Michael Schenker Tour Information and News
Information updated July-December 2000

[12/24/00 update]
Wishing You A: To all visitors!!

[12/18/00 update]
MS2K BONUS TRACK: According to a Japanese Heavy Metal radio broadcast, Michael Schenker 2000 will be released under the Japanese label and will have a one bonus track which has yet to be titled. This CD was originally planned to be released in January 2001.

[12/16/00 update]
MESSAGE FROM MICHAEL: MSR now has a meesage from michael. Also, it now has a check box for ordering The Odd Trio at the price of $20.

Message from Michael
Due to the loss of Phil Mogg's voice the rest of the English tour was cancelled, we apologize. Future tour plans will depend on the well being of the group.

Thank you,

[12/11/00 update]
THE ODD TRIO: According to Bella Piper, The Odd Trio is now available at Michael Schenker Records (MSR). Their website seemingly has introduced a new credit card number verification system for ordering. However, I cannot find the check box for The Odd Trio in there order page.

UFO PHOTO: www.peteway.com now has some cool photos of UFO in Tuttlingen, Germany (11/17/2000).

[12/08/00 update]
How is Michael?: According to the message from Bella Piper to the listbot, Michael is fine.

[12/07/00 update]
U.K. Classic Rock Magazine: According to robg and others, the latest issue of Classic Rock magazine has a 7-page long UFO special article. The interviews were apparently conducted before the recent event. The article talks about:

- Michael travelling separately from the other bandmates during the tour

- UFO members are not close in a jovial way but they do have conversations

- When Michael was asked if he was actaully friends with anyone in UFO, he replies that pete is a nice person but talks too much.

- When Phil was asked if UFO feels beholden to schenker, he replies that "after all we've been talking about that went on in the 80's i don't think that there would be much point in doing it with another guitarist does that answer your question?"

- Michael said that when he walked out last time that he was sick emotionally and physically. "How can you play when you are sick, I perform at a high level and I cant do that unless I can focus".

- Michael said that Phil and himself are total opposites, "He's a rat and i'm a horse, if you go by chinese horoscopes. There's nothing we can do about that".

- The writer wrote that "These days Schenker is a strict teetotaller, Mogg is a moderate drinker at best who tries hard to refrain completely and Way seems to flit between all or nothing. And each is tolerant of the others lifestyle".

[12/05/00 update]
Message to Phil/Pete: If you have a message to Phil and Pete, drop MGAB a line here, they will post all your suggestions and thoughts, and send copies of them all to Phil and Pete.

[12/01/00 update No.2]
Michael's Amp & Pedal Setting: Marc Fettarappa's Gibson Flying V website now has the page on Michael's amplifires and pedal setting used at the Tuttlingen UFO Concert on Nov 17, 2000. Here is a direct link.

[12/01/00 update]
Pix of UFO on Manchester Stage: Mark Coles has posted two pixs on the Listbot. He has been hesitated to do so, and I am hesitating to post them in this site. But if you truly want to see them, click here.

Also, there are rumours going agound about the Spike-did-it issue. But, I'm not gonna post here any information on this issue rather than official or vertually official one. I want no more conjectural debate on this matter.

[11/30/00 update]
UFO ON VH1: I have uploaded the video file into my server because I've got the information that some people cannot download the file linked from the 11/20/00 update. It's in here only temporarily since my server volume has almost reached the limit.

Minich Photo: www.peteway.com has some photos taken at the UFO Munich show.

[11/28/00 update No.2]
UFO Dates - Deffinitely OFF: The following is the message from Alan.

It has been confirmed that the tour has definitely been cancelled. It seems there has been a distinct lack of communication between the promoter and the Astoria (London) & the Civic Hall (Wolverhampton). Effectively, there is no crew, no gear, no band, & no gigs. In fact, I've spoken to the tour manager, and he is on his way home. Official reason for the demise of the tour is: Phil (Mogg) is suffering from laryngitus & is unable to continue. Let us hope that everyone concerned, 'gets well' very soon. To every UFO/Schenker fan out there, have a Super-Funk Xmas & a Golden New Year..

[11/28/00 update]
UFO Dates - Confusion or what?: Another message from Alan sent to me at 20:15 Nov. 27(British time):

After spending most of my day on the phone, I'm convinced the world has gone crazy. This morning I was informed that the tour was finished. However, I phoned London Astoria (12/1-12/3), and the person I spoke to said they had no knowledge of a cancellation. As far as the venue is concerned, the gigs are still on until they are told otherwise by the promoter. More confusingly, the Sheffield date (11/28) is definitely cancelled. And, even more confusingly, nobody at Woverhampton (11/30) seems to know what's happening. In order to find out what is actually happening, I would advise people to check with Woverhampton (01142-789789) & London (0207-4349592) on the (supposed) day of the gig. Best wishes to all UFO fans & good luck. You'll need it.

[11/27/00 update No.4]
Cancellation again: According to Alan, at 10:25 (British time), he has just received confirmation that the tour is cancelled and UFO have disbanded. All venues have confirmed the remaining shows have been cancelled and a full refund will be given. To those who have tickets, please contact venues for details. For your information, Nottingham Rock City describes the OFFICIAL reason for cancellation as THE SINGER HAS BEEN TAKEN ILL.

[11/27/00 update No.3]
My Humble Thought: This is my humble, speculative thought, but, Phil and Pete are one of few people who understand real Michael. Every time they reunioned, I heard someone saying behind their back that "How come they had come to play together again? They certainly did it for money." I believe it's not true. They really love Michael's playing and talent and are comfortable with the chemistry generated by doing music with him. After facing the same situations (as the Manchester case) many times, we could never get together only for money. They could get together again because they understand Michael and his mental and physical condition than anybody else. This time, it is obviously hard for them PHISICALLY to go on the tour. But, it would not be absolutely impossible for them to reunion and play music together again. However, in order to make it happen, the most important thing is that we, fans of UFO and Michael, will continue to support them including Michael.

[11/27/00 update No.2]
Message from Alan Walsh: Alan Walsh has kindly sent me a thoughtful message as follows:

Dear Ritchie:

I hooked up with the tour in Newcastle (Thursday 23), and since that time it has become apparent there are serious issues that need to be addressed. Detailing every incident is, I feel unnecessary, but I do feel people need to calm down and focus on the real issues at hand. I personally feel it is pointless berating Michael for his behaviour, the reasons why will become clear in the following passages.

People need to know the truth! Yet, the fact is, there are two truths here. Firstly, it is true that on Friday 24 (Manchester Apollo) Michael was inebriated with alcohol, to such an extent, that he could not physically play his guitar. I've followed Michael's career for 24yrs and I've never witnessed a more inept display. He was appalling. More importantly, his behaviour towards Phil was absolutely disgraceful. He was intimidating, provocative, aggressive, abusive and (certainly for Phil) downright frightening. Now! And this is a central point, I have no desire, in any shape or form, to justify, condone or excuse Michael's behaviour over the past few days. That being so, in order to see the 'big picture', it is imperative that people know the second truth. So what is it? Well, (at the moment) it seems that Michael is drinking very heavily. Thus, it is obvious his ability to play is being grossly affected. Moreover, the physical and psychological affect that such heavy drinking has on a person can be infinitely damaging. The fact is, people need to understand that, at the moment, (it seems) Michael is psychologically and physically unwell. I say this purely to give people a wider, more objective, understanding of what is happening. Yes, his behaviour has been dreadful, but I would ask people to see the 'bigger picture' before they make rash judgements, which are based on nothing more than emotional hysteria, fuelled by misinformation.

The truth is, (and I won't go into detail) over the past few days, I know that I have been the focus of some unwarranted accusations from Michael. Thus, I, more than anybody should be annoyed with him. The fact is, we need to acknowledge that (at this moment in time) for whatever reason(s) Michael is 'unwell'. At times such as this, he needs all the love and support that is possible to give. The truth is, I pray that Michael will pull through this, and get well. It is obvious the tour is in jeopardy. Moreover, it is clear that it would be beneficial to all, if the rest of the tour was cancelled. Why? The fans should not have to witness anything like what happened in Manchester. The rest of the band (especially Phil) should not be subjected to such abusive behaviour, and Michael needs to return home and get help.

Finally, I would like to finish by sending a personal message to Michael. Michael, if you ever read this, be absolutely sure, that I refute your accusations completely. This false truth only exists in your head, subsequently, your conclusion about this issue (and myself) is completely, and absolutely, erroneous. I pray that one day you will see the real truth, and I hope you get well. Love to Linda & yourself.

Yours, in friendship,

Alan S. Walsh-B.A. Hons-M.A.

[11/27/00 update]
The Odd Trio: Accoridng to Shinjuku Record, you can now pre-order the Odd Trio at this shop. They said they could start to sell the CD mid-December.

[11/26/00 update No.3]
Michael in Manchester: Photo 1 and Photo 2 taken by Mr. Simon Wimpenny at the Mancehter venue.

[11/26/00 update No.2]
Cancellation of the show: According to the info posted on the Listbot, the Newport Center (today's concert venue) has confirmed that the show is canceled.

Phil's Message: MGAB site has a latest message from Phil Mogg. It seems the tour is over and some of members have already gone back to the States.

[11/26/00 update]
UFO in Danger? (Cont'd): According to Bella, as of yesterday, the tour manager was moving to the next venue for the next show. My fingers are still crossed.

[11/25/00 update No.2]
UFO in Danger? (Cont'd): Check out the comments made by those who were at the Manchester show.

[11/25/00 update]
UFO in Danger?: According to the information posted on the Listbot mailing list, the 11/24 Manchester gig was horrible. It seems that Michael was in the lowest form (he was drunken?). They left the stage with much of booing and there was no encore. Let us make our fingers crossed.

Shenker Guitar: Marc Fettarappa's Gibson Flying V page now has photoes taken at the UFO Concert in Tuttlingen Germany on 11/17. Also, you can see his Michael model axes.

[11/24/00 update]
UFO in Lichtenfels and Stuttgart: Nijinsky's Homepage has some pictures taken at the Lichtenfels (11/11) and Stuttgart (11/12) shows. Live review is in Japanese, though.

[11/23/00 update]
UFO in UK w/ Uli: The UK leg of the UFO tour has started from Glasgow on 11/22. The following is the nice report by rob-g:

WOW WHAT A NIGHT Just back from glasgow. uli roth was absolutely amazing and played some vivaldi, a couple of bits from the new cd then finished of with a medley of scorpions stuff ie drifting sun sails of charon, dark lady etc fxxkin amazin'; on to the main show ufo came on at 9pm played almost the same set as thay did on the continent except that we didn't get the lights out ending before this there had been a couple of problems with schenkers sound ie not too clear at one point he went to the side stage came back then asked the audience if the guitar was loud enough we shouted no so it was turned up it really sounded more like a bad connection any way after playing shoot shoot schenker said something into the mike which was not faded up until he had almost finished saying it, it was along the lines of that he was pissed off about the sound which apart from a couple of bad connections was absolutely crystal clear and that lights out wouldn't be played. I spoke to phil after the show while waiting to get the cds autographed and asked him why no lights out i didn't catch all of what he said but it was something to do with schenker.we waited at least 20 minutes for him to come to sign the autographs he appeared not to be a happy bunny about something.As we went to leave we got speaking to shane gaalas and barry sparks who were feeling brave and were about to walk through glasgow at night to their hotel which they only had the vaguest of ideas where it was so being a crawling bastrd I offered them lift back to their hotel in the car we mentioned to them that schenker didnt seem happy at the end which they confirmed they also said that he wasn't happy with them playing on the tour playing in ulis band. In the end it was a very good evening and of all the times i have seen them this was probably the best.Schenker was on top form played all the fills and even alittle slide on love is for ever,the only odd bit was the bluegrass type banjo playing that started playing when the lights went down but before the taped intro to love is forever. Pete way was his usual manic self another odd bit that just came to mind was during the descending bit of rockbottom when the keyboards follow the guitar line the keyboards sounded a bit like a bee in a jam jar,but the 2 new guys played well no mistakes and the drummer in particular was excellent a good solid hitter a bit like cozy powell. Any way must go to bed as its now 2:10 and i have to up at 7 for work.


[11/20/00 update]
UFO ON VH1: For the past few weeks, there has been discussion about the UFO video clip from the VH1 100 Best Hard Rock Artists program. UFO is unreasonably ranked 84. See the complete chart at:


Terry has kindly recorded the program and uploaeded the file online at:


The file is rather heavy (11,104KB), but it's worth viewing!! You need QuickTime 4 to view it. Thanks, Terry!

Several musicians appear and comment like the following (NOTE that I cannot guarantee they all are correctly transcribed):


UFO. That's an interesting band.
They kind of represent the roots of English blues-based rock.

Lars Ulrich (from Metallica)

They were at the classic example of hardworking European band.
Just toured constantly and put out like a record every year.
Most hard rock guitar players would say that it was not Eddie Van Halen, ya know, the bla-bla-bla-bla all this type of stuff. Then most the guys are really into the more blues-based stuff. It was always Michael Schenker.

Kirk Hammet (from Metallica)

I was on the quest of every single Michael Schenker solo.
They're an amazing band and have a lot of heavy riffs, a lot of melody. And to this day, I've put on all those early UFO albums. Just Rock Out! So much that my wife knows all the UFO songs now.

Lita Ford

Michael Schenker is one of the best guitarists, I think, on this planet.
UFO just really have a place in the soundtrack of my life.

Joe Elliot (from Def Leppard)

They made brilliant albums like Lights Out, Obsession, and live albums. They're all rock classic.

Richie Sambora (from Bon Jove)

Michael Schenker, Yeaaah!

[11/17/00 update]
The Odd Trio: I've finally got my copy of The Odd Trio, Michael's latest instrumental album. Really cool as always!!! You can feel the endless, tremendous flow of talents, energies and melodies coming out of Michael. I've re-realized that he is modern time Mozart.

The Odd Trio

Written and Produced by Michael Schenker
Guitars: Michael Schenker
Bass: Harry Cobham (a.k.a. Michael Schenker)
Drums: Kathy Brown (a.k.a. Michael Schenker)
Keyboards: Michael Schenker (must be)

Track Listing: (total 44:21)
1. Far beyond the ocean (4:52)
2. Searching (4:13)
3. Rockin' and Lovin' (4:26)
4. Welcome (4:22)
5. The good old days (4:38)
6. Watching (4:29)
7. In good faith (4:20)
8. Achievement (4:45)
9. Hangin' out (4:45)
10. It's ok (3:58)

Click here to see a flyer of The Odd Trio CD and Live in Japan video.

[11/14/00 update]
UFO TOUR NEW DATE: According to the Pollstar Concert Update notification, a new U.S. date has been added to the UFO tour, which is Ventura, California on 01/17/01. Check out the pollstar.

[11/07/00 update]
New Compilation Album: According to the information posted by Tom on the Listbot list, Michael's new comilation album is now on sale. CD Now has it for US$26.07.

Title: Into The Arena - 1972-1995 (Highlights & Overtures)
Artist: Michael Schenker
Description: It is a new 2CD set, featuring 34 tracks and over 150 minutes of music, drawing from a selection of non-album rarities and previously Japanese only bonus tracks housed with a deluxe 16 page colour booklet containing extensive liner notes and quality images. The 1st thorough Michael Schenker anthology, covering his entire career from THE SCORPIONS and UFO through to MSG. The full track listing includes:

         1. Give Her The Gun
         2. Rock Bottom
         3. Lipstick Traces' (instrumental)
         4. This Kid's (Including Between The Walls)
         5. Lights Out
         6. Arbory Hill (instrumental)
         7. Lovedrive
         8. Armed And Ready
         9. Bijou Pleasurette (instrumental)
         10. Courvoisier Concerto (instrumental Live)
         11. Lost Horizons (live)
         12. Ulcer (instrumental)
         13. Desert Song
         14. Captain Nemo (instrumental)
         15. Here Today - Gone Tomorrow
         16. Lonely Nights
         17. A Self-Made Man

         1. It All Depends
         2. Sweet Little Thing
         3. On With The Action (live)
         4. Cry For The Nations
         5. Armed And Ready (live) 
         6. Into The Arena (instrumental - live)
         7. Girl From Uptown
         8. Don't Take It Out On Me
         9. Gimme Your Love
         10. Save Yourself (single edit)
         11. There Has To Be Another Way (instrumental)
         12. Vicious
         13. Eve
         14. Nightmare (acoustic - single edit)
         15. Anytime (acoustic)
         16. Paradise (acoustic - live) 
         17. Only You Can Rock Me (acoustic - live) 
[11/05/00 update No.2]
UFO in Humberg: Christoph Gerlach has posted both on Listbot and Deja NG his nice review of the 11/03/00 Humberg show. Please check it out. According to him, the Humberg gig was much better than the Hannover show both sound-wise and performance-wise.

[11/05/00 update]
The Odd Trio: Christoph Gerlach has added a page on "The Odd Trio" to his homepage. You can see the funny inlet where Michael is disguising himself both as female drummer and a leggae kind of bassist. You can also download one of tracks called "Rockin' And Lovin'" in MP3 format. Realy cool! Yes, he is great. We are greatly proud of him. Bella at MSR has suggested a probability of its official release from MSR before Christmas.

[11/03/00 update No.2]
New CD: With regard to the new instrumental CD titled "The Odd Trio", Bella at MSR has kindly sent me a message:


Also, she commented that MICHAEL'S TATOOS (in Japanese Kanji) ARE REAL.

[11/03/00 update]
UFO in Hannover: UFO has kicked off their European tour starting from 11/02/00 live in Hannover. The review of Hanover gig by Christoph Gerlach was posted on the UFO mailing list (Listbot). You can read his review and setlist also at Dave's site.

Michael New Instrumental CD?: According to Christoph, Michael didn't sell his MS2000 at Honover show, but instead sold another instrumental CD "The Odd Trio" with ten tracks which is a funny project because the cover states "Michael", "Harry" and "Kathy" playing guitar, bass and drums. But he also said actually all three are the Meister himself.

[10/28/00 update]
Heaven And Earth: Here's the link to Heaven And Earth which Kelly Keeling recently joined. Thanks, Jim.


[10/27/00 update]
Kelly Keeling New Album: Kelly Keeling's new band called "HEAVEN AND EARTH" will release their new album on December 16. Apparently he is very much satisfied with his peformance in this album. Also, according to him, he will be doing a tour of Asia in December for the Guitar Zeus project with Carmine Appice and other members.

Here's the message from Kelly:

My new band Heaven And Earth have just completed our album. It is definitely my best songs and performances to date. As it is also the bands.

Would like you to hear it. It will be released on Avalon/Marquee in Japan and Frontier Records worldwide December 16th 2000. Look out.

It is very much like Burn in some areas, So I know you will dig it Araki.,, Here is my new page.. check it out when you have a chance . And feel free to post any of this on your news or message board sites.

Lots of tour dates and news on my site.. Take care .. and Stay happy and well and good luck with your bands. I am curious to hear


[10/25/00 update]
MS2K: According to Bella in charge of sales at MSR, they're currently running out of Michael Schenker 2000. It will not be re-relased until January 10, 2001.

[10/18/00 update]
UFO Speaks 'bout Covenant: According to Dave's site, HardRadio.com has an article titled "UFO - Actual Sightings Recorded!" Pete commented on the album title Covenant as follows: "I would say that 'covenant' describes what we have going together. It's almost an unwritten law that we seem to get together every once in awhile. It's like our destiny. Whenever we think, are we ever going to do anything together again, the next week we're there doing it. It's almost like some sort of unwritten bond."

[10/15/00 update]
Michael on TourBus: The TourBus site has uploaded the interview to Michael conducted on September 23. Select type of resolution, click SHOW, click PAST GUESTS, and then select Michael Schenker. He talked about how UFO reunioned, Covenant, tour schedule, car accident happened just before the Covenant recording, his future activity, online chat (rockonline) he joined with Pete several days bofore, etc. He said he would start U.S. tour in January and then go back to Europe.

[09/25/00 update]
Phil Online: According to the post on the MS mailing list, Phil Mogg will be this week's guest in the studio's of rocknrollstation.com. Phill will be interviewed on Friday, September 29th, 2000 at 12:00pm (EDT). The interview comes to you in both audio and video. You may hang in the chat room with other UFO fans, and let the DJ know what questions you'd like to ask Phil. You just log onto the site and click on the live radio link, then select whether you choose audio or audio/video, then click on the chat link to hang out with them as Phill is interviewed.

[08/29/00 update]
Assault Attack: An official homepage of the Japanese Michael Schenker tribute band called ASSAULT ATTACK is now up and running.

[08/22/00 update]
MS2000: Michael Schenker 2000 has arrived in Japan safe and sound. Great music with cool guitar works!! Among other things, it has made me strongly feel that we, as fans of Michael, should appreciate and be pround of the efforts made by him, one of the most active, productive and creative musicians in today's music scene.

Tracks (total 38:21)
1-D (1:34)
2-R (2:40)
3-E (1:09)
4-A (1:22)
5-M (1:53)
6-S (1:44)
7-A (0:37)
8-N (3:38)
9-D (1:47)
10-E (1:28)
11-X (1:54)
12-P (0:24)
13-R (0:35)
14-E (1:24)
15-S (2:04)
16-S (2:10)
17-I (0:49)
18-O (3:56)
19-N (3:44)
20-S (3:29)
Guitar: Michael Schenker
Bass: Barry Sparks
Drums: Shane Gaalaas
Recorded at Michael Schenker Records Recording Studio
Mixed at Prairie Sun Recording
Produced and written by Michael Schenker

[08/18/00 update]
MS2000: Here is a berief review of Michael Schenker 2000 "Dreams And Expression" posted on mailing list by Steven Heath:

I just got MS2K in the mail yesterday. I have only been through it once. I will just write briefly as one listen isn't enough for a fair review. My initial thought on the art work was that it is pretty low budget. On the order of Thank You. The music is pretty solid. It is nice to hear Micheal with Barry and Shane. It makes this music a bit different from AOTI.

There are 20 cuts, but the whole cd runs just over 38 minutes. We'll be talking about the songs in terms of number as they have no real title. There is one song for each letter in "Dreams and Expressions". I think the playing was very good, but a lot of the tunes were pretty none descript. They are like well rehearsed jam sessions if that makes sense. Some of the songs just stop unexpectedly and suddenly your into the next one with only 1/4 second of silence. The sound quality is good, but you can tell that this is a lower level production than AOTI.

However, I am not disappointed. This cd gave me more of a feeling that I was sitting in the studio with the boys and listening to them work on some good music ideas. The songs 5,6,7,8 caught my attention as running together nicely and showing a lot of nice guitar work. 16 blew me away. Michael lets loose as much as he ever has with speed to match Yngwie Malmsteen, but passion that is beyond anything Yngwie has ever achieved. There is plenty of lead, lots of double(harmony) leads and just a few of the multi-layered guitar parts.

The final two songs are finally separated by a little more silence from the other songs so you feel they are really separate songs. I think there was only one other real gap between songs somewhere around 8. The last two songs seem to have a little more thought put into them. 20 caught me as having a little more production put into the sound and the song. Barry's bass actually comes out a bit which is nice.

I do feel this is a must have cd. I think that you get an array of jams ideas spliced together. Some with new ideas. There is plenty to grab onto here, but don't look for formal songs. I feel this gives a little deeper look into Michael's playing/jamming without production tricks between us and his playing. I personally will reach for AOTI more frequently than MS2K, but I will be listneing to it and am really glad to have it.

[08/07/00 update]
Another Michael Interview: I think I forgot to mention, but an August issue of Japanese Guitar Magazine has an inteview with Michael and an article about his sound gear. Many of what Michael spoke about have been already covered by interviews conducted by other magazines, but including:

- an incident about Paul Raymond with Mogg/Way, again,
- his new project with Scorpions (acoustic live album for which he mentioned they would start the rehearsal on July 15),
- his sound gears (as always, he doesn't care much about his equipment),
- Covenant (producer, recording, chorus and keyboard, comments on some of the tracks), and
- what UFO means to him, etc.

Graham Bonnet: This is a bit off-topic, but according to Official Impellitteri Fan Club page, Graham Bonnet is back in the band! The band are busy with the new album, a CD titled "Seek and Destroy". It will be the first time Graham has played with Impellitteri since 1988! That's over 12 years, but Chris says that everyone from the record company to the rest of the band members are excited about this move and expect the CD to please fans of "Stand In Line" and newer fans as well. "Seek and Destroy" has a planned release of early 2001. Don't know what to say! Just hope Graham's solo album for which Michael provided two songs will come out sooner than the "Seek & Destroy".

[08/06/00 update]
Michael Interview: A September issue of Burrn magazine has a 3-page long interview plus 1-page long live review. In the interview Michae talks about many things including the following:

- He feels more relaxed when playing in the UFO than in MSG,
- Why Paul Raymond will not join the next tour. (Michael again revealed a shocking story about Paul. I hesitate to translate it because, last time I translated Mikey's comment on Paul, I was treated by his fans as if "I" commented or I should have proven it to be ture.)
- UFO new management,
- His style of writing songs,
- New project with Scorpions (Michael with Scorpions had a plan to record a live album in Portugal in July in which they would have played 3-4 songs of Michael among the 15-song set list.)

UFO, Uli Glenn: According to Music Satellite (Michael's Management), first part of the U.F.O. tour is confirmed. Support will be in Germany and Belgium Glenn Hughes and in the UK Uli Jon Roth. Glenn will also play a headlining show in London.

[08/02/00 update]
UFO TOUR DATE: Although this information has already been on several Schenker-related sites, Pollstar has notified me of their updated tour date page including their Germany-Belgium-UK-Holland leg.

[07/29/00 update]
MS 2000: According to Michael Schenker Records' website, Michael's next electric instrumental album titled Michael Schenker 2000 - Dreams and Expressions - will be available on August 15. Michael commented that "This record is special. It is another way of expressing my music. It contains enough Riffs for 3 CD's, but I choose to write this way because it's fun and different. Fortunately I have different projects to do different styles and to keep my creativity alive. As always it comes from my heart and will live for a long time. It has plenty of lead breaks, which makes this record more enjoyable than Adventures of the Imagination. I called these pieces of music "Dreams and Expressions" because that's what life is, we dream and we express. I hope you have fun listening as much as I had recording it. All the best..."

[07/20/00 update]
Covenant: Covenant (plus official bootleg) has already been on sale in Japanese record shops although it's official release date is tomorrow the 21st.

[07/17/00 update]
Graham Bonnet: I went to the live show of Anthem featuring Graham Bonnet on Friday the 14th. Graham, THE VOICE's performance was superb, unbelievable and hyper. I confirmed that he is one of a kind. I am very looking forward to his solo album for which Michael has provided two songs.

[07/10/00 update]
Interview & Sound Gear: August issue of Young Guitar magazine has an interview with Michael Schenker and some data on his sound gear for the Tokyo show (see my misc. page). Michael talked about the concert including why he chose that setlist as well as he commented on the new album Covenant including the chemistry he feels about the relationship with Phill.

This Young Guitar also has an interview with Jeff Kollman conducted during his visit to Japan last May, and from the next issue on, Jeff's serial lecture on guitar techniques titled Gently Screaming will start.

[07/08/00 update]
Magazines: August issue of Burrn magazine has a four-page long interview with Pete Way. More than a half of the interview was about Michael Schenker including the 1998/04 incident in Tokyo, his relationship with Michael, his feeling about Michael's behaviors, etc. He also talks about the new album, Paul Raymond, Aynsley vs Andy, producers, his (Pete's) own heroin problem and so on. A very intriguing article. This Burrn also has CD reviews of Covenant and some of MSG remastered as well as an article about the hidden story about Michael's recent tour in Japan, which is funny, too. The September issues will include an exclusive interview with Michael and a MSG concert report.

The August issue of Japanese Player magazine has a report of the 05/27 MSG live at Akasaka Blitz and some photos.

Jeff Kollman and others: The Burrn said that Jeff Kollman is now recording Phill Mogg's solo album. This is being recorded at the home studio in Los Angeles where Shane Gaalaas and Jimmy Cartin(?) are also participating. Jeff is producing it too. Phill is planning to make a new Mogg/Way album in which Jeff plans to participate. A new album of Cosmosquad, a project of Jeff, Shane and Barry Sparks has partly been recorded, and will be completed within this year. Jeff is also working on another project featuring vocal. He said, it's gonna have a King's X kind of musical orientation.

[07/04/00 update]
Michael New Releases: You can now pre-order "Michael Schenker 2000" and MSG Video titled "LIVE IN JAPAN" (May 27 Live at Akasaka Blitz in Tokyo, VHS) at Shinjuku Record's homepage (in Japanese). Both will be in store at the end of July. Homepage is in Japanese but you can contact Mr. Fujiwara of the shop in English.

[07/01/00 CORRECTION]
MSG TOUR NO: Many people sent me messages saying that the tour date listed in Shane's website is not the dates of a new tour, but those of the Unforgiven European tour of 1999. Sorry for having made you confused. My sincere apologies!

Covenant: ROBG has kindly informed that at UFOAtoZ website, you can hear the sound files of COVENANT.

MSG On Tour: Accoprding to tour dates listed in Shane Gaalaas' website, it looks like MSG will tour Enrope with Shane's another band (Cosmosquad?).

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