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Information updated January - March 2006

[03/29/06 update]
Tales of Rock'n'Roll Review: Magnus Beronius has posted his review of Tales of Rock'n'Roll, MSG's 25-year celebration album on his website (click on MSG:UFO). Thanks, Magnus!!

[03/28/06 update No.3]
Revolution Mind - iTunes Download: MSG's upcoming maxi-CD titled "Revolution Mind" can now be downloaded (bought) at the iTuens store. Sounds great!! Can't wait to hear the full-length album!! Thanks, Steg!!

Revolution Mind - Maxi EP
Michael Schenker Group
Catalogue Number: AMG048CD
Label: Arbageddon Music

1. Big Deal (Kelly Keeling on vocals)
2. Rock'n'Roll (Graham Bonnet on vocals)
3. Revolution Mind (Jari Tiura on vocals): Non-album Track

[03/28/06 update No.2]
Revolution Mind Bonus Track: MSG's upcoming maxi-CD titled "Revolution Mind" contains 3 tracks, including 1 non-album track. As was reported here (03/23/06), its release date in Germany is March 31, which has been confirmed by Armageddon Music website. For people in U.K., it can be pre-ordered from HMV U.K. (cf. 03/16/06 entry)

[03/28/06 update]
MSG Tour Program: Program posters for Michael Schenker Group's Tales of Rock'n'Roll Tour 2006 - 25 Years MSG Celebration are now posted on Michael Schenker's official website.

[03/23/06 update No.3]
Revolution Mind Release Date: According to German Amazon, the release date of MSG's new Maxi CD titled "Revolution Mind" has been slipped to March 31. (cf. 03/16/06 entry).

[03/23/06 update No.2]
MSG Video Download: For those who haven't got a copy of MSG's DVD titled "Michael Schenker Group - World Wide Live 2004", a low-resolution sample video of Lights Out from the DVD can now be dowloaded from here. Thanks, Cutler!!

[03/23/06 update]
Japan Dates: Michael Schenker Group's 2006 Japan tour dates have been removed from the tourdate page until further notice (cf. 03/14/06 update).

[03/21/06 update]
Sweden Rock Fesitival: Blabbermouth has an article which says MSG has been confirmed Sweden Rock Festival, set to take place June 8-10 in Solvesborg, Sweden. Other acts are listed there, too. Thanks, Battttty!!

[03/20/06 update]
Official Banners and a New Promotion Date: Wayne Findlay has kindly sent me official MSG banners for the upcoming tour and new CD. Also, a new promotion date has now become official as follows. Thanks, Wayne!!

Fri 03/31/06 Frankfurt, GER Musikmesse (Promotion)

See also MSG Tourdate Page.

[03/18/06 update]
Official Michael Schenker Guitar Pick (cont'd): According to Dave at Alien Pick that manufactures the official Michael Schenker pick, there are two types of pick now on sale. More secured online order via their website will hopefully be available in the future, but in the meantime, it can be ordered from Dave at Alien Pick (send email to alienpick@aol.com with Visa or MasterCard details and mailing address). Thanks, Dave!!

- Gauge: Medium Gauge .71mm only
- Type: White Delrin Plastic & Glow in the Dark Nylon
- Design: Alien Face on one side and MSG logo on the other side
- Price: $13.00 per 12 picks (6 Delrin + 6 Nylon) including shipping anywhere

[03/17/06 update No.2]
Michael Schenker NOT on Niihara's Solo Album: The latest issue of Burrn! magazine has an interview to Minoru Niihara. As reported here before (11/27/05 entry), Michael was supposed to play one song (Blue Ballard) on Niihara's solo album. Niihara said in the interview that Michael's recording which was planned in L.A. last December was cancelled because Michael Schenker cancelled his U.S. tour and could not come to L.A.

[03/17/06 update]
Tales of Rock'n'Roll - Confirmation of Tracks and Singers: According to Wayne Findlay's news page, track listing of the new MSG CD "Tales Of Rock N' Roll" is as follows:

  1. The Ride
  2. Setting Sun
  3. Angel of Avalon - Leif Sundin
  4. Dreams Inside - Chris Logan
  5. Dust to Dust
  6. Voice of My Heart
  7. Journey Man
  8. Big Deal - Kelly Keeling (Trade-off solos*)
  9. St. Ann
  10. Shadow Lady
  11. Love Trade
  12. Human Child
  13. Bitter Sweet
  14. Blind Alley
  15. Freedom
  16. Life Vacation - Gary Barden (Trade-off solos*)
  17. Rock N' Roll - Graham Bonnet
  18. Tell a Story - Robin McAuley
  19. Life Goes On (Instrumental)
...Jari Tiura on all vox except where noted...
* = Trade-off solos with Michael Schenker and Wayne Findlay!!

[03/16/06 update No.3]
Official Michael Schenker Guitar Pick: It looks like Pyrographx has designed an official Michael Schenker guitar pick (from Alien Pick). Pyrographx is also known to have designed the recent MSG logo as well as to have been running the MSH.com. Thank you, Vincent!!

[03/16/06 update No.2]
Michael Schenker Solo and Other Dates: More tour dates of Michael Schenker Group and solo have been posted on International Concert Service website as follows. Thank you, Vincent!!

Sat 04/01/06 Frankfurt, GER Musikmesse (Promotion)
Wed 05/03/06 Ankara, TUR Saklikent
Sat 06/10/06 Solvesborg, SWE Sweden Rock Festival
Sat 08/05/06 Varna, BUL Monsters of Rock (??)
Sun 09/24/06 Birmingham, UK Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre (Michael Schenker Solo)

See also MSG Tourdate Page.

[03/16/06 update]
Revolution Mind: Many people have been wondering what the CD cover titled "Revolution Mind" is, which is posted on Michael Schenker official site and Dean Guitars website. According to German Amazon, it is apparently a maxi CD to be released ahead of the official release of Tales of Rock 'n' Roll (the site says it is scheduled to be released on March 24 and you can preorder it via the site). Thank you, Vincent and Bruno!!

[03/15/06 update No.2]
Longer Sound Clip of Rock'n'Roll: You can listen to 3:42 long sound clip (in Real Audio format) of new MSG song titled Rock 'N' Roll with Graham Bonnet on vocal on Rockpalast website. Yes, it sounds quite promising. Let's wait for the album coming out!! Thanks, Bruno!!! (cf. 03/08/06 update No.2)

[03/15/06 update]
MSH.com Updated: Michael Schenker's official website has been updated with the album jackets of Tales of Rock'n' Roll. (cf. 03/05/06 update)

[03/14/06 update]
MSG Japan Tour Dates!!: MSG 2006 JAPAN Tour Dates have been announced on Rev Jones tourdate page as follows. Thanks, Axe!!

Sun 11/12/06 Osaka, JPN Zepp Osaka
Tue 11/14/06 Nagoya, JPN Diamond Hall
Thu 11/16/06 Tokyo, JPN Nakano Sunplaza
Fri 11/17/06 Tokyo, JPN Nakano Sunplaza

[03/09/06 update]
More MSG Support Acts Announced: According to Blabbermouth.net, MSG will be supported by NIKKI PUPPET, DOOMFOXX and FASTER INFERNO on select dates on their upcoming European tour, which is scheduled to kick off May 4 in Istanbul, Turkey. Thanks, Battttttty!!

NIKKI PUPPET: May 9 - June 4
DOOMFOXX: May 22 - May 30
FASTER INFERNO: May 19 - May 21

See also MSG Tourdate Page.

[03/08/06 update No.2]
Tales of Rock'n'Roll Sample Sound Clip: You can check on Armageddon Music the new trailer sound clip with 27 seconds of new MSG song titled Rock 'N' Roll with Graham Bonnet on vocal (click on NEW TRAILER). Thanks, Vincent!!!

[03/08/06 update]
Tales of Rock'n'Roll: HMV Japan Info: Track list of Michael Schenker Group's 25-year celebration album titled "Tales of Rock'n'Roll is posted on HMV Japan website as follows:

  1. The Ride
  2. Setting Sun
  3. Angel Of Avalon
  4. Dreams Inside
  5. Dust To Dust
  6. Voice Of My Heart
  7. Journey Man
  8. Big Deal (False Alarms)
  9. Stann
  10. Shadow Lady
  11. Love Trade
  12. Human Child
  13. Bitter Sweet
  14. Blind Alley
  15. Freedom
  16. Life Vacation
  17. Rock'N'Roll (trailer on Armageddon Music)
  18. Tell A Story
  19. Life Goes On (Instrumental)
[03/05/06 update]
Tales of Rock'n'Roll: Album Cover: A press release on Michael Schenker Group's 25-year celebration album titled "Tales of Rock'n'Roll including album cover design has been posted on Dean Guitar's Schenker Brothers News page. Thanks, Axe!!

Michael Schenker Group
Tales of Rock‘n‘Roll - 25 Years Celebration
Album CD Jewel - Cat.Nr. AMG 047-2
Album CD Digi - Cat.Nr. AMG 047-0

mailorder www.metaltix.com


[03/03/06 update]
New Photos of Schenker Brothers with Dean Model: New photos of Michael and Rudolf Schenker with Dean model guitars have been added to Michael Schenker's official website. Thanks, Stefan!!

[02/24/06 update]
New Album Release Date, More Tour Dates and Events of MSG Confirmed: A new press release has been posted on Michael Schenker's official website. Michael Schenker has signed a contract with the North German record label, Armageddon Music, in winter 2005 and is scheduled to release his new album, Tales Of Rock'n'Roll - 25 Years Celebration, on April 28, 2006.

The following new European tour dates and some events are announced. At the event in Frankfurt on April 2, Michael and Rudolf Schenker will also introduce their new Schenker Brothers Dean guitar. Also, the lineup and the setlist for the upcoming tour have been revealed. Thanks, Stefan!!

Sun 04/02/06 Frankfurt, GER Nachtleben (Signing Session including CD Presentation)
Mon 04/03/06 Cologne, GER Underground (Rockpalast Series Recording)
Thu 05/04/06 Istanbul, TUR Yeni Melek
Fri 05/05/06 Sofia, BUL TV Late Night Show
Thu 08/03/06 Wacken, GER Wacken Open Air
Fri 08/04/06 Varna, BUL Monsters of Rock

Lineup: World Tour 2006
Michael Schenker: Guitars
Wayne Findlay: Guitar and Keyboards
Pete Holmes: Drums
Rev Jones: Bass
Jari Tiura: Vocal

Planned Live Setlist: World Tour 2006
1) Assault Attack
2) Lights out
3) Ready to Rock
4) Let it Roll
5) Angel of Avalon
6) Dreams Inside
7) Dust to Dust
8) Big Deal
9) Shadow Lady
10) Love Trade
11) Life Vacation
12) Rock n Roll
13) Tell A Story
14) Into the Arena
15) But I want more
16) Lost Horizon
17) Too Hot to Handle
18) On and On
19) Only You Can Rock Me
20) Attack of the mad Axeman
21) Armed and Ready
22) Aracnophobia
23) Doctor Doctor
24) Rock Bottom

[02/23/06 update]
MSG Confirmed for Wacken: According to Blabbermouth, MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, ULI JON ROTH and VICTORY have been confirmed for this year's Wacken Open Air festival, set to take place August 3-5 in Wacken, Germany. Michael Schenker and Uli Jon Roth will also perform with the SCORPIONS as their special guests. Thanks, Frank!!

[02/22/06 update]
Release Date of Gary Barden New Solo CD with Schenker: According to Melodic Rock, Escape Music announces that the following title will hit the stores in Europe on April 14:

Gary John Barden - The Agony And Xtasy: The new, second solo album by ex-MSG/Silver singer Gary Barden will once again deliver 10 fine Hard Rock tunes to you. The band this time consists of drummer Bertram Engel (Jimmy Barnes, Bruce Springsteen) and bassist/guitarist Michael Voss (Casanova, Silver) with Michael Schenker (g., MSG), Tommy Denander (g., Radioactive), Steve Morris (g., Heartland, Shadowman), Axel Kurse (dr., Jaded Heart) and Martin Huch (g., Carl Carlton, Oni Logan) additionally guesting on various tracks. (See also 10/27/05 entry)

Thanks, Magnus!!

[02/01/06 update]
Himself.com Updated: Michael Schenker's official website has been updated with the confirmed European tour dates including the Graspop Metal Meeting festival. (cf. 01/13/06 update et al)

[01/24/06 update]
Dean Schenker Brothers Model: Dean Guitars has released its 2006 model guitars including Schenker Brothers V model (only 200 Produced Worldwide). Thanks for the info, Axe!!!

[01/13/06 update]
MSG Plays at the Rock Festival in Belgium!?: According to this Dutch website, MSG will play at the Graspop Metal Meeting festival to be held June 23rd to 25th in Dessel, Belgium. MSG will reportedly play on June 23rd. This is one of the major European hardrock/metal festivals with always one or two major headliners (eg. Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath etc.). Thanks for the info, Frank!!!

[01/10/06 update]
Happy Birthday!!: Michael Schenker turns 51 today.

[01/09/06 update]
Graham Bonnet Interview: Keith Langerman, Staff Writer of Rock N Roll Universe has kindly informed me that they have a new interview that he conducted with Graham Bonnet up online, in which he discusses his participation on the upcoming MSG 'Tales Of Rock And Roll' anniversary album, as well as his days with MSG, the gig in Sheffield as well as his days with Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, Alcatrazz and Impellitteri. Thank you, Keith, for the nice interview!!!


[01/08/06 update]
Himself.Com Update: Michael Schenker's official website has been updated with the addition of many supportive messages from people that he calls his true fans.

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