The Michael Schenker Group In The Recording Studio With Michael Schenker - The Making Of The New MSG CD "The Unforgiven"

Produced and Directed by Michael and Linda Schenker
Videography/Photography by Linda Schenker
Michael Schenker (Lead/Rhythm Guitar)
Kelly Keeling (vocals)
Schane Gaalaas (Drums)
John Onder (Bass)
Seth Bernstein (Keyboards/Rhythm Guitar)
VHS 80 Min.

This video was shot during the rehearsal and recording of MSG's next album "THE UNFORGIVEN". Since this is not a pro-shot video, you cannot expect too much. HOWEVER,

1. You can see how they rehearse and record the album, which is rare to see. Michael rehearses in a very relaxed way. Everybody in the band looks quite fitted in with each other.

2. You can hear lots of Michael's outtakes and alternative lead plays, all of which are cool.

3. Also, you can guess how good the album will be. It will be heavier than the previous studio album "Written In The Sand". My first impression is that this album is based on Michael's great riffs. Of course his solo is great, but he is the king of riffs. It seems that Kelly Keeling is a David Coverdale-kind-of classical singer with straight shouting vocal. I feel he suits MSG.

4. Additionally, you can see private shots of Michael and Linda loving each other. As you can see from the video package, Michael's hair is back to short and original blond which I love. He signed the cover in front of me on January 12, 1999. He looks cool and fine.

Let us look forward to the release of The Unforgiven! --- (added 01/16/1999)

I have got a message from Michael J. Petro of PetroSneef: "Michael Schenker's current rhythm guitarist/keyboardist, Sneef Mitchell (aka Seth Bernstein) now has a side-project (PetroSneef) web page. It can be found at Give us a link for your bios! Also check out some comments of his about the about-to-be-released studio album, published at Tristan's site. You have Sneef's permission to paste those onto your site as well...

Mike Petro

Here's Sneef's comments: "Rehearsals started on October 10th in Cotati, California. These sessions lasted for 10 days up until recording the album. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and we basically worked out parts Michael had already written. We had about 14 songs in all, I think, but 12 were selected. The music is definitely heavier than "Written"; and often reminiscent of classic Schenker. As to why Shane and I are the only remaining members; Barry Sparks was touring with Billy Myers, and Michael decided on a singer other than David Van Landing. The contributions were made as a collective effort, and all ideas were considered. Michael was a pleasure to work with. Very cheerful and agreeable. I actually haven't heard the album with all the parts mixed, including mine.(believe it or not!). The album will be released February 15th,'99."

Track List
1. Conversation with the Producer on the artwork for album cover, etc.
2. Rehearsal & recording of "Live For Today"
3. Rehearsal & recording of "Illusion"
4. Rehearsal & recording of "Carry On"
5. Rehearsal & recording of "What A Mess"
6. Rehearsal & recording of "Pilot Of Your Soul"
7. Rehearsal & recording of "Fat City"

Michael Schenker Story Live Video

Performed by The Michael Schenker Group
Recorded in Tokyo March 19th, 1997
Executive Producer: Michael Schenker
Directed by Bella Piper
VHS 175 Min.
Audio recording is different from the live CD.

This video was recorded on March 19, 1997. Yes, I was there! Of course, I have Story Live CD. However, this video has renewed my memory and brought me another sensation. You can again realize that Michael's performance on this day was really fabulous. He looks very healthy, too.

Although most parts of the video were shot with one retained camera, it is really excellent. The sound is not Hi-Fi, but it is very clear, probably too clear thereby lessening its 'live' feelings.

My impression on this live can be found in my concert review. Also, although this video's audio recording is different from the live CD, my comment on the CD can be applied to this video.

Track List
Video 1
1. Scorpions
In Search Of Peace Of Mind
2. UFO
Doctor Doctor
3. UFO
Let It Roll
4. UFO
Natural Thing
5. UFO
Lights Out
6. UFO
Only You Can Rock Me
7. Scorpions
Another Piece Of Meat
8. Michael Schenker Group
Into The Arena
9. Michael Schenker Group
Are You Ready To Rock
10. Michael Schenker Group
Assault Attack
11. Michael Schenker Group
Captain Nemo
12. McAuley Schenker Group
No Time For Losers
13. McAuley Schenker Group
Save Yourself
14. Contraband
All Way From The Memphis
15. UFO
Pushed To The Limit
16. Michael Schenker Group
Written In The Sand
17. Michael Schenker Group
Back To Life
Video 2
18. Michael Schenker Group
Love Never Dies
19. Michael Schenker Group
20. McAuley Schenker Group
Never Ending Nightmare
21. Michael Schenker Group
Bijou Pleasurette
22. Michael Schenker
Positive Forward
23. Michael Schenker Group
Lost Horizons
24. UFO
Too Hot To Handle
25. Michael Schenker Group
Attack Of The Mad Axeman
26. UFO
Love To Love
27. Michael Schenker Group
On And On
28. Michael Schenker Group
Armed And Ready
29. Michael Schenker Group
Feel Like A Good Thing
30. UFO
Rock Bottom

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