Michael Schenker Tour Information and News
Information updated July - December 2007

[12/31/07 update]
Michael Schenker UFO Era Stuff: Henk kindly informed me that 1974 Gibson Flying V which Michael Schenker used during 1975-1978 is listed on Siggi Schwarz Music Store. It says its neck was broken but repaired in 1977. Thanks, Henk!!! Chefjameso has also informed me that a private footage of UFO in the early days with Michael Schenker has been added to youTube. Thanks, Chefjameso!!

[12/24/07 update]
Michael Schenker on Total Rock: According to Stefan who listened to Michael Schenker live on Total Rock Radio, it was a great interview with three new songs aired:

I want you
City lights

Stefan said the songs sounded really great with Gary Barden on the vocals again and the solos were really great and Gary's voice sounded perfect, very suitable for MSG. Also, according to Wilson, those songs were demo tracks from the new album. As I have been away from home on holidays, I was unable to be online. Thanks, Stefan and Wilson!!

[12/22/07 update]
Happy Holidays!!: To everybody.

[12/20/07 update]
Michael Schenker & Friends Official Dates: According to Michael Schenker's official website, more tour dates of Michael Schenker & Friends have been confirmed as follows. Thanks, Dean!!!

(Michael Schenker & Friends)
Thu 01/17/08 Sutton, U.K. Boom Boom Club Venue Ad
Tue 01/19/08 Tamworth, U.K. The Palace ticket
Tue 02/05/08 Brighton, U.K. Concorde 2
Sat 02/16/08 Southend, U.K. Riga
Mon 02/18/08 Derby, U.K. Flowerpot ticket
Fri 02/22/08 Glasgow, U.K. Cathouse

See also MSG Tourdate Page.

[12/20/07 update]
Michael Schenker on Total Rock: According to melodicrock.com, Michael Schenker can be heard live on Total Rock Radio this Sunday between 5.00pm and 7.00pm (U.K. time) on the Chris Glancy show. Thanks, Dean!! Please let me know how it goes because I may miss it. It's 2.00am to 4:00am Monday here in Japan.

[12/16/07 update]
Nei Murray Confirmed: According to blabbermouth.net, Neil Murray has confirmed that he will play on the new album from MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP (MSG), entitled "In the Midst of Beauty", and he said Michael will be utilizing a "different band" when he heads out on a UK tour in January under the MICHAEL SCHENKER & FRIENDS banner. Thanks, Jeff!! (cf. 12/15/07 & 12/10/07 update)

[12/15/07 update]
Micahel Schenker & Friends Tour Line-up!?: According to the ad of the venue for the planned January 24 show in Falmouth, U.K. of Michael Schenker & Friends, the lineup is as follows. Thanks, David!!

[12/14/07 update]
Schenker Intie at BraveWords.com: Metal Tim at BraveWords.com has kindly informed me that his interview with Rudolf Schenker has been posted on his website. Rudolf talks about relationship with brother Michael and Uli Jon Roth. Check it out! Thanks, Tim!!

[12/13/07 update No.2]
Michael Schenker Press Release: Michael Schenker's press release can be found on his official website. "The Line up for the Schenker/Barden MSG World Tour has not been decided yet."

[12/13/07 update]
More Info About Michael Schenker's Next Album: Siggi Schwarz has kindly informed me that Michael Schenker is in best shape and back in the studio at present. Siggi has also revealed some more information about the next album of Michael Schenker. Thanks, Siggi!!!

The well known players on the new MSG album "In the midst of the Beauty" are:

Gary Barden, vocals
Don Airey, Keyboards, Hammond B3
Simon Phillips, Drums
Neil Murray, bass

Note: this is not the "MSG" or "Michael Schenker & Friends" Live Lineup

The producer Team: Michael Schenker, Siggi Schwarz, Romi Schickle

Release date worldwide: April 2008

more pics and music soon at http://www.siggi-schwarz.de

[12/12/07 update]
More Michael Schenker & Friends Dates: According to melodicrock.com, somo more tour dates of Michael Schenker & Friends have benn announced. Also on this site, Michael Schenker's agent is quoted by saying "At each show Michael will be signing fan's stuff at the merchandise stand, and will draw out a ticket number from the show which will then be put into a prize draw at the end of the tour with a chance to win the guitar Michael used to record his new MSG album, In The Midst of Beauty." and ""Michael is doing very well, he is fit, healthy and raring to go with loads of exciting new plans for a World Tour." Thanks, Terje!!

(Michael Schenker & Friends)
Thu 01/17/08 Sutton, U.K. Boom Boom Club Venue Ad
Mon 02/18/08 Norwich, U.K. Waterfront
Fri 02/22/08 Glasgow, U.K. Cathouse

See also MSG Tourdate Page.

[12/11/07 update]
Michael Schenker & Friends Official Dates: Michael Schenker's official website has been updated with tourdates of Michael Schenker & Friends. And, more dates to follow. (cf. 12/06/07 update No.4 et al)

(Michael Schenker & Friends)
Thu 01/10/08 Swindon, U.K. 12 Bar Swindon Venue Ad Ticket
Fri 01/11/08 Crew, U.K. Limelight
Sat 01/12/08 Blackpool, U.K. Riffs
Wed 01/16/08 Southend, U.K. Riga
Thu 01/24/08 Falmouth, U.K. Princess Pavilion
Sat 01/26/08 Colchester, U.K. Twist
Sat 02/09/08 Manchester, U.K. Academy 3 (Manchester University) Ticket
Sun 02/10/08 Sheffield, U.K. The Boardwalk Venue Ad Ticket
Sun 02/17/08 Bristol, U.K. Thekla Venue Ad Ticket

See also MSG Tourdate Page.

[12/10/07 update]
Neil Murray on Bass: Michael Schenker's official website has been updated with a revised name of the bassist who is going to play on MSG's next album titled "In the Midst of Beauty", which is Neil Murray (ex-Whitesnake, Black Sabath, etc.). (cf. 12/06/07 update No.5)

Also, according to melodicrock.com, "This statement however still lends itself to a little confusion. Drummer Simon Phillips continues his long held role as Toto drummer and as Toto has a full schedule for 2008, you are unlikely to see Simon playing live with MSG, although I have confirmed he will record his drum parts for the studio album early in January." Thanks, Terje!!

[12/06/07 update No.5]
Glenn Hughes - No MSG: Glenn Hughes posted his message on his myspace which denies Michael Schenker's statement regarding the recording line-up of MSG's next album featuring Glenn Hughes as a bass player. Thanks, John!! (cf. 12/06/07 update No.3 et al)
No MSG...

There's a news story currently doing the rounds about me joining Michael Schenker on his new MSG album.

I declined to work with Michael.....I do not play that kind of music.....I wanna concentrate on my own style of music.....

[12/06/07 update No.4]
Another MSG Tourdate (Unofficial): According to SeeTicket.com, one more concert date of Michael Schenker Group is now scheduled as follows. It may be the show of Michael Schenker & Friends instead of MSG in consideration of the most recent message of Michael Schenker himself. (cf. 11/29/07 update et al)

(Michael Schenker Group)
Sun 02/10/08 Sheffield, U.K. The Boardwalk Venue Ad Ticket

[12/06/07 update No.3]
Michael Schenker's Official Messages: Michael Schenker has posted his messages on his official website.
A Note From Michael Schenker

With a new agent and new plans I want to anounce my well being by playing all over the UK before teaming up with the Schenker/Barden MSG formation for a major UK and World Tour in April.

New CD

Brand New Album Release
"In the midst of Beauty"
coming in April

Gary Barden - Vocals
Simon Philips - Drums
Glen Hughes - Bass
Don Airy - Keyboards

To My True Fans Only

I am currently setting up a Concert Tour under the name - "Michael Schenker & Friends" and playing almost all of UK's rock clubs (starting January 10th and stretching as far as March) to shake up the ground for a major MSG UK and World Tour with a brand new April release titled: "In the Midst of Beauty"
[12/06/07 update No.2]
Gary Rejoins MSG: According to blabbermouth.net, Michael Schenker Group will release their new album in April, to be followed by a world tour. The new CD will feature an amazing lineup. Thanks, Skid and Graham!!!
Legendary guitarist Michael Schenker is currently setting up a concert tour under the banner MICHAEL SCHENKER & FRIENDS. The trek will include stops in almost all of UK's rock clubs starting on January 10 and stretching as far as March.

In other news, Schenker is planning to release a new MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP (MSG) album in April, to be followed by a world tour. Entitled "In the Midst of Beauty", the CD will feature the following lineup:

Gary Barden - Vocals
Simon Philips (TOTO, THE WHO) - Drums
Don Airey (DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW) - Keyboards

A tour featuring Barden on vocals will kick off following the album release.
[12/06/07 update]
Jari Quits MSG: Jari Tiura has posted the following message on his myspace.

Hi friends,

i wanna tell you that i'm not a singer for MSG anymore.

I want to thank all the fans for your great support.

I will always remember you!!!

Yours forever

[11/29/07 update]
Unofficial Michael Schenker/MSG Tourdates: According to SeeTicket.com, three concert dates of Michael Schenker are now scheduled as follows. Thanks, Wildon!!

(Michael Schenker & Friends)
Thu 01/10/08 Swindon, U.K. 12 Bar Swindon Venue Ad Ticket
Sun 02/17/08 Bristol, U.K. Thekla Venue Ad Ticket

(Michael Schenker Group)
Sat 02/09/08 Manchester, U.K. Manchester University Ticket

[11/23/07 update]
Another Schnker-Barden Collaboration!?: Gary Barden stated in a recent interview conducted by French Magazine called Rock Hard, #71 that in 2008 a surprise may happen from him and Michael Schenker. He doesn't say more than that because the interview deals with his new record and the journalist doesn't grasp the opportunity to ask him what kind of surprise it could be. Thanks, Jean-Pascal!!!!

[11/03/07 update]
UFO Re-release: According to UFO's official website., EMI is set to re-issue UFO's first three Chrysalis albums, with a provisional release date of 28th January 2008. The albums will contain the following bonus tracks:

Sixteen (Demo produced by Dave Edmunds)
Oh My (Demo produced by Dave Edmunds)
Give Her The Gun (German non LP Chrysalis single A-side)
Sweet Little Thing (German non LP Chrysalis single B-side)
Sixteen (Previously unreleased studio track)
Doctor Doctor (Recorded live 06/06/74)

No Heavy Petting
All Or Nothing (Previously unreleased studio track)
French Kisses (Previously unreleased studio track)
Have You Seen Me Lately Joan (Previously unreleased studio track)
Property (Previously unreleased studio track)
Sunset Lights (Previously unreleased studio track)

Force It:
A Million Miles (Previously unreleased studio track produced by Leo Lyons at Morgan Studios, Dec 17th 1973)
Mother Mary (Recorded live at the Paris Theater, London, 11/12/75)
Out In The Streets (Recorded live at the Paris Theater, London, 11/12/75)
Shoot Shoot (Recorded live at the Paris Theater, London, 11/12/75)
Let It Roll (Recorded live at the Roundhouse, London 25/4/76)
This Kid's (Recorded live at the Roundhouse, London 25/4/76)

(11/11 Addition: Seemingly the live numbers on the re-issue of Force It CD already have been released, i.e., Mother Mary/Out in the Streets/Shoot Shoot on the BBC Archive Series CD UFO in Session and Live in Concert (EMI 7243 4 99403 2 1) and Let It Roll/This Kid's on the CD On with the Action/Live at The Roudhouse 1976 (Zoom Club Records ZCRCD1). Thanks for the info, John.

[10/27/07 update No.2]
Michael's Message: Michael Schenker had posted a following bulletin message on myspace. Thanks, Tatsuo!! (cf. 10/11/07 update) (10/29 Addition: the message was posted later on Michael Schenker's official website.)
Hello Everyone,

The MySpace page "theofficialmichaelschenker" is being run by Bella Piper using Essenz and Chinua and is not authorized by me.

Furthermore, the Recordings Bella Piper is selling, are stolen property and she has no right to them or the right to sell them.
[10/27/07 update]
Michael Schenker New Projects!!: Michael Schenker has posted a following bulletin message on myspace. Lots of new plans are mentioned. Thanks, Axe!! (10/30 Addition: the message was later posted on Michael Schenker's official website.)
Date: 2007/10/27 5:05

Subject: To My True Fans:

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well with you guys and that you are not too confused yet.
We are currently working on a new Web Site due to improvement and it will be up and running very soon.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Also, we are preparing for a New MSG Studio Album.
It will be an album with great well known Musicians (the choices are Fantastic), followed up by a World Tour.
More about it later.

In between, I may be doing some Live Shows with Michael Schenker & Friends.
As you probably have already heard, I am giving guitar lessons.
These lessons can ONLY be booked through:
Goott Records

e-mail: msguitarlessons@earthlink.net
phone: 00447504150200
Location: North London
GBP200 (1 hour)
Keep in mind that the line is only open from 10am till 7pm UK time.
This is a booking line only.

Goott Records is also opening a new management office for Michael Schenker Businesses only, such as:
Thank You 5 will be released soon. This time it may involve a rhythm section.

Other events and projects are Movie Sound Tracks and some Concerts with Siggi Schwarz.
Thats all for now.
More soon.

All the best,
[10/25/07 update]
Guitar Lessons: Michael Schenker has posted a following bulletin message on myspace. You have to be his myspace "friend" to read the bulletin. Thanks, Bill!!
Date: Oct 24, 2007 11:35 AM
Subject: Guitar Lessons
I am giving guitar lessons GBP200,- an hour.
Location: North London, UK
Body: Phone xxxxxxxxxxx
E-mail: xxxx@xxxxx
[10/14/07 update]
Scorpions w/ Michael Schenker DVD: According to Blabbermouth, SCORPIONS' concert at Wacken Open Air in Wacken, Germany on August 3, 2006 will be released on DVD in November 2007. Entitled "Live At Wacken Open Air 2006: A Night To Remember - A Journey Through Time", the disc will include the German hard rock band's historic performance at the festival during which they were joined by former bandmates Uli Jon Roth, Michael Schenker and Herman Rarebell. The group's setlist for the show was as follows. (Related entry: 09/11/07 update)
01. Coming Home
02. Bad Boys Running Wild
03. The Zoo
04. Loving You Sunday Morning
05. Make It Real
06. Picture Life (with Uli John Roth)
07. Speedy's Coming (with Uli John Roth)
08. Dark Lady (with Uli John Roth)
09. We'll Burn The Sky (with Uli John Roth)
10. Love 'em Or Leave 'Em
11. Don't Believe Her
12. Tease Me Please Me
13. Coast To Coast (with Michael Schenker)
14. Holiday (with Michael Schenker)
15. Lovedrive (with Michael Schenker)
16. Another Piece Of Meat (with Michael Schenker)
17. James Kottak's Drum Solo
18. Blackout (with Herman Rarebell)
19. No One Like You (with Herman Rarebell)
20. Matthias Jabs' Guitar Solo
21. Big City Nights
22. Can't Get Enough

Encore 1:

23. Still Loving You
24. In Trance (with Uli John Roth, Michael Schenker)
25. He's A Woman She's A Man (with Uli John Roth, Michael Schenker)
26. In Search Of The Peace Of Mind (with Uli John Roth, Michael Schenker and Tyson Schenker)

Encore 2:

27. Dynamite

Encore 3:

28. Rock You Like A Hurricane
[10/11/07 update]
New CD release with Michael Himself Singing!?: The following message has been posted on the myspace run by Bella Piper and her children. I guess this is not an official release (I heard this is the concept album with michael singing before he decided to use MSG singers on it). Thank you for the info, Vincent!!

New CD release with Michael Himself Singing

Get ready

a new release coming out soon with Michael Singing.

the first 1,000 fans who order in advance will get there name printed on the cover !!!

hurry this is a fund raiser to help homeless children.

get your name on the advance purchase list NOW !

send us your name address and e-mail and we will send you a number.
Bella Piper also posted the following message: "watch for a new release of a very rare recording of michael schenker in mexico all in spanish."

[09/11/07 update]
Wacken 2006 DVD: The WACKEN 2006 DVD is now available from Mitaltix.com website. It has MSG's "DUST TO DUST" (live) as well as Shadow Lady (Live - Documentary) and Dust To Dust (Interview).

[09/03/07 update No.2]
A Note From Michael Schenker: Michael Schenker has posted his note on his official website. Thanks, Dave!!

I am currently looking for an agent to represent me.
If anyone is interested or if you know anyone that might me interested in the position, please e-mail me.

[09/03/07 update]
Michael Schenker Official Message: Michael Schenker has posted his official statement on his official website. Thanks, Rog!!

Hello Everyone!

I am doing very well and I am planing to re-do the States and the UK.

[08/20/07 update]
Michael Schenker Official Message: Michael Schenker has posted his official statement about what happened since the U.S. tour on his official website. Thanks, Nino!!

To my true Fans:

This is what happened:
When we started the US tour everything went well I think 11 shows but than it all fell apart. Our Tour manager left the Tour.
He had problems with our agent.
Our Bodyguard took over and then broke down too.
Franky our bass player came to me and said He is trying to run away with our money.
So I shouted, Someone call the Police, at that point he had put the safe back. By the way, all of this happened in our tour bus.
It started to get really bad. My girlfriend asked me if my tours are always like that.
I said no but for some reason it is happening. It really only happened once before, and that was when we had to cancel in Pala Alto in 2001.

Back to 2007, we were also waiting for our working visas for which our agent had taken 4,000 dollars out of our advance monies. Now our bodyguard left the tour as well because he hadn't been paid by our agent who was holding all advance monies from the venues. Our bus company had not been paid either and were warning us that they would pull out too, if they don't get paid soon and the band hadn't been paid either.

However, Wayne took over as the tour manager and when I looked at everything. Our situation, having lost our tour managing team, performing with out work permits, which I knew by than we would never get because our agent said that we wouldn't really need them that we could just say that this is a Promotional Tour or that we had spend all monies on exspenes.
That is totally crazy.
What would the immigration have thought about all the money that I would have brought in. It was clear to me that our Agent wanted to keep the money for the permits and that we would never get them. It was also clear that some people would have ended up without getting paid by the end of the Tour even if I would have paid for the permits it would have been totally unacceptable to continue the Tour under these conditions especially without a Tour manager.

So I paid 11,000 dollars out of my own pocket to pay everyone off including the Bus company and I told the Band, Go home before you get arrested. So we left the US. At that point I was pretty upset and began to drink more then usual.

We began our UK Tour. Without our usual Crew, I don't know why, and we had no Keyboards and no Guitars.
One problem rarely comes alone. It sucked.

Also what happened to:
• Frome - August 1st
• Stourbridge - August 3rd
• Nuneaton - August 4th
• Cardiff - August 5th ???????
Did it get canceled by the promoter? I don't know.
To make this disaster complete, I had 7,000 dollars stolen and basically got stranded in London.
My girlfriend was in Japan, the Band was at home and I was spending my last pounds in London until I was down to 2 Pounds.
I called the promoter
to pay for my train ticket to Peterborough. I got the ticket and traveled with my last 2 Pounds. The next show was supposed to be Peterborough, NO band. I decided to do a signing session and played on my own.

The band arrived at some point by than
I was drinking even more out of total frustration. I ended up drunk on stage and that was the end of it and that's what happened.
I am very upset about the cancellations and I hope that we can try again on a more professional level.
I tried my best.

And by the way, I had NO argument with my brother.

All the best,
[08/16/07 update]
Wayne's Message: Wayne Findlay has posted his message to MSG fans on his official website. Thanks, Todd and Les!!
To All MSG fans...
I just want to personally thank all the fans for their love and support through this difficult time... We did have some good times, made some great new friends, and managed to make the best out of things, despite the circumstances. I look forward to seeing you all again very soon!!!
[08/10/07 update]
Bodo's Message to MSG Fans: Bodo Schopf has posted his message to MSG fans on his official website.

To all the Fans of MSG!!!!!!

first I want to thank everybody for coming to see us and giving us the support. Sorry that we couldn't give you the 100% but those who were there, saw that a man who plays from his heart was really hurt in his heart.
We and some really close friends took care of him, and he is now in good hands, where he gets a really good treatment.
Thank you again for your support.
[08/07/07 update]
This Is Guitar Gods CD: A compilation CD titled "This Is Guitar Gods" has been released today, which includes Michael Schenker's Doctor Doctor. For more information, check out CD Universe where you can download the sample clips. I am not 100% sure but it sounds like the one from Heavy Hitters album (cf. 07/12/05 & 07/15/07 updates et al). Thanks for the info, Tom!!

This Is Guitar Gods CD
Various Artists

CDU Part#: 7476510
Catalog#: 1917
Discs x 2
Street Date: Aug 07, 2007
Recording Time 150 minutes

CD 1 - Track 11. Doctor, Doctor - Michael Schenker

[08/06/07 update No.2]
Your Messages: For the past week, many people have sent me their thoughtful messages about the current situation of Michael Schenker and MSG. Some are from my long-time friends while the others wrote to me for the first time. I felt those messages are thoughtful enough to be shared among us. Conincidentally Rob Knowles has just suggested to me that I launch a page on my site where people's tributes to Michael Schenker's career so far can be posted. To those who already sent me such messages and those who are thinking of speaking up, if you are willing to share your thoughts, comments, tributes, suggestions, critiques, etc. with us here, just let me know. Thank you.

[08/05/07 update No.2]
Tour Cancelled: Due to various mitigating circumstances that have conspired to derail the tour, it has been officially confirmed by a source close to MSG that the remaining tour dates have definitely been cancelled. In truth, it was impossible to carry on with the current situation, a situation that has been caused by a multitude of events beyond the bands control, including Michael's. The band & Michael would personally like to express their gratitude for the patience and understanding shown by the MSG faithful (fans) during this extremely difficult time and would like to say: 'Thank you' to ALL those who have expressed their continuing love & support. Be assured, MSG hope to see you ALL on the road in the future.

[08/05/07 update]
MSG Stourbridge Show Review (cont'd): Rich's review of the 08/03 Stourbridge show has been added to the Concert Report page. Thanks, RIch!!

[08/04/07 update No.3]
MSG Stourbridge Show Review (cont'd): Rob has kindly sent me his review/observation of the 08/03 Stourbridge show. Thanks, Rob!!

[08/04/07 update No.3]
MSG Nuneaton Show - OFF: According to a source close to MSG, who has spoken to Michael and Wayne today, tonight's show in Nuneaton is definitely OFF - as is the rest of the tour. In the meantime we are to assume that none of the remaining shows on this tour will go ahead. Please note that this message is not 'an official statement', it's just an update to the situation which the source has asked me to pass on to the fans, as the person does not have access to a computer to send the information at the moment.

[08/04/07 update No.2]
MSG Stourbridge Show Review: Steve's review of the 08/03 show in Stourbridge has been added to the concert report page. Tickets for the show were refunded but Steve left his GBP16.00 in the pot as he thought he had good value for money from Rattlesnake Remedy and he doesn't want to see another local live music venue go under - the staff still have to be paid etc. Thanks, Steve!!

[08/04/07 update]
MSG in Stourbridge: Sorry to report that the MSG show last night in Stourbridge was stopped after Only You Can Rock Me. Tickets were refunded at the door. Thanks, Steve and Batttttty!!!

[08/03/07 update No.3]
Live Together 2004 U.S. Release: Will from MVD has kindly informed me that "Siggi Schwarz & Michael Schenker Live Together 2004" CD will be released in the U.S. via their audio lable called MVD Audio on August 28. Check out the release data sheet for more information. Thanks, Will!!! (cf. 12/23/06 update et al)

Two of Germany's greatest guitarists get together for a run through some amazing covers (as well as some Schenker-penned originals), recorded live in Germany in 2004. Recorded with a full band, the guitarists trade off incredible leads and solos, reinventing classic blues and hard rock while maintaining the fun of a jam session.

Track Listing/Features:
You Really Got Me
Wishing Well
Only You Can Rock Me
You Don't Love Me
Built For Comfort
The Stealer
Can't Get Enough
Too Hot To Handle
Doctor, Doctor
Messin' With the Kid
Rock Bottom
Bonus Track: Icecream Man

Other Info:
Running Time: 62 mins
# of Discs: 1
[08/03/07 update No.2]
MSG Manchester & London Shows Review: Celine has kindly sent me her review of the 07/29 Manchester show and the 07/30 London show. Thanks, Celine!!

[08/03/07 update]
MSG Frome Show Review (cont'd): Rob has also kindly sent me his review/observation of MSG's show in Frome on August 1. Thanks, Rob!!

[08/02/07 update No.5]
Valuable Messages from Valuable Poeple: In seeing this difficult situation for MSG, the people that I love have posted their valuable messages. They are what this site is for. Especially, I sincerely hope someone will respond to the message of our Battttty. Thanks, everybody!!

[08/02/07 update No.4]
MSG RBCS Slide Show: Devonjohn has created a short slide show of MSG's performance at the R&BCS on July 28th. I have to admit that the photo on the right has made me cry. This is a really, really great photo. One of the best photos I have ever seen! I could feel the heart of each MSG bandmate especially after reading the reviews of the past several shows in U.K. Thanks, John!!!! Also check out his slide show of the Scorpions show from the same festival.

[08/02/07 update No.3]
MSG Frome Show Review (cont'd): Neil has also kindly sent me his review of MSG's show in Frome on August 1. Thanks, Neil!!

[08/02/07 update No.2]
MSG Frome Show Reviews: Stephen, Owen and Matt have kindly sent me their reviews of MSG's show in Frome on August 1 respectively. Thanks, Stephen, Owen and Matt!!

Stephen's review
Owen's review
Matt's review

[08/02/07 update]
MSG Manchester & London Video Clips: Video clips (YouTube) of Doctor Doctor from MSG's shows in Manchester (July 29) and London (July 30) have been posted on blabbermouth. Thanks, Nancy!!

[08/01/07 update]
MSG London Show Review: Robert has kindly sent me his review/observation of MSG's London show on July 30. Thanks, Rob!!

[07/31/07 update No.4]
MSG Show in London: MSG played in London last night. A short review can be found on the MelodicRock.com messageboard. Thanks, Les. Other sources said, he was bad, but not as bad as at Pentrich (RBCS).

[07/31/07 update No.3]
Beautiful RBCS Photos: Five pages of excellent photos of the Rock & Blues Custom Show can be found on this website. Thanks, Batttttty!!

[07/31/07 update No.3]
Beautiful RBCS Photos: Five pages of excellent photos of the Rock & Blues Custom Show can be found on this website. Thanks, Batttttty!!

[07/31/07 update No.2]
Dave Ling Comments on Michael Schenker's RBCS Performance: Also according to blabbermouth, U.K.-based music journalist Dave Ling has posted on hie official website his report on the performance of MSG and Scorpions at the 07/28 Rock & Blues Custom Show.

[07/31/07 update]
Matthias Comments on Michael Schenker's RBCS Performance: According to blabbermouth, a new audio interview with Scorpions guitarist Matthias Jabs which was conducted Baconmusic's James Allman before the Scorpions' performance at Manchester Carling Apollo on July 29 can be heard on this website. In this interview, he comments on Michael Schenker's performance at the 07/28 Rock & Blues Custom Show.

[07/30/07 update No.4]
More Comments on Manchester Show: There are several comments regarding the MSG show in Manchester on July 29 on the messageboard of the MelodicRock.com including those posted on the folloing pages:

post 1 post 2

[07/30/07 update No.3]
Rock & Blues Custom Show Photos: Our Batttttty has kindly sent me the photos of the 07/28 Rock & Blues Custom Show. She has also posted the photos of Scorpions at the same show on SITN website. Thanks, Batttttty!!

[07/30/07 update No.2]
Nottingham Show Cancelled: MSG's show in Nottingham which was scheduled on August 2 has been cancelled according to the venue website and the ticketing website. The date also has been removed from the tourdate page of MichaelSchenkerHimself.com. Thanks, Dave for the information.

[07/30/07 update]
Another Sad Performance in Manchester: Richard has kindly sent me his review of last night's MSG show in Manchester. Thanks, Richard!!!

[07/29/07 update No.3]
One Night in Peterborough Review and Photos: Kev from France has kindly sent me his review and photos of Michael's impromptu session at the Park on July 26. Thanks, Kev!!!

[07/29/07 update No.2]
More Phtos of Session in Peterborough: Some photos of Michael's session at the Park rock club can be found on the venue website. Thanks, Ryo!!!

[07/29/07 update]
MSG @ The Rock and Blues Custom Show 2007: I am sorry to report that Michael Schenker apparently played awful at the Rock and Blues Custom Show 2007 last night. But, Wayne, Jari, Bodo and Franky worked so hard that the crowd were at least appreciative of what the band were trying to do, I heard. Check out the comments and YouTube footage on the following forum (registration required).


[07/28/07 update]
More News on Impromptu Session in Peterborough: The Peterborough Evening Telegraph newspaper posted an article giving details of Michael Schenker's inpromptu gig at The Park rock club. My friend, Robert Knowles from Cardiff is on the photo with Michael Schenker!! Apparently Michael cherished his fans. Thanks, Rob!!!

[07/27/07 update No.2]
Bodo's Statement: Bodo Schopf posted his statement on his website.
To all the fans out there who have been waiting!!! MSG is in the UK!!! And we are going to perform, sorry that one show is not on, but we do all the rest!!! We look forward to play in the UK, and are sorry about the shows we couldn't do in the states, but the Agency didn't get our working papers together so the Immigration told us to stop and leave the country. The Agency was from US and they should now!!!! We wanted to play and all I can say, I'm sorry about the shows we did were great!!! Thanks a lot again to the Fans in the US!!! Bodo
[07/27/07 update]
Michael Schenker Impromptu Session in Peterborough: According to Planet Rock, Michael Schenker appeared last night at the venue in Peterborough and did a solo session for over an hour. Here's the report by Stuart "little bird" Sheldrake. The site has some photos too. Check it out!! Thanks, John!!!
Michael Schenker Group (MSG) were due to play a gig in Peterborough on Thursday night (27th July) at The Park music venue but it was cancelled last minute. However, frontman and former Scorpions/UFO guitarist, Michael Schenker, made it all the way to Peterbrough minus the rest of his band who were held up in LA.

According to our "little bird" Michael put on 'an impromptu session in the bar!! For over an hour, treating the bar crowd to classics including 'Attack of the Mad Axeman', 'Armed and Ready', 'Doctor Doctor' and 'Rock Bottom'.

Our roving reporter even took some "impromptu" photo's (see below) and by all accounts said it was ...and we quote... "Totally fantastic".

So there you have it, an intimate gig in a bar with guitar god Michael Schenker himself, now you don't see that every day. Even Michael admitted he had never done anything like this before.

The gig has now been rescheduled at The Park in Peterborough for the 6th August.
[07/26/07 update]
Peterborough Show Rescheduled: Tonight's MSG gig in Peterborough has been rescheduled to 6th August. We understand that Michael turned up in England for the gig, but a mix-up in communication over the cancelled Cheltenham Night Owl gig meant that the band had not traveled to England. The Peterborough gig has been immediately rescheduled to 6th August. All other dates are expected to go ahead as planned. We've not been able to verify the exact circumstances but it really does NOT look like Michael's fault at all, so please don't think of it as another no-show. Thanks, Batttttty.

[07/25/07 update]
Cheltenham Show Cancelled: Night Owl, a gig venue of the planned MSG show in Cheltenham, U.K. on July 27, posted the following message on their myspace. Therefore, it seems unfortunately that the MSG show at this venue will not happen. Also check out this concert schedule webpage.

Due to Technical Reasons, Low Attendences & Poor Advance Sales we have decided to cancel all forthcoming Gigs. This decision is heartbreaking for The Night Owl Team but unavoidable. All money will be refunded to the few that have purchased tickets asap.

However, if there are any Promoters that wish to utilise maybe one of the best but definately the Oldest and Historical Live Music Venues in the Country then please get in touch via Thenightowlclub@aol.com

We are launching New Club Nights starting with "JINX" from Friday 13th July - playing Rock/Metal/Punk/Ska.

Ladies & Gentlemans Nights Starting in August

Daytime Opening at weekends and Bar Open from 6pm every evening from August with New Big Screen showing Sports & Music Events

Watch this space for more info

[07/16/07 update]
Michael Schenker Official Statement: Michael Schenker has posted his official statement on his official website.
To My True Fans Only,

I am sorry, but, there never will be another tour in the US unless particular people stop interfering.

I haved tried my best to give all my fans a live show but was forced out of the US by wicked attempts by these same people

Best regards,
[07/15/07 update]
New CD Release: Looks like a new album titled "Doctor Doctor - Kulick Sessions" was released on June 26, 2007. It is a repackage of "Heavy Hitters", with 'All Shook Up', 'I'm Not Talking', and 'Politician' being replaced by 'Finding My Way' and 'Save Yourself' from a various artists compilation CDs titled "The Greatest '80s Metal Moments of All Time" which had been reported here before (cf. 08/25/06 update et al) and it seems to be an Internet-Only release so far. Check out the following sites. Thank you, Steve!!!

Rolling Stone

(Additional note on 07/16/07: According to Steve, the order for the copy he got (in blue below) is different from the one listed on those sites. The error is also on the ID3 tags for the song titles that were changed around.)

Doctor, Doctor - The Kulick Sessions
Artist: Michael Schenker
Release Date: 2007/06/26
Label: Deadline / The Orchard

01. Blood Of The Sun (3:54)
02. Doctor, Doctor (6:09)
03. War Pigs (7:26)
04. Money (6:06)
05. Out In The Fields (4:27)
06. Hair Of The Dog (5:19)
07. I Don't Live Today (4:13)
08. Save Yourself (3:56)
09. Finding My Way (5:55)
01. Blood Of The Sun
02. Doctor, Doctor
03. War Pigs
04. Money
05. Out In The Fields
06. Finding My Way
07. Hair Of The Dog
08. I Don't Live Today
09. Save Yourself

[07/14/07 update]
Newport Shows Cancelled: According to Vinaya, MSG's show in New Port, RI on July 18 has been cancelled in addition to other two shows in his area, i.e., Southbridge, MA and Hartford, CT shows. Check out the venue website. It has also have announced that money will be given back where the tickets were purchased. Thanks, Vinaya.

[07/12/07 update No.4]
Bodo's Statement: Bodo Schopf, current MSG drummer, posted his statement on his official website.

I'm sorry to announce that the MSG remaining US shows have been put on hold...MSG will post an official statement ASAP... Thanks for your patience and understanding!!!!!!
[07/12/07 update No.3]
Cleveland & Long Island Shows Cancelled: MSG's show in Cleveland, OH on July 17 has been cancelled according to the venue website and their show in Long Island, NY on July 19 has also been cancelled accrding to the venue website.

[07/12/07 update No.2]
Hartford & Poughkeepsie Shows Cancelled: According to Adam and Scott Z., the show on July 14 in Hartford CT has been cancelled. The date has been removed from the club's website (www.webstertheater.com) and tickets.com now lists the show as cancelled. Also according to Scott Z., he called the Chance in Poughkeepsie NY as they removed the MSG show on June 15 from their web site. They confirmed that the MSG show has been cancelled. Thanks, Adam and Scott.

[07/12/07 update]
Jari's Statement: Jari Tiura, current MSG singer, posted on the blog section of his myspace the following statement.

Thank You U.S. Fans !!!

And i want to apologize rest of the fans. People who organized this tour, simply built such a circumstances we couldn't go on.

All together we did 12 great shows and i will always remember those times.

Also i want to thank "guitar wizard" Doug Doppler and his wife Melissa, what friends they are!

[07/11/07 update No.3]
Southbridge & West Springfield Shows Cancelled: Jaxx concert hall in Springfield, VA -July 21 and ADC Performance center in Southbridge, MA -Friday 13th. Both venues state that MSG show has been cancelled on their websites. Thanks, Sandy.

[07/11/07 update No.2]
Franky's Statement: Franky Rummer, current MSG bassist, states on his myspace that all remaining US dates are canceled due to total Mismanagement by "Artist Worlwide(s)". Artists Worldwide is a booking agent of the current MSG tour. Thanks, Lee.

[07/11/07 update]
Allentown Show Cancelled: The MSG show at Crocodile Rock in Allentown PA planned on July 12 is now cancelled accoring to the venue website. Thanks, Kenton.

[07/10/07 update No.2]
Lakewood Show Review: Dave has kindly sent me his review of the 06/28 Lakewood Co. show. He also gave us a link to the venue website where we can find many photos of the show. Thanks, Dave!!!.

[07/10/07 update]
Chicago Show Cancelled: According to Chicago House of Blues, the 07/09 show in Chicago has been cancelled. The venue staff did advise Lou that they could still come down and see Enuff Z'Nuff and Doug Doppler for N/C but Lou is not sure how accurate the Doug Doppler info is because of the statement he made the other day (cf. 07/04/07 update No.2). According to Jenny, the venue had said as of 12:30pm Chicago time that the concert has Not been cancelled. Thanks, Lou, Steve, Jenny, Lee and Tom.

[07/09/07 update]
Detroit Show: According to I-Rock website, the cancelled 07/06 show in Detroit will be rescheduled and a new date will be posted on their site. All tickets will be honored. Thanks, Jennifer!!

[07/07/07 update No.3]
HOB Chicago: Tom, Mike and Lee have respectively informed me that they called House of Blues Chicago, Monday's venue. Tom called them yesterday, Mike Friday at 8:40 pm Chicago time, and Lee Saturday at 11:33 A.M. CST to find the July 9 MSG show hasn't been cancelled and they are still selling tickets. Apparently, the MSG management has not notified the venue(s). Thanks, Tom, Mike and Todd.

[07/07/07 update No.2]
Portland Show Review: Scott has kindly sent me his review of the 06/16 Portland show. He flew from Arizona to Oregaon to see this show. Thanks, Scott!!!.

[07/07/07 update]
Wayne's Statement: Wayne Findlay has posted his statement on his official website.
I'm sorry to announce that the MSG remaining US shows have been put on hold... MSG will post an official statement ASAP...Thanx for your patience and understanding!!
[07/06/07 update]
Detroit Show: According to Bill and Jennifer as of Friday morning local time, they have called the I-Rock, tonight's venue, but they still have the recording saying that Michael Schenker is playing tonight. Thanks, Bill and Jennifer.

[07/05/07 update]
WI Shows Cancelled (cont'd): The cancellation of the two Wisconsin shows was reported here yesterday. Tom has kindly informed me that he called the Longshot in Woodruff, Wisconsin to see if Michael was there. It was 11 at night local time July 4th. They told him he has cancelled his tour. John, who had tickets for the MSG show at Shank Hall tonight, has also informed me that there is no explanation given on the Shank Hall web site for the cancellation. There is a recorded message on their phone saying the show was cancelled, but again, no reason given. Thanks, Tom and John.

[07/04/07 update No.4]
San Diego Photos: Photos taken at the 06/25 San Diego show taken by Jerry have been added concert report page. Thanks, Jerry!!

[07/04/07 update No.3]
Michael Played in Houston: According to a post on the Scorpions-related blog site, Michael showed up at the venue in Houston alone Saturday night with nothing in a taxi. Thanks for the info, Jeff!!

Schenker actually showed up at Scout Bar about 10pm in a cab. No guitar, no band, just him. A local band, The Slags, took the stage while Schenker signed autographs beside the stage. After about 20 minutes, he disappeared into the back of the club. Before the the band's 3rd set, Schenker came out on stage with them and played a couple jam-type songs. They didn't seem to be UFO/Scorpion/Schenker songs. He played some great solos and seemed to be having a good time. Afterwards, I asked the lead singer what songs they'd just played, he said "I don't know, I was just making up words". Schenker played a Dean Michael Schenker Signature Flying V that someone from Scout Bar had just purchased from the local Guitar Center's Midnight Madness sale. While on stage, Schenker apologized for the mix up that led to the cancellation. The crowd was very enthusiastic.
Jeff also e-mailed the local venue (Shank Hall) where MSG was going to play tomorrow asking what happened. The owner responded to him that "His band left him". Since this is not a place for speculation, I would not go into detail, but according to my source, for the reason I wouldn't mention here Michael had to pay the band out of his own money and they all went home except Michael because Michael did not want to cancel the tour and said he would try to do it on his own. Anyway, let us wait for statements from himself and other band members. I am sincerely hoping the things will be reconciled to restart the tour.

[07/04/07 update No.2]
Doug Doppler Statement: Doug Doppler, who was selected to open MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP's most recent North American tour, has posted the following message on his web site:

MSG Tour Cancelled: After 11 amazing shows I regret to inform you that the Michael Schenker tour has come to a premature end for reasons beyond our control. Michael, his band and his crew treated us like royalty, and we look forward to the possibility of touring together again. For all of you who came to the shows - MANY thanks. For those of you in the cities we had yet to play, I am sorely disappointed that the tour did not reach you. I am hoping to be back out on the road in the Spring of 2008. In the meantime I will be doing a series of Ibanez clinic tours, the first of which will be in New Zealand and Australia in August.

Thanks again for your amazing support. I've really enjoyed the opportunity to bring my music to so many amazing audiences. It has been great to put a face to so many of the names that have graced my inbox!
[07/04/07 update]
WI Shows Cancelled: Steve has informed me that Woodruff, WI and Milwaukee WI shows are cancelled, per Artists Worldwide. Thanks for the info, Steve.

[07/02/07 update]
Dallas Show Cancelled: Brian called CD World (who also sells tickets for the Granada Theater show), and they confirmed that the Sunday's show is cancelled. Said they received word about 5 or 6 pm Saturday that the tour was cancelled - no reason given, according to the person he talked to. According to Brian, Granada Theater's phone recording said that Michael Schenker has cancelled the shows and explained refund methods for Granada ticket purchases. Thanks for the info, Brian.

[07/01/07 update No.3]
Sunday Show Cancelled Too!?: Brian who is planning to go to the Dallas show Sunday, has informed me that, after he saw the cancellation note on this website, he verified with the Granada Theater in Dallas, who told him that the tour had been cancelled. But, then he saw the "NOT cancelled" note on MSH.com. According to Brian, no answer at the Granada now, but their site says the show is cancelled. Thanks for the info, Brian.

[07/01/07 update No.2]
MSG Tour NOT Cancelled!: Michael Schenker has posted his statement on his official website. It's very good news (things about the Houston show should be confirmed, though). Thanks, Brian, Skid, John and everybody!!

Hello Everyone,
The US TOUR is NOT cancelled and will continue as planned.

Are You Ready To Rock?

[07/01/07 update]
MSG Tour Cancelled!?: John, who planned to go to see Saturday's Houston show has informed me that Michael Schenker has cancelled his tour and flew to Germany Friday morning. Thank you and I am sorry, John. Let's wait for an official announcement about the reason for the cancellation. If all the remaing shows have been cancel, I am very sorry for all the fans who look forward to the upcominng shows.

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