Michael Schenker Tour Information and News
Information updated in 1998

[12/15/98 update]
Michael Autograph Session: According to Shinjuku Record's homepage (in Japanese), Michael's autograph session originally slated to be held on December 29 will be postponed to the afternoon of January 12, which is subject to change.

[12/12/98 update]
Michael Coming To Japan within this year??: According to Shinjuku Record's homepage (in Japanese), Bella Piper of MSR has just informed of them that Michael is coming to Japan later this month and will give fans his autographs at Shinjuku Record in Tokyo. The staff at Shinjuku Record is not sure as to whether he will actually come or not (the autograph session planned to be held there in April was canceled because Michael suddenly went home). Anyway, detals will be put on their site.

[12/04/98 update]
Michael Promotional Trip: According to Tristan-G, Michael is planning a promotional trip to Europe and Japan, sometime in next 1999 and then he will move on to the work on the Electric Instrumental album. At his website, you can also find the track list of The Unforgiven album.

[12/03/98 update]
MSR New Merchandise: According to Michael Schenker Records, the following new items are now available from MSR:

- The Making Video of THE UNFORGIVEN $25.00
- Thank You CD with Orchestra $20.00
- Michael Schenker Story Live High Quality Posters $10.00
- The Scorpions featuring Michael Schenker - performing Positive Forward. Live in Hamburg, Live in Japan (bootleg quality) and the Positive Forward Video filimed by a professional company $20.00
- MSG '96 Live in Chicago video (bootleg quality) $25.00

- Both The Unforgiven and Wanted will be released in spring '99.

Also, according to MSG, the next (6th) issue of the Official Michael Schenker Fan Club Newsletter will come out on the 31st of March '99.

[12/02/98 update]
WANTED: According to Dave's website, Michael's next electric instrumental album will be titled "WANTED" and released next spring.

[11/30/98 update]
THE UNFORGIVEN: According to Tristan-G, Michael's new album will be titled "THE UNFORGIVEN" and released on February 15, 1999. It will include 12 tracks. Also, a new video of the making of The Unforgiven featurring rehearsals, alternate lead breaks, overdubs, mixing, etc. has been recorded in the studio. According to Tim, the editing of the video was finished November 28 and it will definitly should have in time for Christmas. You can preorder the video at Tim's site. Michael is now writing for the next electric instrumental album.

[10/30/98 update]
MSR U.K.: According to Tyson Schenker, his Michael Schenker Records U.K. webpage has moved to www.michaelschenker.freeservers.com/index.html.

[10/29/98 update]
Misty Green & Blue: According to Michael Pincher, his UFO Fanzine Issue No.6 has been complete. For subscription, go to the following page:


Flying God: Michael's new compilation album was released on 10/28. Check out my review at:


[10/25/98 update]
Shcenker Mailing List: Schenker mailing list has been newly open. If you have an interest, register the list at http://www.onelist.com/subscribe.cgi/schenker.

[10/17/98 update]
I have newly opened a webpage on Michael Schenker bootleg ratings. Please check it out!

[10/16/98 update]
New MSG Line-up: According to Dave's website, MSG's new album is due to be recorded by a new line-up: Michael, Shane Gaalaas (drums), Kelly Keeling (vocals) and John Ander (bass).

[10/15/98 update]
New Album Recording!: According to Tim's website, MSG is now recording a new album which will be released from the Shrapnel Records hopefully before Christmas. They have hired a new singer called Kelly Keeling (ex-Blue Murder, Baton Rouge, John Norum band). Although I am not really sure as to whereabouts of Sundin and Van Landing nor progress of the reported electric instrumental album, this is great news anyway.

[09/22/98 update]
MSR U.K. and Links: A website of Michael Schenker Records U.K. represented by Mr. Tyson Schenker (Michael's son) has been newly open. Many links including MSR U.K. have been added to my Michael Schenker Related Links page.

[09/12/98 update]
New Releases!?: According to the the Michael Schenker Records flyer, 'Michael Schenker Electric Instrumental' (a new instrumental album??) and 'Thank You Acoustic Instrumental Remixed with Orchestra' will be on sale soon.

[08/05/98 update]
Michael Schenker Fan Club Invitation: I received two fan club invitations signed by Michael Schenker today. Their contents are as follows:


Hi Everyone

We are ready to continue with our Fan Club membership. Bella is now our sales representative. I have a new office manager who's name is Sandy Shaw, and a whole new team. We are ready to bring you our semiannual newsletter on a regular basis. We can give you all of the what, why, how, when, and where of everything that has happened since our last issue (Scorpions, UFO, MSG, and G-3). You will also be brought up to date on all future plans. You will know the names of our contest winners and have the opportunity to take advantage of special offers on collectors items such guitars, stage clothes, etc.


Everyone who renews their current membership or orders a new one at the price of $25./00 will be able to choose one of the following items for free.

- Positive Forward Single with Courage and Confidence on side B of the Thank You album
- Written In The Sand Single
- Michael Schenker Story Live Calender
- 25th Anniversary Frisbee
- Guitar Pick
- Signed Photograph
- Possibly a G-3 Video Clip with Uli J. Roth, Joe Satriani and myself.

Thanks for your support.


Michael Schenker

Please send your check or money order (no cash or credit cards accepted) for a one year membership. Arizona residents add 6.7% tax. Make your checks payable to: The Michael Schenker Fan Club at the address below. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


[07/18/98 update]
Michael Schenker Interview: You can find a Michael Schenker interview at the Graffiti Online site. It includes the Michael's valuable comments on his attitude toward music. You should read it. Some say this interview was taken during the G3 Tour of Europe. However given his comments like "I'm looking forward to recording the next UFO record" and "We tour Europe, with MSG (G3) then we go back to America to do some dates with UFO", I presume it was taken earlier than that.

[07/11/98 update]
Young Guitar: An August issue of the Young Guitar magazine (a Japanese guitar magazine) includes an exclusive interview with G3 Guitar Legends, a report on the 05/15 show at Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow, an analysis of G3 Guitarist's equipment, and an analysis of guitar technique of Michael Schenker, Ritchie Blackmore, Uli Jon Roth and Randy Rhoads which is titled 'Overture to Neo-Classical' plus Captain Nemo guitar tab. For his equipment and rare picture of the broken No.4 Flying V, check out my Miscellaneous stuff page. According to the magazine article, Leon Lawson told the YG writer that Michael doesn't remember that he broke Leon's Flying V.

To my knowledge, this exclusive interview has given us the very first opportunity to hear Michael's public comments after the happening in Tokyo last April. Compared to the other two guitarists, the number of Michael's utterances is very few and his comments sound rather superficial. Maybe Michael was not very willing to join the interview with Uli and Satch. I have picked up some of his comments below. However, please note that the following is not exactly what Michael said in English because I have translated his comments (which were translated into Japanese) back into English.

"I want to apologize for what happened in Tokyo. However, to understand the thing happened, we probably need a psychiatrist. I don't want to talk about it in detail, but I was extremely feeling sick. My mind was wavering and I was disappointed. One thing I can say is that I no longer go on with UFO unless it is reorganized."

(When asked how he feels about the death of Cozy Powell.) "I am wondering how many more people I will have to send off from now on. But, I don't want my mind to be disturbed by that. There was a shock to me though I don't want to admit it. Even if I did not get shocked at the time I heard the news, it influences me later. But, I cannot say nothing. Such a thing can happen to us all, the next may be my turn. I feel sorry, but there's nothing I can do about it. It happened to Princess Diana and other great people. Anyway, it will happen to us all sooner or later."
"I don't like jam session very much. I can only play my music. When I am playing, I concentrate on my music without being conscious of audience. I just play my part. I don't know how to do jam session well. I have never gone outside and jammed with other musicians to memorize other peoples' songs. I'm very poor at that. I am just playing my part, but in the meantime, it seems to have worked well."

(After Uli and Satch talked very enthusiastically about the influence by Jimi Hendrix) "Sorry for both of you, but I have nothing to do with Jimi's influence. When I was asked to play Jimi's material for the finale, I just said 'O.K.' That's why I don't think about Jimi when I play 'Voodoo Chile.' When my part comes, I become Michael Schenker. That's all."

(When asked how he thinks of Uli's play) "Of course, Uli is a fantastic guitarist. When I left Scorpions, I thought it was only Uli that I could surely hand over my post to. For my brother, I didn't want any guy who is poor at playing to do my job."
[07/04/98 update]
Burrn!: An August issue of Burrn! magazine (a Japanese hard rock/heavy metal magazine) has Masa Itoh's live review for the G3 05/14 show at Point Depot, Dublin, Ireland along with lots of pix. I will try to translate and summarise his review:

Joe Satriani, a proposer of this gorgeous tour, stated: "... I have wanted to play with various guitarists of different types. Michael Schenker is one of the guitarists that came into my mind first. That's why I am really glad his schedule has allowed him to join the tour. I have long wanted to do some works with him and his guitar play has won my sympathy..." ... This coacting of 'Gods' started from Point Depot, Dublin, Ireland on May 14. This venue is a warehouse-like building near Dublin port where the G3 finale jam session was rehearsed on the previous day. However, on the day of the gig, an incredible happening put the backstage into turmoil. I arrived there on 6:30 p.m., but no audience was there although the show by Uli Jon Roth was supposed to start at 7:00 p.m. When I got a ticket, I found the reason. It said the show will start at 8:00 and the door will open at 7:00. Uli saw the ticket and stormed at the production staff at which point the backstage was thrown into an uproar. He may well get angry. His first show in about 13 years has no audience!! This may be a nightmare. If it is a joke, I cannot laugh at it. Uli, a hermit-kind of guitarist stormed. It was certainly an emergency!! After all, the starting time was changed to 7:20, and Uli consented to shorten his part of the show. ... Talking about another God, I felt strange when I saw Michael Schenker who disappeared from Japan unexpectedly looking fine. His new wife called me Tomato. According to her, she watched videos of Michael in his golden era at his home and I appeared in one of the videos which was taken from the program called Music Tomato World hosted by me. She said she called me Tomato because she didn't know my name. Michael didn't tell her my name. He never forgot my name. He appointed me to come to Osaka to see him during the latest UFO tour in Japan. I dared not bring up the happening during the Japan tour. If it should cut down his circuit, the G3 must be put into danger.

The MSG set was a shortened version of the Story Live Tour album. ... During the MSG set, I was just wondering when Gary Barden would appear on the stage. It is true that the accuracy of play by other members firmly support Michael who only concentrated on playing. ... it should be specially noted that David Van Landing gave rather insipid MSG a positive impact. And, he used his ability to the fullest extent during the finale jam session. I am just wondering from when Michael's guitar play become so plain. Where has his unique play with sensual beauty gone? He was just tracing his own songs. When compared with the deep and thick performance by Uli, Michael's performance seemed to lack something. Gary appeared on the stage as a special guest at the end of the set. He was introduced by Van Landing and audience in the front row gave him a big hand. The show of this night attracted only about the half of venue's capacity. However, the original Schenker/Gary combination was received much better than I expected. ...Joe Satriani commented on the historical jam session, "We rehearsed very carefully to make the show good. However, once we get on the stage in front of the audience, things sometimes go differently from we plan. Since both Uli and Michael are good at ad-lib, I believe we expressed what we could even though anything which was never planned would happened suddenly. Roth was fantastic and Michael was perfect. As I watched Michael play besides him on stage, I could see every motion of him which was very good". ...Van Landing was extraordinary good. It may be his performance which coordinated the three guitarists of marked individuality. Dream time has passed.

The tour of this European G3 (Joe, Uli, and Michael) might not be realized in Japan. However, it would be possible that the American G3 (Joe, Steve Vai, and Eric Johnson) will tour in Japan. Joe mentioned, "Japanese promoters have an interest in it. I want it, too. Steve Vai must feel the same. But, Eric Johnson is a kind of person who cannot be reached easily. Even if I leave messages for him, he never rings me back. If he has a same interest, I would love to go to Japan and want Japanese audience to enjoy the tour".

[06/16/98 update]
Set-lists for the final three G3 gigs: Alan Walsh has been back from Zurich with Gary Barden and sent me the set-lists for Rome, Torino and Zurick gigs. Let us look forward to his review for these shows.

Rome, June 12 (Fri.)

In Search of Piece of Mind
Assault Attack
Another Piece of Meat
Into the Arena
Let it Roll
Captain Nemo
Written in the Sand
Lost Horizons
Attack of the Mad Axeman

Torino, June 13 (Sat.)-Monsters of Rock Festival

Assault Attack
Another Piece of Meat
Into the Arena
Lost Horizons
Attack of the Mad Axeman
Armed and Ready

In Torino, MSG were allowed 30 mins playing time, even so, Michael did the G3 jam with Joe and Uli.

Zurich, June 14 (Sun.)

In Search of Piece of Mind
Assault Attack
Another Piece of Meat
Into the Arena
Let it Roll
Captain Nemo
Written in the Sand
Armed and Ready*
Lost Horizons*
Bijou Pleasurette
Attack of the Mad Axeman*

*Gary and David sang (together) on these songs.

Also, you can find Alan's comments (review of the UK shows and diary) at Dave's page. You must check it out.

[06/13/98 update]
If you have not checked out Dave's detailed review and col pictures of UK leg of the G3 tour, you must visit his page.

[06/10/98 update]
Young Guitar: A July issue of the Young Guitar magazine (a Japanese guitar magazine) includes a report on the aborted 04/24 show at Nakano Sunplaza and an analysis of Michael's equipment for Japan tour. The gig review again contains nothing new for those who have frequently checked out this page. His equipment setting is just as I thought by checking the stage just before the aborted show. However, there is one thing I ashamedly did not know: that is, the black&white Flying V which he brought to the UFO Japan tour as a sub-guitar and is now using as a main guitar during the G3 tour is a new one that he got in Chicago when he went there for the UFO gig (probably August 1995). For his equipment, check out my Miscellaneous stuff page.

[06/09/98 update]
Player: A poster/calendar of Michael and Satch is attached to the July issue of Player magazine (a Japanese guitar magazine). However, it seems there is no article related to Michael Schenker in it.

Burrn!: A July issue of Burrn! magazine (a Japanese hard rock/heavy metal magazine) has two articles on Michael Schenker. One is titled 'UFO Crashed', a report on the aborted 04/24 gig at Nakano Sunplaza, which contains nothing new for those who have frequently checked this page and other sites on the net. And the other is a commentary by Mr. Masa Itoh, one of the most famous hard rock writer/commentator in Japan who also is the author of the great book on Michael Schenker. I will try to summarise his commentary:

Immediately after Michael left the stage of the Nakano Sunplaza on 04/24, he reportedly said over and over gain, 'I can't play'. By synthesizing the comments from various sources close to Michael, I have come to the conclusion that what Michael meant by saying 'I can't play' was probably that he could not remember the chord progressions (or songs themselves). ... When I saw Michael walking at the backstage of the Dublin G3 venue, he looked very fine. It was only three weeks after the accident happened in Japan. When I saw him, I was puzzled as to what to say to him first. I thought that 'thank you for your effort in Japan' would be dangerous, and 'you look great' would cause a problem. Then, suddenly he started saying 'Do you know where the restroom is? I have long been looking for it, but I can't find it'. I am left speechless, and then he went away. ... Michael started drinking alcohol again for the past few years. Long time ago, when he visited Japan with Robin McAuley for promotional activity, he often forgot chord progressions. But, he could soon remember them while playing. ... One thing I can say is that, since he started drinking again, his emotion has become like a roller coaster. ... I am still not sure what 'I can't play' which he said after the aborted Nakano Sunplaza show really means. However, I believe it was his true words and true feeling. He no doubt could not play. I suppose he himself didn't know why he couldn't. One thing I regret is that since he made such an accident happen, next Japan tour would be very unlikely because nobody may invite him to Japan anymore.

[06/08/98 update No.2]
A Lighter Note: For the 06/06 gig at Le Mans, MSG played 'On And On' as an encore. Sounds like Michael was in a pretty good shape in spite of my latest darker note. I will show you the story told to me by Alan Walsh, MSG played 'On and On' in the soundcheck with Gary in Dublin. However, due to time limitation, it has been dropped from the set. Before Gary went on stage for the soundcheck he asked Alan what he wanted to hear. He asked Gary to do 'On and On' because he already knew what the main set list was and it seemed likely that 'On and On' wouldn't be played on the tour. When Gary got on stage, Michael asked him which song he wanted to do, so Gary replied 'On and On'. Michael said; "But it's not in the main set". Everybody looked at each other and Michael said "OK", at which point the band played the song. It at last saw the light at the Le Mans show.

According to Dave's Latest News, the venue for the planned Monsters of Rock festival in Milan has been changed to an indoor venue near Torino.

[06/08/98 update]
Unresting Information: According to Alan Walsh, during the 06/03 gig at Dijon in France, Michael did not return for the jam session. Alan was informed that Michael took exception to someone videoing MSG's set and wouldn't return for the jam session. But he doesn't know much more than this at the moment. It may be that Michael was annoyed about someone videoing MSG's set. However, it could be a recurrence of his previous problem. Micheael completed the MSG set, but he was (apparantly) angry about people 'taking liberties'. I would like to be in a wait-and-see position until I am informed what actually happened and what Michael's state of mind was. In the meantime, let us keep our fingers crossed that everything will be OK with Mikee.

[06/04/98 update]
A G3 tour review for the 05/24 Rotterdam gig by Ries was added. According to him, unlike the other previous gigs, for the acoustic set Michael played on a black acoustic guitar which, for Ries, looked like a Gibson, single-cutaway (which he is not sure about), instead of playing his black&white Flying V. I am wondering what was wrong with his black/white Ovation acoustic guitar. Ries has a cool webpage on Satriani and Vai. Should check this out, too.

[06/01/98 update]
A G3 tour review for the 05/31 Copenhagen gig by Torben Askholm was added. As concern the MSG set, he mentioned that Shane's Drumming was totally over the top.

[05/31/98 update]
As you can see from the photos taken by Alan Walsh at Croydon gig which were posted in Tristan's page, Michael was using his Cry Baby again. I have come to the conclusion that Michael uses Leon's "No.4" V without Cry Baby for the UFO gigs, and uses Black/White V with Cry Baby for MSG tour. Alan Walsh admitted that Michael never uses the cry baby with UFO. But Alan commented that the #4 V is still in pieces and is waiting to be reasembled, thus, Michael has reverted to playing the black and white V and if the #4 V had been intact, Michael would have used it for the MSG (G3) tour. If so, I just wonder why he used his two black and white Flying Vs during the Story Live Tour in Japan last year even though #4V was intact. Please check out what Michael said to Alan about how he regards the music of UFO and MSG.

Dave Wood added some long-awaited photos and comments on the G3 tour. And his U.K. tour diary and gallery are coming very soon. Look forward to them.

[05/29/98 update]
Photos taken by Alan Walsh at Wembly Arena gig on 05/19 were added to Tristan's page.

[05/27/98 update]
A new G3 concert review for the 05/24 Rotterdam show by Mr. Rene Veerman was added. Please check it out! Rene mentioned: "Schenker even smiled and was looking into the crowd from time to time. But, his guitar playing wasn't as good as during the UFO concert I saw in Tilburg last year. That time I was whining about how Schenker didn't look at the crowd. It looks like there is a connection between the two. Having both seen Schenker in concentrated guitar playing frenzy and in relaxed public friendly mode, I think I prefer the concentrated Schenker." Unique analysis!! He also stated that the grand finale (two songs with all three players on stage) was a bit of a let down for a Schenker fan.

[05/26/98 update]
Monsters Of Rock: After seeing the G3 Tour Dates listed in the Music Satellte webpage which specify the venue for the 06/13 Milan gig as 'Monsters Of Rock,' I have been wondering what other bands will be playing on the day. According to Dave, Van Halen, Deep Purple and Dream Theatre may join the festival on the 06/13 Milan and/or the 06/12 Roma shows.

[05/25/98 update]
Photos taken by Alan Walsh at Croydon gig on 05/21 were added to Tristan's page. According to Alan, the one of Gary and Michael was snapped at the exact moment when Gary sings DIE (ie 'a time to live, or DIE!'). At which point Michael bends the neck of his V and looks directly a Gary. A brilliant moment. The photo below (bottom) was taken at the start of 'Lost Horizons' (when Michael pulls on the neck of the V). These photos have both been signed by Michael (at Cardiff on Thursday). You can make out the signature if you look hard enough.

[05/23/98 update]
Alan Walsh has sent me an update of the G3 tour. Check out Tristan's Michael Schenker Story web-site for the photos of MSG in Dublin taken by Alan. He has photos from every show (including backstage), which may be posted somewhere in the near future. Alan has confirmed that Gary Barden will be doing the whole of the European tour. There is a possibility that the next MSG album will feature Gary on vocals. He said he has to say that Gary has performed brilliantly and this is the reason Michael wants him to do the remaining dates. Alan also gave me his additional input in reaction to Frank's comment on how Michael performed during the finale jam session, which is posted in his concert report page as an addendum. He mentioned that Michael is aware that he has not been prominent in the mix during the jam. This has been a problem since Dublin and Michael is in the process of getting it 'sorted'. However he also admits that Michael is not one for interacting on stage with anybody and he wants his space and he doesn't invade anybody else's.

[05/22/98 update]
MSG has finished their 05/21 G3 last U.K. show at Cardiff with great success and will move on to the continent. According to the Dave's Latest News, it has been officially decided that Gary Barden is joining the continental tour!! As scheduled, Uli will take a break during the G3 Frence tour and be substituted by Patrik Rondat. Also, according to Dave, the Madrid show might be cancelled although it was added to the tour just recently.

G3 Reports Added: I received the G3 gig reviews from Tom Laird (05/15 Glasgow), Wilson Chiu (05/19 Wembly & 05/20 Croydon), and Frank McDonnell (05/14 Dublin addendum). Visit my concert report page! Frank raised a question on Alan's comment that during the finale jam session at Dublin Spot, Michael's guitar was just very low and his play was not bad. Frank mentioned that not only his guitar was very low, but he kept staring at the ground as if this was not his cup of tea where Uli and Satch were very fluent and that Michael may prefer playing stuff he's been associated with in the past. On different days, but Tom also stated the end jam session wasn't up to scratch with terrible sound quality from Michael's playing, and Wilson commented that Michael's playing style may not totally suit that type of jam. However, please note that these three gentlemen all agree that MSG sets were awesome, brilliant, and the best.

[05/20/98 update]
Incredible news!! The 05/19 gig at the Wembly Arena had a guest appearance from Brian May for the jam at the end of the show!!!! Acording to Dave, Schenker, Satriani, Roth and May.... was pretty amazing!! It's the way it should be. Brian on stage with Mikee!!! This is something I have never dreamed of. (Nobody cares, but I have been a huge Queen and Brian fan since early 70's, which was even before I became a disciple of Ritchie, and I am in possession of Brian May Model Guitar, too.) Also, Andy Nye (ex-MSG) visited the backstage of the Wembly show. I feel like crying 'cause I am not allowed to be there.

[05/19/98 update]
There is no gig on Monday the 18th, Alan Walsh and Dave Wood have kindly sent me updates of the G3 tour, respectively.

Information from Alan: Since Alan has been to all the G3 shows so far and he was issued with a laminate 'access all areas' tour pass (I am just jealous), he has got a lot of information. Check out his review.

Information from Dave: Dave has added some new comments on his Latest News page, but he sent me an email too "to make me jealous!" What a nice guy!! According to him, so far he has seen nothing to suggest that anything is going to go wrong and Michael is really playing well. He almost seems a totally different person from the UFO tour. Also, Leon is indeed working for Michael and seems in good spirits. Concerning the opinion that Michael was outshone or outdone by Uli and Satch during the Finale guitar battle in Dublin, he said he cannot comment on that one because he didn't go to Dublin. But there was certainly a problem with the mixing of Michael's guitar which was very low at the Manchester gig, but at Birmingham the mix was a lot better and Michael played really well. There also was problems with Gary's mix at Manchester too, you could hardly hear him, but again was fixed for the next night!

Thank you, Alan and Dave!!!!

[05/16/98 update]
Additional information from Frank, the unplugged set for the Dublin Point gig was unusal, the bass player and drummer sat on stools playing acoustics while Michael stood beside them playing his black and white flying V which he played all night. Also, apparently, Leon Lawson is working with Michael again. Check out his review.

[05/15/98 update No.3]
You can find a report on G3 show in Dublin 14 May prepared by Mr. Paul McCanny (paul@pmcc.demon.co.uk).

[05/15/98 update No.2]
According to Mr. Frank McDonnell, the G3 tour kicked off in dublin on 04/14 as scheduled and Michael was in good form. There is only one UFO song in his set; that is 'Let It Roll'. Gary Barden was brilliant and he sang 'Lost Horizens', 'Attack of the Mad Axeman' and 'Armed and Ready'. Probably Michael has changed his mind (refer to my 05/09/98 update). In the finale, Michael was outshone by Uli and Satch, and they played some B.B. King and Jimi Hendrix materials. Frank said he talked to Michael after the show and he said he had not made up his mind about making another UFO record.

[05/15/98 update]
According to Dave Wood, another G3 date has been added in Madrid on 16th June, with Roth being replaced by Salvador Dominguez (ex-Tarzen). However, still no news on how the first show in Dublin on 05/14 went. No news is good news, I hope.

[05/14/98 update]
There's a rumor going around that Leon Lawson (Michael Schenker's ex-guitar technician and the owner of the "number 4" white flying V trashed in Tokyo and already "revamped" by Michael) is now working again with him. If it is true, what a generous guy he really is! He is probably one of those who understand Michael the most.

[05/09/98 update]
Gary on the G3 Tour: Alan Walsh has kindly given me the information to correct my 05/08 update. Alan helped me find that the 05/08 update was not the additional information, but actually old one. According to Alan, originally Michael wanted to play all these five songs, but, because MSG are only playing for 1 hour, he's had to omit some of these songs. Thus (as it stands at the moment) Gary will be doing 'Horizons, 'Ready' and 'On and On', though these are subject for change depending on how Michael is feeling. I guess the combined time required for playing these three songs would be less than 25 min.

[05/08/98 update]
G3 Tour Information: Additional information on Gary Barden has been posted in Dave Wood's page. In addition to the three songs ('Lost Horizons', 'On and On' and 'Armed and Ready') indicated in the last update, it seems Gary will be singing on 'Tales of Mystery' and 'Attack of the Mad Axeman' during the G3 tour.

According to the source close to Michael, MSG (minus Gary) are currently rehearsing in the USA. Apparantly, 'things' are going OK. Only time will tell. Gary will rehearse with MSG when they arrive in Dublin on 13th May. Afterwhich, he'll be singing the songs on the day of the gigs in the soundchecks.

Update on the US UFO shows at the Edge: Mr. Kelly Shimokusu has kindly sent me the information on the UFO gigs at the Edge: "I was there on 4/15...the mix was terrible and from my view in the front row, Michael appeared equally dissatisfied. It looked like he was bending down in front of his amp so that he could hear himself during parts of songs! His untimely exit from the stage was just prior to the lead break in Venus...not during. As for the illness or broken finger story...that's crap! His shows the following three nights were all KILLER by report, and I saw him the last night (4/18) there. UFO ripped and the sound mix was well done. Michael never appeared "ill" and his playing did not suffer by any means. I can't see how he could've played the ripping (extended) solo in Rock Bottom, or how he could plan to tour with G3 if his finger was busted". If you want more information on the UFO shows at the Edge, you should check out the website called The Aggressive Edition where the critiques by the webmaster on all of the shows will be posted in the near future.

[05/05/98 update]
Additional information on Gary Barden arrived. At the G3 tour, the songs that Gary is scheduled to sing are;'Lost Horizons', 'On and On' and 'Armed and Ready'. Thus, Gary will be singing for approximately 25 mins. As MSG are scheduled to play for 1hr, it seems Gary will be singing for nearly half the set. Van Landing will be singing for other half on the tour.

[05/04/98 update]
Mr. Alan Walsh kindly sent me the following information. As far as he is aware, the G3 tour is still ongoing and Gary Barden will be appearing with MSG for the first time in 14yrs. Gary and Alan are flying to Dublin on Wednesday 13th May for the start of the G3 tour. The first date is Dublin Point on 14th May. However, prior to this, it is likely that Alan will be meeting up with Michael at some point. MSG starts rehearsals for the G3 tour on 4th May. They are scheduled to rehearse until 11th May, at which point they fly to the UK for the G3 tour. I don't think Gary is the greatest vocalist, but I do believe he is the singer who is most fitted for MSG, and especially he is second to none in singing the great tune "Lost Horizons".

Alan also kindly sent me his message as to why Michael left the stage in Tokyo.

Message to the Michael Schenker fans from Alan:
"Suffice to say that Michael is a much maligned and misunderstood individual. I do not condone cancelling dates, but please ask the fans to understand that what seems irrational behaviour to them, is rational to the person who may be 'struggling' psychologically and emotionally. To leave may seem the only way out at the time".

[05/02/98 update]
According to Dave Wood, Mr. Alan Walsh has gotten the information from a source close to Michael that Michael himself confirmed that his finger is not broken and he will be doing the G3 tour. It is contradictory to what Tim heard from Michael on the phone. However, if it is true, it is good news that Michael would appear on the stage again soon. For your information, Alan Walsh was on the road with Michael Schenker on the "Assault Attack" & "Built To Destroy" tours as Gary Barden's personal assistant.

[04/28/98 update]
Mr. Tim Anderson in the U.S. talked with Michael on 04/27/98. According to Tim, Michael has a broken finger and that is the reason for him not being able to perform. Michael wants to perform at the highest level and with this injury he cannot do that. The G3 tour dates will also be a question mark depending on how it heals. In Japan, we have got the information that Michael has been feverish and that's the reason. Lots of informatin are flying. Also at the Cambridge UFO gig in February, the band played the full set minus the two encores, the reason that was given was that Michael had hurt his hand although apparently some of the roadies were coming up with alternative excuses.

To reflect what I have done, I would like to repeat here what Dave Wood admirably stated: "...all I will say is don't believe everything you hear and don't jump to conclusions because they're likely to be wrong....So if you were at the "Nakano Sunplaza" and are thinking of posting a scathing message somewhere on the Net, please stop and calm down; remember that first and foremost we are FANS and should want to support these guys through thick and thin, whatever's going on. Just think of the pleasure they've given you through 25 years of recordings, it's the least we can do in return".

[04/25/98 update No.2]
According to the source, Michael and UFO have split up.

[04/25/98 update]
Both the 04/25 and 04/26 shows were canceled. I guess that, if Michael cannot justify the reason for the cancellation, their future shows in such a big hall in Japan would never be promoted regardless of the band (MSG, UFO or solo).

[04/24/98 update]
The 04/24/98 show at Nakano Sunplaza lasted for only 40 minutes before Schenker left the stage just after he finished playing One More For The Rodeo. Refer to my concert report.

[04/23/98 update]
Set-list of 04/21/98 UFO Show in Osaka is as follows:
Set-list of 04/22/98 UFO Show in Nagoya is above minus Shoot Shoot because encore #2 was canceled due to the earthquake which shook the hall just after the encore #1.

[04/21/98 update]
Apparently UFO members have arrived in Japan and performed their first gig in Osaka as scheduled. It is found that he was ill at the 04/15/98 show. I hope he have made full recovery and will show us the greatest performance in Japan.

[04/19/98 update]
The UFO show at the Edge on 04/15/98 only lasted for 45 minutes before Schenker left the stage mid solo during Venus, leaving the rest of the band mistified. However, the 04/16/98 show went ahead as scheduled, and the aborted show has been rescheduled to Saturday 18th April. I hope they will come and play in Japan as scheduled.

[03/10/98 update]
As I wrote yesterday, an additional gig at Nakano Sunplaza (April 26) has been announced officially. Tickets can be booked NOW through the Internet at the UDO Site until March 12 (no English service) and via telephone from March 14.

[03/09/98 update]
An additional gig at Nakano Sunplaza has now become official. It will be announced in a couple of days on Japanese newspaper (Asahi and Yomiuri).

[03/03/98 update]
One or two more gigs might be added to the UFO Japan tour. According to UDO, a promoter, nothing has been decided on this matter. However, it is true that the Nakano Sunplaza hall for April 26 has been reserved by UFO. Also, the following site indicates that an additional gig in Nagoya might be probable. Pollstar website

[Information so far]
Great News!! UFO will tour in Japan for the first time since 1994!!! The members are Michael Schenker, Paul Raymond, Pete Way, Phil Mogg and Simon Wright (ex-AC/DC-Dio).

April 21 (Tue.) IMP Hall in Osaka (all standing) Yen7000
Info: UDO (06-341-4506)

April 22 (Wed.) Club Diamond in Nagoya (all standing) Yen7000
Info: CBC (052-241-8118)

April 23 (Thur.) Club Diamond in Nagoya (Option???)

April 24 (Fri.) Nakano Sunplaza in Tokyo 19:00- Yen7000
Info: UDO (03-3402-5999)

April 25 (Sat.) Nakano Sunplaza in Tokyo 17:00- Yen7000
Info: UDO (03-3402-5999) Sold Out!

April 26 (Sun.) Nakano Sunplaza in Tokyo 17:00- Yen7000
Info: UDO (03-3402-5999)

Tickets for Sunplaza can be booked from February 7 via telephone, and for Club Diamond from February 21.

Tickets for Sunplaza concerts are also available through the Internet at the UDO Site (no English service) from January 30 to February 3 (closed).

UDO Concert Info (in Japanese)

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