Michael Schenker Tour Information and News
Information updated January - June 2005

[06/28/05 update]
The Guitarist of Genius - Michael Schenker Published: As was reported here on 06/06, a new book titled "Guitarists of Genius - Michae Schenker" has been published as of today. Contents of this 160-page book are as follows:

All in Japanese
ISBN 4-401-61944-7
Price: Yen 2,520

[06/23/05 update No.2]
Michael Schenker Video on Scorpions DVD: According to HMV Japan, Scorpions' new DVD titled "Unbreakable World Tour 2004 One Night In Vienna" contains a documentary video including the treasure footage of Michael Schenker taken while he was a member of Scorpions. This DVD will be released on August 24 in Japan (release in Germany is June 27).

[06/23/05 update]
Tristan's Webpages: Tristan has a couple of nice webpages. Check them out!! Thank you, Tristan.

The new DVD - Live in Tokyo 1997- The design process of how to get to the final design for the new DVD:

UUFO - UK's leading Tribute band who have just released a CD - Night Bars and Guitars:

[06/21/05 update]
MSG DVD Competition: Here are giveaways of the new MSG DVD titled "Live In Tokyo 1997", presented by Music Video Distributors (MVD), a leading Music DVD producer and distributor!! Please send me your answer to the following question:

What is the name of the city where the MSG's only gig with Graham Bonnet on vocal took place?

Entrants must be from North America. The contest runs from now until 11:00am EDT of July 11th. THREE entrants who answer correctly will randomly be chosen to receive the DVD. The winners are scheduled to be announced on the DVD U.S. street date (July 12th). (Related entry: 06/01/05 update)

[06/14/05 update]
Siggi Schwarz & Legends Project Vol.II (Additional Info): Here are some additional information on "Siggi Schwarz & The Rock Legends Vol.II - Woodstock". Guitar players on each track are as follows. (cf. 06/10/05 update No.2)

  1. Summertime Blues (Schenker, Schwarz)
  2. With A Little Help From My Friends (Whitehorn, Schwarz))
  3. Woodstock (Lukather, Whitehorn, Schwarz)
  4. Freedom - Motherless Child (Schenker, Whitehorn, Schwarz)
  5. Purple Haze (Lukather, Whitehorn, Schwarz)
  6. Try (Whitehorn, Conti, Schwarz)
  7. Black Magic Woman (Whitehorn, Schwarz)
  8. Tobacco Road (Schenker, Schwarz)
  9. Red House (Whitehorn, Conti, Schwarz)
  10. Fire (Lukather, Whitehorn, Schwarz)
  11. Let's Work Together(Schenker, Whitehorn, Conti, Schwarz)
  12. Kozmic Blues (Whitehorn, Schwarz) (04:41)
  13. Jingo (Whitehorn, Schwarz)
  14. On The Road Again (Whitehorn, Cpmti, Schwarz) (04:54)
Extra Video Tracks is 7 minute 16 second long and comprised of footage of studio recording/rehearsal of Alex Conti, Chris Thompson, Erin Perry, Geoff Whitehorn, Jose Cartijo, Martin Hesener, Michael Schenker, Siggi Schwarz and Wolfgang Fierek. Michael played and talked with Siggi in German. He played some amazing licks!

Michael Schenker's Recording Equipment:
Marshall JCM 800 Mod. 2205 50 Watt
Marshall JCM 800 Mod. 4210 50 Watt Combo
Marshall 1960 Classic Cabinet Greenbacks
Cry Baby Dimebag Wah
Dean "Michael Schenker Signature" Flying V
Michael Schenker recorded exclusively with Dean Guitars

I have given it only a few listens but this is a great album. Michael did a great job as always, so did other players. Especially the lead exchange of Michael and Siggi is really cool. Michael has experienced up and downs, mayby more downs lately. However, we are lucky enough as we can still appreciate so many materials of him. I take this opportunity to thank Siggi for planning and making this projet. Look forward to Siggi Vol. III!!

[06/10/05 update No.2]
Siggi Schwarz & Legends Project Vol.II: Siggi Schwarz who released the album titled "Siggi Schwarz & The Electricguitar Legends" last year (cf. 10/19/2004), will release a new CD titled "Siggi Schwarz & The Rock Legends Vol.II - Woodstock". It is schedueld to be released on June 17. Michael Schenker again played on some of the tracks (cf. 11/13/2004). Other musicians include Chris Thompson on vocals, Steve Lukather, Geoff Whitehorn and Alex Conti. It features the following 14 tracks covered from the legendary Woorstock concert. It can be ordered from J.P.C. website. Shinjuku Records in Tokyo will also import the CDs soon.

  1. Summertime Blues (Cochran/Capeheart) (03:34)
  2. With A Little Help From My Friends (Lennon/McCartney) (06:35)
  3. Woodstock (Joni Mitchell) (05:02)
  4. Freedom - Motherless Child (R. Havens) (04:49)
  5. Purple Haze (J. Hendrix) (04:03)
  6. Try (C. Taylor/J. Ragovay) (04:48)
  7. Black Magic Woman (Green) (04:52)
  8. Tobacco Road (Loudermilk) (04:10)
  9. Red House (J. Hendrix) (05:12)
  10. Fire (J. Hendrix) (03:51)
  11. Let's Work Together(Harrison) (03:52)
  12. Kozmic Blues (G. Mekler/J. Joplin) (04:41)
  13. Jingo (Olatunji) (04:56)
  14. On The Road Again (Jones/Wilson) (04:54)

    + Extra Video Tracks

[06/10/05 update]
Photo of Michael Schenker Original Gibson Flying V under Repair: The website of Mr. Jol Dantzig (www.dantzig.com) who was a founding partner of the Hamer Guitar company, has a photo of Michael Schenker's original Gibson V being repaired and refinished in the Hamer shop (link is here). The site says that Hamer was responsible for the source of the now famous black/white paint scheme, and that there were several Hamer-constructed B/W Vs made for Michael including one with a Floyd Rose. In 1988, Dantzig and his partner Frank Untermyer sold Hamer to the Kaman Music Corporation which is famous for Ovation guitar, but Dantzig team is still building Hamer guitars according to his bio. Thank you for the info, Michael (not Schenker, I suppose)!!

[06/07/05 update]
Heavy Hitters Release Information: According to CD Universe, "Heavy Hitters" album by Michael Schenker with an all-star lineup of musicians including Edgar Winter, Sebastian Bach, Tommy Shaw, Tony Levin, etc. is due on the street on July 12th and now can be pre-ordered from there. Thank you for the info, Tom!!! HMV Japan's website and Amazon Japan website have same information. (For details of the lineup, see 01/20/05 update.)

"Heavy Hitters" Track Listing

  1. All Shook Up
  2. Blood Of The Sun
  3. Doctor Doctor
  4. War Pigs
  5. I'm Not Talking
  6. Money
  7. I Don't Live Today
  8. Hair Of The Dog
  9. Out In The Fields
  10. Politician

[06/06/05 update]
New Book on Michael Schenker: Shinko Music of Japan will publish on June 28 a new book titled "Tensai (Genius) Guitarist: Michael Schenker". This 164-page book contains special pinups, story of Michael Schenker, perfect discography, Michael Scheneker's Flying V history and analysis, guitar sound and play analysis, all the past interviews conducted by Young Guitar magazine, etc. Price: Japanese Yen 2,520. ISBN 4-401-61944-7. For more info, check out Shinko Music website (in Japanese).

[06/01/05 update]
MSG New DVD Review: I viewed the new MSG DVD titled "Live In Tokyo 1997." Details of the DVD can be found on the 05/05 update. Here are some additional information and my brief review.

I didn't compare in detail, but I believe the main show footage is same as The Michael Schenker Story Live video, and the bonus show footage is an excerpt from Michael Schenker Live in Japan video. Both videos were released from Michael Schenker Records in the past. Especially because those videos of mine have been already deteriorated, I am very much happy about this DVD. I went to see both shows. I come to realize again how great those gigs were. Especially, the 1997 show is one of the best shows in MSG history. My review of the video and the show are still valid. I kind of felt like crying while watching Michael doing high-touch with the audience. It is true the bonus bootlegeed video is not of high quality but I don't care. I enjoyed watching it again. I wish the entire show were included.

According to the sleeve, the interview was conducted in December 2004 (not January 2005 as previously reported) in Germany. It's a good interview. Michael who was apparently having a cold, sort of looked back on his career.

Interview done and edited by Derek Switala - Metal Hammer (26 min.)

  1. Football vs Music
  2. Scorpions
  3. UFO
  4. The Rolling Stones
  5. Phenomenon
  6. Force It/No Heavy Petting
  7. Leaving UFO
  8. MSG
  9. Chris Logan/Leif Sundin
  10. Tales of Rock'n'Roll
  11. All-Stars Band
  12. Looking Back, Looking Forward
Executive Producer: Tommy Dziubinski for Metal Mind Productions (www.metalopolis.pl/)

[05/29/05 update]
Michael Schenker Himsel Dot Com Updated: Michael Schenker's official website has been updated with his message titled "To My True Fans Only." Thank you for the info Chris!! I am wondering whether this message is really directed to his true fans and the true fans have to really be aware of those things. However, from the news standpoint, he states that "I now have to cancel my commitments with Leslie West and Jeff Martin." Looks like he is not appearing at the Moutain show in Ney York City (cf. 05/04/05 update).

[05/27/05 update]
UNAUTHORIZED Strangers In The Night DVD: UFO - Strangers In The Night DVD Multi Region can be purchased from this website. Thank you for the info, Quincy!!!

Featuring rare previously unreleased footage of UFO in concert, this is the long awaited critical review of the album in the company of UFO founder member, the legendary Pete Way. Pete revisits the album after a gap of twenty-five years in the company of some of the UK's leading rock critics and working musicians including fellow UFO member Jem Davis.

Featured cuts include a rare promotional film for Only You Can Rock Me. Also included is rare live film of the band performing as a four piece shortly after Michael Schenker joined the band.

More ... Never before released on DVD these tracks are included in their entirety as a marvellous record of UFO live onstage at a time when the band was beginning to emerge as a true rock phenomenon.

Image Gallery
Bonus Tracks
1. Boogie For George
2. Give Her The Gun
3. Space Child
4. Doctor Doctor
5. Rock Bottom
6. Only You Can Rock Me

Editorial Control:
To ensure editorial control, the film is totally unauthorized and has not been authorized or approved by past or present members or management of the band.

Note: I don't usually post the information about bootleg products on this page. As Pete provides his review, I thought this is kind of a semi-official material. However, the source told me Pete hasn't been involved at all. Anyway, as the site states, please note that it's a completely unauthorized product.

[05/25/05 update]
Yamaguchi Schenker Last Live: A Japanese Michael Schenker tribute band called Yamaguchi Schenker has released a new CD of their last live in 2003 in memory of John Paul Yamaguchi, leader of the band and my best friend, who died suddenly on this day of the last year. (cf. 05/25/04 update No.2)

Yamaguchi Schenker Last Live

Track Listing
1. Lipstick Traces
2. Bijou Pleasurette
3. Lights Out MP3
4. Queen Of The Deep
5. Looking Out From Nowhere
6. Courvoisier Concerto
7. Lost Horizons
8. Rock Bottom
9. Doctor Doctor

This is not a commercial product and is only available from myself. Sample clips can be downloaded from this page. Please note that they are converted to MP3 at a very low rate.

[05/17/05 update No.2]
Lonesome Crow Released: Scorpions' debut album titled Lonesome Crow (CD No. UICY-9566) which was originally released in 1972 is now on store in Japan. (cf. 03/14/05 update)

  1. I'm Going Mad
  2. It All Depends
  3. Leave Me
  4. In Search Of The Peace Of Mind
  5. Inheritance
  6. Action
  7. Lonesome Crow

Michael Schenker - Lead Guitar
Klaus Meine - Vocals
Rudolf Schenker - Guitar
Woklfgang Dziony - Drums
Lothar Heimberg - Bassguitar

[05/17/05 update]
MSH.com Updated and Pete Not Resigned: Michael Schenker's official website has been updated. Thank you for the info, Dave!!

Firstly, the progress of 25 Years MSG Celebration CD is explained. I am a little confused when comparing it with the previous comment (see 05/06/05 update No.2). Anyway, Michael feels that the material is turning out really good and that it will be a perfect celebration album.

Secondly, it says his message to his true fans has been updated. But, I can't see the change.

Thirdly, many messages from generous fans in support of Michael Schenker's decision to cancel the tour with Yngwie Malmsteen posted. You can also find messages from Pete Holmes and Rev Jones there. On the contrary to Rev's statement (refer to 05/06/05 update), it looks like Pete has not resigned MSG. He mentioned he is still ready to continue on MSG. You can also find a message of Leslie West talking about playing together at BB Kings although I don't understand why he has not officially announced it on his site if they really play together there.

[05/16/05 update]
MSG New DVD Distribution in North America: You can order MSG's new DVD from Music Video Distributors (MVD)'s website. (cf. 02/10/05 update No.2 et al)

[05/09/05 update No.2]
Clarification as to MSG Tour Cancellation: As far as I know, the following legs of MSG tour have been cancelled. (cf. 05/06/05 update No.2)

Monterrey Metal Fest in Mexico: 05/28/05 (cf. 03/03/05 No.2 & 03/01/05 updates)
MSG U.K. Dates (w/ Yngwie Malmsteen): 05/30/05 to 06/03/05 (cf. 04/04/05 & 03/29/05 updates)
MSG Spanish Dates: 06/04/05 to 06/11/05 (cf. 04/16/05 & 04/13/05 updates)

In addition, MSG has been unlisted from the 09/04/05 San Antonio show lineup although Legs Diamond, Montrose, Starz, and Uli Jon Roth are still listed. (cf. 04/23/05 update)

[05/09/05 update]
Michael/Rudolf Schenker Photos in Frankfurt: You can see at the Dean Guitars' website the photos of Michael & Rudolf Schenker (and their mother) taken at the musical instrument convention called Musikmesse 2005 which took place in Frankfurt early April . Nancy Lewis, former personal manager to Michael Schenker, has asked me to let everyone know about those photos. Thanks, Nancy!

[05/06/05 update No.2]
MSG European Tour Cancellation and Status of Anniversary Album Recording: Michael Schenker's official website has been updated with the following message from himself:

To my true Fans,

I am sorry to tell you that I have to cancel MSG's upcoming tour with Yngwie Malmsteen. It has turned out to be a catastrophe. The tour I agreed to was a co-Headline Deal with Yngwie closing the show. I was fine with this because he plays so loud and it would tend to deafen the delicate ears of my fans. However, reports have been coming in via e-mail, by phone, etc., that I was advertised only as a special guest. Yngwie himself was advertising it on his Website that way too. MSG was not even mentioned on the London Hammersmith tickets. This is an insult to MSG and myself.

I consulted with my brother Rudolph and he who usually finds a positive way out suggested that I should not do these concerts. I was hoping that it could have been straightened out, but, to date this situation has not been corrected. I need 20 days to put this unique event-25 Years MSG Celebration set together and cannot at this late date. This tour could have been saved, but, people are not working in my best interest. I Co-Headlined with Joe Satriani in '97 and there is no reason why this Tour should have been any different and that is how it was presented to me.

The 25 Years MSG Celebration album - Tales of Rock'n Roll - is almost mixed. Leif and Chris are working on the last song and we will have all Singers of the total 25-year career of MSG on this CD. It is an exciting and fantastic album.

To the best Fans in the world ...all my love,


[05/06/05 update]
Rev/Pete Quit MSG: Rev Jones's official statement has been posted on his news page, which is as follows. Thank you, Rev.

"Do to continuous cancelled tour dates and bad management decisions REV JONES and PETE HOLMES have resigned from the MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP. This was not due to any personal problems with MICHAEL, it was purely a business decision....."

[05/05/05 update No.2]
MSG New DVD Info (cont'd): About the bonus video of MSG show in 2000, please note that its quality is not very good as it is called bootleg. Also, the lineup for this show is different from the one for the main show of 1997, which is as follows.

Michael Schenker: Lead/Rythm Guitar
Keith Slack: Vocals
Shane Gaalaas: Drums
Barry Sparks: Bass
Wayne Findlay: Keyboards/Rythm Guitar/Backing Vocals

[05/05/05 update]
MSG New DVD Info: Tommy at Metal Mind Productions has kindly sent me the information about Michael Schenker Group's new live DVD. Thank you, Tommy!! (cf. 04/25 No2., 04/20 and 04/19 entries)


Live in Tokyo 1997

Label: Metal Mind Records
Distribution: Metal Mind Productions
Cat. Nr: MMP DVD 0044
Barcode: 5907785026650
Format: DVD-9, NTSC, Region 0
Genre: hard rock
Total running time: approx. 230 min.
In stock (ready to ship): 20/05/2005
Street date Europe: 28/06/2005
Cat. Nr USA: DR-4459
Barcode USA: 022891445999
Street date Japan: 22/06/2005
Street date USA: 28/06/2005

Track List
The Michael Schenker Story Live, recorded in Tokyo, March 19th, 1997

  1. In the Search of the Peace of Mind (Scorpions)
  2. Doctor Doctor (UFO)
  3. Let it Roll (UFO)
  4. Natural Thing (UFO)
  5. Lights Out (UFO)
  6. Only You Can Rock Me (UFO)
  7. Another Piece of Meat (Scorpions)
  8. Into the Arena (Michael Schenker Group)
  9. Are You Ready to Rock (Michael Schenker Group)
  10. Assault Attack (Michael Schenker Group)
  11. Captain Nemo (Michael Schenker Group)
  12. No Time for Losers (McAuley Schenker Group)
  13. Save Yourself (McAuley Schenker Group)
  14. All the Way from Memphis (Contraband)
  15. Pushed to the Limit (UFO)
  16. Written in the Sand (Michael Schenker Group)
  17. Back to Life (Michael Schenker Group)
  18. Love Never Dies (Michael Schenker Group)
  19. Essence (Michael Schenker Group)
  20. Never Ending Nightmare (McAuley Schenker Group)
  21. Bijou Pleasurette (Michael Schenker Group)
  22. Positive Forward (Michael Schenker)
  23. Lost Horizon (Michael Schenker Group)
  24. Too Hot to Handle (UFO)
  25. Attack of the Mad Axeman (Michael Schenker Group)
  26. Love to Love (UFO)
  27. On and On (Michael Schenker Group)
  28. Armed and Ready (Michael Schenker Group)
  29. Feels Like a Good Thing (Michael Schenker Group)
  30. Rock Bottom (UFO)
Bonus video:
Bootlegged at The Unforgiven World Tour, Japan 2000
  1. Cry for the Nations
  2. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
  3. Rock My Nights Away
  4. 3 Fish Dancing
  5. Pilot of Your Soul
  6. In and Out of Time
  7. The Mess I've Made
  8. Hello Angel
  9. Fat City
  10. Looking for Love
Sales points Line-up
Michael Schenker - lead / acoustic guitars, backing vocals
David Van Landing - vocals / percussions
Barry Sparks - bass / acoustic guitars, backing vocals
Seth Bernstein - rhythm / acoustic guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
Shane Gaalaas - drums / acoustic guitar
Leif Sundin - vocals / rhythm / acoustic guitars


[05/04/05 update]
Michael Schenker on Stage with Mountain: According to the show schedule of BB King in New York, Michael Schenker will be a special guest for Mountain's show on June 29, 2005. According to Mountain's website, this will be a joint tour with Deep Purple. Thank you for the info, Bob!!

[04/24/05 update No.2]
MSG New DVD (Cont'd): Information about the new DVD of Michael Schenker Group has also been listed on HMV Japan's website. Its title is still to be announced. Thank you, tabata-san!! (cf. 04/19 & 04/20 entries)

[04/24/05 update]
Sunken Garden: According to Steve in Texas, the Sunken Garden Amph. in San Antonio has been torn down although it has been reported that it will be a venur for MSG's show in September. Thank you, Steve!!! I will post any further information when I get it.

[04/23/05 update]
MSG/Uli/Starz Again in Texas!?: According to Pollstar, a concert of Legs Diamond, Michael Schenker Group, Montrose, Starz, and Uli Jon Roth is scheduled at Sunken Garden Amph., San Antonio, Texas on September 4. As you may remember, MSG, Uli and Starz played at the same venue on September 14, 2004 (photo)

[04/21/05 update]
Rev/Pete's Input to Tales of Rock'n'Roll: Rev and drummer Pete Holmes have just finished writing and recording a bass & drum instrumental (titled "Broken Fist") for the upcoming MICHAEL SCHENKER album "Tales of Rock'n'Roll". MSG's Spanish dates are also shown on Rev's site. Thank you for the info, Rev!!

[04/20/05 update]
MSG New DVD (cont'd): In addition to the information about the possible DVD release of MSG in June, the DVD catalog number is KIBM-89. This KIBM is a code for the King Records label. So it looks like this DVD will be released via King Records in Japan.

[04/19/05 update]
MSG New DVD: According to CDJAPAN, Michael Schenker Group's new DVD will be released on June 22. This DVD (220 min. in total) is comprised of the footage of thier live performance in Japan in 1997 (140 min.) and Japan tour 2000 plus a recent interview conducted in January 2005. (I presume both shows (VHS) were released in the past via Michael's own company, i.e., Story Live & Unforgiven Tour in Japan.) Thank you for the info, Pasi from Finland.

[04/16/05 update]
June Spanish Dates Confirmed: Those Spanish dates reported here on 04/13/05 are now confirmed on Wayne Findley's website.

[04/14/05 update]
Michael Schenker New Interview: The May issue of Japanese Young Guitar magazine has a two-page interview to Michael Schenker. I am not sure when this was conducted, but he mainly talks about Endless Jam Continues (EJC) and some of his remaks are as follows (the article is in Japanese, so they are not exactly what he said to the interviewer). Thanks for the info, Mak-san!

[04/13/05 update]
UNCONFIRMED June Dates in Spain: These have yet to be confirmed, but the following five tourdates of MSG are listed on one Spanish website called matarile.com. Thank you for the info, Gonzalo!!

Thu 06/09/05 BILBAO, Spain SANTANA 27

[04/10/05 update]
Endless Jam Continues Sound Clips: For those who haven't got the new CD yet and are wondering whether to buy it or not, some sound clips can be downloaded from Guitar9.com. There's a review, too. Thanks for the info, Rob!!

[04/08/05 update]
Original of Endless Jam Continues Tracks: I got the mail kindly informing me that Wang Dang Doodle is originally a song of Willie Dixon. This is correct. Also, I have to add that the Hunter is originally from Booker T. & The MG's. The original in that case refers to the arrangements on which Eneless Jam Continutes' rendering is based.

[04/07/05 update]
Endless Jam Continues Released: My apologies! I forgot to mention that Schenker-Pattison Summit's new CD titled "The Endless Jam Continues" was released on April 1st in Japan. (cf. 01/25/05 update et al)

Michael Schenker - Lead Guitar
Davey Pattison - Vocals
Aynsley Dumbar - Drums
Tim Bogert - Bass
Kevin Curry: Rythm Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Signature Lines
Mark Robertson: Keyboards
Jesse Bradman: Additional Background Vocals
Craig Small: Percussion on "Rock Steady"

Produced by Mike Varney

  1. Rock Steady (Original: Bad Company)
  2. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (The Beatles)
  3. Too Rolling Stoned (Robin Trower)
  4. Layla (Derek & the Dominos)
  5. I'm Losing You (Rod Stewart)
  6. The Hunter (Free)
  7. Badge (Cream)
  8. I Don't Need No Doctor (Humble Pie)
  9. Dear Mr. Fantasy (Traffic)
  10. Wang Dang Doodle (Savoy Brown)
  11. I'd Love To Change The World (Ten Years After)
[04/04/05 update]
Co-headlining instead of Supporting: Michael Schenker Group will not be supporting Yngwie, but Co-headlining, with Yngwie closing the show. There has been a mixup somewhere. Thank you for the clarification, Wayne!!

[03/29/05 update]
Now It's Official!!: Yngwie Malmsteen official website has confirmed that Michael Schenekr Group (MSG) will be a support act for all of his upcoming U.K. shows. The following four shows are listed on his tour page. All U.K. tickets can be purchased at http://www.carlinglive.com. Thank you, Tim!!

Mon 05/30/05 Hammersmith, London, U.K. Carling Apollo
Tue 05/31/05 Wolverhampton, U.K. The Civic Hall
Wed 06/01/05 Nottingham, U.K. Rock City
Sat 06/03/05 Manchester, U.K. Manchester University

[03/23/05 update]
MSH.com Update: Michael Schenker official website was updated with a revised note from Michael Schenker. With reference to Tales of Rock'n Roll, he notes that "We will tour this event through out the year". Thank you, Mak-san!

[03/19/05 update]
More MSG U.K. Date!?: As was reported here on 03/17/05, it looks like co-hedlining U.K. tour of Yngwie Malmsteen/MSG is being planned. In addtion to the 05/31 Wolverhampton show, tickes for the 05/30 Carling Apollo Hammersimith show in London can now be purchased at ticketmaster. Thank you, Wilson! Also, tickes for the 06/01 Yngwie Malmsteen's show at Rock City in Nottingham are now available via Aloud.com and Seeticket.com (there is no mention of MSG at present, though). Thank you, Richard!

[03/17/05 update]
MSG U.K. Date!?: It's NOT official, but one tour date has been posted for MSG at Wolverhampton Civic Hall on May 31 on the venue website. According to the site, tickets for this show can now be purchased online (GBP17.50). Thanks for the info, Neil!! Any confirmed information will be posted on this page as soon as I get it.

[03/14/05 update]
Lonesome Crow Re-mastered: Scorpions' album titled "Lonesome Crow", which is Michael Schenker's first album in his professional career, will be re-released as a remastered CD with paper jacket on May 18 via Universal International label (CD No. UICY9566). Limited 5000 copies in Japan only. You can download the sample clips from HMV Japan website. Thanks for the info, tabata-san!

[03/12/05 update]
MSG Concert Photos: Rev Jones, who just got home from recording with Jeff Martin, kindly informed me of a link to cool MSG photos from House of Blues show in L.A. These photos were taken by Ernie Manrique. Ernie is actually a bass player in a UFO tribute band called Lights Out. Here's a link to UFO photos also taken by Ernie. Thank you, Rev!!

[03/10/05 update]
Acoustic Shows Postponed: Accoding to Michael Schenker official site, the acoustic tour will be postponed until 2006. Michael commented that the year 2005 will be totally devoted to "Tales of Rock'n Roll" with classics celebrating 25 Years of MSG. Thanks for the info, Dave! (cf. 02/25/05 entry et al)

[03/09/05 update]
2 Originals of MSG: Steamhammer/SPV Records has recently re-released some albums from their catalog as special editions. MSG gets a double-CD called '2 Originals of Michael Schenker Group' which includes 'The Unforgiven' (1999) and 'Be Aware Of Scorpions' (2001). Thanks for the info, Peter!!!


[03/03/05 update No.2]
MSG at MMF II (cont'd): Rev Jones and Wayne Findlay confirmed that MSG is scheduled to perform at the 2005 Monterrey Metal Festival II in Monterrey Mexico on the main stage with Motorhead, Danzig, etc. (see 03/01/05 update)

[03/03/05 update]
Michael Schenker on PS2: Michael Schenker mentioned on his website that he recorded 2 songs for a Japanese video game (cf. 05/23/04 update). It seems this game is "Heavy Metal Thunder" for PS2 which will be released from Squiare-Enix Co., Ltd., a famous Japanese game maker. There was a rollout yesterday, but the company did not reveal much detail including release date.

[03/02/05 update]
The Endless Jam Continues: Peter has kindly sent me a cover of 'The Endless Jam Continues' which will be released in Japan on April 1st via Nippon Crown and in Europe on April 11 via Mascot Records. Thank you, Peter!!! (cf. 01/25/05 update)

[03/01/05 update]
MSG at MMF II: According to ElectricBasement.com, Michael Schenker Group has been confirmed as the latest act to take part on the Main Stage of the 2005 MONTERREY METAL FEST to be held on Saturday May 28, 2005 at the Auditorio Coca Cola in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The announced festival line-up is the following with more bands to be announced in the coming days.

Main Stage
Motorhead (Headliner)
Danzig (Co-Headliner)

2nd Stage
Neil Turbin (original Anthrax vocalist) (Headliner)
Jag Panzer

Festival Official Site: http://www.dve.com.mx/mmf.htm

The 2005 Monterrey Metal Fest is being sponsored by the following magazines and webzines: Metal Maniacs magazine (United States), Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles magazine (Canada), Metals magazine (Spain), Electric Basement webzine (United States), Metal Rules webzine (Canada), Blistering webzine (Canada), Rafabasa webzine (Spain), Mordor webzine (Mexico) and Metal Mexico webzine (Mexico).

Thank you for the info, Havoc!

[02/26/05 update]
Avalon Nightclub: Axe has kindly sent me the link to Avalon Nightclub where Michael Schenker is doing an unplugged show on March 27.

Wed 03/23/05 Malibu, CA Malibu Inn
Thu 03/24/05 San Juan Capistrano, CA Coach House
Fri 03/25/05 Ventura, CA Ventura Theatre
Sat 03/26/05 Sacramento, CA The Roadhouse
Sun 03/27/05 Santa Clara, CA Avalon Nightclub

[02/25/05 update]
Intimate Nights Officially Confirmed: All of the five (5) unplugged nights listed under 02/24/05 update have been confirmed by Michael Schenker official site. Thank you for the info, Mak-san!

[02/24/05 update]
Ventura Unplugged Date: According to Pollstar, one more unplugged date has been added as follows.

Wed 03/23/05 Malibu, CA Malibu Inn
Thu 03/24/05 San Juan Capistrano, CA Coach House
Fri 03/25/05 Ventura, CA Ventura Theatre
Sat 03/26/05 Sacramento, CA The Roadhouse
Sun 03/27/05 Santa Clara, CA Avalon Nightclub

[02/18/05 update No.3]
Santa Clara Unplugged Date: According to Pollstar, one more unplugged date has been added as follows. Also, three of the four dates have been confirmed on Wayne's website.

Sun 03/27/05 Santa Clara, CA Avalon Nightclub

[02/18/05 update No.2]
Malibu Unplugged Date: Another Michael Schenker unplugged tourdate is listed on the Malibu venue website. Gerge Lynch is a special guest on that night, too. Thank you for the info, Peter!!

Wed 03/23/05 Malibu, CA Malibu Inn

[02/18/05 update]
Sacramento Unplugged Date: A promotor of the Roadhouse in Sacramento has confirmed that March 26th is a date for an acoustic show of Michael Schenker with George Lynch as a special guest (see also their website: roadhouserocks.com). Thank you for the info, Axe!!!

Thu 03/24/05 San Juan Capistrano, CA Coach House
Sat 03/26/05 Sacramento, CA The Roadhouse

[02/17/05 update]
Acoustic Shows with Michael/Wayne/Kelly: Wayne Findlay has kindly informed that there's an Unplugged California Tour with Michael Schenker, Wayne Findlay and Kelly Keeling that has been scheduled from March 23rd to 27th. The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano on Mar 24th is the first confirmed date. They'll have more dates soon. Thank you, Wayne!!! (cf. 02/16/05, 02/12/05, 02/10/05 entries)

Thu 03/24/05 San Juan Capistrano, CA Coach House

[02/16/05 update]
Acoustic Show - NOT MSG but Michael Schenker: The upcoming acoustic shows are not MSG shows!! They are "an evening with MICHAEL SCHENKER" and they are not supposed to be at all connected to MSG. Because it is advertised as "Michael Schenker Group with George Lynch", there are already many people confused about it that purchased tickets and then found out that it was not a MSG show. Thank you Rev for the clarification.

[02/12/05 update No.2]
Michael Schenker Group Acoustic: Tickets for the MSG concert in San Juan Capistrano concert are now available from ticketmaster (US$29.50) (refer to 02/10/2005 entry). Thanks, Jeffery!! Also, the venue website says it's going to be an acoustic show!!!

[02/12/05 update]
More MSG Greek Show and Party Photos: A Scorpions Greek fan sites titled "Greek Sting Fan Club" has cool pics of MSG at a party and a concert in Greece during the Arachnophobiac Tour. Thanks for the info, Havoc!!

[02/11/05 update]
MSG Greek Show Photos: Yorgos has kindly sent me photos of MSG shown in Thessaloniki, Greece on Novemner 19, 2004. Thank you, Yorgos!!!

[02/10/05 update No.2]
DVD Competition Winners: Four winners for the MSG DVD competition (see 01/18/05 update No.2) have been randomly chosen by MVD as follows:

Tim Anderson
Michael Siler
Jim Bandola, and
Bob Cupp (conditionally)

Bob has not emailed them back with his North American address yet (later confirmed that he lives in the U.S.). The other winners' prizes have been already sent. On behalf of MSG fans, I would like to take this opportunity to thank MVD for their offer. The answer to the question is: "Look At Me Now".

[02/10/05 update]
MSG New Tourdate!?: It has yet to be confirmed officially, but according to Pollstar, Michael Schenker Group and George Lynch will play live in San Juan Capistrano, CA on March 24.

Thu 03/24/05 San Juan Capistrano, CA Coach House

[02/08/05 update]
MSG Photos at NAMM Show: Rev Jones has added some more pictures of the NAMM show on his site (1) (2). Also, there are some photos from the VAULT show posted by RICCI at http://www.riccirocks.com/namm2005.html. Rev met her at the NAMM show. Thank you, Rev!!

[02/03/05 update]
MSG New CD: Michael Schenker's official website has been updated with the information about the new album titled "Tales of RocknRoll". "5 songs have already been mixed and there will be a total of 18 songs on the CD. Jari Tiura, Robin McAuley and Kelly Keeling have already done their vocals. Gary Barden, Leif Sundin and Chris Logan are next to record there Vocals." Thank you for the info, Mak-san!!!

[02/02/05 update]
MSG NAMM 2005: Wayne Findlay has added some NAMM photos to his photos page. Thank you for the info, Wayne!!! (cf. 01/29/05 update)

[01/29/05 update]
Message from Wayne: Wayne Findlay has kindly sent me a message. He just finished recording of "Tales of Rock N' Roll", and it should be the heaviest MSG album to date. He's added a couple of photos of the recording on his page. "The NAMM show gig was awesome with Robin singing. He kicks ass. It was also great having Kelly on stage with us. He rocks!" He'll be adding some new photos and a video clip hopefully from the Vault gig soon. Thank you, Wayne!!!

[01/27/05 update No.2]
Dean Guitar - New 2005 Michael Schenker Models: List prices for the new Schenker Models have been announed by Dean Guitars. Thanks, Mak-san!!! (cf. 01/20/05 update No.3)

Schenker USA: US$3799.99
Michael Schenker Custom: US$1374.99
Michael Schenker Standard: US$499.99
Michael Schenker Exotica: US$899.99
Michael Schenker Performer: US$587.99
Michael Schenker All-Access Amp: US$172.99

[01/27/05 update]
Michael Schenker Interview: An interview with Michael has been posted on www.rockpages.gr. This interview took place during the 2nd leg of the European tour after the Athenian show. Thanks, Peter!!!

[01/25/05 update]
2nd Schenker/Pattison Summit Album (cont'd): According to Japanese HMV website (in Japanese), the track list of the second Schenker /Pattison Summit album which will be released in Japan on April 1st via Nippon Crown label is as follows. Thanks, Tabata-san!!!

  1. Dear Mr. Fantasy
  2. I Don't Need No Doctor
  3. Too Rolling Stoned
  4. Layla
  5. Badge
  6. I'd Love To Change The World
  7. I'm Losing You
  8. Wang Dang Doodle
  9. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  10. Rock Steady
  11. The Hunter
[01/23/05 update No.2]
Dean Guitars at NAMM 2005: Dean Guitars' website has lots of photos of the NAMM 2005 show which include Michael Schenker moder section, MS models, MS himself signing the stuff, etc. Thanks, Dixie!!!

[01/23/05 update]
2nd Schenker/Pattison Summit Release in Japan: According to one Japanese CD show website (in Japanese), the second Schenker /Pattison Summit album (titled yet to be announced) will be released in Japan on April 1st via Nippon Crown label. It includes While My Guitar Gently Weeps (the Beatles), Layla (Drek & The Dominos) and more. Thanks, Tabata-san!!!

[01/22/05 update]
MSG at N.A.M.M. Night of Guitar: James has kindly sent me his review and photos of the MSG show at Night of Guitar on January 20. Thanks, James!!!

[01/21/05 update]
Graham Bonnet NOT on Stage with MSG: According to Masaya@BonnetRock.com, Graham fell ill last night and was unable to perform with Michael. (cf. 01/20/05 update No.2)

[01/20/05 update No.3]
Dean Guitar - New 2005 Michael Schenker Models: Dean Guitars now has several new Michael Schenker Electrics, Acoustics and Amplifier!! Thanks for the info, Kent!!!

Schenker USA
Michael Schenker Custom
Michael Schenker Standard
Michael Schenker Exotica
Michael Schenker Performer
Michael Schenker All-Access Amp

[01/20/05 update No.2]
Graham Bonnet on Stage with MSG: According to Graham Bonnet official site, Graham will perform with MSG tonight at approximately 11 PM PST at the N.A.M.M. "Night Of Guitar" concert at The Vault 350. Graham will likely sing one song. You can also find a photo of Michael and Graham at yesterday's rehearsal. Thanks for the info, Masaya@BonnetRocks!!! (related entry: 01/18/05 update et al)

[01/20/05 update]
Michael Schenker and Heavy Hitters: According to Blabbermouth.net, Bob Kulick has almost finished producing "Michael Schenker and Heavy Hitters", an all-star lineup of musicians based around guitar Michael Schenker paying homage to their contemporaries. This 10-track powerhouse collection features an impressive lineup of artists showcasing their renditions of classic songs. More information regarding the album's release date will be made available soon. Thanks, Skid!!! (cf. 11/21/04 update)

"Michael Schenker and Heavy Hitters" track listing (all cuts feature Michael Schenker on guitar):

01. All Shook Up
Vocals: Joe Lynn Turner (ex-DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW)
Bass: Jeff Pilson (ex-DOKKEN, DIO)
Drums: Aynsley Dunbar (ex-WHITESNAKE, UFO)

02. Doctor Doctor
Vocals: Jeff Scott Soto (TALISMAN, ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN)
Drums: Brett Chassen (BRET MICHAELS BAND)

03. Hair of the Dog
Vocals: Paul Di'Anno (ex-IRON MAIDEN)
Bass: Phil Soussan (ex-OZZY OSBOURNE)
Drums; Vinny Appice (ex-BLACK SABBATH, DIO)

04. War Pigs
Vocals: Tim "Ripper" Owens (ICED EARTH, ex-JUDAS PRIEST)
Drums: Aynsley Dunbar (ex-WHITESNAKE, UFO)

05. Money
Vocals: Tommy Shaw (STYX)
Sax: Edgar Winter (EDGAR WINTER BAND)
Bass: Tony Levin (PETER GABRIEL)
Drums: Mike Baird (JOURNEY)

06. Blood of the Sun
Vocals: Leslie West (MOUNTAIN)
Bass: Rudy Sarzo (DIO, ex-QUIET RIOT)
Drums: Simon Wright (DIO, ex-AC/DC)

07. Politician
Vocals/Bass: Jeff Pilson (ex-DOKKEN, DIO)
Drums: Brett Chassen (BRET MICHAELS BAND)

08. I Don't Live Today
Vocals: Sebastian Bach (ex-SKID ROW)
Drums: Eric Singer (KISS)
Bass: Tony Franklin (ex-THE FIRM, BLUE MURDER)

09. Out in the Fields
Vocals: Gary Barden (MSG)
Bass: Chuck Wright (QUIET RIOT, ex-ALICE COOPER)
Drums: Brett Chassen (BRET MICHAELS BAND)

10. I'm Not Talking
Vocals: Mark Slaughter (SLAUGHTER)
Drums: Aynsley Dunbar (ex-WHITESNAKE, UFO)
Bass: Jeff Pilson (ex-DOKKEN, DIO)

[01/18/05 update No.2]
MSG DVD Giveaways: Here are giveaways of MSG's World Wide Live 2004 DVDs, presented by Music Video Distributors (MVD), a leading Music DVD producer and distributor!! Please send me your answer to the following question:

What is the title of Bernie Marsden's album where Michael Schenker was credited as a guest clapper?

Entrants must be from North America. The contest runs for two weeks until 11:00am EST of February 1. FOUR entrants who answer correctly will randomly be chosen to receive the DVD.

[01/18/05 update]
Robin McAuley on Stage with Michael Schenker: Robin McAuley will be on stage this Thursday with Michael Schenker for the first time in 13 years. He is singing with Schenker at the NAMM Guitar night in Long Beach, California. For more information visit his official website at: http://www.robinmcauley.com/namm.html. (cf. 01/06/05 entry et al)

[01/12/05 update]
Tales of Rock n' Roll Recording: Wayne Findley posted the following message on his website. "I've just returned home from the recording of M.S.G.'s new album "TALES OF ROCK N' ROLL"...I've added 7 string guitars and Keyboards to it and I'm very excited about the way it's sounding...I think this will be M.S.G.'s heaviest album yet!!! Stay tuned for more details..." Thanks, Peter!!

[01/10/05 update]
Birthday: Michael Schenker turns 50 today.

[01/09/05 update]
Kelly Keeling Updates: Kelly Keeling posted the following message on his official website:

"I will soon be back on tour with George Lynch, Marten Anderson, & Mike Fro with a new set of material. I'm finally enjoying myself again and really looking forward to having a good time away from the clutches of the music business. We will be doing shows with MSG where I can foresee some serious fun for obvious reasons and with Dave Mustaine & Megadeth. I believe NAMM SHOW too, John Bonham & company Zep Set."

"Michael S. has asked me to appear on his newest album and to write a few songs as has Dokken. If I could be cloned it may help my state but I simply can't be in three places at once. I hope they wait for me.

[01/06/05 update]
MSG's Next Gig - N.A.M.M. Night of Guitar (cont'd): Leif Sundin continues to sing at the 01/20 show. Thanks for the info, Rev!! Also, keep checking Rev's site. He is adding some more stuff to his site soon.

[01/05/05 update]
MSG's Next Gig - N.A.M.M. Night of Guitar: As was reported here (12/17/04 update), MSG will be performing at the upcoming NAMM convention on January 20. This information is now posted on MichaelSchenkerHimself.com.

Thu 01/20/05 Long Beach, CA, USA VAULT 350

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