Concert Report by Ich Cianni
Michael Schenker at Phenomenon, Fontaneto d'Agogna, Italy
May 14, 2022
Added on 05/15/2022

Michael Schenker Group
Live in Fontaneto d'Agogna
May 14 2022. Italy

Michael rules again!!
Nice venue, Phenomenon, particulary suitable for live music.
Everdawn, good supporting act.
Good sound and good vibrations...
Michael begins with an instrumental track from the new album, before introducing mr. Mc Auley on vocals.
The mad axeman feels so good like the rest of the band.
Cry for the nations, Armed and ready,
Looking for love inflame the audience, like the new songs of Universal.
Doctor doctor, out in the streets, Rock Bottom remind us Ufo's golden Age.
E poi, Rock you to the ground, Into the Arena and many others...
Mc Auley plays the audience with skill and Michael Is an authentic "killer Song maker".
Time passes quickly and it's time for the encores...ufo ,ufo , ufo!!!!
Let It roll ,shoot shoot, too hot to handle and, obviously, Only you can rock me ,my favorite.
What can i Say?? Long live to the mad axeman and hope to see you again Michael, maybe in Cremona...

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