Michael Schenker Tour Information and News
Information updated in 1999

[10/22/99 update]
UFO Remastered CDs: UFO remastered CDs including Strangers In The Night will be released in December in Japan.

[10/18/99 update]
Fan Club Newsletter: The 7th Issue of the Official Michael Schenker Fan Club Newsletter officially stated that the entire MSG European tour has been canceled and they are currently trying to reschedule the shows. It also stated that Michael is currently in the planning stages of a tour of Japan with MSG at the end of this year. Also, according to the newsletter, Michael is ready to re-enter the recording studio sometime in October to begin recording an electric instrumental album (the album is not yet titled??). What happened to the name of Wanted?

[08/30/99 update]
MSG New Live Album (Japanese Release): An official at the Nippon Crown label has reconfirmed that the new live album will be released on November 10 as originally scheduled. And its title will be "Live - The Unforgiven World Tour".

[08/29/99 update]
MSG New Live Album (Japanese Release): There's an update on the new live album. It will be released in Japan on October 22 (instead of November 10) from The Nippon Crown label. Also, the import version will be available from the end of September at Shinjuku Records.

[08/24/99 update]
MSG New Live Album (Japanese Release): MSG's new live album (2CDs) called THE UNFORGIVE WORLD TOUR LIVE will be released in Japan on November 10 from The Nippon Crown label (3,500yen including tax). This one was live recorded on June 5 and 6 at the gig in Palo Alto. Track listing is as follows:

1. Armed And Ready
2. Only You Can Rock Me
3. Natural Thing
4. Pushed To The Limit
5. Written In The Sand
6. Captain Nemo
7. Into The Arena
8. Essence
9. Pilot Of Your Soul
10. The Mess I've Made
11. Fat City N.O.
12. On And On
13. Attack Of The Mad Axeman
1. Assault Attack
2. Another Piece Of Meat
3. Love To Love
4. Too Hot To Handle
5. Lights Out
6. Bijou Pleasurette / Positive Forward
7. Doctor Doctor
8. Rock Bottom

On the same date, Mogg/Way's second album called CHOCOLATE BOX will be released too.

[08/16/99 update]
Japanese Release: The UFO's live album (1998/02/10 in Wolverhampton) will be released in Japan too, from Marquee Inc. on August 25.

[07/28/99 update]
UFO????: The Following has been extracted from Hard News:

By Tim Henderson
of Brave Words and Bloody
Knuckles Magazine-Canada

7/26/99 Page 2

According to vocalist Phil Mogg, UFO have replaced Michael Schenker with Jeff Kollman and "Do in fact have the UFO name. We are hard at work on the new one (tentatively called Broken Arrow). A few tracks we've completed are 'Don't Abandon Me', 'Lost Forever' and 'Wisdom From The Wise'. The latter being a very heavy track, in the likes of 'Self Made Man'. We hope to have it out by Christmas, but Pete (Way - bass) has been busy with other projects and Paul Raymond has a new disc out called Man On A Mission."

[07/19/99 update]
New Releases: According to Michael Schenker Records, MICHAEL SCHENKER/LIVE IN LAS VEGAS featuring Keith Slack & Kelly Keeling (75min. official video) is of bootleg quality. You can order now at MSR ($25.00).

[07/11/99 update]
New Releases: Boot CDs of the two shows (May 6th and 7th) from the receont U.S. tour are now available. Both are CDx2.

MICHAEL SCHENKER/LIVE IN LAS VEGAS featuring Keith Slack & Kelly Keeling (75min. official video) can now be pre-ordered at Shinjuku Records.

UFO Werewolves Of London CDLP(2) EUR 30th anniversary release featuring 15 of the British hard rock icons' absolute best recorded in concert during their 1998 European tour, which saw the reunion of the classic Mogg/ Schenker line-up for the first time in many years. Tracks include 'Rock Bottom', 'Doctor, Doctor', 'Lights Out', 'Only You Can Rock Me' and 'Too Hot To Handle'. Also features an eight page booklet with sleeve notes by Paul Raymond. $20.00 This can be pre-ordered at Alta Mila.

In addition to Starangers In The Night with two bonus tracks which is released on August 10, remastered Lights Out and Obsession will be released, I hear.

[06/25/99 update]
Taro: Taro Schenker, Michael's son has opened his website at: http://www.schenker.freeservers.com.

[06/17/99 update]
Michael in Sweden: www.ipmp.se/live/99/ has some photos of MSG from Sweden Rock Festival. Please check it out.

[06/12/99 update]
Interview with Michael: www.prime-choice.com has an interview with Michael Schenker. Please check it out.

[05/17/99 update]
MSG European Tour Date: Please check out Tim's site for the MSG European tour dates. It seems that the tour is called the Essence Of Rock Tour 99 and MSG will tour with Glen Hughes Band starting on 09/16 at Koln in Germany ending at Humberg on 10/07.

Interview with Michael: Also, according to Tim, Harder Beat Online's sitehas an interview with Michael.

[05/12/99 update]
MSG at the Edge: According to Torucchi who went to see both May 5 and 6 shows at the Edge, an accurate setlist for the two gigs is as follows. And, Kelly sang on seven songs (No.9 to No.15).

         1.Armed and Ready
         2.Only You Can Rock Me
         3.Natural Thing
         4.Pushed To The Limit
         5.Written In The Sand
         6.Captain Nemo
         7.Into The Arena
         9.Pilot Of Your Soul
        10.The Mess I've Made
        11.Fat City N.O.
        12.On And On
        13.Attack Of The Mad Axeman
        14.Assault Attack
        15.Another Piece Of Meat
        16.Too Hot To Handle
        17.Love To Love
        18.Lights Out
        19.Bijou Pleasurette (Acoustic set, but Michael played Flying V)
        20.Positive Forward (ditto)
        21.Doctor Doctor
        22.Rock Bottom

[05/10/99 update]
MSG in Seattle: You must check out Bryan Hendrickson's complete review of the MSG show in Seattle, Washington, USA on 29 April 1999, which includes lots of cool photos of Michael. Thank you, Bryan for the information and great review!!

[05/06/99 update]
MSG at the Edge: Tristan's site has a live review of MSG at the Edge in Palo Alto on May 5. It says that Kelly Keeling sang on five songs including TU materials, Another Piece of Meat and On and On and that the show was recorded live.

[05/05/99 update]
MSG Tour Review: I have just come back from vacation. Since MSG tour has already started, lots of MS related info is going around on the net. Some live reviews were added to my concert report page.

[04/24/99 update]
Websites on MSG Tour: Check out the Sandiego Sidewalk for MSG Tour Information and commentary on MSG by their critic and the Sanfrancisco Sidewalk.

Kelly Keeling Info: According to Kelly, he is doing some shows in america. His solo album is comming along sooner than he thought it would. He is also doing vocals on Mith Perrys solo album soon as well as a new Gutar Zeus Record with Carmine Apice.

[04/14/99 update]
Michael Schenker Interview by Blast Magazine: Check out the Blast Magazine Home Page for telephone interview to Michael by Blast Editor Ace Trump where he speaks about UFO, MSG, The Unforgiven and much more, which lasts 18 min. in real audio format.

[04/13/99 update]
MSG tour singer: According to Tim's site, MSG will tour with a new singer named Keith Slack.

[04/07/99 update]
MSG in Sweden: According to Tristan-G, MSG will play at the Sweden Rock Festival on 11 June 1999.

[03/29/99 update]
Fan Club Newsletter: According to the Michael Schenker Fan Club Newsletter Issue #6,

- Mr. Udo (Japanese promoter) finally stated that he would make sure that Michael would not be able to play in Japan again unless he pay Udo $150,000 for the cancelled shows in Japan.

- It is not true that Michael's sister is making a record with him doing all the guitars. The fact is, she has a collection of songs she is currently trying to get a deal with and one of the songs has his guitar playing on it from 1985 or so.

- Michael is planning to build a recording studio in Arizona sometime in the fall of '99 if everything goes well.

- Michael and Linda are expecting a baby in August of '99.

Become a fan club member and get a newsletter, if you haven't yet.

[03/15/99 update No.2]
MSG Tour Date: Please check out Tim's site for the additional tour dates.

[03/07/99 update No.2]
MSG 1st Tour Date: According to Tristan, 1st US tour date for MSG will be May 5th at the Edge in Palo Alto, CA with Vinnie Moore

[03/06/99 update No.2]
Michael Schenker Official Webpage: According to Tyson Schenker, Michael Schenker Records has got an official webpage at:


Michael message includes the following:
The instrumental CD is put on hold.
Most news on the web about Michael Schenker are false, so I recommend to you to order the Michael Schenker Newsletter to get the right news and much more.

[03/06/99 update]
Michael Interviewed by Burrn!: The April issue of Burrn!, a Japanese heavy metal magazine, includes a special interview which was conducted while he was in Japan in January. There are some interesting comments:

- Last April in Tokyo, he broke the guitar and left the stage because he was mentally depressed. Especially his dissatisfaction with the UFO management made him psychologically ill. At that time, he could not think, remember songs, or know what he was playing.
- However, the reason why he cancelled the next two gigs is that, after he left the stage, Paul and Michael fought and Paul broke Michael's finger. (Michael badly abused Paul in the interview.)
- As concerns the next electric instrumental album, he originally planned to have started the recording. However, he thinks that he initiate the recording when he has enough time to create a really good album. He mentioned that he would make 5, 10, or 20 instrumental albums before he dies.
- With regard to the Unforgiven, he especially likes "The Mess I've Made", "Tower" and "Hello Angel." He is very satisfied with Kelly's vocal.

[02/24 update]
The Unforgiven Exported: As early as today, the second batch of the exported Unforgiven has arrived to Shinjuku Record.

Rock Bottom covered by Joe Lynn Turner:Joe Lynn Turner will release a new album called Under Cover 2 in Japan on March 3rd in which he covers Rock Bottom.

The Unforgiven Review by Alan Walsh: Alan has kindly sent me his thoughts on the Unforgiven which is as follows:

I've been listening to it for a few weeks now, so what i'm about to type is (I hope) objective. I love Michael (and have done fo 25yrs). The guitar playing (both riffing and lead) is excellent. Kelly Keeling is a good singer (in the vein of Coverdale/Paul Rodgers). I've just read the Kerrang! review and I have to say that I agree with it (not about Michael not making a decent album since 1981, I disagree with that). However, as far as I'm concerned, the album is poor. There are some redeeming tracks such as 'Pilot of your Soul' and 'Tower'(even that sounds like a poor Nirvana). It is a missed opportunity, because Michael's riffing and fluent solo's are great. However, the songs are weak, and even though Keeling sounds like Coverdale on the first two tracks, I feel he gets worse as the album progresses, coming across like a very poor Paul Rodgers. On 'Written in the Sand', the title track really blew me away, as did 'I Believe' and 'Essence'. I am really trying to like the album and, to some extent, I do. However, because its Michael, I think I expect more. Maybe that's unfair, I'm sure people will let me know.

[02/23 update]
The Unforgiven Exported: At last, the exported version of the Unforgiven album has arrived to Shinjuku Record in Tokyo. However, the first batch of CDs has already been sold out. The second batch will arrive around next Saturday.

[02/16 update]
Gary Barden News: According to Alan Walsh, Gary Barden will be singing on a Iron Maiden tribute album. He will be singing 'Two Minutes to Midnight' and 'The Trooper'. He starts recording next Saturday (20 Feb). Scott Gorham (ex-Thin Lizzy) and Bernie Torme (ex-Gillan) will be playing on the tracks. Added to this, Gary has been asked to join a band with Don Airey (ex-Rainbow & MSG) If it happens, they will be touring in the summer and they will definitely take in some Japanese dates, where they'll record a live album. They will be playing numbers that cover the whole of Airey's back catalogue, thus, you'll get to hear some old Rainbow and MSG songs.

[02/11 update]
The Unforgiven Japanese Version: According to Shinjuku Record's homepage, The Unforgiven (Japanese Version) will be released from Nippon Crown label on March 18.

[02/06 update]
MSG Tour: Kelly Keeling has kindly informed me that they spoke with the management about the possible tour in April.

[02/04 update]
Barbara with Michael Demo: According to Shinjuku Record's homepage (in Japanese), you can hear a part of the demo of Barbara with Michael by dialing +1-602-280-9014. (I have tried several times, but the number has been temporarily disconnected.)

[02/02 update]
Wanted & Barbara's Album: According to Shinjuku Record's homepage (in Japanese), Bella Piper has informed them that the electric instrumental album called "Wanted" will be released in March or April, and that Barbara, Michael's sister, is now making an album where Michael will play guitar for all songs (according to Bella, a demo tape including several songs has already existed).

[01/29 update]
The Unforgiven Track List: Please check out Tristan's site for the track listing of his SPV Promo which is slightly different to the one announced last December.

[01/26 update]
Kelly Keeling: I've got a message from Kelly Keeling himself (Wow! Really surprising). He said, "it was a nice experience working with Michael. Very quick this record. I wrote and recorded a song a day. It was a task. But listeneing back I am pleased with it. Hope the fans will be also." He will be in Japan to promote his solo album, including Shane Gaalaas and Danny Laine from Wings, and also to promote Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus which he wrote, sang, and played rhythm and keys as a foundation for the soloists as well as produced it.

[01/24 update]
Promotional Tour Contunues: Please check out Tristan's site for the updates of Michael's European promotional tour and etc.

[01/20 update]
Promotional Tour Contunues: According to Tristan-G, Michael will move on to Milan for the promotional activities from January 21.

[01/16 update]
Michael Photo Album and CD/Video Review: Photos of Michael at Shinjuku Record taken by myself were added to my photo album page. Also, my review of Thank You With Orchestra and video of The Making of the New MSG CD was added to my new album page. Please check them out.

PetroSneef: I have got a message from Michael J. Petro of PetroSneef: "Michael Schenker's current rhythm guitarist/keyboardist, Sneef Mitchell (aka Seth Bernstein) now has a side-project (PetroSneef) web page. It can be found at http://www.clubhousewreckards.com. Give us a link for your bios! Also check out some comments of his about the about-to-be-released studio album, published at Tristan's site. You have Sneef's permission to paste those onto your site as well...

Mike Petro

Here's Sneef's comments: "Rehearsals started on October 10th in Cotati, California. These sessions lasted for 10 days up until recording the album. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and we basically worked out parts Michael had already written. We had about 14 songs in all, I think, but 12 were selected. The music is definitely heavier than "Written"; and often reminiscent of classic Schenker. As to why Shane and I are the only remaining members; Barry Sparks was touring with Billy Myers, and Michael decided on a singer other than David Van Landing. The contributions were made as a collective effort, and all ideas were considered. Michael was a pleasure to work with. Very cheerful and agreeable. I actually haven't heard the album with all the parts mixed, including mine.(believe it or not!). The album will be released February 15th,'99."

[01/15 update]
Michael at Disk Union: TOSH-O, a visitor to my site, has sent me his report on the 01/13/99 signing session at Disk Union record shop in Ochanomizu, Tokyo. "It seemed that Michael was in a good mood but Linda looked bored. The venue was a dreary storage-kind-of place which was set up specially for the day. The session at Shinjuku Record proceeded in a more friendly atomosphere. Shop boys were selling Thank You With Orchestra CDs and Ungorgive Making Video at the place. Also, analog versions were sold inside the shop, and many people bought them." Thank you, TOSH-O.

[01/12 update]
Michael at Shinjuku Record: Today's autograph session was held as scheduled. Michael appeared almost on time with his wife. He seemed to be in a very good mood. He willingly gave his autpgraph on fan's guitars, posters, etc. in addition to the Unforgiven making video and Thank You w/ Orchestra CD. He was smiling all the time and let us take picture and video. I asked him, "Are you gonna be on a tour soon?" He just said "I think so."

[01/10 update]
Another Autograph Session in Tokyo: One of my visitor gave me the information: Michael is coming to the Disc Union (HM/HR) record shop in Ochanomizu, Tokyo at 17:00 on January 13. He will give his autographs to 100 people on a first-come, first-served basis.

[01/08 update]
Thank You w/ Orchestra CD: According to Shinjuku Record's homepage (in Japanese), they have been notified that Thank You With Orchestra album will be sent out from the States on January 9th (local time). Therefore, it may arrive in Tokyo later than Michael will.

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