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Information updated January-June 2001

[06/30/01 update]
Another Gary Interview: You can find a new Gary Barden interview by Julie Edgley at: On The Rocks website. Thank you, Peter for the info.

Dave's Review: Awaited Dave's review of the Donington show is now up at his site.

[06/29/01 update No.2]
UFO Reissue (cont'd): According to Spitfire Records, unfortunately the UFO reissues are on hold until further notice. If they are placed back on the schedule, that information will be available on thier website: www.spitfirerecords.com.

[06/29/01 update]
UFO Reissue: The following is the information from ElectricBasement.com:

U.F.O. REISSUES LAND IN JULY!: (Thanks to Ken Gerdes for this!) Spitfire Records has July 17th marked on the calendar as the day we get some classic U.F.O. reissues. The albums are No Heavy Petting, Force It, Mechanix and Making Contact. All will feature some sort of bonus tracks, whether studio or live. Also, drummer Andy Parker provides liner notes.

[06/26/01 update No.2]
Donington Photos: Our SITN site has some more pics taken at the Donington show.

[06/26/01 update]
Donington Photos: Here are some great photos taken at the Doninton show. pic 1 pic 2 pic 3 pic 4 pic 5

[06/25/01 update]
Donington Update (Cont'd): The following is the follow-up review by Batty.

It aint 1978. And it never will be again. But taking Uli's set as a whole, (which is what I reviewed) we got our money's worth. The atmosphere on stage was good. It depends whether you are judging the show as a complete item, or analysing it as an audition for Schenker. As a complete item we were NOT let down. The power of Uli and his totally professional band more than made up for the cockups, which maybe 99% of the crowd wouldn't have noticed anyway - they wouldn't have been putting Schenker's performance under the microscope like what some of us do. The overall sound from the stage was stunning, and it was a great weekend - blimey, the weather was perfect, the air display, the fireworks at the end, and the great crowd too (not forgettin the people working there who were so helpful and friendly - not stroppy buggers like at some events you go to).

[06/24/01 update No.2]
Donington Update: Welcome home, Batty & Dave!! Dave's quick review (more to follow soon) can be found at here. Sounds like the great show!! Also, here's a review by a Supreme Power & Ruler of this planet posted on the listbot:

[06/24/01 update No.2]
Donington Update: Welcome home, Batty & Dave!! Dave's quick review (more to follow soon) can be found at here. Sounds like the great show!! Also, here's a review by a Supreme Power & Ruler of this planet posted on the listbot:

They rawkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkked. Great weekend, great company, great music. Brain a bit pickled, so bear with me, I could really do with a nice cup of rocknroll tea but as usual, you lot take priority, so.....here's a quick round-up. More in-depth stuff later, ok.

Uli was just damn well astounding, held the crowd all the way with his classical and his rock, spanning the genres on that beautiful guitar ........then.....on come our boyyyyyyyyyyysssssssssss, Phil lookin fit and gorgeous and amazingly like his picture on the mousemat....Pete looking like Pete, only with shorter hair and healthy, with red satin legs (a la mousemat) and a red and white spotted shirt, and Michael in baggy shorts and vest lookin much more in shape than he did a few months back.... and slap bang wallop they went into Midnight Train, which was great, and then Let It Roll, which for me was the best one of the set - it rocked and it rolled and everyone seemed really happy...and then Rawk Buddum (Rock Bottom) which again was a credit to the fact that these fellas have SURVIVED. Then Michael and Uli served up In Search of Peace of Mind...and then we had a set from Uli and Jack Bruce which proved that Cream was about much more than just Eric Claptout. Then they announced that our lads were coming back on to do some more.........but.......they couldn't find them.Hmmmm.

So Uli improvised and again was magnificent....and then on they come again after a bit of a delay and went into Lights Out.....here was where the main balls-up came when Michael seemed to lose his way with this one, but Uli picked it up and kept it on track. And then came Doctor Doctor with the crowd singing along, just like the old days, and then they were gonna do a Hendrix jam but Donington operates a 11.30pm curfew so there was only 2 minutes left - so Uli treated us to an amazing finish, which lasted far longer than two minutes, accompanied by a sky that was showered with fireworks, and Carl had to come onstage to wake Uli out of his musical trance, (trying not to break the spell) so that he finished before a literal lights out.

The professionalism of Uli, the band, Barry Sparks, Don Airey, Clive Bunker and all the crew made it a great set. In the crowd there was a fair bit of anti-Schenker heckling before our lads came on, but (and Dave will confirm this) I turned around to one great hairy crowd of Hell's Angels and shouted to them to give him a chance (Supreme Power and Rulers don't take no greebo shite) - anyway, by the end of Let It Roll they were cheerin and clappin along with the rest. The evening proved that there IS life after Manchester.

OK, it wasn't the 'glory days' but they were a TEAM again. They looked happy and they did the business.

Uli said to Dave this morning (see the smooth way I just threw that bit in) that when he looked out at the biker crowd it felt very bizarre, the way they were all accepting and enjoying the classical parts of his set. Uli also told Dave that a large part of his set was improvised. We could see this from the interaction between Uli, Don, Clive and Barry - like a kind of tantric telepathy between them. Spoonful, with Jack Bruce, apparently went into some kind of overdrive when Jack forgot to stop singing, so Uli and the others carried on building the music around him - magical.

I nearly forgot to tell ya, we heard some of the new MSG cd earlier in the evening, and that Chris Logan fella aint bad at all. Oh yeh, and they also said they were recording last night's set for a new live album.

So, general consensus on the night was that we had a great team effort where they righted the wrongs of Manchester. Great to see them all alive and up there. You wanted them and you got them. And you got them enriched by a fantastic line-up of other musicians. What you didn't get was Me in the Wet T-Shirt competition but you can't have everything.

[06/24/01 update]
Gary Barden Interveiw: According to Ralf Geiger, you can read the interview with former MSG and current SILVER singer Gary Barden at his site "www.rockreunion.com". Here's a direct link. Ralf did a great job as always. Gary talks a lot about the things happened during MSG era. The following comment of his has impressed me most. "(Concerning his newly-created website called www.GaryBarden.net, asked why it took so long for you to appear in the internet,) I didn't know there was any love for me left out there, the response I've had from all over the world is unbelievable." I know there in this community is a great deal of love towards Gary is left. Keep on Rockin', Gary!

[06/23/01 update]
New Chat Room: According to Dave, the Cyber Cafe at the Donington festival isn't actually hooked up to the Internet. So it looks difficult for them to send us real time info on the Donington show. For those who aren't going, let's wait for his updates.

[06/21/01 update]
ONAB Confirmation: According to Toda's page, a record shop called Shinjuku Records has confirmed that the remastered One Night At Budokan with two bonus tracks (Tales of Mystery & Cozy's solo) will be released on August 8 in Japan.

[06/20/01 update No.2]
Hammett talks about Schenker!!!: In the new issue of Guitar World (August 2001), Kirk Hammett talks at length about Michael Schenker's influence on him and tells all Metallica fans to go buy UFO's "Strangers In The Night" album. He even has written out in guitar tab the riff to "Rock Bottom". Thank you for the info, David!

[06/20/01 update]
One Night At Budokan (cont'd): According to Roy on the listbot, he's got the information of the reissue at Revolution International. Here's a direct link.

New Chat Room: Dr. Dave has created a new chat room at http://ufo.dave-wood.org/chat.html. Go there and you could probably get the real time info on the Donington show.

Pete on Donington: According to MGAB site, Phil Mogg has informed MGAB that Pete Way will be flying into the UK today, and will be at Donington with Phil and Michael. Uli Roth and Michael Schenker will play together as twin lead guitarists on at least five UFO songs! As repoprted earlier, it is not likely Rudolf Schenker and Klaus Meine will show up.

[06/19/01 update]
One Night At Budokan: There seems to be information going around that the remastered One Night At Budokan double CD with two bonus tracks (making the total track number 15) will be released on August 8, 2001, although I haven't confirmed this with any Japanese sources.

[06/17/01 update]
Logan Updates: Chris Logan's website has been uptated and says:

June 16, 2001
As if we haven't waited long enough (right??),
I can tell you that the release of the new MSG album has been
somewhat delayed... but there is still no official release date yet.
It will be posted here as soon as it is announced.

Check out his page for other ongoing projects of Chris.

[06/11/01 update]
Logan Solo Project: According to a source, Chris Logan is now preparing for his solo album now that he has been finished with the MSG recording.

[06/08/01 update]
What Spikey said: According to the info posted by Mondria, you can read comments made by Spike from Quireboys on the New Castle - Manchester incident at Rock-E-Zine.

[06/06/01 update]
Hotline Update: According to the MSR Hotline updated on June 3,

- recording of MSG's new album was done
- you can hear a bit of material from the new album as BGM
- it will be released worldwide probably in August
- Michael will appear at the Donnington festival with Uli Jon Roth band on June 23
- Michael will play 3-4 songs at Donnington
- MSG will tour Europe with Jeff Martin, Chris Logan, Rev Jones and a keyboardist/guitarist
- Michael is working on Japan tour with UFO?
- Michael is making Thank You Part 2 album for which the release date is not fixed
- It sounds as good as the original Thank You

It sounds like that. Actually, the BGM is a little too loud and for some parts it was difficult to hear clearly Michael speaking. Please check it out for yourself. Correction, if any, would be welcome.

Thank you very much for the info, Tom.

[06/05/01 update]
Donninton in danger?: According to TotalRock News Friday, June 5th sent from Malcolm Dome:

The classic '70s line-up of the Scorpions, including guitarist Uli Jon Roth, might possibly reform for the TotalRock co-sponsored Wacken Festival. Roth, vocalist Klaus Meine and rhythm guitarist Rudolf Schenker were due to appear at the Rock & Blues Festival on June 23 at Donington Park - another TotalRock sponsored event - but this couldn't be worked out. However, Roth has exclusively told TotalRock that plans are being put together for Wacken.

This is Wacken's site.

[05/29/01 update]
Acts at Donninton: Accoring to the info posed on the UFO mailing list, bands appearing at the Rock Blues Custom Bike Festival to be held on 23rd June 2001 have apparently been confirmed: Uli Jon Roth headlining with special guests including Jack Bruce, Michael Schenker, Phil Mogg, Clive Bunker, Shane Gaalaas, Don Airey, Barry Sparks, Incline Quartet.

[05/24/01 update]
Chris Logan Interview: I've got a message from Ralph Geiger. And I will go there from now.

check out www.rockreunion.com for an interview with the new MSG singer Chris Logan.

Here's a direct link.

[05/14/01 update]
Again on July 22: Apparently Michael will be playing along with Uli Jon Roth, Rudolph Schenker, Don Airey and Clive Bunker (Jethro Tull) at the Gwyl Ystalyfera (pronounced "Goo-Eel Us-Tal-Uh-Veh-Rah") annual festival in Wales on July 22nd. This gig will be played in a circus big top. For further information see www.gwyl.org. And, here is a direct link to the page of announced bands. Thanks Batty for forwarding the info.

[05/11/01 update No.2]
Miahcel, Rudolf, Klaus, Phil!!!!!: A website of the 18th Rock & Blues Custom Bike Show is here. And, here is a direct link to the page of announced bands. It says "Uli Jon Roth & THE REUNION OF THE SCORPIONS & UFO FEATURING GERMAN GUITAR GIANTS MICHAEL SCHENKER, RUDOLF SCHENKER INCLUDING KLAUS MEINE, PHIL MOGG + MANY GUESTS"!!!!!!! Thanks Batty for the link!

According to Jonas, the listbot owner, Uli will be joined by Rudolf Schenker and Klaus Meine for at least 5 old scorpions classics!

[05/11/01 update]
Who from UFO?: According to TotalRock News Friday, May 11th sent from Malcolm Dome:

Members of the Scorpions and UFO have joined the bill for the Rock Blues Custom Bike Festival, which happens at Donington on June 22 and 23. And guitar hero Uli Jon Roth has also committed himself to the festival, which will also see performances from Hawkwind, Wishbone Ash, Eddie & The Hot Rods and Company Of Snakes.

[05/06/01 update]
One Night At Budokan REMASTER: Apparently, the release of digitally-remastered One Night At Budokan is now official. On one radio program, Mr. Masa Itoh, a hard rock commentator, revealed that it will be released from Toshiba EMI label soon. According to Masa, it will include 11-minute long drum solo by Cozy Powell. More news on this release will be posted here when I get it.

[04/27/01 update]
UFO Tribute Album: Dr. Bottom's live album titled "strangers in Tokyo" is now ready to be released. For more information, visit their official website, or send e-mail.

1. Looking Out For No.1 (reprise) (01:12)
2. Only You Can Rock Me (04:01)
3. Out In The Street (06:00)
4. Martian Landscape (05:05)
5. Midnight Train (04:59)
6. I'm A Loser (04:12)
7. Try Me (05:45)
8. Looking Out For No.1 (04:31)
9. Lipstick Traces (2:31)
10. Love To Love (7:43)
11. C'mon Everybody (08:31)

Tosh : Vocal & Acoustic Guitar
R.B.Araki : Guitar (& strings on 7.)
MANI : Keyboard & Chorus
Chabin : Bass & Chorus
Tei : Drums

[04/24/01 update]
UFO FREE CONCERT: This is what was already stated in peteway.com and other site, but according to totalrock.com:

Following their British tour fiasco last December, legendary rockers UFO have been keeping a low profile - until now. But bassist Pete Way has exclusively revealed to TotalRock that the band are planning a return to the UK very soon - to play some free dates to make up for what happened a few months back. We'll tell you when the details are ironed out.

[03/26/01 update]
Hotline Message: You can hear Michael's message as of March 17 on the MSR Hotline at (602) 280-9090. It said:

- The new MSG album is almost done.
- It will be distributed worldwide through SPV, a record company based in Germany.
- The release date has not been decided.
- The album sounds good.
- The lineup is Chris Logan (vocal), Jeff Martin (drums and vocal), Rev Jones (bass) and himself.
- UFO is working on some more tour dates.

Thanks Tom for the info.

[03/08/01 update]
Phil's comment: According to Dave's news page, Phil Mogg was quoted as saying at the February 28 Cosmosquad gig that he and Michael are still in contact and that there weren't any personal differences, despite what might be posted on the net. He also said that they really wanted to TOUR JAPAN.

Removal of Dave's Site: The website of Mr. Dave Wood, one of the most distinguished persons of merit in Schenker community, is moving. The new URL is ufo.dave-wood.org. I wish him every success with his new site.

[03/05/01 update]
Title of the New Album: According to the latest issue of Burrn! magazine, the title of Michael's new album is "Born To Be Free."

The line-up is Michel Schenker, Chris Logan (vocal), Rev Jones (bass) and Jeff Martin (drums) as reported.

[03/02/01 update No.2]
New Singer (Cont'd): Check out the official Chris Logan website!!!! Apparently he is participating in the recording of Michael's new album. According to his Updates page, vocal tracking is scheduled to start on March 7, recording should be wrapped up by March 19, and mixing should have been completed by March 27. Looks like Michael's new studio is so state-of-the-art.

[03/02/01 update]
New Singer: This is totally unconfirmed information. But, I've got the information that Chris Logan is the new singer for Michael Schenker's new album.

[02/26/01 update]
Pics of UFO in Rehearsal: "The Beatbox" is a studio in Hannover where UFO was rehearsing before the 2000 European tour. Their website (in German) has some pictures of UFO rehearsing there. Click on "Beatbox Aktuell" to see the pictures. There are also some pictures of the Scorpions rehearsing prior to their unplugged shows in Lisbon. Thanks, Tyson, for the information.

[02/23/01 update]
Cosmosquad Update: According to ElectricBasement.com, Cosmosquad plan to release a live album in addition to their new studio album:

Prominent L.A. instrumental prog/fusion triumvirate, COSMOSQUAD, featuring guitarist Jeff Kollman (Mogg/Way), bassist Barry Sparks and drummer Shane Gaalaas (Uli Jon Roth, MSG), have announced plans for a live album. The recording will take place at the band's February 28 show at the 'Baked Potato' in North Hollywood, CA and is set to include songs from Cosmosquad's self-titled 1998 debut, the upcoming 'Cosmosquad II', as well as guitarist Jeff Kollman's most recent solo outing, 'Shedding Skin'.

'Cosmosquad II', tentatively scheduled for a spring/early summer release, has just been completed at Jeff Kollman's Crumb Studios and will contain a total of 11 songs. While the band have retained their traditional funky/fusion side with cuts like 'Chinese Eyes' and injected a notable African tribal flavor, songs such as 'Cauldron Of Evil', 'Sea Broth' and 'Creepy Spider' explore a darker, heavier spectre. The record's most inspired track is 'In Loving Memory', a ballad dedicated to Jeff's mother, Carol, who had passed away last year.

COSMOSQUAD has also been tapped to appear on the Jason Becker - 'Warmth from the Wilderness' tribute album. The band have written a track exclusively for the record, an 11-minute epic, appropriately titled 'A Jam For Jason', which will feature guest appearances by guitar greats Chris Poland, Vinnie Moore, Jeff Watson and Steve Morse. www.lionmusic.com/jasonbecker

[02/21/01 update]
Miahcel and UFO Member Pix: At S.ITO's page, there are a great number of cool proshot photos of Michael and UFO members taken during the UFO 2000 German Tour. Really cool and clear. You should check them out.

Gary Official Site: According to Dave's news page, the Official Gary Barden page is now up and running at http://www.garybarden.net/.

[02/18/01 update]
Miahcel another inteview: According to Toda's page (in Japanese), another Michael phone inteview which was conducted on 01/19/01 has been online. Check out Rockezine.com.

In this interview, Michael said, "I am also writing a book at this moment. It's all about these thoughts and my life in the rock business. I always stayed close to the real me and that's why I survived this jungle. I will release this book within 6 weeks. Maybe I'll do this myself, I have my own company. In my own studio I'm also going to write filmmusic, soundtracks and try and look for other talented bands to record their album at my place."

Barry Sparks Interview: According to Ralph from RockReunion, his interview with Barry Sparks is now online. Check out the interview in the RockReunion interview section (direct link).

[02/15/01 update]
Shane Gaalaas: According to Ralph from RockReunion, his interview with Shane Gaalaas is now online. Check out the interview in the RockReunion interview section (direct link).

[02/14/01 update]
New Bass Player: Ralph from RockReunion has kindly informed me of the news about a bass player on Michael's new album. In Ralph's interview with guitar player Rick Plester from the prog metal band Black Symphony, he said that the bass player Rev Jones from his band will play on the new Michael Schenker album. Check out the interview in the RockReunion interview section (direct link). Ralph also told me that he is planning new interviews with Barry Sparks and Shane Gaalaas.

[02/13/01 update]
Michael Interview: The March issue of Japanese YOUNG GUITAR magazine has an interview to Michael Schenker. It looks like this interview was conducted when MS2000 was released worldwide. He talks about how this album was recorded, the guitars used, The Odd Trio, the reason for the cancellation of The UFO tour, his new studio, and future activities, etc. He finally revealed that The Odd Trio was played all by himself. He says jokingly, "Even his older brother doesn't know about that. And he told our mother pointing Kathy Brown (drummer) that this girl is his type."

In addition to the interview, this article has playing analysis of 8 songs from the album with guitar tabs. Thanks, tabata, for the information.

[02/10/01 update]
Only UFO Can Rock Me: According to CDNow and CD Universe, a new UFO tribute album titled "Only UFO Can Rock Me" is slated to be released on February 20, 2001. Shinjuku Record is out of stock right now and they said to me it takes about a week or so to get another imported CDs . The track listing of the album is as follows:

1. Long Gone
2. We Belong To The Night
3. Only You Can Rock Me
4. Too Hot To Handle
5. Love To Love
6. Shoot Shoot
7. Doctor Doctor
8. Natural Thing
9. Let It Roll
10. Lights Out
11. Let It Rain
12. Rock Bottom

[02/09/01 update]
New UFO tribute album: Apparently a new UFO tribute album titled Only UFO Can Rock Me by various artists including Doogie White, Steve Overland and Paul Diano (ex-Iron Maiden) has been released. Check out the website of Shinjuku Record (in Japanese). Thanks, Ed for the information.

[01/31/01 update]
New UFO tribute project: According to my new year resolution, I have launched a new UFO tribute project. A new band called "Dr. Bottom" will play live in Tokyo on March 17 (Sat.). They're not gonna play Rock Bottom, Doctor Doctor, or Lights Out at that gig. Their setlist should be unique. Check out their brand-new website!

[01/24/01 update]
MS2000 Re-release: As scheduled, MS2000 Dreams & Expression has been re-released (from Nippon Crown label in Japan). The bonus track has no title. Another great tune!! The Japanese package is just like the one for Adventures Of The Imagination.

[01/18/01 update]
Message from Michael: Ralph from the RockReunion Magazine got an email message from Michael Schenker. Michael said:

"Dear Ralph,
Thank you for the interview. It's a great interview.
It sounds like me for a change.
Thanks, Michael
Keep on Rocking!"

[01/15/01 update]
Michael Interview: According to Ralph, the interview with Mikey Schenker from Friday, Jan 12th is now online on www.rockreunion.com (click INTERVIEW). Really extensive!!

[01/13/01 update]
Michael Interview: I've got a message from Ralph Geiger. He conducted a phone inteview to Michael yesterday evening. And he will post the full inteview on www.rockreunion.com probably early next week. According to Ralph, michael is doing fine, he apologized for his behavior in manchester, talked to pete when pete's wife died, ufo take a break, mikey is doing a new msg album. You should check this out.

[01/10/10 update]
MS2000 Re-release: According to the February issue of Burrn! magazine, MS2000 - Dreams And Expressions will be re-rleased worldwide on January 24, 2001. As reported earlier, it will include one bonus track.

[01/04/01 update]
2001: A Happy New Year!! I will continue to do what I can to contribute to fans of Michael Schenker all over the world. Your continuous support to my webpages would be greatly appreciated. Moreoever, given the current situation around UFO and Michael, I think we, fans have to support them. I myself will give them more tribute this year. The first event (in Tokyo) will possibly come in March.

I must apologize for not responding to many of the emails sent to me. Hopefully I can find time to answer them this year.

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