Photos of Michael's Belongings

Added on 10/27/2002

1) This is a storage tag for "Third Encore" Rehersal Rooms Company in North Hollywood w/ Michael's signiture.

2) Front side of Calzone case

3) This is the shipping tag to Praire Sun Records "Mike Varney" Shrapnel Records where the Unforgiven CD was recorded

4) TOP of Calzone case

5) this is the Inside coat tag to M. Schenker Trench coat

6)Trench coat M. Schenker wore on the Unforgiven Tour, CD and at the end of the "making of the Unforgiven video" also Adventures of the Imaginations CD

7) This is my hand hahaha w/ two of M. Shenkers guitar slides

8) Extra stuff that was in the Calzone case: M. Schenker's Carvin Leather amp cover for his acoustic guitar amp, still in bag. Carvin foot switch for his acoustic amp, slides FX patch cord, drum sticks and other switches

9) 5 of M. Schenker's Wah wha's. 1 warm slow Wha, 2 cry baby , 3 Big Wha, 4. # 5 cry baby, 5. Vox. all 5 Wha Wha's work just great. the cry baby , 2nd from the left and the Vox, on the end are late 60's era the other 3 are mid. and late 70's or maybe early 80's era.

10) Cry baby marked # one there is a pic. on " I love Michael Schenker website" of michael schenker w/ black hair in a black suit w/ UFO in '98 and M. Schenker is playin this # 1 Wha Wha.

11) M. Schenker's strings D'Angelico Acoustic Phosphor Bronze PBXL extra light (gadge 010,014,022W,030W,038W,048W). For Michael's Electric Flying V, he uses D'Angelico Soul Rock , Electric Rollerwound Strings, SRR regular (gadge .009, .011, .015, .026, .036, .046)

12) Water color painting of Michael Schenker ,1992, a fan and an artist from Scottsdale AZ. painted this of Michael. Michael later signed the painting to his, at the time, personal secretary ( Sandy) . Sandy and I have been close friends for quite some time now and she gave me this painting of Michael Schenker on fathers day 2002. ( Sandy is a VERY nice lady I love her most dearly)

13) this is a pic. of me and my Michael Schenker Flying V. I purchased this guitar in '82. My friend Tony Nobles, of Austin Tx ( who is a guitar builder and builds guitars for KENDRICK GUITARS,on the side ) turned my guitar into a Michael Schenker guitar.The guitar has a fast neck. Front pickup is original equipment, back pickup is a Bill Lawrence XL 500. When Schenker saw my guitar he said," I have a friend in Texas!" Tony Nobles is also a writer for the magazine "VINTAGE GUITAR" and actually entervued Schenker in '99 about the Unforgiven album and his style of playing.

Thanks, Smitty!!

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