M2SZ Live Information

Fourth Live - Cancelled
Third Live - March 27, 2004
Second Live - February 22, 2004
Debut Live - January 31, 2004

Our Fourth Live - Cancelled

It is quite regret to say that we diclined to play on the propsed September 19 show due to circumstances.

Our Third Live!!!

Special thanks to people in Taira and Toyama who gave us a warm welcome. We enjoyed ourselves very much. R.B.Araki and Some also played for Ganbare Yamaguchi Schenker and in session time.

(Ganbare Yamaguchi Schenker Setlist)

  1. Rock Bottom (R.B.Araki & Some participated)
  2. Lost Horizons (R.B.Araki & Some participated)
  3. Lights Out (R.B.Araki & Some participated)
  4. Train Kept A Rollin' (R.B.Araki & Some participated)
  5. Doctor Doctor (R.B.Araki & Some participated)
(Session Time)
  1. Twist & Shout (R.B.Araki & Some participated)
  2. Rock And Roll
  1. Armed & Ready
  2. Rock You To The Ground
  3. Fat City N.O.
  4. Into The Arena
  5. Desert Song
  6. Broken Promises
    ~Encore No.1~
  7. Dancer - Ready To Rock
    ~Encore No.2~
  8. Armed & Ready
(Live Photos)

Event Title: "Rock Style 2004"
Date: March 27, 2004 (Sat.) 18:15~
Venue: Former Higashi-Nakae Elementary School, Taira Village, Toyama
Bands: Satoshi-chan Band
Ganbare Yamaguchi Schenker
Session Time

Our Second Live!!!

Thank you all for coming to "Schenker Festival". We are very glad so many people came to see the show. Great audience!

(Set List)

  1. Desert Song
  2. Broken Promises
  3. Fat City
  4. Lost Horizons
  5. Dancer - Ready To Rock
- Session -
  1. Rock Bottom (Some and R.B.Araki participated)
  2. Lights Out(Some and R.B.Araki participated)
  3. Doctor Doctor(Some and R.B.Araki with air guitar participated)
(Live Photos)

Event Title: "Schenker Festival"
Date/Time: February 22, 2004 (Sun.) 17:30~
Venue: Live Spot PAGODA in Akihabara, Tokyo
Bands: USO (UFO tribute)
MST (MSG tribute)
Animal Eroticism (Scorpions tribute)
NSG (MSG & UFO tribute)
M2SZ (MSG tribute)
Session time
Presented by: Live Spot PAGODA event Website

Our Debut Live!!!

Thank you all for coming to our debut live. We were amazed because there were much more people coming to see us than we expected!!!

(Set List)

  1. Armed And Ready
  2. Rock You To The Ground
  3. Lost Horizons --- dedicated to Battttty
  4. Into The Arena
  5. Broken Promises
  6. Dancer - Ready To Rock
(Live Photos)

Date/Time:January 31, 2004 (Sat.) 17:15~
Venue:Roppongi EDGE
Bands:Brian Pony
Presented by:shira-yuri Live Flyer (in Japanese)