developments, so I'd be obliged if you could add the following to your message page. Thank you.

I think first of all that we become greedy when we are in the presence of sublime talent. We want more and more of it; we want the artist to surpass themselves at each occasion, or at least to match their matchless achievements. We want them to be perfect. And unfortunately, that's asking too much. It shouldnft be required of our heroes that they be perfect, just that they be extraordinary.

As a creative person myself, I know how despicably hard it is to perform at one's best whilst miserable, downhearted, or exhausted. There's an old myth that says that the best art comes from misery. It's a malicious untruth. Misery encourages nothing but more unhappiness; there's no 'silver lining' to stimulate artistry. But the weight of expectation being forever upon the artist's shoulders, he struggles to go on where perhaps others wouldn't. So we have seen here.

I hope now that Michael will relax and take stock. It would be unfair to ask any more of him; he's gifted us with a lifetime's worth of wonderful music, and that's already a debt that cannot be repaid to him. His true fans are those that appreciate not just the now, but what has gone before. And in reflecting on that, I know we all wish him the speediest and soundest recovery, and sincerely hope for his future happiness and well-being.

Best wishes,


I was in rehab with Michael several years ago in Phoenix. He is a tremendously spiritual guy that puts a lot of pressure on himself. Alcoholism is a disease and he can arrest it with God's help. He knows what to do and I hope he will do it. For the assholes posting negative comments on other websites, you don't have a clue what Michael is about. When I met him I did not know he was. Because I didn't want anything from him, he opened up to me. He is a good man.


First off being bi-polar is serious. Secondly Michael has a reputation for not being able to take on a whole tour. Michael has been worshipped and spoiled by being the "rockstar" , its time to grow up. Life is full of hardships , Michael has never had to grow up. You know , like raising your own kids instead of living in another country. Michael creates most of his own tormoil , if not all of it. Drinking and drugs dont make problems go away. Stop baby-ing the man and tell him to get up off his ass and face life, and yes rehab and emotional therapy would help. And stop running away , you know like with ufo and the scorpions ! Steve

hi ritchie
what can i say thats not already been written? at 13yrs old i went to my first live gig, it was at the Apollo Manchester to see msg 'On The Rack' tour, if anyone can remember. the man's been my hero and inspiration ever since. i taught myself to play the guitar, i even had a Gibson-V- mk II (which was later stolen from a friends house may i add) over the years ive seen the best bands in the world, but no one (apart from maybe Randy Rhodes or Eddie Van Halen) comes anywhere near. So how excited am i, going back to Manchester to see msg again? Well, ive got to say, it almost brought me to tears. i wanted to go home before the 'Scorps' came on, (im glad i didnt cause ive got to say, were awsome! and absolute pro's) i was so upset, theres my hero stood 10feet in front of me, stagering around, not seeming to know whats going on, or seeming to care! With people shouting and calling him all around me. somebody shouts..'how can someone so good, be so bad?' a guy next to me actually cried! as i felt like doing. so i went up to the bar to drown my sorrows before the scorpions were due on. came back down and stood about half way down against the side walls, not that interested anymore. suddenly Michaels on stage again, he staggers on during their set and for a split second i thought maybe he`s ok to play now? but he was quickly ushered back off, so by now im feeling bad again, let down and angry. what happens next i could`nt believe, i looked round and saw my mate talking to Wayne (what a nice guy!) he was appologising to us, saying they tried there best under difficult circimstances.(nobody knew just how difficult until reading about what happened to them recently in the u.s.) and stood right behind me, watching how good his brother looked on stage, was MICHAEL SCHENKER! i know some people wont want to hear this but he was clearly 'on something'. He was stood with a hoodie up, dark shades, beard long and disheveled, holding a plastic pint pot. Despite everything, i couldnt wait to just shake his hand,and i did, telling him what an honour it was to meet him! and as he held my hand, swaying he muttered 'unbelievable! i can only assume he was refering to how good the scorps were. then he stood on my mates wifes foot, as he was guided back down the isle and into the darkness. my nights gone from up, down back to up, ive met him in person,surely that makes up for everything else? doesn`t it?. I overheard someone on the way out saying..'God help him if he's like that tomorrow at Hammersmith!', the rest is history.So what did i do? Quite simply i have to give this man the benifit, its the least i can do, he's given me so much more over the past twenty odd years. The very next day,me and my mate, who was also at that first gig with me, who is also a lifelong fan,and has a 'V' (signed by Schenker, check out his Ready to Rock and Doctor, Doctor on you tube, under 'venners') we bought tickets to see him play in Huddersfield, we should've been there tonight. As true fans, of course we`re bound to feel upset, sad, angry and let down..'how can he accept a fee for that?' some have written, well i'll tell you what..i, like most, would be happy to pay towards his fuel, or his hotel bills if it means that we see 'our hero' back to full health. We, as true fans, simply have to give this truely inspirational man, the benefit he deserves.

Get well soon Michael, and God bless.



OK, Let me put a few things straight... I was there at the festival and only some 10 yards away from it all backstage, Michael was very drunk on brandy, I witnessed Michael attempting to attack the production manager for which he was restrained, I saw and heard him verbally abusing the stage crew,catering and security staff, I heard the caterers say that they would not go into his dressing room for fear of being attacked and/or verbally abused, this is why his dressing room had no food in it.
I saw with my own eyes when Rudolf came off stage mid set to get something from his tour coach and Michael started shouting at him, he had to be restrained again for fear of fighting with Rudolf, he then started physically attacking security staff!!! I have been told Michael also damaged his dressing room.
Michael and his crew were later told to leave the showground.
This is the truth as I was there with another performing band and witnessed it with my own eyes, it was a disgrace and a shame.
I do hope he gets help and treatment as he is obviously very ill.

Best Regards
A Well Wisher

Hi Ritchie,

Good idea to open this mail page. Thank you.

I would also thanks Alan, for his statement and explanations for us, it's very kind, so thank you Alan!!

And at last but not least, for you Michael, I don't know if you will read that, but in that case, I just want you to say, that your efforts were kindly appreciated by your true fans, don't take care of the people who was whistling, they just don't know what's the matter, and don't know too, how great you were, you are and you'll always be, not only as the Mad Axeman, but as the man himself too! So take care of you, get well, and when you will feel good, we'll be ready to rock!

You're our guitar hero, and everybody loves you and wish you well, don't forget that.



My opinions are all over Ritchie's website so I haven't really got anything to add except this..... Just remember that even when things are as bad as you think they can get.... the truth is, they could always be worse. Yes - you could have Pete Way living in your spare room. (See! You're feeling better already!)


Just wanted to add my comments. Discovered this site for the first time yesterday and was hugely impressed especially as it gave the background to the whole sorry story of Michael and the unbelievable way he has been treated by promoters. Could not believe the stories of him being put off the tour bus in the States and left on the street, sitting in an empty portacabin in Engand, petrol not being paid for the tour bus, only some examples of the appalling treatment this man has been suffering. No wonder he is ill.

Lets face it this man is a guitar genius and should be as big as Clapton and feted wherever he goes as the true superstar he deserves to be. Not sitting in an empty portacabin.

I am from Northern Ireland and first saw MSG in the Ulster Hall with Gary Barden, I thought it was brilliant. Had been a fan since my brother mentioned he had heard a song he thought I would like so I bought it - Only you can rock me. That started me as a fan and have been ever since. So it was with great delight having written to the MSHimself website saying he should play the Spring & Airbrake in Belfast that 2 weeks later a gig was announced, still do not know if it was a result of my writing. I told him I had just seen UFO play there and it was a great little venue. Bought the first tickets and was eagerly awaiting the gig until I heard the bad news it was cancelled. Me and my mates were very disappointed.

Here is hoping Michael makes a full recovery and is back playing again. If you are reading this Michael please remember to come back to Belfast where we will give you a proper welcome and the hospitality you richly deserve.

Get well soon

Rob Aiken, on behalf of your Norn Iron fans.

Re: get well michael

Hi Ritchie

   Again many thanks for your wunderful site, I'am very sad to hear of Michael's recent turn of event's As the tour in the US started I was all set to go to Buffalo to see him, as I live in Montreal. It was the closest venue to see him. 7 hrs drive., As I can say I am dissipointed I'am not angry, Michael's music has givin me so much pleasure over the years, It would'nt justify it.
   After reading Allan Walshes interview I'am discusted of the people who are managing him, I hope Michael takes care of himself first and foremost, and when decides to tour again has a real team behind him,
   I have written Michael a positive letter on his website, as well. I know we havn't heard the last notes of his V yet, And none of us are going away anytime soon.

             Take care

Hi Ritchie
Brian M here from Scotland UK
I tried unsuccessfully to contact you after the show in London, I had travelled 400 miles to see Michael especially at the Scorpions show. My initial thoughts of disgust and resentment at the show have faded with the acceptance of the views of our friends on your web site and I am hoping that all our collective best wishes can do something to help Michael at this lowest of times. I really cannot understand why he was allowed, or wanted to be on stage in this frame of mind, but am still willing to be "Positive forward" to Mr. Michael Schenker, who has given me some of the most fantastic music I have heard over 30 years of my life. God bless Michael, some of us are always with you, and always will be.

Hi Ritchie,

A great idea to post messages of support.

I've not been aware of Michael's work for long, but he has very quickly become my favourite guitarist. And by a long way. It's clear that God has given him an extra special gift. The fact that he continues to share it with his fans, even in times of great personal difficulty, is a great testimony to his resilience and strength of character.

My prayers now are for Michael and the people around him. He needs rest, strong support and encouragement from people he can trust. Hopefully, he will also take heart from the many well wishers who post their thoughts.

Having attended several of the recent MSG UK gigs, I was appalled at some of the criticism that was levelled at Michael and the band for allowing the dates to go ahead. It was staggering how some people can be so vile. And, in the process, so wrong about the ultimate facts of the matter.

Mr Schenker, hats off to you friend, your mammoth efforts to entertain at all costs are appreciated by your true fans. We all love the music, but even from these short messages it's obvious that many love the man behind it. Your well being is the most important thing to us - so please don't rush back before you're ready.

Every blessing,

Matt C

Dear Ritchie,

Thank you for the constant effort that you have made over the years in maintaining your site for all of Michael's fans.

I saw Michael at Derby, Manchester and the Stourbridge gigs. Thank you Alan for giving us some explanation in his e-mail as to what was going on. It is appreciated.

It was very noticeable at all of the gigs that I witnessed that some people were vocally intent on showing their annoyance and were not interested in explanation. This was clearly evident at Stourbrige when initally people didn't give Alan opportunity to make his comments about the cancellation of the gig. I do point out however, that some people that I spoke to had no idea what had happened at other gigs. I have myself been the victim of travelling many miles to a venue to see Michael to find that the show has been cancelled. It is extremely frustrating when this has happened on so many occasions to people. On the other hand it was also clear at these shows give how many loyal supporters have stayed with Michael through the good times and the bad.

I also must praise the band who against the odds were thoroughly professional throughout and on each occasion did their best to support and assist Michael.

The music of both Michael and UFO has helped me so much over the years when I have felt low. I was so looking forward to going to these shows. I just hope that Michael is soon well and at some stage reschedules the cancelled dates. Those who care will be there !!

Best Wishes


Re: MSG UK Tour

Hi Ritchie,
After following Michael Schenker for 27 years I was looking forward with anticipation of seeing MSG again in Manchester.
I thought that this tour would be special, especially touring the first part with the Scorpions.
When MSG took to the stage I was shocked to see a shadow of his former self looking somewhat confused but the performance is well documented so enough on that.
Anyway my point is that I cannot understand why MSG cannot seem to get the correct management in place for the tours (I understand this is partly to blame amongst other things).
There must be someone out there who is willing to make a succesful tour for the good of Michael and the band / fans for what they can produce on the day.
As a loyal yet frustrated MS fan, I would personnally contribute towards a tour bus - hotel bookings etc etc.
I have spoken to other MSG fans about this over the last week or so and they all agree that a decent management team is needed. They certainly deserve better than what I saw in Manchester.
I hope Michael recovers soon and MSG are soon 'Ready To Rock' again.

Keep up the good work Ritchie.

Kind regards

Ian Darnbrough
Bradford - UK

I still Love Michael and will suppoert him no matter what happens. I am very sorry to have missed the Allentown PA. gig. I was really looking forward to seeing Michael for the first time live. We can only hope that he can pull it together at some point and come back to the USA!

I love Michael Schenker!!!!!


Wishing the best for Michael Schenker. I worked as a guitar tech for thee McAuley Schenker Group in 1990/1991. It's sad that Michael must suffer through such hardships. My thoughts and prayers certainly are with him....

Remembering how I used to wake up early on the tour bus, just to hear Michael practice for 2/3 hours each day. Just Michael, playing his Flying V quietly through a small Gallien Krueger amp with two 6inch speakers. A guitar fan's dream. His playing was awe inspiring at that time and I hope that he is back soon, astounding the world with his great gift.

Michael is a truly humble, gentle man. That's my entire experience with him, never anything less than a gentleman. The world can be a very hard place for sensitive, caring souls who so often exacerbate their pain with alcohol, etc....Please see through the self medication and love the person underneath and give them love and compassion, as we should for all souls.

tony conley
Location: Dayton, Ohio, USA
Homepage Title: rock guitar daily
Homepage URL:

Hey Ritchie - Here is my statement of support below:

I was a casual UFO fan in 1978 when I first heard "Between the Walls" at the end of "This Kids" from the album "Force It". Emotion in Michael's playing bringing out emotion in me. I was hooked. Then I bought "Strangers". And then everything before and since. Took a sick day, drove 2 hours and sat in line for hours to get in to see MSG for the first in 1984. I have now seen Michael live twenty times. UFO, MSG, Unplugged. Magical every time. The anticipation of new albums and finally throwing them on the CD player, letting Michael's musical talent flow to my ears and through my mind. The Best.

And Michael's true fans. Friendly. Loyal. Giving. Caring. Amazed at Michael's work yet supportive during trying times. I have more friends in the Michael Schenker community than I do at work or church. Get to hang with them. Share with them. Communicate across oceans and continents. Because of the power of the man's music. I started my internet radio station 7 years ago just to promote Schenker's music to those who were unaware of his genius.

Michael's ability to compose Heavy Hard Rock with soaring passages and delicate instrumentals is above all else in the world of Rock. I pray Michael, that you can take the time to relax, recharge your soul and batteries, and again one day share your musical ability with us, either on record or live on stage. Many of us support you as a human being before we worry about the great musician you are. It comes from our hearts just as your music comes from your heart.


hello ritchie,

john from sacramento here,

felt the need to write....

number 1. why does'nt someone close to michael help him, why did they even let him try to perform if he was'nt able to...i'm not apoligizing for the guy at all, but why does'nt someone step up and help him out.....

2. i went to the show in sacramento 2 months was great, 2 hrs...i have'nt seen a msg band this happy to be playing together in along time...the logan/rev band did not impress me at all, in fact i thought they were horrible...but you could tell these new members were into much more talented...jari was cool, wayne as always very cool, bass, thank god he did'nt spin around like rev jones, so annoying..the drummer, cant think of his name was really good, i saw him with mcauley/schenker in the 80's, very cool....

i think we need to be honest, the one guy wrote " the 12 sober shows in the usa", well michael had a couple beers in sacramento, hell i don't care, i'm not looking for a role model, don't get me wrong, he was fine, not hammered...but lets get the story straight

he's the best guitarist i've ever heard and that's why i was there...i've seen schenker probably 20 times at least starting back in 1979 with ufo in lodi, ca....was hooked ever since...

come on everybody, get off ur soapbox, we all have problems....i just wish someone would help him out....2 months ago, he looked better then he has in years..and to fall apart so quick.....someone help the man out...

thank you

john costello

Re: youtube, new and really worth watching

This is touching stuffc

Whoever added this should be thanked.



Re: Michael

Over the years, we all have had much to discuss about Michael Schenker. From the highs to the lows, it just seemed to be a "rock and roll life" much like others in similar shoes. Ritchie Blackmore comes to mind. Now however, those similarities all disappear. I have been a critical voice at times. I wasn't pleased about the US tour mess, but understood about the management company. The UK tour looked initially like a continuation of that. Now, I can see/sense that this is not the case. Thank you Alan Walsh for putting into words what has been occurring these past days. It is difficult to understand (from the outside looking in) what could have led to Michaels condition, but that interview sure did. Get well Michael, and only do one thing from this point forward; Take Care of Yourself.


Re: A time for healing and wellness

Hi Ricthie,

I was very happy to read that Michael's family and friends have come to his aid, Its time for healing, rest and reflection. In time I know that he will triumph over these diificult circumstances that he is now dealing with. Over the years, Michael has been an example of inspiration, expertise and mentorship to me and many around the globe and its wonderful to see all the support coming from his family and fans -- a true testimony of grace.

Get well soon Michael, God has great plans for you.



Re: Michael

Hi Ritchie,

Thanks again for your fan site. I visit it everyday.

I am very sad reading about Michael. To read about how the guitar genious who is my biggest musical inspiration now is disintegrating before the eyes of his fans. Thanks also to Robert's very well and warmly written review. Michaels carrier has always been a roller coaster ride and everytime I read about a low situation i sincerely fear that it might be the last one. Surprisingly he so far has had the amazing ability to come back from the deep low and make more magic again. Michael posesses a magic wand and I pray that he gets the help he needs and that he will be back doing that magic again soon.


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