Strangers in the Night/UFO (1979)

This is one of the greatest rock live albums ever recorded. Although Michael Schenker was only 23 years old at the time this album was recorded, he had already been a veteran and his performance had already reached maturity!! His improvisation play in this album is crazy and the tone of his guitar is insane. Both totally knocked out me. His guitar play in this album is still my holy bible. His lead play in 'Rock Bottom' is one of the best guitar solo in rock history, which is really too hot to handle. I can't believe that he was mentally in the worst conditions when it was recorded. I could not see their concert at that time. But I was lucky enough to see them reunioned during UFO's last tour in Japan, when they played almost the same set-list.

Assault Attack/Michael Schenker Group (1982)

My favorite guitarist meets my favorite singer. In other words, the collaboration of the world greatest guitarist and the world greatest vocalist (only to me??). Needless to say, they are Michael "the God" Schenker and Graham Bonnet. This cannot be bad. The tone of the God's guitar sound is incredibly cool. His picking cuts me like a knife. Michael's riffs and improvised lead play are the best among all MSG studio albums. The quality of the songs is also the highest among all MSG albums. It has been the world most unfortunate thing that Michael and Graham parted so soon, leaving only this album. Am I so exaggerating? I don't think so.

The Beatles (The White Album)/The Beatles (1968)

Many people cite Sgt. Pepper's as their favorite. However, I like the White Album the best among the Beatles' albums. The reason is quite simple. It's because this is a double album, which means it includes a double number of songs made by "THE" Beatles, the greatest band ever. Don't you think so? Especially I feel Paul's talents exploded in this album. For this album, he wrote lots of great acoustic tunes such as Blackbird, Rocky Racoon, I Will and Mother Nature's Son, while he wrote the original form of heavy metal music, i.e., Helter Skelter.