Assault Attack Sound Clips

All sample sound files listed in this page are compressed in Real Audio or MP3 format.

Acoustic Assault Attack (released December 2002)
One Afternoon In Koenji (released October 2000)
First Reheasal (March 25, 2000)

"Acoustic Assault Attack"
Assault Attack's unplugged live album is now on sale!

Recorded at Hot Shot in Okubo on 06/29/2002
(Price: Open)

1. Only You Can Rock Me MP3 (541KB)
2. Anytime MP3 (687KB)
3. Believe In Love MP3 (2214KB)
4. Natural Thing MP3 (611KB)
5. Never Ending Nightmare MP3 (1881KB)
6. Doctor Doctor MP3 (736KB)
7. Lights Out MP3 (736KB)
8. Love To Love MP3 (1568KB)
- Bonus Tracks -
9. Love Of My Life *
10. (Just Like) Starting Over **
11. Woman **

* Tosh & R.B. Araki
** shira-yuri with Yutaro Shimizu and R.B. Araki

For more info and order, mail R.B. Araki.

"Michael Schenker Tribute Live -One Afternoon In Koenji-"
Assault Attack's live album (double CD) is now on sale!

Recorded at Penguin House in Koenji on 05/13/2000
(Price: Open)

1. Armed And Ready MP3 (534KB)
2.Cry For The Nations MP3 (832KB)
3.Attack Of The Mad Axeman RealAudio (583KB)
4. Looking For Love MP3 (773KB)
5. Systems Failing MP3 (627KB)
6. Rock You To The Ground RealAudio (801KB)
7. Lipstick Traces RealAudio (691KB)
8. Bijou Pleasurette (included in the above)
9. Into The Arena RealAudio (553KB)
10. Samurai MP3 (341KB)
11. Lights Out RealAudio (626KB)
12. Natural Thing RealAudio (469KB)
13. Desert Song RealAudio (758KB)

- CD2 -

1. Captain Nemo MP3 (876KB)
2. Rock My Nights Away MP3 (1021KB)
3. Red Sky RA(656KB)
4. I'm Gonna Make You Mine MP3(876KB)
5. Ready To Rock MP3 (600KB)
6. Assault Attack MP3 (474KB)
7. Lost Horizons RealAudio (1056KB)
8. Doctor Doctor RealAudio (698KB)
9. Rock Bottom RealAudio (1273KB)
- Bonus Tracks -
10. Rock Bottom * MP3 (2634KB)
11. Master Of Puppets * MP3 (3523KB)

* All vocals and instruments by R.B.Araki except drums sequenced by R.B.A.

For more info and order, mail R.B. Araki.

Lights Out 626KB
Recorded at the reheasal studio on 03/25/2000, a memorial day when R.B.Araki met the other members for the first time.

For more info and order, mail R.B. Araki.