Michael Schenker 4 Ever (03/20/2001)

Finaly I am home from my trip tonight.

I really enjoy Ritchie's UFO night.
Thanks Ritchie for your warm treatment after the show,
thanks Ed for being with me all the time and
thanks both nice guys for having a real good time together!!

Sad, I am sorry that we did't have cameras at the night.
Ritchie's stage photo will be able to see if he get,
As he had a long blond wig from the starting to the ending !
It was like........ hope you see it .( I love it ! )

About the show,
Acturally I can say I want to listen to all songs again.
Especially 'Midnight train' was excellent !
When I heard the song at real UFO 2000 tour in Germany,
It was something different to Elegance line (I think).
Very rough and wild.
Ritchie's play was perfectly smart. I really love it.
Vocal was much emotional I think. He is great, but
no need for Ritchie's guitar.....
Wow, more're better to tell to Ritchie straightly in Japanese.

Anyway, I am sure that you all should listen to the songs
if you can. There are full of interesting matters !!

Sorry for my poor English. ITO@nijinsky

p.s. Thanks Ed to say good at me. I 'm shy .
p.p.s. Ritchie, I missed the last train from Sinjuku to Akasaka ! (@@;)