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Debut Live (09/19/2004)

First Demo Album "Live Chillers" (10/2004 Release)

This demo album (available both in CD and DVD format) is not a commercial product and is only available via this website.

Guitar & Vocal: R.B. Araki
Drums: Smile Endo
Bass: Wakana Kikuchi
Keyboards: Sato Showshow

1. We Will Rock You MP3 (1.37MB)
2. Tie Your Mother Down MP3 (1.37MB)
3. Spread Your Wings MP3 (1.37MB)
4. Keep Yourself Alive MP3 (1.37MB)
5. Brighton Rock MP3 (1.37MB)
6. Hammer To Fall MP3 (1.37MB)
7. Now I'm Here MP3 (1.37MB)

To get our CD/DVD and for more info, please contact R.B. Araki.

(Reviews & Comments)

By Simon Edwards (he's the one who kindly sent me English coins for picks)

I received the CDs. They are great thanks.

AND... the Pueen Live Chillers DVD which is excellent - note perfect! Live Killers was one of the first Albums I ever bought on vinyl when it was originally released so I know every note, and I have to say I was VERY impressed with the accuracy of the guitar parts particularly Brighton Rock. The tone was very similar too, and I don't think you lost much authenticity by using the 'V' instead of the Brian May signature guitar that's around (probably doesn't sound like his home-made one anyway!)

Also, your vocals were not bad at all. There were a few places when it didn't sound too good, but re-listening it was the harmonies from the backing singers that were out I think - Roger Taylors high pitched harmonies must be very difficult to emulate. If you take into account that you were playing guitar and signing, it was a very impressive performance.

AND... Thanks very much for the mention on the DVD - more than I deserve. I'll see if I can source an old six-pence for you.

All the best with your future projects - let me know if you do anything else with Pueen, or if you move on the new projects.

Thanks again.


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