Michael Schenker Tour Information and News
Information updated July - December 2003

[12/31/03 update]
MSG European Tour: According to Chris Logan website (click 'tour'), the European leg of the MSG Arachnophobiac Tour is in the works and the dates will be posted in the coming weeks. Keep checking his site!

I wish everyone a happy new year!

[12/27/03 update]
Misty Green and Blue (Final): The address of the 'Misty Green and Blue' website posted here on 12/23 was a temporary, working url. It has now officially changed to a new web address: http://www.ufo-mistygreenandblue.co.uk/. Pay a visit!

[12/24/03 update]
Season Finale (Cont'd): Following her husband, Jackie has sent me her review and photos of the Chicago show 2nd night. Thanks, Jackie!

[12/23/03 update No.4]
Michael in NY: Tom has posted some picture of Michael Schenker in New York on his site.

[12/23/03 update No.3]
To all visitors: Thank you always for coming to visit this website. This is for you.

[12/23/03 update No.2]
Season Finale (Cont'd): I have got another review from Jerry of the Chicago show 2nd night. Thanks, Jerry.

[12/23/03 update]
Misty Green and Blue: According to Tristan, the 'Misty Green and Blue' website has now changed to a new web address: www.beatsworking.tv/UFO/ufo.html. Looking great!!!

[12/22/03 update No.4]
Amy's Gallery: According to UFO Offcial site, the release date of 'You Are Here' in Japan has slipped to February 25 from February 21. Also, the album jacket of their new CD 'You Are Here' has been revealed there.

[12/22/03 update No.3]
Amy's Gallery: Amy Schugar has updated her gallery section.

[12/22/03 update No.2]
Amy's Message: Amy has updated her news section. Now You can buy more than one Under Construction CDs at a time if you want unlike Thank You 4 CD.

[12/22/03 update]
Season Finale: MSG has completed the 2003 Arachnophobiac Tour. Shayson and Michael have kindly sent me their review of the Chicago Show 2nd night. Thank you, Shayson and Michael! Everybody has a different opinion about the performance of opening bands or other members of MSG. However, one common opinion with no exception is that Michael has been superb all through the tour!!

Chicago 1st Night Review (Cont'd): Shelly has kindly let me know that she has just submitted her review of the Chicago Show 1st Night to ClassicRockRevisted.com. It has yet to be listed. According to her, it was one of the best concerts she has seen or heard. Thank you, Shelly!

[12/21/03 update No.2]
Amy's Message (Cont'd): Amy has posted another message on her website.

[12/21/03 update]
Chicago Review: Shayson has again kindly sent me his review of the Chicago Show. It's great Chicago and IL people love Michael and MSG! Thank you, Shayson!

[12/20/03 update No.2]
Amy's Message: Amy has posted her message on her website.

[12/20/03 update]
One More Milwaukee Review: Gary has kindly sent me his review of the Milwaukee Show. Thank you, Gary!

[12/19/03 update No.3]
Milwaukee Show Review: Chad who interviewed Michael on the previous day (see 12/18/03 entry No.3) has kindly sent me his review of the Milwaukee Show. Thank you, Chad!

[12/19/03 update No.2]
Vegas Show Pics: Wes has kindly sent me pictures of the Las Vegas Show. Thank you, Wes!

[12/19/03 update]
Bloomington Show: Shayson has kindly sent me his review of the Bloomington Show. He has had a very special experince there. Thank you, Shayson!

[12/18/03 update No.3]
Michael Schenker Radio Interview & MSG European/Japanese Tour!?: Chad interviewed Michael Schenker on December 17 (Wednesday) at a local college radio station in Milwaukee. You can find the interview at http://www.wmse.org/schedule.php. Scroll down to Wednesday and the 9:00PM slot for Laura King of Rock, click on display for the archived shows. Select 2003-12-17 Download or Stream (Be careful about the 128k download. The file is over 70MB but sounds good). The interview starts at minute 23:00 and lasts about 11 minutes followed by Lights Out. He got Michael to give him the reason why Amy isn't touring with him any more. And lots of recent goings on. Thank you, Chad. You did a great job!

Some of his comments are:

[12/18/03 update No.2]
Another Cleveland Review and US Second Leg/European Tour: Martin has kindly sent me his review of the Cleveland, OH show. Looks like Pete, the drummer of MSG has suggested that they are planning a second leg after the holidays and heading for Europe!!! I sincerely hope the Japanese leg will follow. Thank you, Martin!

[12/18/03 update]
Cleveland Review: James has kindly sent me his review of the Cleveland, OH show. Thank you, Jamaes.

[12/16/03 update No.2]
UFO Site Upgraded and New Album Release Date: The official UFO website has been upgraded with news, tourdates, photos. The release dates of their new album titled "You Are Here" are February 16 in Europe, February 21 in Japan and March in U.S.A.

[12/16/03 update]
NY & NJ Reviews: Todd's review of Wantagh show and Mitch's review of Wantagh and Sayerville shows have been posted. Thank you, Todd and Mitch! Their reviews can also be found on the SITN site.

[12/14/03 update No.3]
More Springfield Review: Another review by Jeb has been posted here.

[12/14/03 update No.2]
MSG in Wantagh, NY: According to Tom who went to see the Wantagh gig, the show was awesome but Amy was not there again.

[12/14/03 update]
More MSG Tour Reviews: Cutler has kindly sent me his review of the Allentown, PA show and the Springfield, VA show. At the Springfield gig, the band was ON, but Amy didn't show up on stage for an unknown reason. I just hope she is all right. Thank you, Cutler!

Also, Dean has kindly sent me his review of Poughkeepsie, NY show. Altough there was a drunken idiot, sound like he spent a wonderful and unforgettable day as a whole. Thanks Dean.

[12/13/03 update No.2]
UFO Official Website: Finally the official site of UFO is up and running although it's still a preliminary version. www.ufo-music.info/.

[12/13/03 update]
Michael Keeps on Rocking!!!: I have got a message from Barry who went to see the Allentown, PA show on December 11. Despite what happened on the prvious night in NY, Michael rocked on this day, too. But there was no encore or after-the-gig autograph session. Thanks, Barry.

[12/12/03 update]
MSG Additional Tour Date: Accroding to Pollstar's Auto Notice, one date has been added:

Wed, 12/17/03
Bloomington, IL

Apparently, George Lynch will play at the same venue on the next day.

[12/11/03 update No.2]
What an idiot! What a fool! What a jerk!: Accroding to Ronnie, Michael's performance at the Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY, was amazing as usual, but it ended up in a nightmare. The show was cut short because some jerk threw a full bottle of beer at Michael soaking him from head to toe. His message is here. Thank you anyway, Ronnie.

[12/11/03 update]
MSG in Spain!?: According to the website of Piorno Rock Festival to be held near Granada, Spain on February 28, 2004, MSG is one of the acts of this festival! Thanks Batty for the info.

[12/10/03 update No.2]
UFO Updates: Check out Dave's news page for the news about UFO's new album (including release date, title and track list) and a special guest for their European tour.

[12/10/03 update]
The Roadhouse Photo: Some photos of Michael Schenker at the Roarhouse, Sacramento on November 28 can be found at the venue's website. Thank you, Peter!

[12/09/03 update]
MSG Las Vegas Review: Rich has kindly sent me his review of the MSG show at Pink E's in Las Vegas. Thank you, Rich!

[12/08/03 update No.3]
MSG Tour Pics (Cont'd): Axeslinger has uploaded the Michael Schenker Photo section. Thanks, Axe!

[12/08/03 update No.2]
Another San Diego Review: A review of the San Diego show has been added to Concert Report page.

[12/08/03 update]
Schenker/Cradle on TV Show: According to Peter, Frank (bassplayer from Cradle) sent him a message about an upcoming TV show on a local US TV station. This will be a 1 hour show with Metal Matt interviewing Schenker and live footage from the Edge show on Nov 25th. There will also be live footage of the Cradle show at the Cadillac Ranch from Nov 26th and Metal Matt interview with Cradle. Both Cradle and Schenker will share the 1 hour time feature with one half hour dedicated to each band. More info at http://home.planet.nl/~mondria/msg.

[12/06/03 update No.2]
San Bernardino Show Cancelled: According to Chris Logan, the planned 12/05 show in San Bernardino was cancelled due to a 'screw up' between their agency and the venue. Check out the full detail at his news page. The club was a little dive hole-in-the-wall that simply wasn't big enough or properly equipped to host an MSG show. Also, I have got messages from those who went to the venue and found that it was cancelled. Sorry for you, Okamura-san, Marshall, and everyone.

Vegas Venue Change: Also, according to Chris, the Vegas show will not take place at The Palms Resort & Casino, as posted. It has officially been changed to Pink E's, at Flamingo & Valley View.

[12/06/03 update]
MSG Santa Ana Review: A review of the Santa Ana show has been posted on SITN site. Also, reviews in Japanese are here and here. According to them, apparently Michael owns two black/white Flying Vs which were set on stage as back-ups and he uses Killer Wail wah pedal. Also, it seems they have slightly changed the setlist. Anyway, Michael was superb again on that day!

[12/05/03 update No.2]
MSG Tour Pics: Axeslinger has uploaded almost dayly loads of cool photos of the MSG tour at his site. Thanks, Axe!

[12/05/03 update]
Bonnet Updates: An interview to Graham Bonnet can be found at BraveWords.com. Also, according to BonnetRocks.com, the Marbles album has been digitally remastered and re-issued with 6 bonus tracks on CD from the Repertoire label!!! This is huge news to me. Thanks for the info, Rick.

[12/04/03 update No.2]
MSG San Diego Review: Scott has kindly sent me his review of the MSG show at Brick By Brick in San Diego. Thank you, Scott!

[12/04/03 update]
UFO European Tour: UFO 2004 Tourdates in Europe have been announced. Thanks, Batty!

[12/03/03 update]
Another Sacramento Review: A review of the Sacramento show by Roger has been posted here.

[12/02/03 update No.3]
More Review & Photos: A review of the Sacramento show by Trexx has been posted and, accoridng to Peter, there are some backstage shots of Michael and Amy at the website of Cradle, an opening act for the Concord show.

[12/02/03 update]
Another Schenker Interview: Another interview to Miahcel Schenker has been posted on Pitriff Online. Thanks, Batty.

[12/01/03 update No.2]
More Reviews: David's review on the Ventura show has been posted here. Also Sam's review on the West Hollywood gig including the setlist has been posted here. Thanks, David and Sam.

[12/01/03 update]
Michael Schenker Interivew: A very extensive and insightful inteview to Michael Schenker conducted by Selly V. Harris has been posted on ClassicRockRevisted.com. You should check this out! Thanks Shelly. You did a really great job!

[11/30/03 update]
Sacramento Photos: The photos taken by Axeslinger have been posted on his site. What a great mother!! Thanks, Axeslinger!

[11/29/03 update No.3]
Sacramento Show Review: Skid has kindly sent me his review and setlist of the MSG live at The Roadhouse, Sacramento on November 28. Thanks again, Skid. Accorindg to Skid, the performance was awesome, even better than Concord.

Palo Alto Setlist: Stefan has kindly sent me the setlist of the MSG live at The Edge, Palo Alto on November 25. Thanks, Stefan.

[11/29/03 update No.2]
UFO in Sweden: Apparently UFO will play at Sweden Rock Festival to be held in June 2004 with the reunited Judas Priest. Thanks, Batty.

[11/29/03 update]
Another Concord Review: Skid has kindly sent me his review and setlist of the MSG live at Cadillac Ranch on November 26. Thank you, Skid. And, some more photos are at SITN site 3.

[11/28/03 update No.2]
More Photos: Check out the following webpages for more photos of MSG at Cadillac Ranch, Concord, CA.

SITN site 1 2 (also taken by AXESLINGER)
Peter's site (taken by the bassist of the opening act)

[11/28/03 update]
MSG US Tour 2nd Night: Dennis has kindly sent me his review and photos of the MSG live at Cadillac Ranch on November 26. According to Dennis, their performance was superb again. Thanks Dennis!!!

Also, other photos taken by AXESLINGER have posted on SITN site. Check them out, too.

[11/27/03 update]
MSG US Tour Started!!!: On November 25 (local time), the MSG U.S. Tour 2003 started. It seems the first date at the Edge, Palo Alto, CA went very well. Nice reviews by Alex and Venomboy's Brother can be found here. Thank you very much.

[11/23/03 update]
Autographed Flying V: I have received a message from Roger in California who bought the Flying V autographed by Michael and Rudolf on E-bay a few days ago (refer to 11/20 entry). He said "Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I would never have found it without your website". (Click the image on the right to enlarge it.) My pleasure, Roger. And, congratulations!! He has been a Schenker fan since the Lights Out tour in 1977, and is going to the upcoming Sacramento gig. I hope you will enjoy the show, Roger.

[11/22/03 update]
Schugar/Schenker CD: I have received the CD. Special thanks to Amy. From the first listen, I have come to love it!!! My brief review is as follows:

Track List

  1. High Cost (3:12)
  2. I Need This Feeling (3:27)
    (Backing Vocal - Michael Schenker)
  3. Surrender (3:58) $+
  4. Back Through The Window (4:06)
    (Backing Vocal - Michael Schenker)
  5. I Need You (2:44)
    (Backing Vocal - Michael Schenker)
  6. Love & Danger (3:59)
  7. All I Got (3:54) $#
    (Outro Lead - Michael Schenker)
  8. Victim of the System (4:01)
All Lead/Rythm guitars by Michael Schenker except:
$ - Lead Guitar - Amy Schugar
+ - Additional Guitar - Fred Robinson
# - Lead Guitar - Fred Robinson

[11/20/03 update No.2]
Is she running out of candidates??: At last I have been Batttttered by Batttttty. I think I am not worthy but it's a great honor. Really is. Check out Strangers In The Night interview if you like.

[11/20/03 update]
Michael Schenker Interview: Martin Popoff's Interview to Michael Schenker has been posted on HardRadio.com. Michael talks about Amy Schugar, Mike Varney, Arachnophobiac recording members, his thoughss about the lyrics, etc. Thanks, Chris for the info.

Signed Flying V on ebay: A Gibson Flying V electric guitar signed by Rudolph and Michael Schenker is now auctioned on ebay (no picture). Thanks for the info, Bernhard.

[11/17/03 update]
Amy Schugar Interview: Batty's interview with Amy Schugar is now online at the SITN site. Nice Job, Batty! I didn't know until I read the interview, but Amy wrote an entrance theme music for a professional wrestler. You can also check this (6/28 entry) out.

[11/16/03 update]
Schugar/Schenker Demo CD: Schugar/Schenker projest's demonstration CD titled "Under Construction" is now available from Amy's music page. It includes 8 songs and the price is US$25.00 including shipping.

[11/14/03 update No.2]
Michael's Axes: According to a source, Michael is currently playing a Gibson V, a newer model, and will be using the seven string guitar (built for him by his fan) for the two Schugar/Schenekr songs during the tour.

[11/14/03 update]
Schugar Update: According to Amy's news page, she will be playing guitar on several songs with MSG, including singing two songs from the Schugar/Schenker project.

[11/13/03 update]
Amy's Gallery: Amy's gallery page has been updated. Michael's photos can also be found there.

[11/12/03 update No.2]
MSG Tour Opening Song: According to Amy's news page, her instrumental song titled "Aftertouch (In The Garden Of Darkness)" will be used as the opening song for all the MSG shows.

[11/12/03 update]
Rev Jones Interview: An interview to Rev Jones has been posted on his website. Thanks, Tom. (Sorry, the link was not right. Thanks for letting me know about it, Chris!)

[11/09/03 update]
Schugar/Schenker Demo: According to Amy, the Demo CD of Schugar/Schenker Project should be available on the 19th of this month.

[11/06/03 update No.2]
MSG Tourdates - Final: According to Chris Logan's Tourdate Page, four more dates have been added and it's final. 18 shows in all.

Tue 11/25/03 The Edge (Venue Website) Palo Alto, CA
Wed 11/26/03 Cadillac Ranch (Venue Website) Concord, CA
Fri 11/28/03 The Roadhouse (Venue Website) Sacramento, CA
Sat 11/29/03 Ventura Theatre (Venue Website) Ventura, CA
Sun 11/30/03 Key Club (Venue Website) West Hollywood, CA
Wed 12/03/03 Brick By Brick (Venue Website) San Diego, CA
Thu 12/04/03 Galaxy Theatre (Venue Website) Santa Ana, CA
Fri 12/05/03 Lyrics San Bernardino, CA
Sat 12/06/03 The Palms Resort & Casino (Venue Website) Las Vegas, NV
Wed 12/10/03 The Chance (Venue Website) Poughkeepsie, NY
Thu 12/11/03 Crocodile Rock (Venue Website) Allentown, PA
Fri 12/12/03 Jaxx (Venue Website) Springfield, VA
Sat 12/13/03 Mulcahy's (Venue Website) Wantagh, NY
Sun 12/14/03 Starland Ballroom (Venue Website) Sayerville, NJ
Tue 12/16/03 Peabody's Down Under (Venue Website) Cleveland, OH
Thu12/18/03 Shank Hall (Venue Website) Milwaukee, WI
Fri 12/19/03 House Of Blues (Venue Website) Chicago, IL
Sat 12/20/03 House Of Blues (Venue Website) Chicago, IL

[11/06/03 update]
MSG Tour Venuews Change: According to Chris Logan's Tourdate Page, there have been two changes to the venues. The Phoenix show has been moved to CA venue and The Las Vegas venue has been upgraded to the casino hotel.

Fri, 12/05/03
Lyrics Concert Hall
San Bernardino, CA

Sat, 12/06/03
The Palms Hotel & Casino (Venue Website)
Las Vegas, NV

[11/05/03 update No.2]
MSG w/ Geroge Lynch Solo: The information that Lynch Mob will play for the 12/19 & 12/20 shows at the House of Blues Chicago with MSG was posted here (refer to 10/23/2003 update). However, according to georgelynch.com, Lynch Mob is not going on tour with MSG and instead Geroge is putting a band together and hitting the road for 2 shows only at the H.O.B.

[11/05/03 update]
HOB Second Date: I have got some inquiries about why neither Ticketmaster or the House of Blues Chicago websites have the 12/20 show listed. According to Chris Logan, the show is confirmed - they just don't start selling tickets for the second night until the first night sells out, or reaches a certain level of ticket sales.

Interviews: According to Amy Schugar, Michael will be interviewed by the Guitar World magazine. Also, Amy has been interviewed by Paul Suter, which will be posted later. And, don't forget about Batty's interview to Amy (and probably Michael)!

[11/04/03 update No.2]
Thank You 4: I've got my copy. Very fast across the Pacific!!!

Thank You 4 Your Music, Michael!!

[11/04/03 update]
Thank You 4 Review: Tom has posted his review about the Thank You 4 CD on his website.

[11/03/03 update]
Schugar/Schenker: Amy Schugar's website has been updated with tour information and sample sound clips (MP3). As reported here on 10/30, her project will be touring with MSG.

[11/02/03 update]
MSG Tourdates: According to Chris Logan site, one date listed on Pollstar which is Fri 12/05/03 - Phoenix, AZ - Mason Jar is not official and will probably not take place. This is because the venue is too small and they are currently looking into other venues in the area. Also, accoring to Chris, they will try Palo Alto one more time (refer to 12/2001 entries), and there might be some shuffling around of the dates in CA to allow for it. Keep checking Chris' pages.

[11/01/03 update]
MSG Tourdates Added: According to Pollstar and other sites, four more dates have been added. Thanks, Peter!

Fri, 12/05/03 8:30 PM $15.00 - $17.00
Mason Jar (Venue Website)
Phoenix, AZ

Sat, 12/06/03
Live (formerly The Barking Frog) (Venue Website)
Las Vegas, NV

Sat, 12/13/03
Mulcahy's (Venue Website)
Wantagh, NY

Tue, 12/16/03
Peabody's Down Under (Venue Website)
Cleveland, OH

This was already reported here (see the 10/28/03 No.2 entry below), but the tour lineup has been posted on Chris Logan's tour page officially.

[10/30/03 update No.2]
Michael Schenker Flying V on ebay: Michael Schenker "Signed" Flying V is now auctioned on ebay. Looks like this is the same one which was auctioned in June and the sellar is also same (refer to 06/30/2003 entry). But, this time without reserve.

[10/30/03 update]
Schugar/Schenker: According to Amy Schugar, she will be touring with Michael.

[10/28/03 update No.2]
MSG Tour Line-up: The line-up of the upcoming MSG US tour is as follows. Thanks for the great information, Rev!!!

CHRIS LOGAN on vocal
WAYNE FINDLAY on keyboards/guitar (MSG, VINNIE MOORE)

[10/28/03 update]
Michael Schenker New Website & Schugar/Schenker: Michael's new site has been updated with the information on the Schugar/Schenker. It says they have made an 8-song demo CD, and Michael is singing with Amy on 3 songs. According to Amy Schugar's website (www.AmySchugar.com), you will shortly be able to order this demonstration disc featuring the collaborated work of Amy Schugar and Michael Schenker, down load and hear sample tracks and learn more about UPCOMING EVENTS. I am really puzzled as to what is going on.

[10/27/03 update]
Michael Schenker New Website & Thank You 4!!!!!!!: Michael Schenker has a new website up and running. Its url is www.michaelschenkerhimself.com/. This site has a message from Michael himself and great information about the new CD titled "Thank You 4" which is available only via this site (i.e., Michael). You can also download two sample clips, which are really beautiful.

[10/25/03 update]
MSG Gig Information (Cont'd): Chris Logan has updated his website (both Tours and News sections). Now 10 dates (same as below) are listed there, but he will regularly update the page. So, keep checking!

[10/23/03 update No.4]
MSG Gig Information (Cont'd): Four more dates (West Hollywood, San Diego, Springfield and an additional night in Chicago) have been confirmed. These have been added to the previous list (see update No.3).

[10/23/03 update No.3]
MSG Gig Information (Cont'd): A date for the Roadhouse show has been added.

Michael Schenker Group Tour Dates

Wed, 11/26/2003 7:00 PM $25.00
Cadillac Ranch (Venue Website)
1655 Willow Pass Rd. Concord, CA
Ticket Office: 925-686-6809

Fri, 11/28/30 9:45 PM (8:00 PM doors) w/ Barking at Flies $20.00
The Roadhouse (Venue Website)
Sacramento, CA

Sat, 11/29/03 7:00 pm $25.00
Ventura Theatre (Venue Website)
Ventura, CA

Sun, 11/30/03
Key Club (Venue Website)
West Hollywood, CA

Wed, 12/03/03 8:00 pm $20.00
Brick By Brick (Venue Website)
San Diego, CA

Thu, 12/04/03 8:00 pm $23.50
Galaxy Theatre (Venue Website)
Santa Ana, CA

Thu, 12/12/03 7:30 pm $22.00
Jaxx (Venue Website)
Springfield, VA

Thu, 12/18/03 8:00 pm $20.00
Shank Hall (Venue Website)
Milwaukee, WI

Fri, 12/19/03 8:30 pm w/ Lynch Mob & ENUFF Z'NUFF $27.00
House of Blues Chicago (Venue Website)
Chicago, IL

Sat, 12/20/03 8:30 pm w/ Lynch Mob & ENUFF Z'NUFF $27.00
House of Blues Chicago (Venue Website)
Chicago, IL

[10/23/03 update No.2]
MSG Gig Information (Cont'd): Ticketmaster.com shows MSG dates scheduled. Thanks, Steve!

Michael Schenker Group Tour Dates

Sat, 11/29/03 7:00 pm
Ventura Theatre (Venue Website)
Ventura, CA

Thu, 12/04/03 8:00 pm
Galaxy Theatre (Venue Website)
Santa Ana, CA

Thu, 12/18/03 8:00 pm
Shank Hall (Venue Website)
Milwaukee, WI

Fri, 12/19/03 8:30 pm w/ Lynch Mob & ENUFF Z'NUFF
House of Blues Chicago (Venue Website)
Chicago, IL

[10/23/03 update]
MSG Gig Information!!!: According to Peter, Michael Schenker Group will play live at "Cadillac Ranch" in Concord, CA on November 26. On this day, the band called "Cradle" will be opening the MSG show. Peter got a confirmation from the bassplayer of Cradle. Thanks, Peter!

Cadillac Ranch
1655 Willow Pass Rd. Concord
Ticket Office: 925-686-6809

[10/17/03 update]
Auction: The information from the seller: MICHAEL SCHENKER SIGNED ARIA PRO II FLYING V is now auctioned on ebay.

[10/08/03 update]
Statement of Pete Way: At www.peteway.net, you can find Pete's new statement on the new albums of UFO and Waysted.

[10/06/03 update]
Welcome Back Tristan!!: I've got a message from Tristan saying he's back. He has now added and updated links:


[10/04/03 update]
Heavy Metal Kids Press Release: Press Information for immediate release:

After the longest tea-break in rock and roll history the HEAVY METAL KIDS are back on the road once again! Led by original members Danny Peyronel (ex UFO), Ronnie Thomas and Keith Boyce they have a cracking new album out, HIT THE RIGHT BUTTON released on Heavy Metal Records. Expect to hear some of the old favourites 'The Cops Are Coming', 'Delirious' etc as the boys show why bands like The Wildhearts and Hanoi Rocks cite the Kids as a major influence.

Fri 24th Oct Heavy Metal Kids + Hurricane Party JB's Dudley
Sat 25th Oct Heavy Metal Kids + Hurricane Party Patti Pavilion Swansea
Fri 31th Oct Heavy Metal Kids Victoria Hotel Coalville

For further details and for up-to-the-minute news on extra dates being added, please check the HEAVY METAL KIDS website.

[09/20/03 update No.2]
Message from Kelly Keeling: According to Kelly, he has two albums to be released. One now with his band Sun and another, a solo album to be released in January on Mascot records. He will be touring for both within the next three weeks through next year. You can check his website for details, tourdates, album sales and updates.

[09/20/03 update]
Dear Dave: Congratulations on the birth of your baby Natasha! It must be a very special and exciting time in your life. I wish you and your baby health and happiness.

[09/20/03 update]
Dear Dave: Congratulations on the birth of your baby Natasha! It must be a very special and exciting time in your life. I wish you and your baby health and happiness.

[09/11/03 update]
UFO New CD Set (cont'd): Now you can order this CD set at www.zoomclub.com/ along with ONLY YOU CAN ROCK ME Limited Special Edition Digipak signed by Phil Mogg.

[09/10/03 update]
UFO New CD Set: According to www.buccaneerrecords.com, a new CD Set of UFO titled ""Live on Earth" (4 CD Digi-Box Ltd Edition) will be released on September 22 via the Zoom Club (3,000 copies only). Track listing is as follows. Thanks, Ed.

CD 1 - Vienna, Austria 1/28/98: Natural Thing, Mother Mary, A Self Made Man, Electric Phase, This Kids, Out in the Street, One More for the Rodeo, Venus, Pushed to the Limit
CD 2 - Austria continued: Love to Love, Too Hot to Handle, Only You can Rock Me, Lights Out, Doctor Doctor, Rock Bottom, Shoot Shoot
CD 3 - Agora Cleveland, Ohio July 1977: Lights Out, Getting Ready, Love to Love, On With the Action, Doctor Doctor, Out in the Streets, This Kids, Shoot Shoot, Rock Bottom, Too Hot to Handle
CD 4 - Bogarts Cincinnati, Ohio 8/31/95: Natural Thing, Mother Mary, Let it Roll, This Kids, Out in the Street, Venus, Pushed to the Limit, Love to Love You, Only You can Rock Me, Too Hot to Handle, Lights Out, Doctor Doctor, Rock Bottom, Shoot Shoot, C'mon Everybody

[09/09/03 update]
Jeff Watson Interview: An interview to Jeff Watson can be found at www.dinosaurrockguitar.com. He talks about how he participated in Arachnophobiac and his thought on Michael Schenker.

[08/22/03 update]
Message from Pete Way: You can find Pete Way's new message on PeteWay.net. Here is a direct link. He said, "I hope you guys have enjoyed the Plot. I would still like do a follow up with the mistro(maestro?) Schenker. I guess time will only tell."

[08/21/03 update]
Forever And More: According to Peter, a new Michael Schenker's compilation CD titled "Forever And More - The Best of Michael Schenker" will be released on September 22 from SPV.

[08/15/03 update]
Jeff Martin Interview: An interview to Jeff Martin can be found at www.strangers-in-the-night.com/jeffmartin.htm. He talks about UFO Manchester gig, BAOS, the Plot, his planned solo album, etc. Thanks for the great interview, Batty.

UFO New Releases: According to CD Universe, the following two CDs are slated to be released on August 19.

Then & Now
Flying (remastered)

[08/13/03 update]
One Night At Budokan CD: MSG'S One Night At Budokan will be re-issued in the Copy-Controled CD format on September 26 in Japan via Toshiba EMI lable.

[08/05/03 update]
Silver New CD: The third SILVER CD is titled: 'INTRUDER' and is set for release in September. The track listing has not yet been finalized. Thanks, Alan.

Performing on the CD are:

Gary Barden-Lead & Backing Vocals
Michael Voss-Lead/Rhythm Guitars & Backing Vocals
Bob Daisley-Bass Guitar
Bertram Engel-Drums
Don Airey-Keyboards
Bernie Torme-Lead Guitar (only on THREE songs)

Michael Schenker Interview: The August issue of UK rock magazine Powerplay has an interview with Michael. Thanks, Jason & Magnus.

[07/30/03 update]
UFO Tribute Live: "Queen Of The Deep", a new UFO tribute unit will play live in Tokyo on August 31. For more information, send a mail to ritchie@music.email.ne.jp. You can also find the information at the following webpages (sorry, all in Japanese).

Band's Website (inside Dr. Bottom site)
Gig Detail
Gig Flyer
Organizer's website

[07/29/03 update]
UFO New Line-up: The new line-up for UFO was confirmed by all the official parties, and it is: PHIL MOGG, PETE WAY, VINNIE MOORE, JASON BONHAM and PAUL RAYMOND. They will begin recording in SEPTEMBER 2003.

[07/20/03 update]
Bonnet Rocks: Masaya, the webmaster of Bonnet Rocks has informed me that the official Graham Bonnet website has been moved to www.bonnetrocks.com.

[07/18/03 update]
Tim's New Site & UFO New Lineup: Tim has informed me that he has a new site. New URL is http://michaelschenker.4t.com/schenker.html.

[07/11/03 update]
Another Michael Schenker Interveiew: The August issue of YOUNG GUITAR magazine has a special 4-page interview to Michael Schenker including playing technique analysis for the song "Weathervane" with tab. This interview was also conducted after Michael got out of the rehabilitation center. Compared with the Burrn interview, this is much better. I guess this is partly because of the editor/interviewer policy. But, Michael sounds very positive, healthy and willing in the interview.

[07/08/03 update]
MSG Backdrop on ebay: A huge backdrop used on tour by the McAuley Schenker Group is now auctioned on e-bay. Thanks, Skid!




[07/07/03 update]
Always Loving: I just think I have to say that I love Michael Schenker music and will always and forever. He is the one and only. It's what this website is all about. What if you were a professional newspaper writer and posted an article without doing any back research? That should be another matter of responsiblity.

[07/05/03 update]
Michael Schenker New Interveiew: The August issue of Burrn magazine has an exclusive interview to Michael Schenker which was conducted on May 29 just after he got out of the center for psychological rehabilitation on May 21. I disrespect some of his comments which are really disgusting. I don't want to even comment on them. However, a few of his remarks have some news value, maybe.

[07/01/03 update]
Gonna Move To California, NOT: This entry has been deleted for a reason.

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