Concert Report by Steve
No Sky Today at The Futbol Rocks Spring Fest 2011, Columbus, OH, U.S.A.
May 15, 2011
Added on 05/17/2011

Hi Ritchie, hope all is well for you and your family.

Went to Columbus, OH to see the debut show of Wayne Findlay's No Sky Today and thought to send a review...

I was looking forward to seeing NST live to hear Paul's vocals live, he has such an awesome, expressive voice. The band was a four-piece with Wayne, Paul Jones (vocals), Joe Viers (bass) and Brad Dettmer (drums). The songs were stripped down to accommodate a live four-piece band and really nailed the raw power and essence of each tune. Some songs had to be changed/re-arranged, most notably the excellent 'Into the Sun' which had some new parts to help create that 'frantic' element towards the end, and 'Intermezzo' which evolved into a cool guitar/bass jam that Wayne, Joe and Brad seemed to have alot of fun with.

The show started with a cool atmospheric intro leading into 'She's on Fire'. They played the whole album in order after the first couple songs to a rather small Sunday night crowd, and the 'hometown' fans (Paul & Joe are from Columbus) really showed they knew and liked the songs. Even though Brad was hired just a couple weeks before the show he really drove the songs with a great groove and power. There was also a team there shooting video for 'Final Hour', so we got that song twice in the set, which I sure liked. 'Escape' and 'Pieces' were brilliant live with their dynamics.

Another highlight was 'Break Up' which Wayne really attacked, playing it faster and just wailing the solo like a man possessed. They also threw in a surprise Led Zeppelin medley of Heartbreaker - Communication Breakdown - Living Loving Maid - Heartbreaker near the end. 'Gear Grinder' closed the set with much energy and the band did a meet&greet after.

Overall it was a very entertaining show with killer high energy songs and awesome talent from a group of really great guys. Check them out on tour if you get a chance!

Check out a clip of 'Into The Sun' at:

Thanks for all your efforts!

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